A Nordic Seduction

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Penelope studied economics at the university in Sevilla and she had gotten a scholarship for studying half a year in Sweden. From the beginning she had loved the atmosphere of liberalism and freedom in the Nordic country. It was quite different from the South of Spain. She loved her home in the south but it was still difficult for young women there in some way and even more for girls like her.

Penelope was a real Beauty. She was 19 years old and had the typical looks of the south Mediterranean area. She had thick, dark brown – almost black – hair, reaching down over her shoulders. Her figure was slim but still with a good portion of curves at the right places. Her firm, well shaped breasts were a good 90B. Her skin had that darker tan and she had dark eyes, that racy look in her face and a very beautiful mouth, with full red lips. With a size of about 1,65m she was not very tall. The boys around her usually were mad about her.

But Penelope was not mad about boys. She had been with boys, but had never found them and even sex with them exciting. For years she had felt, that she was more attracted to girls, but in the south of Spain it was still very difficult for a young girl to out herself as a lesbian. So there had not been any chance for her to try anything.

Here up in the north it was quite different. In Sweden she had seen girls with girls on several occasions and she had soon even found out about a nice clubbing. It was not only lesbians there. There were hetero, gay and lesbians all without any difference. There also were some “GoGo-Girls,” that were dancing and Penelope liked watching them.

She liked going there alone and sit at the Bar and have a Drink, watching the dancers. She usually got quite hot, doing it. It was her third visit at the Club. She had been watching the sexy dancers for some time again and enjoyed the nice atmosphere and again she had got herself quite hot. Not only the girl-dancers also watching other lesbian girls dance and kiss made her horny.

She was dressed in a black dress with no bra beneath. It was shortly after Midnight when she wanted to leave the Clubbing and went to fetch her coat. She stepped into the small room, where the coats were kept. The door fell shut behind her. Nobody was inside. She started searching for her coat. She heard the door open and close behind her and suddenly the light went off.

She was frightened for a moment and even more was she frightened when she suddenly felt somebody close behind her and two hands firmly grabbed her breasts. She was shocked, she wanted to cry. But she didn’t do it. Somehow the hands felt good and there was a soft whisper in her ear.

“Psssst. Don’t cry, don’t shout. I have watched you. I have watched you not only today. If you say just one word, I’m immediately gone, but if you want to feel a woman I can show more pleasure, than you can imagine. Decide! I will only ask you once to follow me!” It was a soft voice, a female voice that talked to her in English.

The 19-year-old Spanish girl shivered. It was strange, so strange and so arousing…and she wanted it, had wanted it for years. But could she canlı bahis şirketleri trust a stranger, follow a stranger and give herself to her? She hadn’t even an idea what the woman would look like, nor what she had in mind doing to her. And somehow that even aroused her more.

“I will follow you!” she whispered with a weak, highly excited voice.

The answer was a wet tongue caressing her ear for a short moment. Then the hands left her breasts and next she felt something cool, a small peace of fabric over her eyes. She was softly blindfolded with a silken blindfold.

“What…?” she asked shivering with excitement.

“Everything fine, little girl. Just relax. I will only do things to you, that you like. Now follow me.”

An arm lay wrapped around her shoulders and she followed. She was strangely excited and aroused by the whole situation.

The woman led her, still blindfolded out of the building and to a taxi. She did not talk to her anymore, but when the taxi started driving the woman drew her closer. She felt soft lips on her lips and then the unseen stranger started kissing her. It was sooo very soft and sensual. The lips were really exploring her, exploring every little place and wrinkle of her lips. There was no hurry and no pressure. It was all pure tenderness. It felt so good to her that she did not even think that they were still in the taxi and that the driver could see them. A tongue continued the exploration later and again it was very slow and soft and sensual. Automatically her lips finally opened and the strangers tongue slipped into her mouth and found her tongue. It was like a kind of magic when she felt another woman’s tongue encircle hers. She got totally lost in the first girl-girl French kiss of her young life.

She had no idea how long the taxi-drive took. For Penelope it was like some seconds only. Finally they stopped, the woman paid the taxi and led her into a building. They took an elevator and the 19-year-old girl heard the woman unlock a door. The door was closed and locked behind her. The girls excitement grew again; now she was completely in the hands of that unknown stranger.

She was led further into the flat, when they stopped she felt that she was close to something soft, that ended at about her knees. It felt like a bed. But the woman left her little time for thinking. Soft and tender hands started to explore her body. Fingers strode across her face, across her lips. Alone the touch of these soft and caring fingers aroused her. And the fingers did not stop at her face, they went deeper, stroke her neck and even went down to her breasts. The fingers felt that she had hard nipples already. And then there were her lips again on hers. This time they were firmer already. There was an arousing passion in that kiss. She loved it as the woman’s lips and tongue dominated her. The storm of wild passion took her completely and again she was completely lost in that kiss. Never before had she experienced anything like that; never before would she even have thought that a kiss made be like this.

Only like in a far distance she felt, that she was stripped of canlı kaçak iddaa her dress and then she was pushed softly onto the bed.

