A Touch of Holly

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Holly reaches the bathroom door just as she hears the phone ring. Jodi shouts to her down the hallway.

“I’ll get it.”

“Okay, but if it is whatshisname, tell him to leave me alone and he can come get his stuff on Monday.”

“Will do.”

Jodi yells back as she heads for the kitchen and the ringing phone. Holly enters the bathroom and gets a couple of towels out of the cabinet, laying them on the counter. Turning she opens the shower door when she hears a shout come from the kitchen. Stepping out of the bathroom she starts down the hall when Jodi comes out of the kitchen. She looks at Holly with tears in her eyes.

“Honey? What’s wrong?”

Holly closes the gap between them as Jodi starts to cry in earnest. Holly reaches for her and takes Jodi in her arms, hugging her tight. Jodi sobs against Holly’s shoulder as Holly waits patiently for Jodi to calm enough to speak. Her sobs finally taper off to a hiccup now and again. Neither girl seems aware that they are standing in the hall naked.

Jodi pulls back slightly and looks at Holly. “She’s gone!”

Holly waits for Jodi to continue.

“Remember Aunt Trudy? She’s gone. She passed away today.”

“Oh honey, I’m sorry. I liked Aunt Trudy. I know how close you two were.”


Jodi sniffles as Holly takes her arm and walks to the bathroom.

“Come on, a nice, hot bath will do you good right now. You can’t do anything about it now and you need to grieve, but you can do that tomorrow.”

Holly enters ahead of Jodi and walks to the jacuzzi tub. She bends over and turns on the taps, adjusting the temperature. She turns to find Jodi staring at her ass. She twists her body to give Jodi another view and glances over her shoulder.

“You like the view?”

Jodi smiles as she replies.

“Yes, I like the view.”

Holly turns to face Jodi and cups her own breasts in her hands, squeezing them together.

“Anything else you like?”

Jodi shakes her head and grins wider.

“You are shameless.”

Holly grins back.

“I know.”

“We should hurry and shower before all the hot water is gone. I don’t really need a bath, I’m okay now. It just took me by surprise is all.”

Holly nods as she steps into the shower stall. Jodi turns to the mirror when Holly speaks up.


“Well what?”

“Aren’t you coming in?”

“Oh! I didn’t even think of that.”

Holly laughs at the look of surprise on Jodi’s face.

“Well get that lovely ass of yours in here.”

Jodi giggles as she steps into the stall and closes the shower door.

Holly pours liquid soap onto two sponges and passes one to Jodi. Jodi gives it a couples of squeezes to start a lather and slides it down her body from her neck to her navel. Holly takes the sponge from Jodi’s hand and sets it aside.

“Jodi, look up.”

Jodi raises her eyes to the ceiling and gasps in surprise. On the ceiling above the shower was a mirror, a large mirror. Jodi continues to gape as she sees their reflection in the mirror. She raises her hand and watches as the Jodi in the mirror does the same. Holly smiles at the look of surprise on Jodi’s face.

“I was surprised too when I saw it. It wasn’t pointed out to me when I bought the place. Now I love it, you’ll see canlı bahis şirketleri why. That’s also why I had these installed.”

Jodi looks at Holly as Holly looks at the shower doors. Jodi follows Holly’s gaze and sees the mirrors on the shower doors.

“Oh myyyyyyyy.”

Holly giggles.

“You’ll be saying that and more.”

Holly steps behind Jodi, turning her to face the mirrored doors. As Holly is slightly taller than Jodi, they can see each other quite well. Holly takes the sponge in her left hand and slides it from Jodi’s shoulder down her arm to her hand leaving a trail of bubbles on her skin.

Jodi watches her reflection intently. She looks as Holly drags the sponge over her collarbone. She watches her nipples pucker as Holly dips the sponge between her breasts. She feels her breasts tingle. She can see goosebumps appear on her skin as Holly passes the sponge over first one nipple and then the other. Seeing her nipples harden at the same time as feeling them is the most erotic thing Jodi has ever seen.

