A Woman, Awakened

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I never imagined waking up next to that face. But there I was, there it was… peaceful, serene, yet determined even at rest.

The bright Roman sun spilled over the tousled hair, highlighting the stubborn lock that always brushed his eyes. He looked like a man who had enjoyed a long evening of play in bed, but in fact, last night had been an experience of a different kind. He had made love to me, yes, but it had been in the way he whispered my name against my lips, stroked my hair as if he were soothing a restless horse, kissed my throat, and held me close to his hard body the entire night.

I watched him, still sleeping. I took in that face that I had adored from afar for so long. An enigma, he was gentle and wild, somber and playful, and his face reflected those contradictions. His grizzly beard framed a mouth that belonged on a sweet child; beautiful lips forming a Cupid’s bow, rose, delicate and utterly devastating. The downcast eyes implied a serious air that was transformed as soon as he opened them, grinning. He was not a young man, yet his skin showed no signs of the hard life he had lived. Smooth olive skin gleaming, untamed eyebrows, proud nose, his face told the story of his land of birth.

How had this dream come to be? I held my breath as I adored his face, willing him to stay warm and safe in sleep yet wanting him to wake and utter my name once more. As if reading my thoughts, he let out a soft sigh and turned towards me.

“Mmmmm…. Buon giorno, cara… good morning”.

I let out my breath, suddenly aware of how terrified I had been that he had forgotten me, that he would unwrap his strong arms from around me. My eyes filled with grateful tears, and I found the voice to answer him.

“Buon giorno, mio amore”, I whispered softly.

His lips curled in a slow smile, and he pulled me closer against his length. Raising his large hand to my cheek, he traced my face in the same way that I had been examining his. He gave a sly grin when he discovered my mouth, parted open in awe. With one curious finger, he traced the outline of my lips, then brought his mouth down to trace the same outline with his tongue.

I shivered at the sensation. Having him so near, having that face so near… it was almost unbearable, yet I did not want to miss one moment of this delicious time. Echoing his move, I reached up to touch his face lightly with my fingertips, relieved and delighted to find that he was real. He remained still as I wandered through the rough terrain of his beard, the smoothness of his high forehead, then the silky softness of his lips.

In an exclamation of tenderness, love and unbound desire, I uttered his name as the prayer that it is…


He sighed deeply, and I feared that I had gone too far, had revealed too much of what was whirling in my mind. I let my hands fall from his face, but he clasped them in his and placed them over his heart. I felt the strong, steady beat, and waited, searching his face for a clue that would tell me what he was thinking. His eyes were closed, and if not for the insistent beating under my fingers and the pulse leaping in his strong neck, I would have thought him to be asleep.

His heart gave him away before any words did. Under his warm skin, I felt his heart begin to beat more insistently, and mine responded unwittingly. The anticipation of not knowing what he was thinking, of what he would say now, was making me squirm, but he held my hand still over his heart. I was longing to stroke the hard muscles of his chest, twist my fingers in the dark hair that was so abundant… to follow that hair down its path as it became richer and thicker before disappearing beneath the duvet. But I sensed that he was trying to tell me something, something that could be very important to me, to us, so I waited until he was ready.

I did not have to wait long.

“Cara…”, he whispered, “last night, I wanted you, more than I have ever wanted a woman. But I did not want to take advantage of you… so I did not make love to you. You will never know how difficult it was for me!”.

I shook my head and started to answer him, to say that I knew exactly how difficult it was, but he stopped me with a small gesture.

“No,” he said gently, “let me finish. I wanted you then, and I want you now, but I have a feeling, a sense, that many men have also desired you. You have given them your heart, and they have only taken your body. I cannot do this to you. You are special, cara mia, and I want this to be different.”

His words set my head spinning. I had no doubt that he wanted me, but to hear that he cared for me… for me… and he had denied himself for me… I was stunned. I slid my fingers from his grasp and reached to pull his head down towards me, bringing his wondrous face close to mine. I couldn’t tell him what his words had meant to me, but I could show him. I softly kissed his smooth forehead, his bearded cheek, the tip casino siteleri of his nose, then finally his sweet mouth.

