A Week in Ocean City Maryland

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Auntie DonnaRay and her niece Sefa on a week-long vcation in Ocean City Maryland. DonnaRay is a matron in her late 40’s or early 50’s. She can still turn guy’s heads when she is of a mind. Sefa is DonnaRay’s shirt-tailed niece that escaped a nasty assed home-life in rural Western Virginia. She is about 20 and serves as a spicer-upper for DonnaRay. The saga of her escape and resulting change in life’s prospects may be a story sometime in the future. They are both friends of Night4Owl or Owl. He is DonnaRay’s on/off friend with benefits.

Donna and Sefa were walking the boardwalk at Ocean City, MD on a late spring afternoon. The sun was warm and the sky mostly sunny with a wispy cloud here and there.

Why they were there is a long story. Cutting to the nub, Sefa had won a week for two, including coupons for meals, gas money and seven free nights at a nice hotel on the beach. She had thought about how to use it and settled on taking Donna with her. A boy would have been OK but what do you do with him after the first night? Donna was fun. Donna would also put the brake on anything really stupid and probably keep Sefa out of serious trouble. Besides, after nearly a year of living around her, Sefa knew that Donna understood what was what about freedom. One of her lines was “freedom to fuck!” She had a steady Eddie lover-fucker-cuddler-snuggler-talker relationship with the Owl-man but Donna teased other guys and once in a while grabbed their tassels and dragged them to bed. Not often but the itch was there sometimes when Owl wasn’t around.

Sefa had escaped from a bad situation over near the Virginia border and had come to join her cousin Sadwi in the house three creeks off the state road about 15 miles out of town in south-central Kentucky. She had found safety and good company among the women there. The guys that came visiting were all gents. The women wouldn’t tolerate rubbish. There had been some rollicking hot parties but “No” had been accepted as “No” and it was good.

Cousin Sadwi acted like a virginal angel most of the time but Sefa had seen her doing blow jobs, titty fucks and jerking off guys from time to time, usually for a bit of cash. She kept her panties on even if her bra vanished from time to time. Well, sometimes she would go buff to tease but never to please. Sadwi only trimmed her bush though. She didn’t shave it off.

Sadwi could be an instigator though. The two of them had acted like pimps for Japanese girls at University of Kentucky wanting “A-mel-i-can say-la-man cock” this past summer. They had fed more than two dozen girls to Owl and his pal Rogue. Several had come back on their own for more. Three or four had brought along sisters and cousins. Two, believe it or not, had brought along their mothers for a fucking by the boys. That was a mind blower for both Sefa and Sadwi.

Donna hadn’t batted an eyelash when they told her though. “Cougars want to get well laid too girls. That’s why they are called cougars. Owl and Rogue can do that as we know.”

In the main Sadwi could be very naughty as long as she kept her panties on. She had her eye on the main chance and that meant more school and no real entanglements for now.

Bella Dawn was Donna’s sister-in-law and DeeDee’s mom. She tended to take a middle distance view of life and freedom. She had a couple semi-steady dudes but no one main squeeze. She worked in town and didn’t come home one night a week when she got the itch for an overnight lark. Usually it was Wednesday nights after the church prayer meeting. Her semi-usual squeeze was the RFD man that worked the rural parts of the county. Some time ago Donna had introduced her to Owl. They had done the bed-time tango several times.

DeeDee was a bit of a number. After a long string of loser boyfriends that got locked up on a regular basis she had latched on to Sid. Sid was the new deputy in the county. He had actually graduated from college and the state police academy. He was also a captain in the National Guard. He was a dude with a future and a real job. DeeDee seemed to be happy to be around him. “At least he won’t be getting locked up by the deputy!” as she said. The two of them fucked like minks 2-3 times a week either in DeeDee’s room or in the back of Sid’s pickup. They were planning to get married which was a definite step up for DeeDee. By reputation DeeDee had fucked every cock in her high school class before she was 18. Meeting Owl had slowed the cycle but just barely. Sid had slowed the carousel to a bare crawl.

Betty was Sadwi’s mother and a relative newcomer to the house. She had arrived on the scene about two years after Sadwi had arrived. Betty had gotten out of a hectic scene in a back of God’s back valley where pot was the cash crop and murder was rife. Once she was divorced from her two, three or maybe four timing husband, he had finally taken up with a young man if the story was right, and the farm had been leased out, she had bolted. There was nothing for her in that back valley except stress and trouble. Rumor had it that she had been true blue while her hubby was working up north, well, mostly, she casino siteleri had fucked the young youth pastor at the community church a few times before regaining her senses. Now she was feeling her oats from time to time as a 40ish MILF. Lately she had taken up with the new high school teacher in town but there was nothing of substance with him. She was a quiet one not given to gossip.

