A Quiet Evening

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This evening was routine for me. I had come home from work to find my dinner in the oven. Maria, my wife, had gone out to a bingo parlor as usual. This had been her thing lately. We really haven’t been getting along. So going out to ‘play bingo with friends’ was a way for her to get away from me.

After eating the meal, I grabbed a beer and settled in to watch television. I flipped over to the adult channel to see what was showing. Those soft porno flicks where the closest I had came to sex nowadays. Like I said, my Maria and I haven’t been getting along.

Catherine, my nineteen-year-old daughter, was the only other person home. From the time I entered the house I could hear the stereo playing. Which was always a constant thing with her. The girl loved music. I thought it was an obsession at times.

The movie on the adult channel was one of those old porno types. It was one that was made in the early sixties. Poorly filmed, with a piped in playback and really didn’t have any true sex scenes in it. Mainly it was borderline adult material to keep from breaking the artificial morality laws of the day.

I was in a horny mood so I decided to put on a sexy video. There was no chance of Catherine walking in. I would hear her footsteps coming down the stairs and turn it off.

I slip a tape into the player and flop back in a large easy chair. I didn’t get a chance to get comfortable. There was something wrong with the player. A grinding noise emits from the thing!

“Fuck,” I huff disappointedly.

I quickly ejected the tape and then examined it. It was an old tape and I knew it wasn’t going to work. I drop it on the floor in disappointment.

“Shit,” I quip, “I guess it’s a night of strokin’ myself.”

I was feeling tired anyway. I decided to go up to my room and call it an evening. In other words, it was another boring and routine day for me.

I stop at Catherine’s door to say goodnight. I listen for a moment to the music playing. I knock softly.

There wasn’t a response and so I knock again. Perhaps she had fallen asleep. That was common for thing for her.

I notice the door was slightly ajar. So I decide to peek in to see if she was asleep. I open it gently.

The sight was something a father never actually expects to see. Catherine was enthralled with self-pleasure. My little girl was wildly fingering a sparsely haired blond pussy!

I know I should have discreetly backed out. Instead I stand in the doorway wide eyed and gaped mouthed. In the space of a heartbeat my cock goes hard!

A pair of fingers tweaks an erect nipple on a rounded breast. Almost mew like groans were being sounded with masturbation. It was a very exciting vision.

A right hand plays with an engorge clit faster. The young body twists with lust. It is covered with a sheen of sweat.

“Oooooooooh,” she moans moving hands to satisfy uncontrolled desires, “I need a big cock now.”

My hot daughter jerks an extended clitoral head furiously. Holding it securely between the restrictive digits, the love button protruded further outward. It forms a defined little cap.

“Oh sweet fuck!” she euphorically yells, “I wanna be fucked now!”

The words, something a father should never hear from a child, were exciting. She was a vixen in heat! No wonder she had so damn many boyfriends.

My masturbating daughter teases and plays the hot pussy faster. A left hand continues to pinch and rub the erect nipple. A firm ass bounces and arches all over the sheets.

Catherine’s head flops from shoulder to shoulder. The young body was afire with passion. A golden haired mane waves wildly as the climax captures her sexual hazed body.

Still transfix by the erotic sight, I remain a silent audience of one. An errant thought then crosses my mind. How many boys might have already have had her?

“Yes! Yesss! Yessssssss!” she audaciously screams blindly.

Catherine’s trim body quivers and shudders as pleasure thrills radiate from the self-induced climax. She involuntarily arches off the sheets as the waves increase. A final loud groan is given. My sweat-covered daughter then melts into the damp sheets.

I stared at the young glistening pussy. It is beautiful. My hard cock says I want it.

“Daddy!” Catherine gasps seeing me for the first time.

“I did knock,” I weakly excuse.

I should have felt was ashamed for being a damn voyageur. What I actually feeling was arouse. I absent-mindedly continued to stare at Catherine’s young, naked body.

I always knew she was a pretty girl. But seeing her like this brought home how sexy she was. My baby was a golden fox!

Trying to regain modesty I turned my eyes away. I start to back out of the room. Catherine suddenly laughs, which gets my attention.

“You might as well come in, Daddy.” To opening arms to enhance the view, she remarks, “I’ve nothing to hide.”

Feeling shamefaced I move deeper into the room. I sit down on the on the edge of the bed. A massive hard on in my pants makes sitting canlı bahis difficult.

“Sorry, baby,” I embarrassingly apologizes, “I thought you had fallen asleep and I wished…,”

“Don’t sweat it, Dad,” A smiling Catherine assures, “I should’ve locked the door.” She quickly changes the subject, “What was the plan for the evening?”

