A Seduction With Spice

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Stephanie and Laura had been very close all their life as far as sisters went. But after that night back in Houston with their cousin, Andrew, their relationship moved to the next level.

The Peters family were in Houston celebrating their Aunt’s fiftieth birthday with a surprise party. Stephanie’s mother and father were there, along with her two other Aunts’ and their four kids. Stephanie was the younger of the two sisters at 18. She had beautiful dark blonde hair that complemented her bright blue eyes perfectly. She was quite small at 5’4 but her body was so petite that her height didn’t mater. Stephanie’s breasts were a perfect C cup and seemed to go against the laws of gravity by being extremely pert even without a bra. She was not an extremely intelligent girl but she had been accepted to the community collage back in Canada so she, and her Parents, were happy.

Laura was quite similar to her sister. She had lighter blonde hair but wore it a lot shorter that Stephanie and the same shiny blue eyes. Her chest was also smaller that her sisters but equally as full and pert. Laura shared Stephanie’s bubbly personality however was much brighter. She was 20 and had been studying at Yale for just under two years. Stephanie had always been called the beauty of the family and Laura the brains.

At 24, Andrew was Laura and Stephanie’s older cousin. He did not look like a member of the Peters family with his dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin. He was a very handsome man but also quite arrogant. Stephanie had always had a sort of crush on him, since they were kids, but never thought of acting on it.

It was a Friday night and the night of the surprise canlı bahis şirketleri party for the girls’ Aunt. She lived in Houston so a lot of her friends were there. Stephanie was wearing a strapless maroon, silk dress that touched the floor. It was a very formal dress as the party was black tie but looked very sexy on her frame. The silk clung to her breasts and hips and almost every guy in the room had taken a second glance at her. Stephanie had gone for such a striking dress because she had decided that night she would try and seduce her cousin. She estimated that there were about 150 people there altogether and about 50 of them were relations of some kind or another. Stephanie spotted Andrew quickly and admired him in his tuxedo before going over and joining him by the bar. Stephanie watched as his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw how gorgeous his cousin was looking. “Hi Steph, you want a drink?” he asked.

“Sure,” she said, “I’ll have a margarita,” after she had downed her drink the band started to play a slow waltz.

“Want to dance?” Andrew asked quite innocently.

” Of course.” Replied Stephanie. They went onto the dance floor and wrapped their arms around one another. Stephanie ground her breasts into his chest as they moved. She could feel the bulge in his trousers starting to stir and his hands explored her back occasionally sneaking a feel of her small ass. As the song finished Andrew had a full erection. He looked quite shocked but she was secretly pleased that her plan was working. He stood back and started to stutter an apology but she cut him off.

“I don’t know what you are apologising for but I do know canlı kaçak iddaa my hotel room will be free for a couple of hours and we could go upstairs…” she said in her most sexy voice.

“Oh god, yes” he said following her up to the room. Stephanie knew that she was sharing a room with Laura but thought that she would not be back for at least three hours or so. When they were in the hotel room they started to kiss deeply, ripping each other’s clothes off as they made their way to the bed. Andrew then broke their kiss to remove the remainder of his clothes including his underwear. His 9-inch member sprung out already erect and throbbing. He lay down on the bed whilst Stephanie, only wearing her underwear, knelt at the foot of it. She lowered her head down onto his cock letting it fill her hot mouth. Andrew moaned with pleasure. He had had plenty blow jobs before but this was better that most because it felt do forbidden and dirty. Stephanie concentrated on deep-throating as much of his cock as possible whilst massaging his balls with her other hand.

The couple were so caught up in the heat of the moment that neither of them heard the key in he lock. Laura walked in and saw her baby sister and her cousin. “Holy Shit!!!” yelled Andrew as he saw Laura standing in the doorway. Stephanie looked at her sister both of them waiting for a reaction from Laura. Instead of walking back out of the door. Laura shut it behind her and walked over to her sister and cousin unzipping her black dress as she went.

“Can I join you?” she asked shocking both Stephanie and Andrew. Neither of them said a word but without waiting for a reply Laura climbed onto the bed canlı kaçak bahis and sat on Andrews face forcing him to eat her out. He dragged his tongue over the length of her slit making it wet before probing her clit making her groan. Andrew enjoyed giving women head. Just the smell of their sex made him hard but to actually taste a pussy was heaven to him. Having one sister on his face and the other sucking his dick was too much for him. His nut sac tightened up as he released a torrent of hot cum down Stephanie’s throat. She swallowed it all.

Laura got off Andrew face and flipped he sister down on the bed. “Let me show you real pleasure little sis” Laura said huskily. She lowered her face to her sisters waiting cunt smelling her intoxicating juices Laura pushed her head right between Stephanie’s legs.

“Ahhhhh!” Stephanie yelled as her sister sucked her pussy. Whilst Laura was sucking Stephanie Andrew went up behind her and positioned his cock at her pussy. He ran the head up and down her slit making it wet. Her hole was extremely tight because she had only had one other man in her life. This did not put Andrew off he pushed at her hole until it swallowed his head then he went about pushing his cock, inch by inch, into her velvety tunnel. Andrew started thrusting harder into her until she was taking him to the hilt. Laura was caught up in sexual pleasure and sucked at Stephanie harder paying special attention to her clit. Stephanie finally reached orgasm. She lay back, exhausted enjoying the waves of pleasure washing over her.

Andrew slipped his pinkie into Laura’s ass, which drove her crazy. She started to push back and meet his thrusts with her hips. This pushed both of them over the edge. They came simultaneously before collapsing on the bed on top of Stephanie. The three family members fell into a deep satisfied sleep.

This was the start of a brilliant relationship between the sisters.

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