The chieftess of this house of rollicking women was DonnaRay, usually called Donna. She was everyone’s Auntie except Bella’s. They stayed out of each other shit and were best of friends because of that. They had even shared dudes from time to time rather than fight over them. “Why fight over one man, they are everywhere for fuck’s sake!”

Sefa loved this woman. Donna was always ready to help. She gave advice when asked but kept her nose out of your business unless asked. Very seldom did she say Sefa was a dumb bunny for doing something that with 20/20 hindsight Sefa should have figured out before doing it. It was a learning experience. Pull up your socks and get on with it” was Donna’s response. “Just don’t get pregnant!”

Donna had a semi-steady named Owl. They had been best of pals for several years but then Owl’s life went a different direction and Donna had gotten pulled the other most of the time. They hadn’t seen each other much. He still sent mail but wasn’t around nearly enough. Sadwi and DeeDee said that Donna and Owl had broken her bed at least once. In fact DeeDee said that one cold winter night with snow howling around Owl had been stuck sleeping on the sofa because the road was too dangerous for him to go home after a supper. That night DeeDee and Bella had fucked him on the sofa after everyone was in bed. Then Donna had come down and taken him to her bed for the rest of the night.

Owl had answered the bell in the morning. He was a fucking satyr and a real gent.

Donna was shy until she got the wind up and then she would pick a dude and charm the pants off him. Sometimes she was direct, like sticking her hand inside his fly to fondle the wedding tackle but usually she was less forward.

She didn’t mind Owl fucking around as long as he came to her for the main event. Pfft. What could she say since she liked her freedom too? The story was that she and Owl had been on four dates before she had finally taken her blouse off to let him inspect the gurls. Shy? Yup! But she liked what she liked and had a toot and a fresh cock when she was in the mood.

The result was that there they were. Sefa and Donna walking up the boardwalk at Ocean City, MD checking out the scene. It had taken them 12 hours of steady driving to get there the day before. They had arrived, checked in to the suite, cleaned up, found food and gone for a long, lazy walk just at dark. The lights were bright and the scene festive. The place had promise. There was stuff to do and places to stroll. Just as important from Sefa’s point of view, there were some handsome dudes with shit eating grins and bedroom eyes lurking along the beach. But that was Friday night. Both their butts were tired and they were in no mood to get their thighs parted.

Saturday morning they had slept in until almost 8 am. That was unusual for them. But there were no animals to worry about and no jobs or school to run off to. They had breakfast with self-made waffles for both of them, and went for a stroll watching the town wake up. It had been good. Up and down getting in about four miles all totted up. Then for some coffee in a shop with a view of the beach. They chatted quietly about the sound of the surf and the people walking around. The beach was pretty and the surf gorgeous. They decided to hit the beach for a bit and did. Sefa in her bikini and Donna only a little more sedate as befitted her sense of farm girl charm. They both had long beach cover ups to keep the sun off and provide a bit of modesty when walking the streets.

Later that afternoon they were back walking around the carnival area. They were almost like mom and daughter. As they walked they talked as women seem to do. They spied two dudes sitting on a wall just up the way. Sefa noticed them checking out the girl traffic. Well hell she thought, I’ve been checking out the guys.

Donna in the meantime had been enjoying herself. A week solid with no meals or real housekeeping. The coupons had paid for lunch and they had collected gas money from the hotel office. The week seemed legit and not a scam. She hadn’t really been thinking about guys much. In fact she was plenty relaxed. Sefa had mentioned a couple of studly looking guys here and there but Donna hadn’t paid much attention. Getting laid was usually Sefa or DeeDee’s game. Donna took a new guy once in a while but not often.

Donna noticed two young men checking the traffic and mentioned them to Sefa. She got “hmmm” in reply.

As they walked by she overheard one say to the other “did you see that sizzling cougarish MILF and the hot chick?”

“Umm-hum YEAH!” said the other. “Hard to miss! They are smoking!”

The first said “Mom and daughter keeping each other canlı casino on a short leash. Not a chance?”