His lips parted under mine, and the heat of his mouth burned me. “I could kiss him forever”, I thought to myself, “and I would be satisfied!”. The thought made me smile, and he pulled away from my kiss with a quizzical look.

“Don’t worry, Marco, I am just happy… very happy… thank you for your words.”

His face broke into a huge grin that lit up the room.

“If that made you happy, carina, just wait a moment…”, he said before diving under the covers.

I shrieked, giggling, as his rough beard tickled my bare legs and his hands slid down my sides. But then I stopped laughing as I realized what he was about to do.

Marco said nothing else but yanked down the covers and threw them on the floor. I raised my eyebrows and got nothing back except a sinful grin from him. He was lying between my knees, looking quite cozy. His head of dark locks made my pale skin look even whiter.

“Now, there is a sight that I could get used to!”, I muttered to myself.

He raised his head, saying “What?”.

“Oh, it’s nothing, Marco… I don’t even know what I said”. It was his turn to raise an dark eyebrow, but instead of answering he bent his head and started examining the back of my knee with his tongue.

He got the reaction he wanted… I let out a tiny moan, which he pretended to ignore and proceeded to the other leg. More random thoughts came to my mind. “Who would have thought that the back of a knee could feel so erotic? Well, obviously he did, the little Casanova!”. I almost started to giggle again but quickly stopped as his attention moved a little higher. He ran his cheek back and forth across the tender inside of my thigh. It startled my sensitive nerve endings; they couldn’t figure out if this was pleasure or pain. “Oh wait, definitely pleasure…OK, you have to stop thinking so much and pay attention to what is happening”, I admonished myself.

And this is what was happening: he had inched his face up my thigh, tickling me all the way, until he met the turquoise nylon of my panties. Another stray thought, “Why didn’t I wear the black Perla ones last night?”. He seemed quite unbothered by the ordinary panties, in fact, he kind of seemed to enjoy the challenge of an unexpected impediment. He slipped a finger under the waistband, and I lifted my butt a few inches off the bed to make it easier for him to slip them off. But, no, he was not going to make it that easy for me. He laughed and slowly shook his shaggy head from side to side. He was having fun, teasing and tormenting me with this drawn-out seduction, and those panties weren’t going anywhere yet.

This gave me a little more time to reflect. My doubts about his feelings were dissolving. Any other man would have just skipped all this and dived in headfirst, half-heartedly done what he thought was sheer heaven for me, then jumped up saying “OK, my turn now!”. Marco was so different, but I also suspected that he was being especially careful with me. His earlier words were still ringing in my ears, and it made my heart leap to see that he was treating me like a precious gift. All of my hopes, my deepest dreams and desires, were wrapped up in this glorious man… this man who, at this very moment, was very delicately licking me through the fabric of the panties and making it very hard to keep my train of thought.

Hard? Impossible! I wanted him to unwrap me like a Christmas gift, but he was having none of it. He was enjoying himself, that was very plain to see, but he was also sending me an important message that I was trying to hear over the mad rushing of my blood. He was taking his time, showing me that he cherished me, and he knew that was something new for me.

Just when I thought I would have to rip the panties off myself, he stopped his teasing and spoke.

“Cara… do you want this?” he asked in a low voice.

“D-d-do I want this? What do you think?” I answered in a shaky voice. This got a small chuckle from him. But he returned seriously to his inquiry.

“I am asking if you want this… do you want me to love you this way?”. I opened my astonished mouth to answer but he put up his hand gently.

“Because if you do, you must tell me… you must tell me what you want. I promise you, whatever you ask for, I will give to you, but you must ask me for it.”

If I thought I was astonished before, I was now stunned. Stunned, excited, afraid, shy, intrigued by the game that Marco was playing. “No, not a game”, I corrected myself; he was trying to show me, teach me something very important to both of us, and I was missing it, I could tell.

While I thought about what he was saying, he waited patiently, propped on his elbows between my knees. He had mercifully stopped licking me but I could feel his warm breath on me, and the abundant hair on his arms was tickling the canlı casino inside of my thighs.

