A Time for Us

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The need to get away built inside her, stronger and stronger. She knew the only way to settle it was to go along and allow it to happen. She would not be able to rest otherwise. Grabbing her keys and her bag, she rushed out of the house, climbed into her car, and started driving. She had no idea where she was going. It just felt good to be on her way. As she drove, she allowed thoughts of him to drift into her head. She imagined herself with him, with no worries of time or others. Being free to just enjoy one another would be a delight. Until then, it had never been that way. There was never enough time to just be together.

She continued to drive with no real purpose or destination in mind. Yet it seemed as though she was being guided along. It was strange that she knew the twists and turns of the road ahead of her even though she could not remember ever having been on the road before. None of the scenery she viewed through the windows was familiar. Even stranger still was the fact that she found herself driving along a road surrounded by thick trees on either side. How had she come to be in a forest so suddenly? As the trees crowded in closer and the road came to an end, she stopped the car and climbed out.

She had no idea where she was, yet she wasn’t afraid. Somewhere in her thoughts she had a sense of being drawn ahead. Not totally understanding, but feeling a need to go on, she followed the path leading into the woods. The anticipation seemed to build within her. She was growing impatient to reach her destination, as though she knew what, or who, was waiting for her there. As she hurried along she almost felt herself gliding along the path, her feet not even touching the ground, as she was pulled into the middle of the forest.

Suddenly the path opened up into a clearing. Ahead of her was a cottage surrounded by a garden of flowers and shrubs. Just to the right, further along the path was a sparkling blue pond. She was both startled by the sight and welcomed, for it also felt as though she belonged here and was relieved to be back once more. Thus the feeling of delight was not totally out of place when she saw him step out of the door of the cottage and smile at her.

“I’ve been waiting for you to return,” he told her as he wrapped his arms around her. “I hoped it would not be too much longer.”

“I wanted to be here sooner, but it seemed things kept getting in the way.” She heard the words and knew they were coming from her mouth, yet she didn’t understand what she meant by them. How could she be returning to this place when she had no memory of ever having been here before? And how was it that he was waiting for her return? Not that she wasn’t delighted to see him. Hadn’t she just been lamenting the fact that there was never enough time with him? Never a chance to really enjoy each other? What was going on?

“Things will always find a way to come between us if you let them. You just have to be strong and determined that you won’t let it happen,” he smiled and leaned down to kiss her. His arms wrapped around her, drawing her body close to his so he could feel her heart start to beat faster from his touch. He wanted more, but would settle for this much for now.

Her arms wrapped around him tightly in response. It felt so good to be in his arms again. If this was a gift of time to be with him, she was going to accept it with every part of her. She brought her hands up to frame his face and pulled him close again. When her lips touched his once more, the kiss was soft and tender. But the softness soon was replaced by the great desires that built within both of them and the kiss deepened into one that was rough and raw with need. The time for softness and tenderness would have to wait. For now, the deep desires had to be satisfied and that would only happen with a quick and strong release of emotions.

He lifted her into his arms without breaking away from her mouth and carried her to the swing under the tree. He settled her into his lap and continued to feast on her mouth. His need for her was so strong that he wasn’t sure he could keep from hurting her in his rush to satisfy it. “I’m sorry if I’m being too rough, but I cannot wait any longer.”

She heard his words through the rush of desires surging through her own body. She could only shake her head in an attempt to let him know he needn’t worry. Her hands were busy unbuttoning his shirt as he did the same to her dress. In moments they were both naked and she was repositioning herself so that she straddled his lap. His eyes gleamed as she slid herself down onto his hard cock. Their eyes locked and held as he buried deep inside her. Neither of them moved at first as the intense feelings of desire rushed through them both. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he used his hands under her hips as she started to move up and down on his cock. Slowly at first so that she felt every part of him as he slid in and out of her. She found herself moving faster with each stroke. Their need for each other was strong and casino siteleri it carried them both to the edge quickly. She could tell by the look in his eyes that he was going to cum just as she was about to herself. The screams of release echoed through the woods.

