A Winter Wonder Ch. 01

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My first job after I graduated from high school was in my home town’s largest insurance company. The office was located on the second floor of the Stark building right in the center of town. It was my first day and I wanted to be on time. I got up early only to find there was snow up to my waist waiting for me.

Bundling up like a fat little snow man I forced myself out the back door and was prepared to walk the three blocks to the office when I saw a friend backing his four by four pick up truck out of his garage. I waved to him and he motioned me to come along. After some rough going up the back alley we made it to the still unplowed street where I was going to work.

I found the front door open and was happy to fine the building heated. However the elevators were not working so I went up the stairs. By the time I reached the second floor I was perspiring like a plow plug. Stepping into the office I found the building janitor making sure the radiators were working.

“Hi, Wilda.” he said. “Don’t think any one else is coming in. There was a noticed posted down stairs. Didn’t you see it?”

“No.” I said disappointed that I would not be working and losing a days pay. “It must have blown off the door. Can I wait for a while before I go home. Maybe it will stop snowing and if I am lucky the wind will die down.”

“Sure but why don’t you come down to the basement with me then when your warmed up you can go out the back door.” Pulling off my snow suit I waddled down the stirs after old Mr. Youkers. As I followed behind him I noticed how spry he was for his age. I was only guessing but he must have been my Dad’s age and that was fifty two. As far as I knew he had never been married and this was the only job he ever had. He was a tall slender man with broad shoulders and long arms. His face was weathered and today he had a bit of unshaved stubble on his chain.

He placed a chair near the furnace for me and offered me a cup of coffee as he sat at an old wooden desk by the only window in this below ground level room.

“I know your Dad and Mom.” He said. ” I knew your Mom when she was just a girl about your age. She was a pretty one that is for sure. We even dated a few times. But she was never really interested in me.

I think she had eyes for your Dad long before he knew it.” Then he laughed.

I don’t know why but I laughed along with him. I also found it interesting to hear about my Mom and Dad back when they were my age. My Mom is as closed mouth as a frozen fish at the market. My Dad only talks when we are alone or when Mom asks him a question. I think my Dad is afraid of my Mom. She is a rather strong willed woman and she does rule the roost.

Mr. Youkers went on. “The second date with your Mom was one I looked forward to because I had heard she never kissed on the first date but if she dated a guy twice he was going to get kissed. I was looking forward to kissing that big wide Polish mouth. In fact I see you have a wide beautiful mouth just like your Mom.”

This was getting interesting and I wanted to hear more. So I asked “Did you get a kiss on your second date?”

He looked at me for a second and said “Maybe I should not tell stories out of school but you’re a full grown women and I have heard you’ve been to the barn a few times so I guess its’ okay to tell you the truth.” He paused and I wondered how he knew about me going to the barn with David Ford and his brother William. Then there was that one time with Harry Mayers. I did not say any thing but I smiled a shay smile and he went on.

“Your Mom’s Dad was a big old fellow and I knew he had a Polish beer temper so I met your Mom in the alley behind her house so I did not have to face her Dad. Kind of like the way you did with David Ford and his brother William. Well; any way we walked down to Meyers park and sat by the river under a large Oak tree. It was a warm summer night and she did not stop me when I put my arms around her shoulders. I moved a little closer and she turned to face me. I thought she was going to stop me but no, she was opening her mouth for casino siteleri a kiss. I leaned down and planted my mouth over her’s and she sent her tongue in my mouth for a long hot visit. I was so excited I grabbed one of her big tits and squeezed a little harder than I should have. She pulled back and told me not to be so rough. Her tits were about the size of your tits from the look of it. You Polish girls sure do have large round tits and sensitive too”

He got up and went to a locker along the wall. He took out a bottle of whiskey and poured me a drink and then drank out of the bottle. He turned to look at me and continued. “I was happy just kissing your Mom and feeling her fine big tits but I found this was not enough for her. Before long she was pulling on my belt. I was surprised but I welcomed her lead and let her have her way. I watched as she open my pants and pulled my cock out.

She looked at my cock and told me it was the biggest cock she had ever seen. I liked this and I let her jerk on it as I kissed her harder. Taking a breath I asked if she was going to suck me off like she did the other boys and she said she liked to suck cock because she did not have to worry about getting pregnant.” He stopped and leaned back in his chair and opened his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled out the longest thickest cock I had ever seen. He did not move or say anything about what he was showing me. But he could tell I was impressed by the way I was smiling. He put both hands up behind his head and leaned back. His cock at full erection glistening in the glow of the furnace.