So, what did I want, huh? I wanted him to do what I had always hoped and imagined… but in my imagination, he had just done what the other men had done, maybe just a little more kindly and a lot more skillfully. But this… this challenge he was giving me…?

I will blame it on most of my blood not being around my brain anymore, as to why it took me so long to figure out what he was asking. He was telling me that he didn’t want a passive woman; no, wrong again. He didn’t want for me to be a passive woman anymore. He wanted more for me. He wanted me to have the confidence to demand what was due to me, the confidence in myself as a woman to ask for and get what I wanted, not what the other person thought I wanted. He wanted me to admit to being the sexual woman that I was, and stop hiding behind antiquated ideas about myself and about what women can do. He was handing me the power to ask for sex the way I wanted it, and wasn’t going to let me pretend that I didn’t have a very good idea of what I wanted from him right now!

He saw the growing understanding in my face, and smiled the most lascivious grin I’ve seen on a man. I returned it, just as lasciviously. Before I lost my nerve, I took in a deep breath and said “Marco… thank you… I understand… and I will tell you exactly what I want from you right now…”. He looked up at me expectantly.

“First, come up here so I can talk to you properly… you are too distracting down there!”

“Carina, that was my idea, si?”.

He grinned but obliged me by slithering his way back up my body until we were face to face. It was still awfully distracting having his delicious weight on top of me – particularly when I could feel his arousal pressing squarely against where his face had just been. But I had some things to tell him and I needed to be looking into his eyes.

“Marco,” I began as I snaked my arms loosely around his neck. “I shouldn’t have been surprised at what you said, because I know that you are a very sensitive man, very caring, very giving. I just never realized that you could care for me so much, to give me the gift of myself as you just did. We have an expression in English – you were “right on target” about my way of thinking. It means that you found the center of the problem.” He nodded in understanding but remained silent so I could continue.

“I have never felt like an equal in my relationships with men, and so of course, I was never as important in bed, either. Oh, I am not saying that every man I ever slept with –”

“Every man?” he interrupted. I chuckled in response.

“Did you think I was a virgin? Yes, I have been with more than one man, but not that many, Marco, do not worry. What I wanted to tell you is that it was not always terrible with every man; some were more caring or generous than others. But mostly, I felt that they wanted my body very much but did not care as much about my heart. In those few words that you have said, and in what you did last night, I have seen that it can be so different.. that you are different.. and that I have many more reasons to love you than I did before!”

I finished my speech quickly, in a rush of emotion. I hadn’t meant to mention the “L” word… now I would really know if he was different from other men; would he bolt out of bed now, or get a piece of ass and then bolt?

I did not give him enough credit, once again. He gently took my face between his hands and kissed my cheek, then the tip of my nose, and my forehead, before placing a tender kiss on my lips. He understood exactly what I had told him, there was nothing else I had to do now.

“No, that isn’t exactly true”, I thought to myself, and tapped Marco gently on the shoulder.

He raised his eyebrows quizzically, then understanding dawned as I smiled boldly. I nudged his shoulders in case the smile didn’t get the message across; he had told me to ask for what I wanted, and I was telling him.

He obliged with a devastating grin, wriggling back down to where he had been. I may have sounded bold but I wasn’t feeling it, yet I wasn’t going to disappoint him, or myself for that matter. If he wanted to teach me to be more assertive, I was going to be a willing pupil.

“I think it’s time to find out if it is true, what they say about Italian lovers…”, I drawled.

He started to laugh, but laughing wasn’t exactly what I wanted him to be doing. So I slipped my thumbs under the waistband of my panties, and that did the trick, he was riveted. I teased him by lowering them a bit, then pulling them up tight so that they were molded against my contours. He glanced down appreciatively then raised his eyes to meet mine with encouragement.

“Take them off me”, I whispered.

“Anything you ask!”, he responded lightly, but his eyes were still locked on mine with serious intent.

