A One Nighter with Jane

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My wife Jan and I decided to take a car vacation through the mid west, which included a one-night stop in Kansas to visit with Jan’s sister, Jane and her husband, Al. Bringing readers up to speed, Jane visited us a year ago. I had always had an attraction for her and it turned out the feelings were mutual. For a mature woman, Jane was very innocent when it came to sex beyond her marriage and even then, sex with her husband was at best, very routine. The inevitable happened. I opened her up to some real erotic and stimulating sex and eventually Jan demonstrated what two women could do even without men.

After an all day drive we pulled in to their driveway in late afternoon. It has been over a year but the sight of my “plain Jane” sister in law made my heart skip a beat and my cock stir. Our family always greets with a kiss but my kiss with Jane was deep, full and long. Of course Jan noticed but she loved us both and knew her sister’s situation. She was glad I could teach little sister some things but also knew our marriage and sex was solid.

Al traveled a lot but was due back later in evening. Jane had a good home cooked dinner in preparation but realized she was missing a key ingredient. When she excused herself to run to the store, I volunteered to accompany her, as Jan had a splitting headache from the long drive and needed some prescription relief.

After Jane returned from her bedroom, we left on our errands (and hopefully more). Jane had changed into a brief, loose fit, summer skirt instead of her usual jeans. As she slid into the car her short skirt briefly rode up her legs, exposing those creamy thighs I yearned so much to feel and explore.

“How are things going with you and your new liberated social life,” I inquired.

“Not so good,” she replied. “I have hinted around to Al and made some pretty strong overtures but he is just too straight laced. I do love him dearly but I yearn for more variety in our sex. I need so much more than he’s willing to give.”

At this point my left hand casually canlı bahis found her thigh. We both took a deep breath as she continued driving.

“Jane, I’m sorry about Al but I want you to know how much I’ve missed you and I couldn’t wait to see you again if only for one night.”

“I’ve really missed you too Dennis, but we really don’t enough time to be alone.”

“How about right now,” as my hand slid under her skirt and slowly moved up her inner thigh.

“Are you serious. In this mini-van?”

Now my hand found its destination and to my surprise, my innocent sister in law was not wearing panties!

“You little vamp. You’re not wearing any panties and looks like no bra either!”

Jane’s purred with a sly smile, “Just for you, my hot brother in law.”

At first my hand softly rubbed against her mound of Venus then ventured on as Jane relaxed and opened her legs. My middle finger found its way through her moist vagina lips and into her already slippery, warm pussy.

“Oh you bad boy. That feels sooo goood but STOP or we’ll have a wreck!”

“Jane it’s now or never. Don’t you know a secluded spot…”

She giggled and mentioned this was fantasy of hers when she was 14 and I was about to marry Jan. She and I would sneak off in a car and make love in the back seat. Now it can come true.

Soon she turned onto a dirt road and doggedly drove on trying to ignore my finger, busy in her now very ready pussy. Then on about a mile through some trees to a private spot along side a river.” We fish here a lot.”

“Sounds good to me. You want to try out my pole?”

My gleaming, wet finger now found its way to her waiting mouth. She sucked on it as she would my cock.

We laughed, embraced, and got out of the car. There was obviously no one around.

Quickly, Jane unbuttoned her blouse as I unbuckled and lowered my shorts, then pulled my off my T-shirt.

Her smallish and slightly sagging breasts now were mine to pleasure. After cupping and coddling, my lips found her hardened bahis siteleri nipples. I sucked and tongued each trying to mouth as much as possible. Jane urged me on with, “Oh Dennis, I’ve needed this for so long. Don’t you dare stop.”

As we came together as one in each other’s arms, she reached down and began massaging my now very hard and pre cum covered cock.

“Oh Dennis, I need your ‘pole’ deep in me. I need you to fill me with all your sweet cum. Please do it now. Oh, I need it sooo bad!”

As I looked for a blanket Jane countered with, “No, I want to do it in the back seat like my fantasy.”

With that we slid deftly into the back seat and continued our embrace.

Still wearing her open blouse and shorty skirt, Jane pulled up the skirt and straddled me. Her hand found my now very excited cock and guided it to her waiting pussy.

It’s been awhile since I’ve fucked in a sitting position especially in the back seat of a car. Now feeling her hot pussy sliding onto my cock, I raised up meet her. Her pussy fit me like a hot, moist glove. I felt like a teenager getting his first piece.

As she began bouncing again and again on my hardness, I thrust up to meet her demanding cunt. Our lips locked as her tits crushed against my bare chest.

We were now moaning, breathing heavy and sweating profusely in the enclosed car. Finally I felt her pace quicken even more, then stiffening, her pussy squeezed me tightly and climaxed again and again. This girl was so horny. I responded by grabbing her buns and in a final thrust upwards, flooded her cunt with gob after gob of my pent up jism.

Time was now of essence so as Jane disconnected, I moved her quickly into a sitting position on the seat, pushed her legs back exposing her sumptuous just fucked pussy, lifted her legs onto my shoulders and admired what waited for me. This just fucked, pussy, was covered with cum and seemed to be wanting more. I obliged by not only enjoyed the view but also inhaled that intoxicating, just fucked fragrance. bahis şirketleri Now I proceeded to lap up the love cream from her slit plus her entire crotch area. I never tire of that sweet, forbidden taste.

“Oh Dennis, you don’t know how I missed this. You make me feel like a real woman again. It’s been so long- too long.”

Our lips now melted together as we tasted the nectar of our lovemaking.

Later upon returning to the house, Al had arrived and we all sat down to a delicious dinner. (All the time I was thinking, yea, and I already had dessert.)

After visiting for a couple of hours, it was time to retire. Jane whispered in my ear, “I have something special for you at about midnight in the kitchen.”

In bed, Jan mentioned how long her sister and I took to run our errands but then she knew how close we were and how we needed some time to ‘get things straight between us’…She did not push the conversation any further.

At midnight, with Jan sawing wood, I quietly snuck down stairs to the kitchen. There was Jane in her very short linen nighty and nothing else.

She put her finger to her lips indicating to be quiet, then proceeded to drop to her knees. and unbuttoned my shorty pj’s. Reaching in, my hot sister in law pulled out my flaccid penis.

Lusting at my manhood, she examined it closely as it began to grow in her hand. Now she tried swallowing all she could of my half hard cock, which of course had an immediate affect on me.

Her left hand grasp my ass as her right hand guided my penis through her full lips and into her waiting mouth. Holding her head, I urged her on. The slurping sound of her mouth sucking my cock added even more to our wanton act.

More and more my cock responded to her mouth. Now, not even totally hard, I felt myself losing control and suddenly spurt after spurt of my warm cum flooded her mouth. The sensation was overwhelming. I had to bite my tongue not to yell out.

After swallowing, Jane now stood before me, dreamy eyed and her lips smudged with my cum. “That was my welcome and thank you gift. Hope you enjoyed,” and before I could respond, she winked and was off to her bedroom.

The next morning we were on our way early. Maybe we could stop by on the way back.

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