They stayed as they were for sometime, totally spent from the intensity of their orgasms. As strength began to find its way back into their bodies, they once again kissed. Soft and tender, welcoming and filled with a happiness of being together once more. She looked up into his eyes and sensed an intense feeling of being home. She pushed away the questions of how this was happening. It felt too good to allow anything to spoil what she had found.

“And what have you been up to since I was here last?” she asked him. She wasn’t even sure how long that had been, but she felt it had been awhile.

“I’ve attempted to keep myself busy. At first there was plenty to do. You’ll have noticed the garden when you arrived. I wanted it to look perfect for you when you returned. It took some thought to bring it to just the right combination of colors and scents, but I believe I accomplished my goal. We’ll have to take a walk through it later.” He kissed her cheek before continuing. “Then of course there was my writing. I’ve actually finished the first draft. Now it will just require some constructive criticism from you to help me refine it before the final draft. But that can wait for now. For now I simply want to hold you and look into your eyes. I have missed you so much.”

It felt so good to feel his arms surrounding her. Still not fully understanding, but wanting to hold onto this for as long as possible, she settled herself closer to him. “It’s truly beautiful here, my love. Your thoughts about the garden were perfect. It’s just as I’d envisioned it. (Now where had that come from?) I just hope we’re able to enjoy it for an extended while this time. I really want to stay with you. I’ll do as you suggested and just be more determined to make it happen.”

Once again she felt that uncertainty fill her being. None of this made a lot of sense to her. She was here in this place, with him. And it seemed that she’d been here before and should understand that it was a place different from what she could remember. It was beginning to be hard to remember exactly what that other place was. Perhaps the longer she stayed here, the more distant the other became. Since this was such an idyllic place, it didn’t bother her in the least to let the other fade away. After all, she was here with him and that made everything just about perfect.

“Would you like to take a walk through the gardens?” he asked. “Perhaps we could work our way down to the water. A swim would be nice before dinner.”

The idea of strolling though the beautiful flowers and shrubs of the garden was very inviting. She had been amazed at the sight of it when she’d arrived. Knowing he had worked on it to please her filled her with happiness. She rose from the swing and held out her hand for his. He joined her and they moved toward the edge of the cottage, entering the garden through a small gate.

Neither of them had bothered to dress. It felt very natural to be walking among such beautiful flowers in the nude. Almost as though they were a part of nature. The touch of his hand stroking her back and shoulder as she admired the colors was warm and tender. She breathed in deeply, taking in the exquisite smells of the flowers as she touched the blooms surrounding her.

As they moved on down the lawn behind the gardens, she could feel a light breeze through the trees. It was a warm day, and the wind felt good blowing across her naked skin. She looked up at him and grinned, “Last one in the water has to cook dinner!” She took off running and just reached the edge of the pond when she felt his hands grab at her arms and together they splashed into the water. They sank into the cool water and when they came up again she was laughing at him.

“I won! You have to cook tonight!” she yelled out to him.

He pulled her to him and said, “It was hardly a fair race since I’ve already prepared a meal for us! So it just means you have to wash up afterwards!” He looked down at her and laughed at the expression she gave in response. “Maybe I can make it worth your while to get it done quickly once we finish the meal.”

The look on his face told her that he had something exciting in mind for after the cleaning up and her body began to tingle at the thought. The feel of his body as he held her close to him in the water told her he was thinking about it as well. She moved her hand down between them and took hold of his hardening cock, stroking it slightly.

“Do you really think you should make me wait for after dinner?” she smiled up at him.

The flash of desire that burned in his eyes gave her the answer to the question. She knew he didn’t want to wait any longer either. After being separated for so long a time, it wasn’t surprising that they both canlı casino wanted each other again so soon. Her stroking had brought him fully hard again and she ached to feel him inside her.