Unable to tear her eyes away, Holly continues to slide the sponge over Jodi’s body. Jodi watches as bubbles roll down her body. Holly steps closer to Jodi, pressing up against her back. She kisses Jodi’s shoulder. Jodi shudders as she sees Holly’s image in the mirror. Jodi presses back into Holly. She can feel Holly’s hard nipples pressing into her back. With her right hand Holly reaches up and pulls the showerhead down. She passes the spray of water over both of them, washing away the soapy bubbles. Hanging it back up Holly drops the sponge to the shower floor. She continues to stand behind Jodi, watching Jodi watch the two of them. It is a huge turn on for Holly to know she can get another woman turned on.

Slipping her hands over Jodi’s hips and up to her breasts she hears Jodi’s gasp as Jodi sees Holly’s hands on her breasts. Jodi raises her own hands and lays them over Holly’s. Together they squeeze and knead Jodi’s breasts. Holly can feel how wet her pussy is, how hot she is. Moving one hand out from under Jodi’s she trails her fingertips down over Jodi’s stomach, lower, lower. She can feel Jodi tensing in anticipation of her touch.

Holly licks along Jodi’s shoulder as she dips a finger lower into Jodi’s pussy, testing her wetness. Jodi’s knees almost buckle as she sees and feels Holly’s finger disappear into her pussy and pass over her clit. At the same time she feels Holly’s tongue slide over her shoulder, licking off the water cascading over them both.

“Your skin is so soft.”

Jodi hears the whisper of Holly’s voice against her neck and shivers. Jodi turns her head back toward Holly and they kiss. Softly, a light brushing of lips against lips. Holly dips her finger into Jodi’s pussy again as she slips her tongue between Jodi’s lips. She flicks her tongue in and out of Jodi’s mouth at the same time she passes her finger over and around Jodi’s clit. Jodi widens her stance, spreading her legs. Holly adds another finger as she deepens their kiss, her hand on Jodi’s breast now tweaking her nipple. Holly groans as she watching in the mirror. She can almost cum just by seeing Jodi’s pleasure. Holly increases the rhythm of her fingers playing over Jodi’s pussy and clit. She inserts her two fingers into Jodi’s pussy. Jodi moans canlı kaçak iddaa into Holly’s mouth.

Tearing her mouth away Jodi leans back against Holly, feeling Holly’s smooth warm skin against back. Jodi looks into the mirror. She raises both arms and braces herself against the mirror, palms flat. Jodi tips her hips forward as Holly rubs Jodi’s clit, pressing her thumb on it as her fingers slip in and out of Jodi’s hot, wet pussy. Both Jodi and Holly can feel Jodi’s climax building. The tensing of her muscles, her rapid breathing, the pulse in her neck beating, the flush over her body. Jodi’s legs begin to tremble. Holly increases the pace again. Jodi’s eyes slide shut as she whimpers.

“Oh my God Holly! I’m going to cum now!!”

At the first spasm Holly speaks and commands Jodi.

“Open your eyes.”

Jodi’s eyes pop open. She sees herself standing with her legs spread wide open, Holly’s hand buried between her thighs, two fingers inside her pussy. Holly’s other hand on her breast, fingers squeezing her nipple. Her eyes lock on Holly’s as what had started as a fairly normal orgasm turns into a raging climax that totally takes over her body. It hits her hard, fast and completely unexpected. The feelings, sensations, emotions are so powerful Jodi almost passes out. Her pussy contracts and spasms like never before. She feels her juices flow past Holly’s fingers and down her thighs. Holly’s fingers are competely coated. Slowly her body stops contracting although her legs still tremble. Holly slips her fingers from Jodi’s pussy and bring them up to her mouth. She sucks one finger into her mouth, her eyes still locked with Jodi’s and licks it clean. She moves her hand to Jodi’s mouth and Jodi sucks the other finger into her mouth. The sensation sends a bolt of pure lust straight to Holly’s pussy.

“You are so beautiful.”

Jodi turns to face Holly and bursts into tears.

“Thank you.”

Holly pulls Jodi into a hug and hugs her tightly.

“Kinda intense, huh?”

Jodi nods as she smiles through her tears, the emotions of the day and evening overwhelming her.

“Now, my lovely, what can I do for you?”

Jodi trails a finger over Holly’s shoulder and down over her breast, circling her nipple, flicking the hard tip with her fingernail as she asks. Holly moans as Jodi’s finger continues to move, trailing down her stomach and past her belly button. She slips her finger between Holly’s thighs and passes it between Holly’s pussy lips.

