A Week to Remember Ch. 02

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The joy derived by observation of the automaton or zashiki karakuri can only be increased by the realization that the perfection of movement is totally focused upon gratifying the very particular individual’s highly personal physical and spiritual pleasure. The display whether singular or repetitive free or contrived is indicative that the recipient Daimyo is indeed the center of the performers known universe.

Wanda awoke as always exactly at six forty five a.m. The heavy damask curtains in her bedroom kept almost all of the early light from the room but just enough crept around the edges to assure her it was morning without having to glance towards the Henri Jacob Brass Repeater Carriage Clock ticking away silently on the bedside table.

She lay very much in the same position as she had fallen asleep, her right leg flung over the body pillow that she always spooned and her left hand still pressed hard against her pelvic bone where it had fallen still after the intense orgasm she had exorcised from deep within herself the previous evening. Her fingertips grazed against her vaginal lips and she was surprised to find them still a little puffy. She nuzzled her face into the soft down filled mound and sighed contentedly. It was Saturday and work was two days away.

“Maybe just a few more minutes.”

She whispered the words into the linen as she pressed an open mouthed kiss on her imaginary companions face.

“Just a few more minutes please Daimyo.”

Two hours later she was awoken by the buzz of the intercom. Quickly slipping on a kimono retrieved from the velvet upholstered nursing chair by the bedroom door she made her way barefooted to the elevator.

“Miss Ringsome there is a parcel that’s just been delivered by cycle courier. Its marked urgent.”

Wanda was a little disappointed that the voice wasn’t Chad but only Elaine the day receptionist.

“Could you please sent the elevator down and I will put in the package, your mail and newspaper.”

Wanda turned the key and pushed the down button and heard the whir of the cables as her connection with the outside world descended.

“Coffee, I need coffee.”

The Starbucks Verismo V-585 sat on the kitchens central island awaiting Wanda’s pleasure. The pod was already in place so in just fifteen seconds there was her favorite espresso perfectly prepared. The soft click of the elevators return bought her back from her caffeine muse and she padded across the marbled floor and opened the sliding doors.

The package was small and sat happily on top of a collection of bills, junk mail and Friday’s edition of the London Daily Telegraph. Wanda quickly sorted the pile into some sort of order and dropping two circulars, both from pizza delivery companies, into the elevator trash bin returned to the kitchen and her coffee. She flattened the Telegraph onto the island making certain the back and all important crossword puzzle was in clear view and having read the clue for one across turned her attention to the the mail.

“Bills, bills, bills.”

Two were from credit card companies, the third from her account at Macy’s. The island had a drawer quite large enough to contain a concertina type file and having checked the due dates on the statements Wanda proceeded to file them in their casino siteleri appropriate pocket. The fourteenth pocket was empty.

“Yay, a free day”

Wanda smiled contentedly as she replaced the file and slid the unneeded envelopes and inserts into the trash slot cut into the islands fascia.

The parcel was beckoning. Approximately fourteen inches long, eight in diameter and one inch thick wrapped in very pretty candy stripped metallic paper and finished with a large red ribbon and bow. The ribbon slid off easily and the paper not being taped did so likewise. Wanda removed the lid from the exposed matte black box and picking up the card immediately on top began to read.

“You are cordially invited to attend Masquerade Luncheon at the Black Astra Club on Valentine’s Day, February the 14th at Two p.m. A limousine has been arranged for your convenience and will pick you up from your loft apartment at One Thirty p.m. Please be considerate enough to utilize dress and shoes previously provided as your costume for the day. A Venetian Masquerade Mask is also enclosed to complete your attire.”

Wanda removed the layer of tissue paper and retrieved the Mask from the boxes interior. The design was something Wanda had admired in the past. Resembling a Fox face and whiskers, the mask was laser cut from amazingly delicate Chrome Silver metal and decorated with Crystal. The whole piece could be tied in place with black ribbon.

“Ten O’clock, that gives me just over three hours to get ready.”

Wanda placed another pod in the coffee machine. Today was definitely a double espresso morning. Retrieving the Montblanc Hemingway ball point pen from the top island drawer Wanda leaned over the Telegraph and wrote in the eleven letter answer to the clue.


It was only as she stepped back that Wanda noticed the small notelet that had slipped from behind the mask and slid halfway under the discarded wrapping paper and ribbon.

“Dear Wanda, Please open the last parcel just after your bath and before getting dressed. Your Obedient Servant, H.”

Wanda slowly, luxuriantly raised herself from the bubble filled tub and stepped onto the marble tiled floor. The wonders of under heating never ceased to enrapture her, certainly the idea was as old as the ancient Roman bathhouses but still the wonderful sensation of warm natural stone against the sole of her foot never failed to captivate. Wrapping herself in a beautifully absorbent Selfridge bath sheet she had managed to order online she padded over to the large perfectly lit theater style make up mirror on the wall at the far end of the bathroom. She looked hard into the reflective glass and considered her options.

Wanda carefully arranged her copper locks into the design she considered most appropriate. The under layers were braided in geometric design, the top arranged in a high bun. The effect was pleasing without being overly formal and mirrored the nineteen fifties feel of the Countess De Femme costume design. Her makeup was simple to the extreme. Sufficient highlight to accentuate the high cheekbones and aquiline nose but not so much to hide the distinctly ghoulish but striking pallor of her skin. For her mouth she chose the Raspberry Shimmer Lip Gloss from Bobbi Browns Denim and canlı casino Rose Collection. With a compulsory final questioning glance in the glass she at last turned her attention to the waiting final parcel.

