A Wet Day

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Backstory : It had been seven years to the day since we last saw each other. The memory of her still plagued me. Life had continued Yet this day was to be the day fate would conspire to bring us together On and For a very wet day!


Another restless Saturday had come and almost passed . It was late afternoon when I decided to take a walk to clear the haunting thoughts that tempted and tortured my brain. Little did I know what awaited me!

As I made my way down the road to the nearby park the menacing clouds that had accompanied me the whole way had now become rain. I bowed my head in aggravated acceptance and just said , “The hell with it “and I trudged on.

It was in that instant that I was startled by a delicate yet firm hand that gripped my wrist and pulled me in forcefully behind a hugely prominent oak tree. I was about to scream when a hand with the sweetest scent of lavender covered my lips.

It was then that eyes met eyes. all the visceral animal desire and need took hold. We stood there for a mere instant that seemed an eternity feeling the pure unspoken energy of the moment. Only that sultry voice could have the capacity to break that hypnotic spell her eyes had cast on me. My eyes couldn’t help but follow her lips as she moved them ever closer to mine till I could feel the soft and sinewy texture of them moistly rubbing tenderly against mine. The response in me was involuntary to say the least but it couldn’t be helped .When she least expected it I trapped her lower lip between my teeth and bit down slightly, when she growled I proceed to suckle on it with tender yet güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri dominant effort all the while caressing her imprisoned lip with my tongue.

She than took the hand she still had on my wrist and firmly placed it above my head and proceeded to take her other hand and grab my other wrist and placed it also beside the other hand above my head.

As I continued my assault on her upper lip she now joined the game and pushed her body firmly against mine and with a devilish smile proceeded to use her knee to spread my legs.

I smiled back as I loosened my grip on her lips and proceeded to lunge for her neck sweet and scented with desire and lavender. I sucked and nibbled with ardor as she took hold of my wrists with one hand and took the other one on a teasingly slow journey down my rain soaked body till she reached the edge of my stomach and the button on my pants. With a skillful hand she removed the obstacle that blocked her path and without further fanfare she looked hazily into my eyes and placed a firm palm on my pussy and slid it down till she found my moist and heated opening. A s the moistness of the rain drops mixed in with the moistness of her hungry kisses I felt it.

I felt her finger slip inside me with a silky force that I exhaled deeply and I could feel my knees wanting to give way. Yet, I held firm as I felt her inside me her fingers moving in and out generating an amount of heat and moisture that seemed extraordinarily endless.

A force took over and I reached for her with my freehand and I slid it past her cheek till it was behind her neck and I forcefully pulled her to me güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri until her lips met mine in a torrid and languid kiss filled with all the anger and desire that I carried inside .

That’s when she thrust harder and I pushed myself more aggressively into her as if I were trying to merge bodies with her .

Once again I loosened my grip on her lips and I placed my lips right next to her ear and I said ,”FUCK ME HARDER! And she obliged me I felt her impale me with ardor now. her strength now mimicking the now torrential drops of rain assaulting our feverish skin until I could no longer contain the surge as I leaned my head against her shoulder and came intensely.

I could no longer contain myself and with all the strength I could muster I turned her around till she was now caught between my body and the imposing tree the only witness to this luscious liaison.

My urge to reciprocate over powered me and I grabbed her hand and pulled it out of my pants as I felt her fingers slowly slide out. I took that moistened finger and placed it between my lips and proceeded to softly suck and bite on it and with a sneaky smile I looked her in the eyes and with finger still in mouth I said with less than innocent tone, “What do you want me to do?”

To which she countered with a nibble to my earlobe as she countered with ,”don’t make me beg you!”

To which I seductively said, “you don’t have to beg all you have to do is ask and you shall receive!”

Her next response almost made me Cum in that instant. She stopped nibbling on my ear and in the most need permeated voice she could muster güvenilir bahis şirketleri she said , I NEED YOUR MOUTH ON MY PUSSY RIGHT NOW TO PUT OUT THIS FIRE YOU STARTED!”

All bets were officially off as I kissed my way down her wet stomach heaving with heated desire . With no fanfare or further ado I slightly bit her raven mound right before I reached her now dripping wet core. Even mixed in with the moisture in the air I could still feel the sweet taste and silky texture of her nectar. The warm taste of it once again binding me into bondage once again. Enslaved was I once more to the wicked taste of her. I felt her breathing become more pronounced and filled with a growl like tone as she felt me slip a finger inside her wet cavern as I tasted her now protruding clit. I sucked on it with zealous effort and traced my tongue upon it as my finger continued its assault .

That’s when I felt her body tense .she placed both of her hands behind my head and with a firm grip that held me in place she looked down into my eyes as they returned the stare and she cried out , OH GOD YES! “And she closed her eyes and gave her self completely to the blissful feeling of release .

She then reached down and with a smile took my hand and helped me up till we were face to face.

In that instance we both heard a voice . A Male voice calling her name . when I was about to lean a bit to see who it was she grabbed my chin pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately and said, “I’ve got to go now but I’ll come find you!

That’s when I retorted with a slightly annoyed ,” that’s if I want to be found!” to which she replied as she reached down and grabbed a handful of pussy as she bit and then kissed my lower lip, “I KNOW YOU WILL!

THEN as quickly as it had began the rain had died down and stopped and as she way with a wicked smile on her face I contemplated how memorable a WET rainy day can be!

INSPIRED by the muse B.B.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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