“You are unbelievable beautiful,” the woman said in her soft, sexy voice. “Give me your hands. I will not really tie you, you can always free yourself, I just want to give yourself the feeling of being totally taken care off.”

Willingly the young Spanish girl let herself tie softly to the bed. It was a again done with something made of silk.

For a moment she then did not feel the woman, but she heard the sound of somebody undressing and then she heard some moans before she felt the woman kneeling just beside her. She was kissed again and then there was a finger at her nose.

“Smell these. Do you like it?”

“Yes. I like it,” the 19-year-old girl whispered excited.

The finger touched her lips and she opened her mouth. The finger slid in and she sucked on it, licked it clean. It tasted wonderful, it was a new taste to her.

“Do you like the taste?”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“It’s the taste of my pussy. Would you like to lick my pussy?”

The young girl nodded aroused.

“You can lick my pussy as often and as long as you want, little girl. But not yet. First I will pleasure you, my Beauty!”

The woman knelt over her thighs. She could really feel her body coming closer and closer, till there lips met. This time it was a wild kiss, a kiss full of sex. A wild dance of wet tongues. Her body was fully on her now and for the first time she felt breasts pressed directly to her breasts. There boobs massaged each other, she felt the strangers hard nipples in the flesh of her tits.

Slowly the woman started kissing her way down her body. For a very long time she played around her head and neck. She teased her, made hotter and hotter. And all the while her soft and gentle female hands stroke and massaged her breasts and nipples. Penelope was going mad of arousal. It took a long time till the woman’s kisses reached her boobs and slowly she circled them; she kissed and licked around them; kissed and licked their sides and undersides. Soft and tender kisses were planted around her nipples, a tongue touched her for the first time. She tried to press her breasts into her mouth, but the woman was teasing. It was a long time of teasing kisses and licks and soft touches before she finally took one of her nipples fully into her mouth and played with the other one between her fingers. The young Spanish girl moaned loud with sexual pleasure.

After a while the woman stopped the kissing, sucking and licking. Penelopes legs were spread already. She was eagerly waiting for a first touch to her already moist, already wet pussy. The woman stroke the insides of her thighs now softly, coming closer and closer to her pussy with each circle that her hands drew and finally she felt a finger glide over her slit. There was still the already soaking wet, thin fabric of her panties. It felt so good.

“Please,” the young girl moaned.

“Please, what?”

“I need to cum, please.,” she moaned, while the woman rubbed up and down her pussy through canlı kaçak bahis her panties and the feeling of the fabric and the fingers made it even better. She was close to cumming, when the woman finally also stripped her off her panties and she was completely naked now.

With spread legs and a dripping wet cunt she was lying naked before a strange woman she had never seen and the only thing she needed was to cum. She felt something warm at her pussy and even she never had felt that before, she knew what it was: it was the woman’s mouth.

She planted soft kisses all over her wet pussy. She had to hold down the girls hips. Penelope was almost crying of lust and pleasure, as the woman let her tongue lick along her slit for the first time. A loud cry of lust escaped the Spanish girl and only a very few licks later she started cumming. A big wave of pleasure was building inside her and the wave of pleasure turned to something even better. A loud and wild orgasm shook her body. She was loud and came as she never had before; long and wild and incredibly intensive and the woman kept licking her, thus holding her orgasm for some time.

Penelope just fell back onto the bed. Slowly she relaxed and enjoyed the sensual, soft but so very sexy and erotic woman kiss her way up again. When the 19-year-old Spanish girl had finally completely relaxed the woman took off her blindfold.

Kneeling above Penelope was one of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. The woman was much taller than her, about 1,8m in height and she was slim and slender, with long beautiful legs. In spite of her slim body she had a very good portion of firm, round breasts, quite bigger than hers and with big, long, sexy hard nipples. She had a beautiful Nordic face and blonde hair, that was cut rather short, but perfectly fit to her body. She could hardly estimate the age of this Swedish Beauty, but later learned that she was 33.

“You are wonderful, so beautiful,” escaped her mouth and she meant, what she said.

“Thank you. What’s your name,” smiled the blonde woman.

They had not even exchanged names.

“Penelope,” the young girl smiled back.

“I’m Astrid. Penelope, do you want to taste my Pussy. Do you want to lick me?”

The racy girl just nodded.

Astrid moved upwards and finally knelt directly above her face and slowly lowered herself onto the eagerly waiting mouth of the young Spanish girl.

Penelope loved the taste of pussy, she wanted to take all her flowing juices. She loved to hear Astrid moan above her and almost ride her face. She just followed her instincts and her eagerness to lick, kiss and suck this wet cunt of that beautiful Nordic woman. With wild, uncontrolled licks of her tongue she made Astrid cum.

Later Astrid had untied Penelope and they lay close to each other. The blonde woman kissed the younger dark haired girl and her fingers played with her pubes.

“That was good, for your first time, but you have a lot to learn still. Do you want me to be your loving teacher, do you want me to show you how to give and receive all kinds of lesbian pleasure, do you want to be my naughty, slutty student girl?” Astrid asked.

A deep, passionate kiss was the answer and the young racy Spanish girl rolled onto the tall blonde Swedish woman, rubbing breast on breast and pussy on pussy.

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