A Wiccan Mother

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A story about a 21 year old who has an otherworldly experience. First story, feel free to comment!


Her ass descended on my face and my nose and lips rose to meet her incoming sex, my lips tasting and parting her lips. My nose, of course, was buried in her asshole, taking in the full smell of her. This is it, shouted my entire being, fuck her and don’t lose her it said.

She gave a sigh and it was the sound of water running over stone. Oh no, I realized. I’m caught in her spell. How could I have been so reckless.


3 hours earlier


I put the cup down and leaned forward to lick the tongue of the redhead stranger in front of me. Her mask slipped and she leaned forward to grasp my pants, missed, and fell to the ground. Her mask was off and she was really fucking cute, a tiny button nose and rosy cheeks. I would have fucked her mouth but she’d violated the one rule.

– don’t say who you are –

That was the rule. Don’t show who you are, don’t say it and just don’t even try it.

As the Staff Security

Friendly casino oyna Guest Service came for the girl, I floated over to a better spot at the lounge. There were giant leather seats with people in there fucking in every sense of the way but the act of the thing itself. They sat there kissing and caressing, each shoving their emotions into the others to gain control or receive validation.

They loved being in an orgy without the nakedness, the awkwardness. I didn’t think I was strong enough to overpower someone with my magic or emotions so I didn’t approach those lost in ecstasy.

And I was sad. Those all around me were enjoying themselves without minding sharing their whole being without an entire thought and I was alone. And. So. With that in mind I bought a lottery ticket from the bar and waited my number.





My number was called, I came back from my slight nap. The bartender waved a friendly wave and a cheerful smile as I walked past him into the room.

It was pitch black, then I felt a canlı casino hand snake up to my eyes and wrap a blind fold on them.

“Hey there candidate. Looks like you’re feeling lucky tonight huh. Just go in and lay down. We’re gonna get everything sorted out just how you want it.”

I grunted an acknowledgement and walked forward in my the darkness, stumbling to find to touch.

I felt a bed and so I laid down. Immediately another hand began to undress me. It was so immediate I flinched but those soft hands relaxed me and helped me get completely naked.

I felt slight pressure oh my eyes and the blind fold come off. Blinded, I shut my eyes.

I opened them again in time to see a beautiful ass headed to my face.

The sucking was the most intense thing I’ve ever felt on my dick, no one had even fucked me as hard as the mouth on this strange woman. I kept licking her pussy, eventually find her clit amid the folds. The taste of her put tiny electric bombs in my cells, emotions that I knew came from her.

That’s when I tried. I pushed her kaçak casino off me and grabbed her head. A redhead again. She was blindfolded and a mature woman. I pushed her on the bed and bent her over. I saw her pussy and shoved my self in, feeling her tightness open up for my dick.

She breathed a sigh of satisfaction and began her fight of control with me. I slammed myself into her soft ass and felt a familiar tug inside me. Like I knew this woman. Like we’d met a lifetime and a half ago.

I slowly slipped off her blindfold and almost jumped back in surprise. This was Lisa. My mother. The Stat High Magician. She was a whore. Or I wanted her to be my whore.

She was strong, pushing herself onto my dick, sending waves of emotions to win me.

I leaned into her ear to whisper,”Hi mother dear.”

Her eyes fluttered open, a sunset green of the ocean and I took that very advantage to push the hardest I’ve ever tried into someone. I grabbed her consciousness and held her still.

Then I slammed into her ass again, calling her my whore.

“Baby fuck me, fuck your mother you filthy son.”

I was gonna cum in her and I felt it. A power in me was blossoming as I grab her throat she kissed her. Then I came in her pussy to feel magic rush from her to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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