“Mmmm, seems you have a bit of a problem. You’re a little wet.”

Jodi inserts a finger into Holly’s pussy. Holly groans as she tips her hips toward Jodi. Jodi moves her finger in and out of Holly’s pussy. Holly moans again.

“Oh, honey, you are in a bad way.”

Jodi reaches up and takes down the showerhead. She passes it over Holly’s breasts as she inserts another finger, now moving two in and out. Holly takes the showerhead and changes the spray to pulsate. She hands it back to Jodi and continues to pass it back and forth over Holly’s breasts, the hot water pulsing against her nipples. Holly leans back against the shower wall and tips her head back looking to the ceiling. She feels a gush of juices flow over Jodi’s fingers as she watches them in the mirror.

Jodi lowers the sprayer down canlı kaçak bahis Holly’s body, the spray pulsating against her skin, pinpricks of sensation following. Jodi removes her fingers from Holly’s pussy and lifts one of her legs up and places her foot on the edge of the wall, opening her legs, exposing her pussy and clit to Jodi.

Jodi drops the sprayer lower still and holds it about 6 inches from Holly’s pussy, pulsating water streaming at Holly’s clit. Holly moans again as she feels her knees buckle. She drops to the floor of the shower. Jodi watches as Holly moves onto her back. She raises one leg and places her foot on the shower wall. The other leg she raises and braces against the shower door. Her legs spread wide open Holly looks up to the mirror.

Jodi raises her eyes to the mirror. The mirror reflects their image back to them – Holly laying on her back, her legs spread open, her pussy glistening from the water and her juices.

“God Holly, you are so sexy.”

Jodi moves the sprayhead over Holly’s legs. As the water pulsates against the sensitive skin of her inner thighs Holly squirms in anticipation of the pulsing water hitting her clit. Jodi draws out the anticipation by moving the sprayer around Holly’s hip and over her stomach, up to one breast and the other. Holly grabs her breasts in her hands, squeezing, kneading, Jodi moving the sprayer from one to the other.

Jodi drops to her knees between Holly’s legs. Holly squirms again. Jodi reaches out one hand and passes her fingers over Holly’s pussy lips. Holly shifts her hips.

“Jodi, please, I can’t wait any longer.”

Jodi looks up into the mirror and finally moves the pulsating showerhead to Holly’s clit. Holly moans as the water hits her clit and pussy lips. Holly watches as Jodi moves the showerhead in little circles. She squeezes her nipples as she can feel her climax build. Jodi watches in the mirror as a flush moves over Holly. Her breathing becomes ragged, the muscles in her thighs quiver, her ass lifts off the shower floor as the water pulses on her clit. Jodi inserts first one finger and then another into her pussy, moving them in and out, twisting them inside Holly’s pussy, increasing her pleasure.

“Oh Jodi, I’m going to cum!”

“Yes, let it go, cum for me.”

Jodi holds the stream of water so it hits Holly’s clit directly. Holly moans loudly as she starts to orgasm. Jodi puts her hand on Holly’s lower body as Holly’s muscles spasm and contract. Jodi can feel the contractions through her palm.

When she can feel Holly’s spasms slow and finally stop, Jodi drops the showerhead and leans over her for a long, slow, leisurely kiss. A spray of water hits Jodi in her side and she shivers.

“The water is getting cold.”

Holly nods as she lowers her legs to the shower floor. Jodi turns and shuts off the water as Holly sits up and open the doors. She grabs a towel and passes it to Jodi. Both girls dry off and step from the shower. Jodi smothers a yawn with her hand but Holly sees it anyway. Holly grabs her hand.

“Come on sleepyhead, let’s get you into bed.”

Both girls walk down the hall and into Holly’s bedroom. Holly throws a t-shirt at Jodi and tugs one on herself. They slide into opposite sides of the bed. Holly leans over and gives Jodi a small kiss.

“Goodnight sweetie.”

Jodi smiles softly as her eyes close.

“Goodnight hon, sweet dreams. Oh, and first one up has to make breakfast.”

Holly chuckles as she turns off the lamp.

“We’ll see. . . “

To be continued…

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