He went on “It sure felt good to have your Mom play with my Jasper and I was getting hot as hell. I reached up under her skirt and found her naked as a jay bird. She said she had never been fucked but her cherry was lost to a finger some time before this so I inserted a finger in her as she lowered her mouth over my cock. I was working a finger into her pussy as she bobbed her head up and down. I swear she was taking my cock down her throat and wanting more. No wonder she liked taking on the boys two at a time. Any way I was getting close when she told me to use two fingers. I inserted a second finger into her pussy. She told me not there and said to push my finger up her butt hole. I had only been with a few girls and never had a fingered a butt hole. I got excited and started to cum. Well let me tell you she was a fabulous cock-sucker. She sucked my sperm swallowing as fast as I could pump it out. I felt her pussy tighten around my finger and her ass hole tighten up then she let go with a load of juices that has never been matched again by any women I was ever with. She cum, I cum and we cum again together.”

He stopped and looked at me. Without thinking I had lifted a leg up over the arm of the chair and had a finger in my pussy wiggling it around as the wetness ran out around my finger. Mr. Youkers stood and came over so his massive cock dangled right in front of my face. I took my free hand grabbed his cock and aimed it at my mouth. So there we were his cock in my mouth and me finger fucking myself when I heard a voice. “Well I ‘ll be damned. Jasper has gotten another one I see.”

I started to pull back but he held my head so I could not get his cock out of my mouth. I looked up to see a fat old black man standing at the foot of the stairs dressed in dirty coal dust covered overalls. He said “Do you want a load of coal today. Or are you too busy.’

Then he laughed as he came closer. I still could not get free of the monster cock in my mouth. I watched as the black man unzipped his overalls and said “Maybe this young lady would like to suck a real man’s cock. I know who she is and I knew her mother just the way she knew your Jasper.”

I was about to force my self loose from the cock in my mouth when his words stopped me. Then I saw a fat thick black cock pointing at me. Mr. Youkers released my head and to this day I don’t know why but I grabbed that fat black cock and swallowed it like a worm. I guess I wanted to show these men I was every bit as good at sucking canlı casino cock as they say my mother was at my age . The black man’s sperm was salty and thin not thick like Mr. Youker’s sperm. I sucked then both off twice and let the black guy lick my pussy after I had cum. I would not let either of them fuck me but it was hard not to say yes.

Mr. Youker got his load of coal and his ashes hauled all in one day. I returned home around noon to find Mom in the kitchen fixing lunch. I told her the office was closed today and that I had been waiting in the basement with Mr. Youkers until the icy wind let up. She looked up smile and asked “How is Jasper? I have not seen him for a long time.”

I thought his cock was Jasper but I guess it was also his name. I’ll have to remember that for the next time I visit the basement. I wanted tell Mom about all that he had told me but I did not. Maybe later would be a better time or maybe some day when I needed something. Knowledge is power they say.

The office did not open for two days and by then it was Saturday so I had the day off. The streets were clear of snow and traffic was moving along normally. I walked up town and wandered through the stores thinking of Christmas. I ended up behind the Stark building at the door to the basement. I looked around and quickly stepped in. I stood at the top of the iron stairs. I heard voices and recognized my mother’s voice at once. She was talking to Mr. Youkers. They were standing back under the over hang and had not heard me come in. I was so surprised I almost let out a scream. I squatted down so I could see back under the stairs where they were standing.

“Oh, tell me you did not tell my daughter about that time in the park? Please tell me you did not say anything about what happened after we came back home?” Mom’s voice was calm but it sounded shaky.

“I am sorry Frieda, it just came out and before I knew what I was saying I told her about that time you sucked me off down by the river. But to answer your question I did not tell her about what happened when we returned home.” He started to laugh and after a moment Mom started to laugh. They hugged and all of a sudden she was in his arms and they were kissing. My fifty year old mother and this man that was not my father. Hell I had never seen my mother kiss my Dad or any sign of affection of any kind. But here she was kissing this guy and willingly from what I saw.

God I hope she don’t get all excited and do something stupid. But why not hell I can use all the power I can get to lever something out of Mom at a later date.

He said “God damn you’re still a great kisser. You still like to suck cock, old Jasper is always ready for a great blow job from a real artist.”

Mom laughed and said “How do you think I have kept my husband happy all the years. He gets more blow jobs than he does pussy.” Then she looked up into his eyes and said “just once for old time sake Jasper and then you must promise me you’ll never see or tell my daughter about that other thing. Okay, do we have an agreement?”