Her naked, young body was still affecting me so I had to look away. A sideways glance told me she was enjoying my discomfort. Nevertheless I told of my effort to watch a movie but it wasn’t interesting.

“So what are’ya gonna to do now?” she quizzes

“Since I’m not really sleepy,” I answer, still trying to control my eyes, “I suppose I’ll try to find something else to watch TV.”

The stiffy in my pants is really getting to me. I have to get out of the room now. I quickly rise from the bed and head for the door.

“Hang on dad an’ I’ll go with you,” Catherine calls after me.

Taking a quick look over my shoulder, I saw her jump off the bed. She grabs a short robe. Damn that body looks nice. I found myself thinking of how it would feel and smell next to me.

I curse myself for being such a dirty, old man. I speedily move downstairs with my sexy offspring a couple of steps behind. We enter the front room.

I slump onto the couch and snatched up the can of beer from earlier. Catherine moves over to the little bar and prepares a small gin and tonic. The too small robe barely covers a set of petite asscheeks. The erection remains.

She then notices the porno tape lying on the floor. Bending over she picks it up. Catherine made no effort to rush in completing the task. A firm ass slightly wiggles. I have a total view of that forbidden cunt.

At that moment didn’t give a damn what society thought. I see my daughter as one hot woman. A sexy nymph I’m wanting to dick!

“This sounds like fun,” she remarks reading the label “It says that this is a tale of family love.” Sitting next to me on the couch, she asks, “Is it any good?”

“I don’t know,” I answer taking it from her. Placing it on the endtable, I lie, “I wasn’t gonna watch it.”

Taking a fast drink I’m hoping the alcohol can relax me. My cock was still hard in my pants. The vision of Catherine masturbating is still foremost in my mind.

I wished that she would go back upstairs. I could really use a few minutes to take myself in hand. This erection just isn’t going to go away.

Catherine presses closer. A cute tit presses against my arm. The thin material of the robe makes it impossible not to feel the warm skin underneath.

All I could do is take another deep swig of my beer. I’m waiting to fuck this girl next to me. Yet, I know it would be wrong. To say at this point I was in a moral dilemma would be an understatement.

“What made ya get that flick?” Catherine wonders, disturbing my illicit thoughts.

Still unnerve by recent events, I mumble some kind of lame reason of it being on sale. The truth was that I had chosen it because I’ve always been fascinated by incest. Catherine must have sense I wasn’t being honest about the reason.

“When do’ya watch those videos?” she asks, pressing closer to me.

“Whenever your mother is out at her bingo club,” I slyly tell, “she’s usually out ’til midnight.”

“Don’t those type of flicks get your engine running?” My inquisitive daughter quips, “I do assume your engine still runs.”

“Of course it does,” I automatically defend.

“Doesn’t she ever notice your mood when she gets home?” Catherine continues to interrogate.

“Shit!” I spat, without thinking, “She never notices me anymore.” I bitterly add, “I’ve have a better chance layin’ Pam Anderson than your mother lately!”

Realizing what I just said, I look over at Catherine. A lovely face gives a consoling sad smile. I had a feeling she completely understood.

She finishes the drink and rises to return to the bar. Again, the too short robe reveals everything. Again, Catherine bends over to pull a bottle from under the counter. That wonderful pussy is again totality exposed to me.

This was an extremely strange situation. Here I am admitting to my scanty clad daughter of a non-existent sex life. It was both an embarrassment and a turn on.

“That’s all wrong, father,” Catherine sighs sitting back down, “No nookie should never be a situation when one is married.” A small finger brushes my cheek as she says, “Especially with a silver fox like you.”

“Look, Catherine,” I debate, “this really isn’t the sort of thing we should be discussing.”

“Does it embarrass you to talk about sex with me?” she bluntly questions, “Does the idea your daughter might have some insights into this subject bother you?”

“To be honest,” I admit, “it does.” I try to explain, “It’s just that—, well—, your mother an’ I are havin’ problems.”

“You mean like mom not givin’ up pussy anymore?” Catherine reveals, “I already knew about that. Mom has already told me time an’ again how dirty sex is.” She grins stating, “That’s all wrong.” bahis siteleri Taking a sip of the drink she quips, “Something that so nice can’t be dirty.”

That revelation was slightly unsettling. Why it was a shocked me I don’t know. Even thorough we never talked about it, I knew she was no longer a virgin.

