A New Kind of Love

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Kicking his shoes off, Jack made his way into the kitchen. Looking at the clock on the wall he saw it had just gone half past ten, he had been on patrol since eight that morning and was very tired.

Jack had been part of the Devon and Cornwall Police Force for around ten years, five of which he served on the firearms department until he got injured in a hostage situation. Fortunately he had not been forced into a very early retirement but had been transferred to regular patrol duty in Plymouth, a town of his choice. Now he was out of the danger zone he was ready to try to settle down with a woman intent on starting a family.

Opening a cupboard, Jack pulled out a packet of spaghetti and headed over to the oven where he already had a large saucepan out. So what if it was coming up for eleven in the evening, he was hungry! After putting the spaghetti into the saucepan he got out a packet of mince and a frying pan. Spaghetti bolognaise had been his favourite meal since before he could remember, he was half Italian and his family would often have this and other pasta dishes prepared by his mother, Vanessa.

Soon enough the savoury odour of the bolognaise sauce was drifting throughout the downstairs area, he had made enough for two people purposely – in case he got home late the next day. Jack walked over to the fridge, placed the spare plate of food inside and grabbed a cold beer. Opening the beer he took a large gulp and settled down to eat his dinner.

Once he had finished he placed his plate in the sink, knowing that unless his sister was coming round it wouldn’t be cleaned for several days. He put his plate there none the less, stacking higher the tower of plates previously used. After putting his beer bottle by the bin he made his way upstairs and walked into the bathroom, he knew it was pushing on half eleven and that he had to be up the next morning but that still didn’t excuse him from a bath.

As he poured in the bubbles Jack’s thoughts wondered to his sister. They had always been close, he and Lucy and as they grew older it only resulted in them becoming even closer. They had both chosen the same career path however Lucy had been based up in Truro whereas Jack had chosen Plymouth, a place where he had always felt at home. Lucy had been married for five years, she had no children. Due to their parents terrible death, James, Lucy’s husband, thought it only to be right that he asked Jack’s permission to marry her. Having known James for a considerable amount of time Jack agreed straight away, knowing that Lucy would be safe with him.

As he turned the tap off and started to slide down into the welcoming warm water his mobile started to ring.

“Sod it. They can leave a message.” He said out loud, wondering who could be calling him at this time. A few seconds later the ringing stopped, Jack relaxed letting himself disappear under the mountains of bubbles, into the water. As he re-emerged for breath he once again heard the ringing of his phone. “Some people just don’t know when to quit!” He stood up, got out of the bath and walked into his bedroom, not bothering with a towel.

Without looking at the caller ID Jack answered. He was immediately greeted by the loud sobs of who he thought was his sister.

“Lucy?” He asked, wishing he had answered the previous call. “Lucy is this you? Please answer I can only hear you crying.”

“J-Jack.” It was Lucy.

“What’s the matter Lucy? What’s wrong?” He asked, getting increasingly worried himself.

“J-Jack…” She sobbed into the phone.

“Lucy, just stay there, I’m guessing you’re at home?”


“Ok, just wait there, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

He hung up and got dressed. Due to the rush he didn’t bother putting on his shoes and rushed out to his car, running back to lock the door. Starting the car, he sped off down the road.

Half an hour later he arrived at his sister’s house, he couldn’t believe the amount of traffic he had met on the way over. He rushed into the house without knocking and closed the door behind him, running canlı bahis into the sitting room he saw Lucy on the sofa sobbing into her hands. He immediately sat down by her and put his arms around her, gently pulling her towards him. At first she flinched, then, realising who it was she buried her head in his chest.

“Hey, it’s ok Lucy, I’m here.” He said, kissing the top of her head. He felt her arms around his body, squeezing him, he didn’t care that it was hurting, as long as she was fine.

“I-I’m sorry Jack, I shouldn’t have called you.” She raised her head and he saw the red eyes and tear stained cheeks. Kissing her gently on the cheek he smiled gently.