“I don’t think I can wait any longer, my love,” he told her as he placed his hands around her waist and lifted her off her feet in the water. Her legs went around his body as she felt his cock entering her.

“Oh, yes! You feel so good. I’ve missed you so much. This is where I’ve wanted to be for so long. I’ve needed you.” She had wrapped her arms around his neck and was whispering into his ear. She held onto him as he moved his cock in and out of her. The intensity of the feelings that were building up inside her grew with each stroke. Turning her head to look into his face, she found that it was the same for him. She’d never seen such a look of pure desire and lust as she saw in his eyes, for that was what it was at that moment. They both needed each other so much at that moment, nothing could have drawn them apart.

Amazed that he could be so close to cumming again so soon, he looked into her eyes to attempt to convey to her how she was making him feel. Their eyes locked together and they rode the intensity as it rose. He could feel her muscles contracting around him and he knew she was about to cum, too. His eyes closed for just a moment and then opened again. “Go with me, baby, ride it out with me!” he whispered harshly to her. And with that, he thrust into her harder and deeper and they both screamed as they reached the pinnacle and soared over together.

Her body slowly began to relax from the tension that had built up from the intense orgasm she had just experienced. If he hadn’t held onto her, she’d have slipped right into the water. As it was, he lowered them both into the cool water. Her breath caught in her throat as the water cooled her heated skin. “Ah….ahhhh,” she moaned, “that feels good.” Eyes closed, she laid her head on his shoulder and allowed the water to bring her temperature back to normal. Amazing how hot you could get from an intense sexual experience, even in the middle of a pond.

“I suppose it’s time for me to feed you,” he grinned down at her. “I certainly don’t want you to become so weak that you don’t have enough energy for anything more later tonight. You do look a little worn out right now.”

She looked up into his face and laughed. “Don’t you worry about me, sweetheart. I’ll keep up with you. It’s been too long since I’ve been able to feast myself on you. I’m not going to waste the time we have on something as silly as sleep.” With that comment she was drawn back to the thoughts that were still in her head. She knew there was a need to grab at this time while it was here. She felt comfortable and at home here, yet she still couldn’t understand where “here” was. Over the last several hours she’d shut down the feelings of uncertainty. But it still bothered her. How was this happening?

Later that evening after having eaten the superb meal he’d prepared for them, they sat once more in the swing under the tree. The sky was clear and there were millions of stars twinkling down at them and dancing off the water’s surface. They sat sideways in the swing, him cushioned by the pillows and she by his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to him. Now and then he pushed against the ground to keep them gently swaying. She loved the feel of his heartbeat against her back and the way his soft breathing brushed across her temple as she lay against him. While the afternoon’s intense lovemaking had been needed, this was just as important. There was as much a feeling of warmth and contentedness from this as there had been from the fierceness of the encounters earlier. There was not always a need for a wild ride. Her heart felt full to the brim with feelings for this man.

“I bet I can tell you what you are thinking right now,” he looked down at her and squeezed her tighter against him.

“Oh, really? You seem pretty sure of yourself,” she said in return.

“Yep, I am. I can feel it. There’s an uncertainty in you that you’ve not been able to shake. You’ve not quite been totally with me yet. I know there’s something more just under the surface, that you can’t let go of yet. I was hoping this time it would be different. That you would come totally free of everything you’d left behind and be mine alone. I suppose it was too much to hope for. Perhaps one day.” He sighed and bent down to kiss her cheek.

She had gone still in his arms as he told her this. It hadn’t been something she was just imagining then. Something was happening to her, in this place, that she didn’t understand. It was rather unsettling to be living in this moment, yet know that it wasn’t all there was for her. There was another place and time that was a part of her. But right now she couldn’t remember it at all. It was there, just at the edge of her consciousness, but it refused to be accessible to her thoughts. She wasn’t at all sure that she really wanted to kaçak casino be able to pull it out of the recesses and into the light of day.

