A Vegas Story Ch. 04

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When she got back upstairs, he was already asleep, but had left her a note.

“So glad you enjoyed your evening. You deserved it. But now it’s my turn. Tomorrow you will be mine. When I ask you to do something, you’ll do it. When I ask you to wear something, you’ll wear it. And your orgasms will be mine as well; you are NOT allowed to orgasm without asking permission. Sweet dreams!”

She went to sleep (soundly!) and awoke to a quiet alarm on his phone (he had placed it on her side of the bed). The alarm came with a message.

“Good morning! Your day of service starts now. Go take care of business (pee, teeth brush, coffee, etc..) and then wake me up by giving me a blow job. I expect you’ll finish the job as well.”

She did as she was asked of course: took care of business, got back in bed, pulled down the sheets (to find him naked) and began sucking on his cock. Starting slowly, he moved a little as his erection grew. She increased her pace, putting her hand up and down the shaft as she sucked. He was fully awake now, smiling at the top of her head as she quickly brought him to orgasm, swallowed his cum, looked up, and said “What’s next, sir?”

“I have a present for you,” he replied. “Check under the coffee table.”

She went there, found the package, unwrapped it to find a small box. Inside was a small, curved black object.

“It’s a remote-controlled vibrator,” casino oyna he offered.

“What the fuck,” she replied.

“What the fuck, SIR,” he insisted.

“Well, what the fuck, SIR,” she agreed.

“It’s a remote-controlled vibrator. You put it in-it’s supposed to stay pretty well-and I can control it…from my phone.”

“Oh. My. God.” was her reply. “Must. Try. Now.”

“Yep,” he said. “Time to get dressed. Normally I’d be requesting something naughty to wear, but you need a little support to keep it in place, I think. This calls for tighter undies and stretchy pants to keep things where they belong.”

She inserted the device (it lay partly inside and partly outside, close to her clit-it was U-shaped.). “Ready, sir!”

“I’m going to enjoy this. Two rules: (1) You need to text me from time to time so I can see how it’s going, and (2) NO orgasms.

“Yes, SIR! I’m going shopping, if that’s OK.”

‘Oh yes,” he replied. And she walked out the door. When she was a few steps down the hallway, he activated it on a low speed setting.

“Holy crap” was the quick text reply she sent.

As she headed out down the strip toward the Fashion Show Mall, she was stopped every few feet with a short “hit” from the vibrator. She started to get into the groove, enjoying the sensation, feeling herself get more turned on every second, but she was still in control. canlı casino

Until he turned up the settings. She found a bench in some shade and texted him.

“Holy fuck. I am so fucking wet right now. Stop it!”

He wrote back. “No way,” but he relented for a bit.

She caught her breath and was going to start off toward the mall again until the young woman next to her said “Holy crap.”

“What?” she said.

“Holy crap. I know this is creepy,” the strange, and incredibly attractive young woman said, “but I noticed your text over your shoulder just as I was sitting down. That is seriously hot. Your husband?”

She paused. Who was this woman? It was creepy, but she felt a connection with her; this stranger seemed like someone she easily be friends with, even if she was maybe 25.

“Yep, my husband. We like to play. And since you saw the text, I might as well let you in on the secret-I’m wearing a vibrator that he’s (she paused as a wave of vibrations swept through her wet pussy) controlling from our hotel room.”

“Again, I say holy crap. That is incredibly hot. You’re a lucky woman. And an incredibly attractive one as well.”

She went out on a limb here. “Want to go shopping? I’m sure he’ll keep messing with me and it would be fun to have a witness!”

“I’m game,” the young woman said. My name is Alice.”

“Nice to meet you, Alice,” she replied. kaçak casino “Let’s go. I have a great idea of where to shop.”

She took Alice’s and (pause for more vibrations, this time a strong one) headed off to the lingerie store. “I know a store where we can have some privacy.”

They entered the store (pause, catching her breath) pulled a few items, and asked the salesperson for a private dressing room. “Of course,” the salesperson replied.

When they got to the dressing room, Alice was ready. “Text your husband. Tell him to keep it up, but that you’ve made a new friend. We can text him my picture.”

“Oh, let’s do more than that,” she said. “I want you to fuck you right here while he’s using the vibrator. He’ll love it.”

Alice was ready. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

She texted him a picture of Alice, introduced her as her new friend and added “Please, SIR, may I orgasm?”

“Of course, ” was his reply.

And they were kissing fiercely. Alice was sucking on her tits (more vibrations, even stronger, coming in closer waves now) and she was moaning softly.

She said to Alice, “I want to taste your pussy.” Alice pulled down her skirt and panties and she was hungrily lapping at her wet pussy lips, teasing her clit, using a finger. “Uhhhh” from Alice…faster, stronger vibrations for her.






She and Alice both collapsed in beautiful agony.

“That was incredible, ” she texted. “May I bring my new friend home to play, sir?”

“Of course,” he replied.

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