A Walk Alone

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It is early fall and the leaves on the trees are beginning to fall to the ground. The night air is crisp with a slight mist and a low lying fog, giving the evening an almost eerie appearance. I am walking alone, along a quiet trail dimly lit by lights along one side, trying to clear my mind and have some time to myself. An occasional wind would blow the leaves across the trail and send chills across my body. I can hear noises in the darkness but do not worry about them as I have walked this trail many times before. As the darkness grips the night I realize how quickly time has passed and know that I should head back home. That’s when you step out in front of me, take my hand and lead me into the dark off the beaten path.

You, the dark and mysterious one who does not speak much but when you do it is soft and seductive. Your eyes looking right though mine and your touch is electrifying. The only light we can now see is coming from the full moon above and as we walk you turn me around to face you as you back me up against a large tree. Stepping closer to me, I notice how pale your skin seems in the moonlight, your eyes of the deepest brown staring deep into mine. I can feel your breath on my face as your hands just barely touching the skin on my arms, move closer to my shoulders and then up my neck. You take my face in your hands, kiss me slowly and passionately. Tilting my head back against the tree, your fingers explore my face and slide down my neck and across my shoulders as you continue to kiss me very softly. I catch my breath as you take a step back and without saying a word lead me further into the dark.

The leaves on the trees above are rustling in the breeze and to my surprise I can’t feel it blowing. You point ahead and tell me to look and there ahead of us are a few large boulders amongst the trees. I walk over to them and turned to look at you but you are gone. Feeling very nervous and out of place, I look around to find you but you are nowhere to be seen. My breathing is hesitant and I find myself very alone, becoming more scared as the noises in the dark seem to get louder and louder. I begin to tremble, not knowing whether it is from the cold of the night or the fear of being alone. I open my mouth to call out to you but no sound escapes. The fog seems to be getting thicker and that makes it harder to see where you are or if you are even coming back. Your silence is broken by your footsteps and I can barely see your silhouette walking in my direction out of the darkness. I back up until I am tripped up by the rocks. Falling back onto one of the larger boulders you step up to me and take me by the hand and help me to stand. Your voice is soft as you ask me if I am alright and the gentleness of your touch calms me again.

Standing before you I feel helpless as the weight of my body will not allow me to move. You reach out and touch me and I shiver as you begin to unbutton my jacket and slide it down my arms, laying it across the rocks. You run your hands up my arms and begin caressing my neck as you lean into me until your lips barely brush the skin where your fingers had just touched. Chills run through my body as I close my eyes and feel the warmth of your lips on my neck. You begin to lick and suck from the base of my ears to my collar bones. The only sound I illegal bahis can make is a barely audible moan as you continue to kiss and suck on my neck, working your way around to the other side. Your hands touch and caress my face and lips, tracing the outline of my eyes and moving gently down my neck and across my shoulders. I find myself wanting so much more and I reach out to touch you. My arms slide between you and the black trench coat you are wearing. The heat I feel coming off your body warms me to the core and I pull you closer to me. Your arms wrap around my body and slowly lower me onto the boulder we are leaning up against. The hard coldness of the boulder creates chills within me that cause me to start trembling. You lean over me and place your lips over mine and began to kiss me very gently, your tongue reaches out to touch and caress my lips. The more you kiss me the more lightheaded I become. It almost feels as if you are pulling all the oxygen from my body and I enjoy that feeling.

I push you back up and sit up in front of you. Reaching out, I begin to unbutton the black rayon shirt you are wearing under your trench coat. Seeing that you have it tucked into your black pants, I only unbutton it as far down as the top of your pants. Your pale skin and muscular physique can now be seen in the moonlight and I begin to run my hands across your chest and down your stomach. You take a deep breath, close your eyes and look upwards towards the moonlight. I begin to lose all track of time. You look down at me and begin to pull my shirt up, almost all the way over my shoulders running your hands across my back as you go. I reach up and begin to pull it the rest of way over my head. I feel a chill as the night wind begins to take over and the moisture that fills the air settles upon our bodies and on the grass around us looking like stars twinkling in the moonlight. I stand up in front of you and our bodies are inches from touching. Yours eyes, looking even more black than brown in the darkness, question me silently. I lay a hand on your chest and move closer to you until my lips are close enough to feel the warmth of your skin. Brushing your shirt to the side I begin to expose your pale skin to the night and kiss gently across your body. My fingers find your nipple and begin to rub across it as it begins to harden. You wrap your arms around me and pull me closer to you. I continue kissing and caressing your chest and nipples. My arms now on the outside of your shirt but under your coat are pulling you closer to me. You grab me by the hair and pull my head back away from you grabbing my neck with your other hand and kissing my lower neck down into my exposed chest. My knees are growing weak and you wrap your arm around my waist and lower me onto the damp ground.