I was a teenager. I would have done just about anything to get into the pants of a sexy girl like her. Hell! I just admitted to myself I wanted her now!

I unthinkingly wondered who had been the first with her. The son of a bitch probably didn’t appreciate the piece of ass he had gotten. Then what teenage boy ever did recognize the value of a girl giving up her cherry?

Then Catherine went back talking about the tape. She seemed as fascinated with the subject. She then reach across me and picked up the plastic black box.

“Do things like that really happen?” Catherine asks, reading the label again, “Incest, I mean.”

“More than what is commonly admitted to,” I answer, then qualify, “Usually between father an’ daughter it’s done without the girl’s permission.”

“Still,” she speculates with a cute smile, “there are daughters who willingly give it up to daddy.”

“I suppose so,” I timidly admit.

“Father,” Catherine demurely quizzes, “Did catchin’ me turn you on?”

I stared back at her mutely. I know my facial expression was like a deer in the headlights of an on coming car. What could I say?

“Well?” she prods pushing closer.

“Yes,” I softly own up.

From the grin on Catherine’s face I had to assume I had turned a bright crimson at the admission. My sexy, teenage daughter was handling me like a pro in this situation.

She wasn’t concerned by my unnatural arousal. In fact I think it was turning her on. The erect nipples pressing against the flimsy material of the robe attested to that fact.

Catherine notice where I was looking. A broad smile appears on a set of ruby lips. My humiliation grows knowing she is aware of what I am ogling.

“That appeals to me,” she states as a pair of blue eyes twinkle mischievously.

“Eh?” I puzzle.

“I like the idea that I’m a turn for you, Daddy.” She then tells, “I’ve fantasize about you when I’m playin’ with myself.”

I felt proud at this declaration that a gorgeous, hot girl would conjure up my image while in a sexual lust. It didn’t matter that it was my daughter doing the fantasizing. The fact was it is a sexy vixen doing it.

“Catherine,” I weakly suggest finishing off the beer, “I think we should drop this subject.”

Then Catherine does the last thing I expected. She smiles sweetly then shrugs shoulders. This causes the small robe to slide off and reveal that naked young body.

“Jezzus!” I mutter.

I stared wide-eyed and mutely. My mouth goes dry. My cock instantly becomes hard.

My daughter then places hands a set of perk tits and lifts them. I am given an opportunity to have a full visual inspection of the lovely pair. In a last effort not to cross the taboo line I look up from the nice chest and to her face.

“Dontcha think I’m pretty?” she asks rising to stand.

The robe remains on the couch as my daughter gets up. A pose is done to fully reveal a very young and hot body.

I hungrily glaze at the forbidden body. I linger on a pair of rounded, ripe tits. Brownish-pink nipples are erect and beautiful. My eyes move downwards to the golden triangle of hair that is sparsely covering a pink-lipped pussy. The area is still damp from the masturbation session of earlier.

My cock is aching to be released from my pants. My thoughts are now taboo and basler. The only thing on my mind was how nice it would be to lay my gorgeous daughter down and fuck that pretty pussy raw. I had lost all sense of shame and guilt. I wanted Catherine more than anything woman I’ve ever known.

“You’re fuckin’ beautiful!” I hiss lustfully, “Baby, you have no idea what you’re doin’ to me.”

“Yes I do,” she hotly states sliding a hand down to the pink-lipped pussy “I’m gettin’ you horny.”

“Hornier than I’ve ever been,” I hiss watching a set of fingers playing with an engorged clit.

“Daddy,” Catherine asks in a little girl voice, “Show me that dick that made me.

I didn’t say a word. I stand and immediately start to remove clothing. They were practically torn off my body. A very hard cock springs to life once the pants drops. It waves rudely at the daughter.

“Oh daddy! That gotta be the most gorgeous cock I’ve ever seen,” she coos. “May I play with it?”

I was thunderstruck. Yes, this was my daughter. But she still was the most beautiful woman ever to offer me her body. I mutely nod permission.

She steps towards me moving with swaying hips. The sweet smell of a woman’s body in heat inundates my nostrils. Catherine stops inches from me.

A small hand shyly reaches out. It gently encases my stiff pole. I feel a slow stroking of the length of my stiff cockshaft.

“Touch me, Father,” she breaths looking into my eyes.

Her blues bahis şirketleri eyes were full of pure desire. It erases any doubts as to what my daughter wanted. The hand continuous stroking only confirmed this the more.

“You magnificent bitch,” I hotly say pulling her to my body.

The first kiss was gentle and soft. Her response was more passionate. We locked onto a deep hungry kiss.

