A Sexy Day

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It was the first day of soccer practice. I had been on the team since last year and knew the guys pretty well. I was the capita along with a boy named John. I was a Junior in high school and John was a Sophomore. My favorite boy on the team was John. He was tall and slim with a toned body. He had mid length hair that got in his face and looked sexy. Better yet, he had the biggest dick on the team and an ass most girls would kill for. I had thought of fucking John for years but I never knew if he was into guys.

When we all got to the locker room I was excited because I would get to see John naked for the first time this year. There was also a hot new boy on the team named Marcos. He was a Freshman. When Marcos got naked I almost moaned. His ass was even better than John’s. I could see John was staring at him too. He looked up and made eye contact with me before he winked and took of his underwear to reveal his massive cock. He was so hot and the fact that he had just winked turned me on so much.

After a while all of the team had left the locker room and it was just Marco, John, and me in the locker room together. Marcos went to leave but John held him back: “Marcos where do you think you’re going?”

“Practice,” Marcos responded.

“I guess you haven’t heard the team policy then.”

“What are you talking about?”

“New players have to fuck canlı bahis the captains before the first practice.”

Marco laughed at this and tried to keep moving but John stopped him. Marcos tried to resist but gave up quickly. He didn’t need much convincing.

John pulled off Marcos’s shorts and underwear in one move to reveal that great ass. Marcos also had a massive cock, bigger than John’s. He was Colombian and his shaved tan body was so sexy, especially with ten inches hanging between his legs. I got naked as John did and Marcos took off his shirt. John started to eat Marcos’s ass and I stuck my cock in Marcos’s mouth. He had obviously sucked dick before because he deepthroated me without trouble and I wasn’t small.

After a while John and I switched and I stuck my cock in Marcos’s ass. I teased his hole at first but then stuck my whole eight inches in. He shouted out in pain but I kept fucking his tight little hole and before long he was moaning in pleasure. He was sucking John’s nine inches easily. After a while like this John moved next to me and stuck his cock In Marco also. Marco moaned a bit but was able to take in John’s massive cock with mine. We fucked him hard and deep for a while before we came at about the same time.

After this we all drove home together and Marco sucked John in the car. He came in Marcos’s mouth and Marcos swallowed bahis siteleri every drop. When we got to Marcos’s house he told us his parents were out of town and it was just his brother Mateo at home. I had seen Mateo at school and thought he was super sexy. He was a Sophomore and looked like Marcos but taller.

We went straight up to Marcos’s room and closed the door. We all got naked again and were all hard. Right them Mateo walked in. We could see he got hard immediately and he was huge. We took of his pants to reveal a full 13 inches of thick meat. John, Marcos, and I got on our knees and took turns sucking him. Now I knew why Marcos was so good at sucking dick.

After a while Marcos, John, and I got on all fours and lined up so Mateo could fuck our holes one by one. One he got to Marcos he asked John and I to fuck Marcos with him. Marcos wanted to be double penetrated so Mateo and John layed down and lined up their cocks with Marcos’s hole. Marcos spread his ass wide and rode their cocks while he sucked me. We fucked like this for a while until Mateo and John came in Marcos.

After they came I went over to John and Marcos went over to Mateo. We fucked them as hard as we could for five minutes before we both came in their asses. We all collapsed afterwards after day of hard fucking.


John bahis şirketleri and I slept over at Marcos and Mateo’s house that night. The next day we invited over a Sophomore named Charles. He was short and thin and had a beautiful face. He was also openly gay and we wanted to pound him.

Charles arrived around ten o’clock and we got right to it because Marcos and Mateo’s parents were still gone. First we all got in the shower together (Mateo had a huge glass walk-in shower) and cleaned each other. Charles was amazed when Marcos and Mateo revealed their massive cocks. He started sucking Mateo on the spot. I soaped up Charles’s asshole and fingered him to get him ready. After a while I stuck my dick in. John was getting sucked by Marcos right next to me so I slipped a finger in his ass. He ground his ass into my fingers and I fucked Charles as quickly as I could. After a while John moved to Charles’s hole and I soaped up John’s. I stuck my cock in John and Marcos ate my ass and fingered me. After a while he started fucking me and we had a super hot chain going for a while before John came. When he came his ass tightened which made me cum and then the same happen to Marcos. We all lined up for Mateo and let him fuck our holes, using our cum as lube. He came in Charles’s ass and then we all sucked it out and made out for a bit. It was the start of a super hot weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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