Accidental Adultery

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NOTE: For young Bobby the accident left him with a sexual experience that he’d remember for the remainder of his life because it was with an adult woman. For Linda it awakened her interest in sex as a warm, live and fulfilling activity far removed from the imnpersonal relationship of dipping into the toy box to achieve some sort of satisfaction. Enjoy.


Many summer afternoons at 1:00, after watching her must-see midday Soap on TV, Linda Guthrie strolled down to Athol’s Beach two blocks away wearing her two-piece; it was too large to be called a bikini. For the walk it was hidden under her silk dressing gown, She carried her towel and beach bag and wore slip-ons, trendy sunglasses and a beach hat suitable for the conditions of the day.

The millinery choice would range from an out-of-fashion garden party monster on a windless day to a beanie or perhaps one of her workaholic husband’s golf caps on a windy anti-hat day.

The somewhat neglected n opportunist who’d plug her to their mutual climax and then disappear, having achieved his objective.

However Linda tended not to see herself as being of interest to other men. Her husband Henry was a man of poor taste which explained everything about his water-thin interest in her. The truth was Henry had married her almost fifteen years earkuer to increase his chances of a senior partnership in Linda’s father’s law firm and that expectation had been met.

Henry wasn’t interested in women’s body shape, whether they lubed well, would swallow for him or always wore sensible panties – and if they always wore them. Linda had met his requirements by having a father who owned a law firm. Moreover, it was like reading a blackboard with Hentry’s ticks beside the ‘high points’: she could converse intelligently, cook superbly, was a good hostess and was not excessive sexually – meaning she didn’t complain about his preference for sexual union not more than twice a month, missionary only. Equally endearing, she obediently changed the sheets while he was in the shower removing sweat, her copious juices and the over-run of semen leaking from her.

It was a loveless marriage of peaceful co-existence.

Linda was now thirty-four, having married young; Henry was eight years older but being a smoker, bad eater, overweight and being indoors too much and prefering to drink red wine and port to exercising, he looked fifteen years her senior.

Linda mirrored the average looking Australian woman – mousy straight hair, unfashionably large and droopy boobs, practically no waist and unshaven vulva and armpits; to be fair, she did attend regularly to her legs. Linda’s thighs were a little heavy and her feet a little large; to off-set those slight negatives she possessed a great smile and a great personality.

It was that impressive personality that innocently led Linda into her mind boggling affair. This lapse into adultery was so unconceivable to her that she thought of it as accidental – and so it seemed.

Linda walked on to the beach that fateful day still pumped up as usual because being a genuine multi-tasker, when she watched the Soap she’d exercise on top of the bed with something taken from her box of toys. As Henry never made the bed and never helped to clean the house her cache under her side of the bed was save from discovery.

Being a week day and children at school, the small beach was deserted She pushed a 50 cent coin into the machine, the lock clicked and a sun umbrella released – much easier than lugging your own to the beach when walking. She pushed it into the sand, spread out her towel, removed her hat and gown and looked inside her gaping top at her boobs – still swollen and her nipples not yet retracted; she grinned knowing the big dildo shaped like you-know-what always gave her a great workout. She only brought herself to the edge and then could enjoy some of the time down at the beach feeling as if she was riding a wave. She’d whack off in the shower when returning home to restore that high. Little wonder, she thought, that she was rarely bored.

Some-one slapped the umbrella slot machine and grizzled ‘Fuck’. Oh dear, a riff-raff person loose on Athol’s Beach with a foul tongue. That thought led to another one as she speculated on what it would be like to be tongued in the pussy – would it be as good as those writers in the novels she read claimed it was? Perhaps foul tongue behind her might like to put that fleshy and manipulative skeletal muscle to better use and pleasure her to a new experience.

“Excuse me ma’am.”

“Oh God,” Linda cried, feeling she’d jumped ten feet horizontally. Desperately she tried to remember had she hand over her vulva when he came alongside her.

“Sorry ma’am, I didn’t realize you were asleep. Don’t panic – I’m not a rapist so it might not be your lucky day. I’m Bobby Athol.”

“Mary Athol’s youngest – shouldn’t you be at university?”

“I skipped my midday tutorial and it’s sport this afternoon so I skipped that as well. Could you lend me 50 cents to save me going casino oyna home for money? I loaded the umbrella machine with a thick washer but it didn’t work.”