“Suer why not it will be worth it to see your mouth around old Jasper again after all these years. But maybe one more thing. After you suck old Jasper I want to stick him in you pussy. You sucked me off many times but I never fucked you back then. But you’re no virgin now so how about a little of that pussy I never got.?”

Mom smiled and said “?Why not I have been fixed and can not get pregnant so you can have a shot at it.”

They moved to his desk and I had to stand very still and move to the shadow so I would not be seen. I was looking straight down at then as he sat on the desk and Mom sat in the chair. He unzipped his fly and pulled his larger than life cock out. Mom said “Christ; I don’t remember Jasper being this big.”

“He has grown some since the last time you saw him.” He said.

Mom started to laugh but her laugh was cut off as he plunged his cock deep in her mouth. I watched in total amazement as my mother sucked his massive cock down her throat. Her throat enlarged and I could see kaçak casino it moving back and forth. Then she pulled all the way back and licked the large tip. “It has to be the pettiest cock I have ever sucked.” She said.

She returned it to her mouth and this time just slowly sucked on it back and forth not taking so much of it in her mouth. It must have been pure pleasure for Jasper because I heard that low moan I had herd before. Mom leaned forward and let him empty his massive load into her mouth. Mom swallowed it slowly and from the look on her face she was enjoying this as much as Jasper was.

His cock slipped from her mouth and she continued to hold it and squeeze it until it cam to life agin. Not that it ever went completely soft.

“Frieda you’re still the best cock-sucker in town. Now let me slip this into that pussy. If your fucking cunt is as good as your cock-sucking mouth it will also be the best.” Jasper said as he moved to stand behind my mother as she lifted her skirt.

Her ass had grown in size over the years and two kids had helped of course. Jasper pulled down her panties and aimed his cock at a dark spot between her legs. I saw Mom stiffen as Jasper pushed and shoved making his cock disappear from view. Grabbing her by the hips Jasper pushed and pulled slowly for a few minutes. Mom moaned and wiggled to his tune. They were making music and it was a turn on for me as well as the two of them.

Mom started to cry and moan loader. Jasper moved faster and drove his cock all the way in. Mom screamed and Jasper let out a howl. They jerked and shook together for a few minutes and then they stopped and pulled apart. Jasper slumped into the chair Mom had been sitting in earlier. Mom turned around leaned down and once more sucked his cock. Cleaning it of the white froth. This time his cock did not recover. Mom arranged her clothing. I made it out the door just in time. God I was so hot I could have fucked a timber wolf just then. I was home ahead of Mom. I heard her come in as I reached a climax as I was masturbating to the visions in my head.

Mom’s and Dad’s room was on the first floor behind the kitchen. I heard her start a shower. I saw her chubby body in my mind as it must have been thirty years ago. I saw her eager to suck the cocks of the boys she dated. I saw Jasper disappear up between her legs and my straightlaced Mom fucking an old boy friend while my dad was happily working to make a living.

After supper Mom and Dad said they were going up town shopping and asked me to go along. I said I had a date and was going ice skating with friends. They were out the door and I was on the phone. Jasper answered the phone on the first ring. He said he would meet me in the basement in twenty minutes. I was there when he drove up.

He opened the furnace door flooding the room with a strange red light. I asked him to tell me more about his dates with my Mom and about the black man that said he had known her as a cock-sucker. Jasper laughed and said “Okay, Wilda I’ll tell you more. But come sit here so you can suck old Jasper while I fill you in on the boys your mother knew.”

Again he sat on the desk while like my Mom I sat there in front of him sucking his cock as he told me the story.

After there second date and he getting his cock-sucked the dating process become an every Friday night event. They would go to the movie and then a walk down by the river with a stop at the wood table under the oak tree. Mom would suck him off and he would finger her pussy and ass. Then one night as she was half way through her part of the evenings entertainment Jasper’s friend and his date walked up. It was Sam the black guy that now delivers coal. Sam had a girl with him and together they sat down next to my mother and Jasper. Few words were exchanged but soon the girls swapped and started to suck off each others dates. The black girl was not virgin and so both guys would fuck her while my mother watched. My mother wanted to get fucked so bad she cried but she would not give in. Thus it came to be that Jasper had never fucked my mother until this very day. Jasper climaxed and I was eager to lick and suck him clean before I asked him about what happened when my mom got home from there first date and river adventure.

Jasper said that would have to be a story for another day…

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