A Woman in Hardware Ch. 10

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Helen was in a state of shock. Several months had passed since Jill and Helen became lovers, settling comfortably into their new rolls together. Jill told Chris how much she loved their mom the following Monday when Helen left town on business. She, Sue, and Chris had been making love for hours, when she told him, knowing they had almost two weeks before Helen would return. When Helen did, Jill told her mom her son knew of their love and approved. Helen was unsure how much she liked the idea her son was aware of her accepting Jill into her bed. However, once he knew, she saw no reason not to have Jill in her bed on a nightly basis, although Chris was sometimes subjected to the cries of passion emanating from her bedroom. It wasn’t as though Chris was unaware of sex knowing he was often with Sue. In fact, knowing Chris was aware of her relationship with her daughter and with her daughter’s encouragement; Helen had begun kissing Chris with a lasciviousness no mother should allow. However, Chris’ return kiss had always been chaste much to Helen’s chagrin.

Today, Helen came home staggered by an offer she felt she couldn’t possibly refuse. Her chief competitor in hardware approached her and offered her a job. It was the largest company of its kind in North America and they came with a challenge as well. It would be her job to take on the largest hardware company in the world – a consortium whose head office was in Europe. It was the board’s decision to competitively surpass this company in their own backyard. The board felt she was the person most likely to succeed in this endeavor and lead their company into the twenty-first century. They prepared to back their decision with money. Aware Helen had been with her current company about nineteen years, they offered Helen a signing bonus along with a huge salary and seven figure bonuses if she met their targets on an annual basis. Helen examined these targets and felt she had the talent to meet and surpass them. The signing bonus would make her a multi-millionaire overnight.

There was one catch; they would need to move and Helen instinctively knew her son would resist. Although the new city offered one of the finest universities in America, which she could easily afford, she knew her son wouldn’t leave without a fight. She didn’t know how to handle him and finally realized she would need to talk to Sue. Helen picked up the phone “Sue, this is Helen Anderson. I wonder if I might have a few moments of your time?”

“Oh Helen, I recognize your voice,” replied Sue. “Sure come right over, I’ll put on some coffee.” Soon, Helen once again sat at the infamous kitchen table.

Helen explained what was happening and the concerns she had about Chris. “I know he is in love with you, but now he’ll be able to go to one of the finest universities in the country.”

“Helen, I don’t know where to begin, so I guess I’ll start with you. You don’t know how happy I’ve been to have you as a neighbor. I’ve watched you raise two wonderful children as a single parent. While doing so, you reached the top of your profession. I admire you; you’re one of the nicest persons I know. I happen to love both your children. Jill is an honorable young lady with the manners and upbringing for which only you could be responsible. Your son, well I don’t know how to put it in words, I love him so. I noticed the pictures of your dead husband in your home and acknowledge Chris Jr. is his spitting image. If your husband is the man responsible for producing such a fine young man, then I know where you got the strength to manage as well as you have on your own. You must have loved him with unbelievable passion! Just as I love your son. I’m sorry; I’ll do everything in my power to help you resolve this except for one thing. I will not, under any circumstances, lose him.” There were tears in Sue’s eyes, but they held Helen’s steadily as she made her pronouncement.

Helen’s resolve melted under her steady gaze. “I’m sorry, Sue. I came here to ask you for exactly that. I had no right. I couldn’t ask Chris, because I already knew his answer. Now, I realize even if you agreed, he would not.” Tears came to her own eyes as she stood. “Can you forgive a foolish woman casino oyna who forgot the true value of human relations because a lot of money was waved before her eyes?”

Sue stood as well, “Helen, you are the classiest woman I know.”

Suddenly they were in each other’s arms crying on each other’s shoulders till finally Helen said ” I’m suppose to be the big executive with decisions at my finger tips, Sue I promise you I’ll find us a way where we’re all happy.” Impulsively, Helen kissed Sue to suddenly feel only smoke and fire as the kiss continued until Helen finally broke it. Astounded by the sexuality of the woman which stood before her Helen swallowed several times before finding her voice and weakly assuring Sue she’d find a way before she dashed from the house to her own.

Helen lay in her bed wide-awake worrying. It had been a beautiful evening with Jill. She lay with her arms crossed over Jill’s chest with one of her breasts in each hand while her own breasts were firmly pressed into Jill’s back. She wondered where Jill learned to sleep with both breasts so lovingly held. Her thoughts derailed when Jill, in her sleep, snuggled her bum closer to her mother matting the pussy hair. Helen’s thoughts turned to the new job she was certain she would take, and then flashed to her promise to Sue. Because both problems were so inextricable intertwined, her mind moved back and forth between the two shoving to the back of her mind other thoughts. The thoughts of that hot kiss. Although she didn’t realize it, a new state of arousal permeated her body. She would need to wake Jill for resolution. Only the taste of Jill’s sweet pussy would quench the fires that slowly built in her body.