Second one says, “Dunno about that dude, two girls, two guys. Best we keep watching. Momma is a really hot MILF. She might be on the prowl too. They are both volcanic hot. Walking like that they may be sniffing for cock.”

First says, “They would feel good wrapped around our dicks! The MILF makes me horny. She has a really hot ass and a set of real tits hidden under that wrap. Her face is a turn on too. Imagine those sexy lips wrapped around my cock sucking the straw. Then I can work on her baby chewed nipples. You can have the young one. She is on fire with desire just ready for you.”

Second dude says, “in our dreams! We will be lucky to avoid jail-bait.”

Donna thought for a second. “Turds!” Then she thought, “Nope, nice to know I can still turn a head.”

Sefa heard the conversation too and observed that both were cute. Under their swimsuits they had obvious semi-stiff wedding tackle and possibly good balls.

“Donna, did you hear what those dudes said?”

“Yes. It would have been hard to not hear it.”

Sefa replied, “Did you think they were cute?”

Donna thought for a minute and said, “Umm. Cute, hard to define. Good looking though! They have a certain animal attraction. I like the hairy chest on the MILF lover. They certainly have tassels under those swimsuits! Those semi full dicks were swinging.”

Sefa, a bit on fire, answered, “Yes. I noticed the fishing tackle too. Poles and balls no doubt. They had cute man nipples too. Right up your alley Donna. How long has it been since Owl was around?

Donna was quick to reply, “Four weeks and one day but who is counting? Why?”

“Just asking. How long since you’ve gotten laid?” Sefa was laying the ground work.

“Such a question! But the answer is three weeks. You know that Owl and I aren’t exclusive. I seduced the UPS dude that comes from London when he delivered a package for Sadwi three weeks ago.” Donna snickered. “I offered him coffee and a sweet roll with honey. He provided the cream.”

Sefa snickered, “And?”

“I won’t do it again. Slam, bam and thank you ma’m was all that happened. He was done in 5 minutes and left me with his mess for no real benefit to me. I had to wipe up his goo and finish the climax with my toy later.”

“Two weeks and a couple of days for me. George at work and I did it after a movie. He is okay. I have the bitchy itch.”

“And? Where are you heading with this Sefa dear? Those two dudes back on the wall? Come on! We can do better than them for pity’s sake!”

Donna thought for a second, “They are cute though. I don’t get those MILF comments back home. Fuck, no one in the street at home even knows what a MILF is!”

“Probably semi-true Donna. The dead dicks sitting on the benches around the courthouse park certainly don’t. The boys at the Vo-Tech and older high school guys probably do. Without a doubt some of the high schooler’s moms are fucking some of the guys.”

“Har-har Sefa. That is a definite fact young one. I know of at least two that are fucking their son’s guy pals. When their son tells them that certain guys are coming over they change and primp up like school girls. It is funny. Apparently they get some poles once in a while.”

“Soooo. Shall we give them a try? Seduce them without them knowing they are being seduced? We need to make them think that it is their idea and they charmed our clothes off.”

“Oh Sefa! The first afternoon? I don’t know! Hmmm. Still, they are cute and they are here and we are LOOKING and thinking about getting pronged. Although dear girl, it hadn’t really crossed my mind until you brought it up.”

“Yes. I think you are a semi-liar though. Well. Hmmm. You didn’t shy away from that discussion,” responded Sefa. “The direct way would be to turn around and ask them point blank if they’d like to get laid.”

“They would think we are cock mad sluts. We might want to get fucked but we are not sluts. Just horny, freedom loving women on the loose. There is a difference!”

“True. DeeDee was a slut until she met Sid. Well, not quite. She and Owl hit it off nicely when her loser boyfriends took turns getting locked up.” Sefa hit the nail on the head, “wanting to fuck with Owl means you want to get well laid, not that you are a slut. As you know Donna, my friend and auntie, he fucks like a dream. He always leaves me feeling totally fucked out and we talk at least as long as we fuck.”

Donna just smiled at that comment. She knew that Sefa knew what she was talking about.

Then Donna answered back. “DeeDee though was a slut trailing her ass around the county. She was screwing every dick that she could find for a while. I introduced her and Owl to give her some quality sex. Those loser woosers she was dating didn’t do her much good. Since Sid has arrived on the scene Owl has mostly refused to fuck with her. She needs to get used to the idea that once hitched she needs to keep her knees together except with Sid.”