Without a word, you take off your coat and kneel in front of me. The closer you get to me the more I can’t help but lean back onto my arms. You reach around me and unhook my bra and slide it off exposing my breasts. I catch my breath as the cool air touches my nipples causing them become hard and erect. You’re touching my chest and gently rubbing and caressing my breasts and nipples and I lean into you. Wrapping your arm around my lower back you pull me up until your lips meet my nipples and you begin to suck on them. I lean illegal bahis siteleri back to give you better access as I feel your nails scratching down my back. Shivers run down my spine and I feel my pussy begin to tingle with excitement. As we settle back onto the ground, I reach behind you and grab the back of your shirt and begin to pull it out of your pants and up over your head. You lean towards me so that you shirt slides off easily and I touch your arms and down your sides until I can feel the muscular structure of your back. The moisture in the air is falling onto your skin and is making it easy for me to slide my hands across your body and up your neck. As I reach your face you begin to move yourself down my body, kissing and licking me, your fingers gently touching my damp skin. You reach the top of my pants and unbutton them and then slowly begin to unzip them. I can feel your hands shaking ever so slightly, like you are new to this and scared. You slide my pants down and I am now completely naked before you. Between the cold night air and the excitement of your touch, my body shakes uncontrollably and you smile. You sit up in front of me and unbutton your pants and open them up so that I can now see you are not wearing any underwear. I gently lay my hand on your chest and slide it down the muscular structure of your body until I reach the opening of your pants. Placing your hand on mine you slowly move my hand down further into the opening until I can feel the warm touch of the head of your cock. You close your eyes and take a deep breath as I continue to work my hand inside your pants, grasping at your cock now becoming hard from the touch of my cool hand.

Rising to your knees in front of me I pull my hand from your waistband and begin to slide your pants down but you stop me before they come all the way down. The head of your cock is now showing through the open and lowered front of your pants. I lean towards you and take the head of your cock into my mouth. Again, you take a deep breath and reach out and lay your hands on my shoulders as I suck all of what I can take into my mouth. Your cock is warm and stiff and I slowly begin to work my tongue around the head and down the shaft as far as I can go, flicking my tongue on the head with each pass. You tighten your grip on my shoulders as I suck and lick your cock very slowly, teasing and playing, turning you on. You never said a word or made any noise at all, just breathing deeper and deeper with eyes closed, facing upwards towards to brightness of the moon overhead. The grip you have on my shoulders gives me an idea of how close you are getting and you suddenly pull away from me. I can see the need for something more and the desire in your eyes is almost frightening, but I can’t go away nor do I want too. Grabbing my wrist you pull me up to my knees in front of you and wrap your arm around my shoulder, grabbing a handful of my hair. I can’t but tilt my head up as you pull and I can feel your breath on my neck and you kiss me. You are running your hands down my back and grab at my ass as you pull me closer to you. My breasts are pressed against your cool damp chest and I can feel my nipples harden against you. I lean back to give you easier access to them and you take my breasts in your hands and gently pinch my nipples till canlı bahis siteleri they are standing upright and then I feel your lips brush past them as you suck them into your hot mouth. Your tongue is rubbing over them and flicking the tip of them and I begin to get more and more excited. My pussy is beginning to become so wet I can feel the warm dampness leaking out of my body. You pull back and grab my waist and turn me around and push me down on all fours. I notice you are taking your pants down to your knees and can now see the fullness of your cock rising upward in the moonlight.

You lean over me and kiss and lick the small of my back. Your hands reach around me and begin to play with my hanging breasts, sliding down my body until you feel the heat of my pussy. Sliding a finger down the slit you find my clit and being rubbing it slowly and methodically. I can’t help but catch my breath and push my pussy into your hand. Your movements are slow at first and then as time passes you pick up the tempo and begin to rub harder and faster until your fingertip is just barely entering my pussy with each pass. I am moving my body in time with you as you pull away from me and grab my hips and begin to position yourself behind me. My excitement is overwhelming as I begin to feel the head of your cock slowing rubbing up and down the slit of my very hot and wet pussy lips. Pulling back on me you lean in and I feel you begin to enter me. You are so hot and the head of your cock is so big I can feel my pussy lips stretch around the head until it pops in. I can’t control the moaning that is now escaping my lips as you begin to move slowly in and out, pushing a little more of you in each time. Each movement is one fluid stoke after another of your body and your cock was touching places inside me that I never knew existed and I begin to move with you. My pussy now sucking you deep into me and with one slow stroke I pushed back onto your cock as you held me close to you. I feel a small orgasm coming on my pussy begins to tingle. You start moving in and out of me and the juices from my pussy cover your cock and start running down my thighs. I lean back into you as you begin to pump your cock into my pussy with forceful pounds. You reach around me and begin to play with my clit and you pump in and out of me over and over again. I lay my head on my arms on the ground and raise myself up to give you better access to my pussy. We find a rhythm that works and continue moving around in perfect time with each other until I can feel you start to shake. I know that you are getting close and I let myself go so that we can get off at the same time. My pussy begins to tingle and I can feel it start to squeeze your cock and pull you into me more. You grab my hips and pull me back into you harder and harder until I can feel you explode into me. Your cock releases in a heated explosion that overflows out of me and down onto the ground under us. I continue to pump myself on you as I cum over and over again. You push me down onto the ground and lay on top of me with your cock still half-hard inside me.

After a little while you rise and get dressed. I try to ask you what your name is but you don’t respond. Getting up I take my clothes and begin to get dressed and as I pull my shirt over my head I realize that you have gone. I finish getting dressed and start looking for you in the darkness. You are nowhere to be found and as I turn to go back to the trail I had originally been walking on, I wonder if I would ever get the chance to see you again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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