“It’s fine, I was worried about you, what’s wrong? Is it James?” As if it were a trigger word Jack watched as her eyes swelled with tears once again. He was worried, he had never seen her as upset as she was now.

Eventually she had calmed down, they had sat with her head on his chest for about fifteen minutes the only sounds being the sobs of Lucy. Being careful not to say her husbands name, Jack once again inquired what was wrong.

“Eve, you need to tell me, has he hurt you?” She shook her head and removed her head from his now soaking wet shirt.

“No…It’s not that.” She said. “W-We had an argument. I think he is cheating on me and so I confronted him.”

“Oh dear,” Jack said, his arms still around her. “And I guess he was?”

“I don’t know, he just shouted at me for about five minutes before collecting some of his things and leaving.” She resumed her place on his chest and continued to sob lightly.

“Ok, well, do you want to come back to my house?” He asked. She shook her head.

“No, it’s far too late, it’s nearly quarter to one.” She said glancing up at the clock. “Could you stay here?” Jack smiled and nodded.

“Of course, I’m going to need a quilt and pillow though, I’ll take the couch.”

“I-I was wondering if you could sleep in the same bed as me? I just want to be able to feel someone there that loves me.”

“If you’re sure Lucy, I can easily just sleep down here?” She shook her head and made her way upstairs to her bedroom, Jack followed, locking the front door and turning the lights out as he went. Taking off his shirt he followed her into bed. He allowed her to place her head on his chest and hold his hand as she tried to get to sleep. He had told himself he would not sleep until she did, it wasn’t until an hour later when Jack noticed that she was still awake that he thought this may be a bit harder to do that he thought.

When he next opened his eyes the early morning sun was shining through the window. He blinked. He wasn’t entirely sure where he was. As he got up the memories of last nights events came back to him, he looked at the bed and saw that Lucy was already up. Quickly he grabbed his shirt and went downstairs. As he entered the kitchen he saw her sitting at the table holding a mug of coffee, he smiled at her and walked over.

“Good morning.” She said as she poured out a mug of coffee for him and set the coffee pot back on the table. Taking a sip Jack smiled.

“You certainly seem to be happier this morning.”

“Thank you Jack, for staying over last night, I don’t know what I would have done without you.” Again Jack smiled. Reaching over, she planted a soft kiss on his cheek. “Ever since mum and dad…you know…Anyway, you’ve always been there for me. I’m your older sister, I’m meant to be there for you.” Jack shook his head.

“No, I’m your brother, that’s what I’m here for – to look after you. I would have hated myself if you hadn’t called me and you were on your own.” He looked up at the clock, quarter past seven. “Damn, I forgot, I have work today!” Jack sighed and turned back to Lucy. “If you like I can come around after my shift today?” Lucy nodded.

“Yes please, that would be nice. I have to type up a report for my officer so I’ll be occupied.” Jack smiled and nodded.

“Ok, it’s a date.”

Getting up, Jack walked into the corridor.

“Er, Lucy? When I came here last night, bahis siteleri did I have my shoes on?” He heard giggling and headed back into the kitchen. “I take that as a no?” She shook her head. “Well, I’m going to have a shower and head home before going out to work today.”


After stopping by at his house to pick up his shoes Jack headed of to work to pick up his partner. Fortunately the day was quiet and Jack was able to relax and think about what he would do about his sister.

Before he drove back to his sisters house he picked up a bottle of wine, he wanted Lucy to be able to relax so they could discuss what she would like to do about James. As he opened her front door he was greeted by her, she was crying. Also it appeared that she had already helped herself to a couple of bottles of wine.

“The bastard!” She yelled as Jack sat her down in the sitting room. “He was cheating! And he yelled at me…” She drifted off as Jack put his arm around her.

“What’s happened?” He asked stupidly, he knew what had happened. The bastard had left her.

“What’s wrong with me Jack?” She asked, her words barely coherent and her breath smelling of wine. “Why did he leave me? Why?!” Jack put his arms tighter around her and kissed her on the head, much like the day before.