In the meantime, her mind continued to worry at her problems. She thought of the new staff she would hire to assist her in her endeavors. She would definitely need an Executive assistant, someone able to think like herself. Someone with a keen insight into other’s thought processes, someone who… someone with a keen insight… Sue! With her problems solved for the moment, her body noticed its libidinous state. One hand left Jill’s lower breast to gently travel down her body, feeling her soft tummy as it passed to travel through her luxurious pubic hair. She extended one finger moving over Jill’s clit to split the soft lips of her sex and enter her warm sheath.

Jill sleepily awoke to the penetrating motions of a thrusting finger obviously intended to galvanize her sexuality. She rolled towards her mother onto her back spreading her thighs to allow further access to the questing finger. Her mother’s face loomed over hers for a moment before descending to kiss with soft passion her daughter. Jill’s responded with erect nipples and a pussy flushing warm cream over the softly thrusting finger. With Jill’s arousal elicited, Helen turned in the bed before lying on her back to roll Jill on top of her. Helen’s mouth began searching Jill’s sweet pussy for her nectar. Her tongue delved deep. Her nose inhaled the intoxicating aroma of her daughter’s cunt. Helen’s hands rubbed the soft globes of Jill’s beautifully rounded ass luxuriating in the soft sensuality of her form. She felt the ultra-soft flesh of her daughter’s inner thighs occasionally brush her face. Her tongue began aching from the force she used to thrust deep into her daughter’s tasty twat. Helen’s propensity was to continue this beautiful embrace to the wee hours of dawn, but she needed to be up early to talk to Sue.

Helen’s tongue left her daughter’s cavity to investigate the apogee of her sex, probing to unsheathe the little soldier of love. With pursed lips, she began suckling on her daughter’s pearl, enlarging it slightly and Jill’s bum began flexing under her hands driving her nerve bundle against the osculating lips. Helen’s own pussy had not been forgotten as Jill with stiffened fingers imitated cock thrusting into her channel while her tongue slathered her clit with love and saliva. Soft moans began filling the room as both women searched for orgasm occasioned by questing tongues. As the songs of love grew more strident, Chris rolled in his sleep unconsciously pervaded and warmed by the songs of love emanating from his mother’s canlı casino room. As climaxes began each woman deeply cunt kissed the other rewarded not by saliva but the ultra creamy cum of a pussy in love.

The constant pounding on her front door finally woke Sue from a deep sleep and wrapping a robe around her nude body she went to answer it, to find Helen as usual immaculately dressed for work, but unusually agitated. “Sue, I’m sorry to wake you so early but how much do you make as a legal secretary? Forty? Fifty?” asked Helen as she brushed by Sue into the house. Sue was surprised by the personal question as well as the fact her next-door neighbor seemed to know what she did and how much she made, but she answered honesty telling Helen it was about forty-five. Helen sat uninvited at her kitchen table and said, “I’ll offer you sixty!” It was at that point Sue’s sense of humor overwhelmed her and she began to laugh. Helen looked at her for a moment as though she were a woman from Mars, before her body relaxed and she broke into peals of laughter of her own. “You have no idea what I’m talking about do you?” she said, her eyes sparkling. Helen quickly outlined her thoughts from the previous night explaining how she felt Sue would be an excellent choice as well as solving the problem of separating the two lovers. “Sue,” said Helen, “I’ve listened to your quick wit for years fully understanding there was a keen mind behind the humor. I want you to understand, however, that an executive assistant rises and falls on the success of her boss. Should I loose this job for any reason, you’ll be out of a job too. Not only that you’ll be living in a strange city without your friends to support you.”

“Helen, you already know my answer. When do you expect me to start?”

“Well, I haven’t accepted the job yet, but I will today with your assurance you will come with us. I have already told the children a family meeting is scheduled for six sharp tonight. They know something’s in the wind but as of yet don’t know what. I think you should attend if you would like.”

“Of course, I’ll be there,” replied Sue. ‘I wouldn’t miss this for the world,’ Sue thought. With polite goodbyes, Helen was on her way to commit all of them to a new life. Sue thought for a few minutes about the house she would be leaving; she had owned it for close to twenty years. However, she thought of Chris and knew she would have far deeper regrets if she didn’t follow her heart. Sue was waiting with Chris and Jill holding Chris’ hand when Helen arrived typically promptly at six.

“Chris, Jill, and you too Sue, I don’t know how to start, but this morning I’ve committed us to moving to a new city,” said Helen. She went on to describe the offer and what it entailed. She explained about the new university they would attend. The new company assured Helen that through grants and donations, they had huge influence and there was no way her children would not be accepted. She went on to explain, looking at Sue; she expected the move would take place at the end of the school year on May fifteenth.