“I wasn’t aware that I was allowing you to see it. That part of me is still trying to make sense of things. I’ve not been able to totally close it out. I really do try, my dear. As soon as I saw your face, I tried to block out the other and leave it locked away. But it’s just not been possible as yet. I keep hoping with a little more time, it will happen.” She smiled up at him, but could feel her breathing become slightly increased and tears beginning to gather in her eyes. This was definitely not the way she wanted this evening to go.

When he saw the tear slide down her cheek, he gathered her closer to him again. He hadn’t meant to do this to her. He’d simply thought it would be best if she knew that he understood. He lived for these times with her, to be able to have her to himself with no constraints on either of them. It hadn’t always been so for them. Before…..in that other time…..they could never seem to have more than a few hours together. It had never been enough, for either of them. They tried to put as much into the few moments they had, but it just seemed it was always too much of a rush. There would be quick satisfaction, but with no time for true feelings to emerge between them. It just hadn’t been fair.

Now, when he had her here with him, they belonged totally to one another. The time was totally theirs to enjoy as they wanted. They could make love as often and as long as they wished. They could simply sit and hold each other and enjoy the warmth of each other without feeling that the time was rushing by. Every minute was theirs and they could enjoy everything around them. And who was he to question how or why it had come to be this way. He was just waiting for it to be complete, for her to come to him totally and not be drawn away again. Perhaps this time.

“Shh….it’s ok, my love. Don’t let it bother you. Things will happen in their own time. You don’t need to worry. I have a feeling that our desires will be rewarded soon. For now, simply rest. I want to enjoy holding you here in my arms. It feels so right.” He felt her begin to relax again as she pulled his arms in closer to her body. They sat there in the swing looking up into the night sky, watching the stars shoot across the sky.

The next day was just as beautiful as the day before. The sun was bright in the sky and there was a slight breeze moving through the trees. When she walked out of the cottage she took a deep breath of the fresh air. The fragrances of the flowers growing in the garden filled the air. She had been busy working inside this morning and it felt good to be outside. Deciding she needed some exercise, she started out through the garden and down to the pond. To one side of the pond was a grouping of trees just thick enough that their tops shaded the area under them almost completely. A few openings through the branches allowed the sun to dance upon the ground as the wind rustled the leaves. Her attention was caught up by a pair of birds who seemed to be busy building a nest in one of the trees. Because the grass was thick around her, she hadn’t heard his approach. She was only slightly startled however when she felt his hands on her shoulders and his lips at the base of her neck.

“Mmmm…..you smell so good, my darling,” he whispered as he continued to kiss her neck and nibble on her earlobe. “I’ve missed you this morning. What has kept you away from me so long?”

“I’ve been busy. There were things… to do inside, but I finally…. just had to get out again. Everything is too beautiful out…mmm…. here to stay inside for too long. And I was wondering…. where you had gotten to as well. Ohhh….” Her words were coming out in bunches as a result of the things he was doing to her. As he kissed her, his hands had reached around to cup her breasts, to rub her nipples between his fingers. Since she only wore a thin cotton dress, there was very little to separate his hands from her body. She moaned as he pinched her nipples. “You know what you are doing to me, don’t you?” she purred.

“Oh yes…..I do. I love the way you react to me. And I want more.” With that said, his hand moved down past her belly to slide between her legs. Not wanting even the thin fabric between them, he pulled her dress up so he could feel her skin. He wasn’t surprised there were no panties underneath. He slipped his fingers slightly inside and found her to be wet already. That also was no surprise since he knew exactly what kissing her and playing with her breasts always did to her. He had known he would find her wet and ready for him.

When he found her clit and started to massage it back and forth, she thought her legs would no longer hold her up. She was weak from desire for him. He moved his fingers farther back and slid one and then two inside her. When he started to move them in and out of her, she knew she wouldn’t last long. He always knew exactly where to use his fingers and within moments he had her screaming out from the first orgasm. She could feel the juices flowing from her and knew his hand must have been drenched by them. The next thing she knew she was being lowered to the grass.

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