A note left on my car.

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A note left on my car.
I walked out from my fitness gym and saw a piece of paper tucked neatly under my windshield wiper. I took it and sat down inside. It read, “Hi, I saw you get out and wanted to talk to you, but I was too nervous and too shy. I don’t know if you are interested in another man or not, but had to try. I’m Eric and would love to get to know you.” I looked around the parking lot but didn’t see anyone. The note had a phone number and an email address and a physical description. I had to admit, I was alittle flattered… and curious.

I thought about that note several times over the next few hours and read it over and over. Ever since I was young, I had a desire, urge and lust for cock. If he was as good as he sounded, maybe this was my chance.

I thought that there was no harm in emailing him, I could always ignore and block him if it didn’t work out, so I did, just out of curiosity. Eric emailed me back almost immediately canlı bahis and sent me the picture I posted here. Obviously, he had a beautiful cock and I could not help but let my imagination run wild thinking about it. Could this be my chance to finally live out a fantasy?

The thing is, my fantasy just wasn’t having another man suck my cock, I wanted to suck cock too. I wanted to feel it, I wanted to taste it, I wanted to make it spurt and cum it’s beautiful white load. I had to try it, I had to know. After sending me his face picture, I agreed to meet him.

He said I could just go to his place if I wanted, I was surprised he would be so open, but then again, I guess he had already seen me before.

I was nervous, but knew I wanted this so bad. I knocked on his door and he answered and let me in. It was a little wired at first, I had been on first dates with girls and knew how to talk with them, but never a guy. He sensed my awkwardness bonus veren siteler and it maybe is both laugh.

He was so so nice and seemed so relaxed, when he turned to get us a drink I moved behind him and touched his waist. He stood there, with my hands on his hips before turning. He faced me and we kissed.

He lead me to his bedroom room like I was a love sick puppy and undressed for me, then offered me his cock. I guess he could sense how much I wanted it. He layed down on his bed and his heavy, thick cock slapped against his belly. I just stared at it. I wanted this so much and had been fighting my feelings for so long. I gave into the moment and let myself go to the urges.

I licked and sucked his balls, breathing his scent. His big, tight, masculine balls. I ran my tongue from his base to his tip and felt him swell and harden.

“I didn’t know you were gay” he said. “Neither did I” I replied deneme bonusu and we both laughed.

I sucked his big beautiful cock and explored every inch of him, every curve and vein. I found I loved his taste and loved the way he felt as he filled my mouth.

“ I want your cum” I said softly, almost as if I was embarrassed by my lust.

“Come here” he said and layed me down on my back. He moved onto top of me and held himself as he gently fed me his cock. It was the most incredible experience of my life. So submissive, so slutty, so wonderfully gay.

He stroked himself above me and I waited for his cum. I held his ass and opened my mouth as he began to tremble, then felt the first, wonderful stream of his thick white cum land on my face. I instantly tasted his nectar and craved more. “Yes, yes!” I cried out and felt another stream cover me, then another. So much of his cum flooded into my mouth I had to swallow it and instantly felt warm and tingled, as if now it was official.

I was officailly a cock and cum lover.

Eric sucked me cock too and brought me to a wonderful, explosive orgasm, but I knew. I knew that as incredible as his blowjob was, it wasn’t as good as sucking his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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