Jill was the first to reply. “I’m not going, Mother!” She exclaimed. Helen was surprised Jill was the first to balk; although, Chris followed immediately with similar sentiments of his own. Well at least she had an answer for Chris.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Son,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. Looking at Sue, Helen said, “I’m sure Sue will miss you.” Both she and Sue started to laugh while Chris looked on with some annoyance, and then putting him out of his misery told him, “I hired Sue as my executive assistant this morning and she is moving with me.”

Chris looked at both of them for a moment then began to laugh. “I think I will withdraw my objection, Mother.”

Helen looked at Jill with concern in her eyes. Before she could speak, Jill said, “I think I will withdraw my objection as well. I spoke hastily and I realize it is a fine opportunity to attend such a prestigious school.” Helen wondered about Jill’s instant turnabout, but was soon lost in the happiness the extended family emanated. Oh, there would be some regrets as friends were left behind, but all of them seemed to look forward kaçak casino to the new adventure. Helen explained she would travel back and forth a lot and expected them to study hard for their upcoming exams while she was away. Sue assured Helen as her executive assistant she would ensure the studying took place. Then, Sue went home and Jill to her bedroom leaving Chris alone with his mother. “Is it alright if I go to Sue’s for awhile?” Chris asked.

“I knew you would want to, Son. It’s okay with me,” replied Helen.

“You hired her for me didn’t you, Mom?” Chris asked.

“No son, I hired her for her quick wit and intelligence; but to be honest, her name came up because of you,” replied Helen. Chris began to kiss his mom. It wasn’t the usual chaste kiss, but and endless kiss of fire and passion. Helen’s body melted against him, her pussy flushing thick cream into her panties. She prayed his hands would begin to roam over her body, but instead, he stepped back. With a look of lust in his eyes, he left for Sue. She knew she had been thanked. She knew he loved her with the passion for which she hoped. She also knew his sense of honor would not allow him anything behind Sue’s back. She had to go see her fire fighter, Jill. Poor Jill extinguished a number of fires recently; but she was so good at it and seemed to thoroughly love the job. With streaming pussy, she ran upstairs to find her daughter.

Helen left for the new city the following Monday and Sue moved in with the two siblings. She enjoyed their welcoming embraces that lead to a night of passion. That night was particularly intense because the long abstinence left her writhing and lust-wracked. Although she loved her mother and enjoyed her body, nothing compared to sucking her brother’s creamy spend from Sue’s lubricious pussy. There was a sense of depravity about it, which seemed to pervade her with wantonness and libidinousness that exceeded her usual lasciviousness. She realized Chris made her feel so licentious. Jill was unsure whether she should feel guilty or happy and it began preying on her mind. It didn’t prevent her from enjoying the two lovers’ bed when their mother was away.

Helen arrived home one day and asked Sue to take off some time to join her on the next flight. She found a home for them and wanted Sue to look for a place as well. It left Jill and Chris alone for the first time in quite awhile and the two looked forward to after their studies. Jill came into Chris’ room wearing a loose blouse and a short skirt. She leaned over his shoulder to see what he was doing, but ensured her braless breasts pressed hard against his back. He responded by asking how he was supposed to concentrate when she was there. Her response was to swing his chair around and straddle his lap allowing the skirt to ride up and exposing her luxuriant pussy hair. She leaned forward so he could see down her blouse to the feminine mounds topped by very erect nipples. “Chris,” she sighed, “Do you really love fucking me, or are you still bothered by the fact I’m your sister?”

Chris wondered what had brought the question on and asked, “How can you ask? You know I love you and enjoy your body; it’s wonderful”

“Well, society would think we’re perverted. When I think about our incestuous relationship, it just makes me hornier than ever. I started to wonder if I’m depraved,” worried Jill.

“Maybe we are, because I feel that way, too. Many would call us degenerate but the person I love most in this world thinks our love is beautiful, and joins us every chance she gets.” I guess when we started; we had two ways to go. We could have allowed ourselves to be overwhelmed in guilt or try to comprehend our supposed desecration and revel in it. I know I chose to rejoice in the debauchery of our actions and not look back. Yes, I enjoy it now when my penis supposedly defiles you every time it enters you, it makes me hornier too.” Chris then took her to his bed and they fucked long into the night enjoying the added zest of depravity. Jill had one last question before they fell asleep.

“Do you want to fuck Mom too?” asked Jill.

“You bet I do. It would make me so horny screwing Mom; it would be so wonderfully iniquitous. However, I won’t because I love Sue. She lets me love you because she loves you, too,” replied Chris.

Jill thought for a moment and said, “They’re on a trip together. Maybe something wonderful will happen.”

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