The box was surprisingly heavy for its size and from the balance contained at least two items, one considerably weightier than the other. The outer wrapping of metallic red paper came off easily and when opened the box interior held two individually wrapped packages. These boxes were each covered in different paper, one a bright orange with the word Cunt printed continuously in alternate black and white script, the other a fluorescent lime green with Ass printed in a similar manner. Wanda was stopped momentarily in her tracks. Obviously the previous twenty hours events had been sensually charged but the sudden confrontation with unambiguous sexual reference decidedly took her breathe away.

“Really far too late to stop now.”

Having reassured herself somewhat Wanda proceed to open the Ass box first.

“Oh how perfectly divine.”

Wanda removed the dazzling stainless steel butt plug from the soft interior and held it admiringly to the light. The clear faceted jewel set in the base reflected light into dancing patterns on the surrounding walls. Replacing the wondrous object in its container she opened the Cunt box with trembling hands. This time she found the chrome egg from a remote vibrating bullet set.

“Interesting, the controller is missing.”

A small card was all that remained in the package and Wanda quickly opened the envelope and read.

“Please add this items to your outfit for luncheon. Your limousine will arrive exactly on time.”

Wanda felt she should have been shocked or at least a little concerned but instead she noticed her nipples had hardened immediately and her labia lips were swelling and growing distinctly moist.

“This is going to be an interesting meal.”

She headed for the dressing room immediately beside her boudoir. Quickly she assured herself that everything she needed was to hand. The dress was hanging as she had placed it in a heavy grade suit bag at the very end of her dress rail. The wonderful shoes stood immediately below and just to the side on a small occasional table was the gun oil She placed the box containing the butt plug and bullet next to the lube.

“First things first I suppose.”

Wanda unzipped the suit bag and carefully removed the dress still on its padded hanger. Holding the beautiful black and white latex creation at arm’s length she carefully inspected every inch, front and back to ensure all was exactly as should be. Suitably satisfied she carefully unfastened the three-quarter length concealed zipper and clearing a good section of rail by pushing garments left and right hung the dress in isolation ready to slip on.

The butt plug glistened beautifully in the artificial light. The question of when to insert had been on her mind for several minutes. She had often worn plugs around the loft finding the feeling of stretch and fill comforting whilst decidedly erotically charged. This however would be her first experience of venturing out into public anally ornamented and she had just a little concern that somehow the object might affect her movement noticeably kaçak casino or even heaven forbid slip out at a most inconvenient time. Thankfully this particular design had a good thickness variance between bulb and stem and she was hopeful her sphincter would grip the steel with good effect. Squeezing a little gun oil onto her left middle and index fingers she first liberally coated the bulb and then reaching back and bending forward repeated the lubing around and just into her excitedly waiting orifice. The pointed tip was cold on her aperture and she shivered a little from the chill and the pent excitement. Twisting gently and pushing whilst spreading her buttocks and arching her back she eased the plug into place.

“Fuck yes.”

Her words expressed every physical and emotional feeling in her being as she almost came whilst her sphincter closed to grip the intrusive metal joyously. Wanda took a few hesitant steps then reassured that the plug was quite secure practiced walking, turning, even sitting. She found that her mind could quite easily keep everything under control whilst still being able to move with normality, in fact she felt a sudden formal elegance that had been previously lacking in her posture.

The gun oil felt good as she liberally lubed her body from lower thigh to neck. She was happy to note that her skin began absorbing the moisture immediately and took the time to ensure that there was an adequate coating to make her costuming practicable. Wiping her hands on a freshly laundered towel she reached over and removed her dress from its padded hanger. Stepping into the amazing garment she slowly, very carefully eased the latex up and over thighs and hips. Stopping long enough to insert the zip puller in to the perfectly concealed closer she inserted her arms into the sleeves and completed her enrobement. Passing the pull string over her right shoulder she carefully slid the closer upwards till her anatomy was totally enclosed.

Wanda slipped her feet into the new Pleaser Delights and turned to look in the full length dressing mirror. The dress fitted like a second skin enhancing every curve to present a picture of quite stunning physicality. She smiled appreciatively, turned to check the back and seeing no wrinkles, no blemishes, was ecstatic.

The intercom buzzed loudly three times. Wanda glanced over at the clock face inset into the dressing room tables back mirror. It was One Thirty precisely. Gliding to the escalator she pushed the speak button on the intercom.

“Tell the driver I will be down immediately.”

The black and white patent clutch bag she had chosen was waiting on the bar with the amazing masquerade mask. It took but a few seconds to adjust the filigree metal in place and tie the black ribbon securely, then holding the bag tightly and taking a deep breath she was ready.

“Wait I have forgotten something.”

Wanda quickly returned to the dressing room and retrieved the vaginal bullet. She reached for the gun oil then giggled to herself for her foolishness.

“Don’t think we will need that today.”

Carefully so as not to disrupt her dress Wanda slid her hand up her inner thigh till the bullet found her swollen outer labia. As she had suspected she was quite adequately self-lubricated. Wanda found it quite easy to motivate the bullet muscularly to rise high up within her vaginal canal. In fact she was very satisfied to feel it settle virtually against her cervix.

One last check in the mirror and she returned to the elevator and stepped inside.

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