Raising hands to perky tits I fully massage the warm flesh orbs. The brownish-pink little nipples respond as expected.

“I know this is wrong but Father your hands are makin’ me sooooo wet!” Catherine moans between kisses.

She directs one of my hands down a slender body and to a very hot, wet pussy. A long middle finger slides into the tight little hole.

“Oh Daddy,” she moans louder, “That hole was always meant to be for your pleasure.”

I insert a second finger. Her body pushes down onto the probing digits. My thumb rubs the protruding clit.

Sensations of lust flare through me as our hands roam the other’s body. It had been months since I had even kissed a woman. And that was no more that pecks.

Now ever fiber of my body ached with desire for this woman in my arms. The fact it was my own daughter only added to the heat building in my crotch.

I didn’t give a damn that society would condemn me for this. To me this was a hot woman willing to share my lust. Our kisses were breath taking. I think my daughter was as turned on as I.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Catherine cries out, “Daddy! You’re got my cunny leakin’ like an old faucet!”

“Keep that hand strokin’ my cock an’ you won’t be the only one leakin’ around here, baby!” I groan feeling a warm hand pulling on my cock shaft faster.

I could not wait any longer. I had to take my little girl now. Forcefully I push her down to the floor.

I position over the young, forbidden body. We lock into another passionate kiss. Her body is now as hot as any I’ve ever had. She was becoming a bitch in heat.

“Please, Father,” she pants, “Eat my pussy.” She huffs, “I’ve never had anyone ever give me good pussy lovin’!” With a blond haired mane waving she shouts, “Please, Daddy, eat me raw!”

How could a loving parent refuse such a request? I slowly start kissing down that young, nubile body. A trail of kisses goes from a petite neck to the cute breasts.

“I love the idea you’re my daughter,” I say while moving a trail of kisses over a flat abdomen.

“Forget I’m your daughter, daddy,” Catherine bluntly declares, “Take me as a cheap piece o’ ass.” Twisting to my kisses, she hotly adds, “I can be a real slut if you want me to be.”

“Are’ya sure you want me to do that?” I quiz licking a flat abdomen.

“If I said it,” she confidently coos opening a set of curvy legs, “I mean it.”

“Do’ya?” I ask again moving between the curvy legs.

“Goddamn it! I mean it,” my close-eyed daughter confirms.

I edge in. A flat tongue licks and kisses a set of firm inner thighs. Catherine trembles slightly at the forebidden touches.

“Mmmmm, that feels good,” she purrs opening eyes, “Make my cunny a meal, Father.”

I look up as a keen tongue paints an inner thigh. A gentle hand reaches down running fingers leisurely thorough my hair. A long forbidden lust had been released. Catherine’s cunt moistens even more knowing it was I about to eat it.

I quickly make my way up to a wet crotch. A set of pink lips glistens beautifully. I stare wide-eyed at the forbidden pussy.

“Baby,” I sigh, “You have no idea how hot your pussy is makin’ me.”

I was hotter than I’ve ever been. I was going to ravage this taboo body to the limit. Tonight my daughter would receive passion that only a special love like a father’s could give.

“Yes I do, Daddy,” Catherine, admits in a hushed voice, “It’s been your daughter’s wish for years that you kiss me down there.”

“God forgive me,” I confess in a husky voice, “I’ve wanted to taste this cunny since seein’ it earlier.”

“Ooooooooh,” Catherine groans feeling a strong tongue lap a ready slit.

Sliding arms up underneath a firm ass, I caress the warm skin. She scoots closer to my mouth. The tip of my nose tickles an engorged clit. A flat tongue explores the wet pussy.

Catherine leans her head back, again closing eyes. The feeling of my tongue bury in a quivering pussy was almost too much to handle. The sensations created by this taboo love were unbelievable.

Catherine slowly rocks back and forth in rhythm to my pleasure-making tongue. Lustfully, she slides a wet honey hole over my hungry mouth. Her young body ripples with intensity.

“Oh gawd, father,” Catherine groans, “you’re doin’ a magnificent job.”

She grips my hair tighter. My head is push closer to the leaking pussy with excited hands. A pair of slender legs instinctively wrap around a my neck to give more access.

“Oh yes, my handsome father,” she groans passionately, “Please, oh please eat my pussy. Make love to my hot hole.”

My movements were become more nervous with excitement. A long forbidden fervor was at the boiling point. My daughter was about to feel the unlocked passion.

“I’ve gotta have ya, Baby,” I pant, licking the tight hole faster.

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