A Pretty View

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Elinor Dashwood was unhappily aware that Edward Ferrars’ visit was almost at an end. Unable to postpone his departure any longer Edward bid farewell to Mrs Dashwood and asked whether Elinor might be allowed to walk with him to the gate which led out of the small orchard which adjoined their cottage.

The weather was remarkably fine, and she readily consented. ‘The view is quite magnificent,’ she said to him, ‘you’d never imagine how much there is to see.’

As soon as they were out of the house, his enquiries began.

‘Who is Colonel Brandon? Is he a man of fortune?’

‘Yes. He has very good property in Dorsetshire.’

‘But you do not mean to marry him? Think of it, Elinor. It would mean an end to all our games together. We could never play as we do now. Surely the prospect of a respectable establishment in life is insufficient to allay that loss.’

‘He loves me and will do whatever I say. And with the money I would have we could play whenever we chose.’

‘He certainly likes you. I observed him narrowly, and am convinced of it. What is the amount of his fortune?’

‘I believe about two thousand a year.’

‘I wish with all my heart it were twice as much, Elinor. For your sake.’

Elinor smiled at Edward’s continuing devotion to her well being. He really was the best playmate a woman could ever desire.

‘The plan was that I should be the one to marry,’ he continued, ‘and that is now arranged. It would be something droll, I admit, if we should both marry other people simply as a means of staying together.’

Elinor would not vouchsafe any answer. They had almost reached the gate in the dry stone wall which bounded casino siteleri their garden. The cottage was now hidden from view by the fruit trees and they both anticipated some precious moments alone before parting.

‘It is John,’ said Eleanor sharply, ‘John Dashwood. I see him approaching. He must not catch us together.’

Edward fell to the ground, and lay along the base of the stone wall. He lay still, flat on his back, completely concealed from John while Eleanor turned to address her brother, who stopped a few yards short of the wall.

‘Are you alone, Eleanor? Is Edward Ferrars no longer here? I had hoped to see him.’

‘Mr. Edward Ferrars,’ said Elinor, with resolution, ‘is going to be married. The lady is the Hon. Miss Morton, only daughter of the late Lord Morton, with thirty thousand pounds. A very desirable connection on both sides, and I have not a doubt of its taking place in time.’

As Fanny’s husband enlarged about his own plans and difficulties, Eleanor moved a few paces to her left so that the hem of her skirts brushed Edward’s face. She rocked a little, teasing him with the sight of her ankle as the hem fluttered over his face.

‘We have endured great and inevitable expenses on coming to Norland,’ began John gravely. ‘Another year or two may do much towards it, but there is still a great deal to be done.’

She could only smile and nod. John Dashwood’s absorption in his own financial affairs were a matter of general amusement for Elinor and her sisters.

‘There is not a stone laid of Fanny’s green-house,’ John continued, ‘and nothing but the plan of the flower-garden marked out.’

She moved her left canlı casino foot beyond Edward’s shoulder, so that his head was completely covered by her skirts and his view of her young body was unimpeded.

‘Where is the green-house to be? Will there be a clear view?’ She opened her legs a little further, knowing how delightful an effect this would have on her beloved Edward, who could neither move nor speak, but who now had the clearest view of her stockings and her bare thighs and of the uncovered secret treasure which lay between them.

‘Upon the knoll behind the house,’ said John. ‘The old walnut trees are all come down to make room for it. It will be a very fine object from many parts of the park, and the flower-garden will slope down just before it, and be exceedingly pretty.’

‘How delightful,’ replied Eleanor, ‘nothing in the world is more agreeable than a pretty view.’

‘We have cleared away all the old thorns that grew in patches over the brow,’ said John, as Edward let out the smallest involuntary snort of laughter. Eleanor lifted her left foot and placed the small, sharp heel on his chest, exerting the tiniest pressure, and leaning her parasol on the wall to steady herself.

She knew by now that her lips would have begun to part, glistening with excitement, tracing a line of pleasure between the light brown hair of her sex. Edward would be scarcely able to breath. Nothing excited him more than one of their games secretly played out in public.

‘Mrs Ferrars seems a most valuable woman indeed,’ said John. ‘Her house, her style of living, all bespeak an exceeding good income; and it is an acquaintance that has not only been of kaçak casino great use to you hitherto, but in the end may prove materially advantageous.’

Eleanor stole a quick glance at her lover, prostrate beneath her. It was as she had thought. His excitement was visible, it was stretching the fabric of his tight breeches, and almost calling to her.

‘Her inviting you to town is certainly a vast thing in your favour; and indeed, it speaks altogether so great a regard for you, that in all probability when she dies you will not be forgotten.’

At this, Eleanor made her final move. Moving a few inches more to her left, she extended her young legs still further and with the wall to support her weight, she lifted her left boot from Edward’s chest and placed it firmly on his rampant cock. She twisted the sole a few times and felt his whole body judder with pleasure. Her own release would have to wait, but she would take the memory of this dangerous game into her bed that night, where it would be replayed in her mind and consummated with her fingers.

Adjusting her weight so that she was well balanced once more, Elinor smiled at her brother’s continuing account of the new green-house. She squeezed her thighs together and felt the pulse of pleasure which her arousal had brought. For a few moments she heard nothing of her brother’s voice, and thought only of Edward.

‘But I shall have a charming account of our meeting to carry to Fanny,’ he said, as he turned to leave.

‘Indeed,’ replied Eleanor, ‘and you must carry our affections with you.’

As John retreated from earshot, she gazed down at her beloved Edward.

‘I hope you can remember everything that just happened,’ she smiled. ‘If we manage to arrange a walk tomorrow I shall expect a charming account of the view I just gave you of my own dear fanny and of what you would like me to let you do with her the next time we’re alone.’

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