“Sorry, I only came with 50 cents.”

Bobby smiled and said thanks. “You have a nice body for a woman of your age.”

With the age bit tacked onm Linda wan’t sure that was meant as a compliment but his smile was cute. why not be neighborly as he lived on the headland and his forebears had donated the beach reserve to the city.

“Look, if you don’t mind sharing with a middle-aged woman I’ll move over and you can sprawl down beside me.”

“Gee thanks Mrs Guthrie, you are very kind.”

“You know me?”

“Of you – my mother pointed you out to me and said that’s the sexy Linda Guthrie married to a much older man.”

“Mary said what?”

“Just kidding – she didn’t say sexy. I just thought that watching your walk – you have a lovely little sway.”

“Is this what they teach you at university?” Linda said, unable to look serious.

“I hope so – one of my papers is anthropology. It’s likely to cover the evolution of how man began to walk upright and then we’ll discuss the reason why women sway their hips and have breasts that don’t deflate after child weaning.”

“Bobby, you are making this up.”

“Honest to God I’m not. We’ll also learn why men find it compulsive to look at boobs. I’ve read the summary of Anthropology 1 and it states those things with many other things as well such as why we changed from eating nuts and berries to eating juicy red meat.”

“Yuk,” she said. “I’d rather you talk about hips and boobs that red meat. Oh I didn’t mean…”

“I’d be glad to talke to you about that Mrs Guthrie,” Bobby said, now stretched out beside her leaning on his elbow, his gaze alternating between her face as her boobs. “Unfortunately I know little about the subject – my knowledge and my experience is rather limited.”

“Perhaps your mother could assist with information.”

“Good idea. May I call you Linda?”

“I don’t see why not although I prefer you didn’t use that name in front of your parents; they may be suspicious.”

“Suspicious about what?” Bobby asked innocently.

That was much too innocently for Linda; she now suspected the horny little toad was trying her on – he was just nineteen for God’s sake. Oh God, her nipples were stiffening.

“I’m off for a swim,” she said firmly. Then to ensure he knew he wasn’t invited to accompany her she said, “There’s water and coffee in my beach bag, help yourself.”


As she walked off Linda realized the toad would be watching her. Don’t sway your fat ass, don’t sway your fat ass, she recited as she walk, hoping that insult would sulk her only slightly over-large ass into inactivity; it seemed to work.

Linda was walking from the water knowing the wet fabric would be revealing more of the shape of her breasts than she would prefer; her vulva after the heavy action earlier may also be abnormally outlined but perhaps the cool water would have retracted excess blood flow. She jumped in pain and saw blood when she lifted her foot; she’d stepped on a sharp piece of metal or glass.

Bobby saw her bent over and appearing in trouble so ran to her assistance. “Are you okay?”

“I’ve cut my damn foot.”

“Let me see. Yeah, that may need a couple of stitches. Hop onto my back and I’ll carry you up to the umbrella.”

“I’ll be too heavy for you.”

“Nuts – I’ll get my mind off weight by thinking of what is that softness spreading across my back.”

“What softness – oh God Bobby, you have a one track mind.”

“But I expressed that very nicely, didn’t I?”

Linda sighed and said indeed.

* * *

An hour earlier when Bobby Athol have fouled up by putting a too small of washer into the slot machine he couldn’t believe it that rich Mrs Guthrie didn’t have a spare coin to give him but instead invited him to share her spot in the shade. With the beach temperature in the early nineties it was essential to shelter from the sun in early in the afternoon.

In Bobby’s opinion, Mrs Guthrie had the best pair of knockers in the entire neighborhood – at least those of which he’d studied from afar and plenty of studying had been going on. His mother’s were next to useless, small plums he’d decided. They were so small she didn’t mind him seeing them but her cunt must be normal because she never walked around allowing him to see that. He’d not told anyone this but in Bobby’s opinion Mrs Guthrie was one hot woman, for her age.

Well, there was no way she’d be interested in him as he’d be twenty years younger than Mrs Guthrie, She’d regard him as a kid anyway as it was only two weeks ago when he’d sighed with unbelievable relief one morning when he looked in a mirror and couldn’t see one pimple on his face; not one and none had appeared since.