I felt like kaçak casino I had just found a genie bottle and been granted three wishes. The man of my dreams was laying between my legs, slowly sliding the blue nylon down my hips, and looked like he had every intention of staying there until those wishes were completed. I sighed dreamily and wondered if it could ever get any better.

It did. Four times by the time he was done, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

He was in no hurry, although I was so turned on I was afraid it would be over before he had even touched me. I could feel his eyes on me, then his exploring hands. Like a man gentling a nervous filly, he slid his palms up my legs to my waist, letting me get used to his touch. Soft kisses on the inside of my thighs made me part them for him unconsciously. I was ready for more, but I realized that he was waiting for me to tell him.

All of the encouragement I needed was right before me. I looked down and saw a sight that had only been in my imagination before this: my Marco, eyes blazing with desire, a flush to his cheeks, his breath uneven, his dark hair falling over his forehead, waiting expectantly for a sign from me.

I didn’t trust my voice to speak, so I reached out my hands for his. I slowly guided him to me, and using his hands, opened myself up to him. He needed no further directions as he dipped his head to me, still holding my hands in his. I was so ready, so wet, that his tongue slid over me like a skater on ice. I sighed deeply and let myself fall into this miracle that was happening.

He knew what he was doing, there was no question of that. He quickly understood what I liked, following the signals I was sending. When it was too much, I gently squeezed his fingers and he eased off, then returned anew to his efforts. These wonderful waves of sensation continued, with him following our secret code, in perfect communication with no words at all.

Slowly, something started to build and grow in me, and I began gripping his hands tight and shifting under him. He stayed with me, despite my squirming body under his mouth. I had to let go of his hands, and clutched madly for the sheet that was crumpled beneath us. I heard someone moaning “yes yes oh yes…” and realized that it was me. I slid my fingers through his tousled hair, using his locks as reins to guide him exactly where I needed him most. Marco eased his hands under my hips, raising me closer to his wondrous tongue.

This was my wish come true, so I did something I had always wanted to do. I propped up on my elbows so that I could watch exactly what he was doing. He sensed me watching him, and raised his eyes to meet mine, never stopping. He slowed down, changing his strokes to long, languid ones that ran the length of me. This was torture, and he knew it. He was still watching my face, and again I realized that he was waiting for my desire, my command for him. I looked at him beseechingly but he subtly shook his head. If I wanted this, I was going to have to ask. This was it, the last question on my test.

While he waited, he started to draw slow, insistent circles with his tongue. I think he had mastered what “right on target” meant. But he was still holding back, and I was going to go mad if he didn’t finish this right now.

“Marco… please…”, I whispered. Another small shake of his head.

“Please! I am going to die here… you are killing me”.

This time, he punctuated his response with a flick that almost made me faint.

“Marco… OK… please… please let me come!”

“What took you so long to ask?”, he replied playfully.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full!” was all I managed to blurt out before he went seriously to work on me.

I was still watching him, and he held my gaze as he brought me closer to the edge of reason. I had never seen anything as erotic as this; his glistening beard, tangled hair and blazing eyes that were full of desire for me. That is, until he eased one hand out from under me, and slowly slid one finger, then two, inside of me. His eyes never left my face, and he watched me as my body exploded.

I burst into a thousand pieces, shivery sparks shooting down my toes and up my spine. A hot flush rushed up my belly to my chest, then my face. A kaleidoscope of colors burst in my head, and I felt my bones melt into liquid pleasure.

I could hear Marco murmuring my name as I finally spiraled back to earth. With tears in my eyes, I reached for him and pulled him up to me, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. I was speechless, overcome with emotion, yet my heart was overflowing with things to say to him. I hugged him closer to me, kissing him deeply, gratefully, tasting myself on him. He held me tight, whispering words in my ear that I didn’t wholly understand, but that felt warm, safe, right. I could feel him pressed hard against my belly, but he waited patiently, just gently brushing my hair off my forehead.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that until my breathing returned to normal and my head started to clear. My first lucid thought was “Dear lord, how I love this man!” followed soon by “I want more of him… and it’s HIS turn, now!”

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