Sefa spoke up, “Yes, well, kaçak casino so be that. Back on point here Auntie Dear! The two dudes? Wanna give it a try? We can always throw them out if they are jerks.”

Donna thought for a second, “yes, let’s turn around and head their way until we are close and then lean against the wall pushing our boobs out a bit. Just to advertise the merchandise. Most women look good with jutting tits. Let’s see what happens!”

So they walked back down the boardwalk slowly. The two guys were still there perving out the bird life as it walked by. Some of the birds were not interested. Hell! They were old. Some were much too young, jail bait or much too young even for that. Then there were the under 18’s that were just teasing and fooling around and would run if approached or bring back the law. They were traveling in packs like church youth groups. Nothing would happen with them. There were other chicks that might be interested or interesting but no obvious targets or vulture girls circling the dudes. The boys shooed off two girls that couldn’t have been more than 14. They would have been trouble for little reward and possible 10-20 years in prison.

Donna and Sefa passed on down the boardwalk walking past the guys. They overheard some semi-quiet comments to the effect that they were the hottest smoking women on the beach. Donna got a little damp at that.

Then they walked about 20 more feet and settled in against the wall. It was warm and they both took off their beach shirts letting the gurls get some sunny heat without exposing them to a gaze. Donna checked out the guys behind her sun glasses.

Sefa said words to the effect that the guys were looking and whispering. Their wedding tackle had done quick woodies and then calmed down.

They chatted quietly about nothing. Mostly admiring the sun and occasional good looking guys. The day was full of promise. It was going to be a great day with or without getting laid.

Out of the corner of her eye Donna noticed the two dudes were stirring. Apparently they were deciding what to do.

Donna and Sefa nudged each other and Sefa said, “it is about frigging time they moved.” Donna nodded and flexed her shoulders back just a tad more.

The dudes approached slowly. Orbited down the boardwalk about ten feet and then returned.

Dude One said “Hi you two. I am Bill this is Joe. Can we buy you a cup of coffee or a cold drink?”

Donna looked at both of the guys and slowly replied, “Hmmm, I don’t usually take drinks from complete strangers. What do you think Sefa?”

Sefa replied, “since they are buying and this is a public place, not a pick up bar late on a Saturday night I think we are safe Donna.”

Donna looked them over and said “okay!”

“Follow us then. Which would you like? We know a place a bit off the beaten path that does both.”

So the two women followed Bill and Joe. Bill was the bolder of the two and was the one with the MILF comments.

Donna was curious what Sefa thought. They landed at the café and both girls took off to the loo. The conversation was that they were on the way to getting laid with these two without a doubt. Sefa liked Joe because he had a shit eating grin and was a bit quiet. He quietly undressed her with his eyes while keeping his gaze mostly on her face. Donna like Bill because he was bold and had made the rude MILF comments. He had made her pussy lube up. In short, they were happy campers if they could reel in these two guys.

When they returned Bill and Joe were still there. They soon paired off boys on the outside and girls on the inside of the booth. Cold drinks came first and then some snack food. They chatted. Donna felt a hand on her knees and batted it off once. It soon returned and stroked the inner thigh. She batted it off again but said nothing. It soon returned. Just enough tease thought Donna. If she was uninterested she would have smacked him and walked away. She looked across at Sefa and winked. Sefa winked back with a nod which meant she was getting similar treatment.

Soon Bill was stroking her inner thigh where she didn’t shave and Donna was stroking up near his wedding tackle. She felt him up a little higher and stroked inside his loose swimsuit. There was wedding tackle there and his cock had done a real woody. She squeezed his balls carefully. They were talking about the weather and where they were from. By previous agreement Sefa and Donna said they were from Lexington and no closer. The dudes were from up toward Wilmington, so they said. Both were students at University of Delaware in Newark. Possibly true. At the moment they were attempting to major in picking up girls. They were way beyond Pick-Up Arts 101. They were at least doing a practicum in an upper division program.

Meantime Sefa was getting much the same treatment. Being a young woman she was more quickly wet. In fact the question in her mind was how she would be able to walk out of the café without displaying her obviously wet bikini bottoms. No matter she eventually thought. Her beach shirt went below her knees. So there was no danger. Joe had whispered “let’s fuck” in her ear once already. She hadn’t slapped him or said “no” so apparently the game was on. He wasn’t moving in like a jerk. They were playing each other like they knew what they were doing.

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