He wasn’t having much luck with the chicks at university because the good guys snared the best chicks, leaving guys like him the skinny ones that canlı casino must seem like jumping into a bag of bones when fucking them or the fat ones with thighs so wide they appeared to be welded together.

Fortunately his sister’s best friend Shannon gave him what he wanted only it was embarrassing having Susan sitting there watching them and giggling. That was the deal: either Susan must watch or Shannon was off limits. Fortunately there was an upside to that: Shannon didn’t want Susan the watcher to be bored so Susan and Bobby tried all sorts of positions she’d found described in detail on the internet.

Bobby had felt a little frisky watching Mrs Guthrie’s stack rising and falling with her breathing so began pushing his luck by quoting from some of the notes he’d glanced at in his Anthropology 1 study synopsis. Surprising she talked to him about it as if she was pleased he would be gaining the power of knowledge. She didn’t appear at all embarrassed and neither did she look embarrassed or annoyed those times she caught him under the almost hypnotic rise and fall of her lush boobs. In fact she seemed to enjoy talking to him although at no time had she given him the slightest bit of encouragement, not that he’d be interested in dipping into an old woman like her anyway.

They called lecturers at university older that Mrs Guthrie by their first names so he decided to see if she would yield or swat him: so he asked if he could call her Linda. She didn’t even blink and only made a very low level request that she preferred him not calling her that in front of her parents.

Linda and his mother often exchanged visits and a couple of times he’d noticed his father watch Linda walking away with an unfathomable look on his face; a deep sex thought no doubt. He’d seen Linda’s old husband who his mother referred to as a workaholic. Bobby figured that mean sometimes the old man would be too tired so Linda might not be getting it every night.

Linda was smart though; she was on to him when he pretended he didn’t know why Linda didn’t want his parents to know she allowed him to call her Linda. The thought of his parents thinking calling her Linda meant he was fucking her was ridiculous. For goodness sake, Linda was old enough to be his mother, wasn’t she? Well actually if she were only in her mid thirties that was rather unlikely.

Hell, but what if her husband thought he was fucking her because Linda was not receiving enough at home. Gee, the old bastard could come after him with an axe even though he was innocent. Bobby decided in future he’d bring 50 cents when he came to the beach to avoid any misunderstanding.

He saw Linda hobble out of the water and then examine her foot, hobble some more and then stop. Jesus, she’d be bitten by a crab or something. He went to her assistance and after she’d washed the cut clean in an in-coming wave end he piggy-backed her up the beach, feeling those gorgeous tits pressing into his back. She was pretty heavy of the thought of disgracing himself by not making it back to the umbrella without a rest ensured he stopped thinking about her tits so arrived there puffing but without an embarrassing erection.

She’d smiled and praised him. “You are very strong Bobbie; I’m no feather. She handed him her wallet and asked if he would go to the chemist shop and get some antiseptic cream, a small box of tissues and asked for the special tapes to pull a small wound together.

He returned empty-handed. “Sorry, it’s Wednesday afternoon – the chemist observes half-day closing on Wednesday.”

“Oh yes, of course. Look, here is my front door key. Could you kindly let yourself in and go to the main bedroom and fetch my car keys from my top drawer – my side of the bed has a stack of books. Then drive my car down – it’s the same model as your mother’s only newer – and I’ll hobble to it and you can then drive me to the doctor’s. He has Wednesday afternoons off too but the practice nurse will be there.”

“Right, anything to help an injured lady. Just allow me to flush the wound with your drinking water – I’d left you some and I’ll drape a tissue over it.”

Bobby did that and running his hand along Linda’s shin said, “You have lovely skin” and climbed to his feet before she’d thought of a reply.

“Oh, the alarm,” Linda said and gave him the code, making him repeat it to her three times.

Inside the bedroom Bobby located the car keys, having to move a large tube of hand cream before pulling them out. He noticed it wasn’t hand cream; it was a tube of KY jelly – Shannon always carried a smaller tube of that.

Bobby knew his mum kept a viabrator under her bed as he’d seen her putting it into the box and she pushed it under the bed before she realized he was behind her. Therefore he had a curiosity: Bobby checked under Linda’s bed and pulled out a box the size of a drawer.

The stash contained so many dildos and vibrators that his eyes bulged. He recognized the pen slim vibrator that Shannon had him use on her butt when they were in a sixty-nine but what kaçak casino really caught his eye was a red jelly dildo that imitated a man’s cock but was thicker and a foot long with another cockhead at the other end. Wow. He kicked the box back under the bed in the place where he’d found it, making sure it went back the same way as he’d drawn it out.

Bobbie then resumed the rescue of Mrs Guthrie and was no longer worried about whether she was being supplied with enough sex to keep her satisfied.

He helped Linda hobble to the car lifting the fleshly pad behind the toes of her left clear of the sand and then the sandy steps and dusty roadway to the car. This was it, thought Bobby, the opportunity for a mini-grope; he placed a supportive arm around her and anchored his hand around the side of her far breast. She didn’t brush his hand away or reprimand him and that was disappointing; had she done either or especially both some sort of sexual posturing, good or bad, would have been indicated.

Bobby didn’t attempt to explore for the nipple because he knew that could easily anger her. Shannon had been useful telling him what women want; one thing she was definite about was most women didn’t want it all instantly and if they did they were sluts with someone waiting in the wings; or they had had a hair appointment or were already late home.

Of course that gave him an erection because although it was only the side of the tit it was soft and mobile, shifting under his fingers despite being trapped in a bra; it was at least three times the size of Shannon’s little mounds which in turn were bigger than his mother’s or sister’s. He thought of that huge fat dildo being placed between them in that deep channel and almost walked her straight into the back of her car.

He eased her into the car seat as if she’d broken her ankle, knee, and hip and had done half a dozen ribs and she seemed to be enjoying his attention. Then she dabbed her lips against his cheek, smiled and said kindly, “You are a good boy Bobby.” He cracked his head against the top of the car door pulling away. He was furious: a good boy. She saw him only as a boy. “Jeeze,” Bobby groaned in humiliation through clenched teeth and his half erect boner when limp.

The practice nurse agreed there was no need for stitches and explained that the tapes would hold the sides of the cut together and gave Bobby the name of the ointment and type of dressing which she suggested he fetch for Mrs Guthrie from the pharmacy in the morning because Mr Guthrie would be off to his office before the chemist shop opened. She then asked him to give her regards to his mother.

“Yes Mrs Hickey.” Everyone seemed to know his mother.

With the wound covered, Linda didn’t require support but she received it anyway. “Just take my arm and lean against me,” he urged. “I don’t want you twisting you ankle when trying to protect the laceration.” Mrs Hickey had called it a laceration instead of a cut.

On the short drive home Linda said she would have refused to have stitches. “I’ve past the era when anyone would want to kiss my foot.”

“Why would anyone want to kiss your foot? Bobby asked. He thought she was looking at him a little curiously so said ‘What?” But she just smiled and turned to look out the window.

Bobby stopped the car in the garage and was out in a flash to offer support. He now had developed quite a likening for Linda. But rather that grab her around the tits and haul her out the ‘boy’ stood by the door and offered his arm. She clung to it to steady herself as she stepped from the car and straightened while attempting to keep most of her weight off the cut.


She nodded. “When swabbing it clean Janice said it was quite deep.”

Bobby thought may I undress you, hold you while you clean your teeth and then put you to bed and hand up one of your toys to keep you amused while I go to the kitchen to fetch you a couple of pain killer tablets and a glass of water in return for you allowing me to raid your cookie jars and tins. He’d heard his mother say Mrs Guthrie was a fantastic cook.

“Thank you Bobbie, you have acted very gallantly to me today; I must reward you. Keep the front door key to let yourself in tomorrow morning. Janice said the flesh around the cut would be swollen and painful to walk on so just call out; I may be in bed.”

At the entrance into the house Linda broke free. She hooked him under the chin with a finger and kissed his lips and murmured “Thank you Bobby” and pulled away. “Don’t forget your sunhat and towel in the trunk. I’ll shut the door with my remote.”

Bobby walked home thinking and becoming aroused. There was no big deal about the kiss – he’d been facing her so it would have been difficult for her to kiss his cheek and anyway he’d often seen Linda and his mother kiss like that; in fact his mother kissed everyone like that. He’d call it short, sweet and friendly.

No, what filled his mind was her gown had come loose as she bent forward to kiss him and as he drew away he’d looked down and saw quite an expanse of tits but no nipples and caught a very faint odor of under-arm or pussy. He fancied it was pussy and obviously so did his cock because it began to stiffen.

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