“There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s him! He’s the jerk. You are beautiful, you are smart, you are everything a guy could want.” He went a bit red as he said this. It was true though, she was very beautiful, she was very smart and Jack certainly couldn’t see anything wrong with her.

“I wish…I wish there were more men like you out there Jack. I’d marry you in an instant.” She raised her head and kissed him on the cheek. “I love you Jack.” Jack sighed and gave her a smile.

“I love you too Lucy.” He flinched as she ran her hand down his shirt towards his stomach, at the bottom of his shirt she pushed her hand up and under, touching his bare skin. Jack took her hand out of his shirt. “Lucy, stop it, you’re drunk. Let’s get you too bed.” Jack lifted her up into his arms and carried her up to her bedroom. When he got there he used his foot to kick back the covers and lay her down.

“Jack, can you sleep in here again?” Jack shook his head.

“I’m sorry Lucy, you’re drunk and you’ve had a bad day, you need to get some sleep.” As he said this she say up and pouted.

“No I’m not!”

“Then why did you do that downstairs? Why did you stroke my stomach and chest?” Jack sat down beside her and stroked her hair.

“I-I love you Jack.”

“I love you too Lucy.” Jack said, he felt his heart beating faster, he knew he had to put this to a stop.

“I don’t love you like a brother though…” Jack jumped. He leant in to kiss her on the cheek good night. She purposely turned and kissed him on the lips. For a second it felt as if time has frozen, Jack didn’t pull back at first, it had been so long since he had felt the touch of another. He felt her raise her hand to his cheek, he pulled back.

“No, Lucy this is wrong. I’m sorry. I’m going to sleep on the couch tonight.” Jack lay her down on the bed and pulled the cover up to her neck, she had turned away, was she angry with him or herself? He sighed and walked out of her room, pulling the door shut. He took a spare pillow and went downstairs, he used the cover on the couch as a quilt and settled down to sleep.

The next morning he woke up, there was a dim mist outside that he could see through the windows. He groaned at the prospect of work and then remembered it was Sunday. He had decided he wouldn’t mention what happened last night to Lucy, if she didn’t remember it then it didn’t matter. His thoughts went back to how he had felt while they kissed, he dismissed it as a feeling of guilt, that he had known it was wrong and he had felt bad about it. He knew this wasn’t the real reason, but it was just easier.

As he stood up he realised that Lucy still wasn’t awake, he ascended the stairs and opened her door slightly. He stood there for a second admiring his sister. No, not admiring bahis şirketleri her, he was checking she was ok. He quickly walked into the bathroom, hopefully a warm shower would wake him up. He shut the bathroom door and locked it, just in case his sister was still feeling weird today. He took off his shirt and threw it on the floor, as he took off his trousers he saw his wound, the wound that had forced him to return to patrolling the streets. He ran two fingers over the old scar, feeling the rough skin beneath it. He resumed taking his trousers off, then his boxers and stepped into the shower. As he stood below the hot water he felt his body un-tense, he was right, this had helped. He had to do something to help Lucy. He would invite her around to his house while the divorce went through.

Jack finished washing and stepped out of the shower. He dried himself and put the towel around his waist. Silently he crept into Lucy’s room and went to the wardrobe, he felt weird looking for James’ boxers but he needed a new pair. At last he found some, he slipped them on under the towel and exited the room. Walking back to the bathroom he got dressed again and headed downstairs.

Thinking it best if he started of as if nothing happened the previous night, Jack decided to make Lucy breakfast in bed, she certainly needed cheering up and he was certainly prepared to do what it took to do this. Scrambled eggs. That had always been her favourite also it had been the one thing that Jack had never successfully cooked. Still, he thought that maybe this time Lady Luck would be there with him.

Apparently, Lady Luck was busy. After the third failed attempt Jack gave up, he washed up the saucepan and put it back in the cupboard. Lucy would have to deal with jam on toast with a cup of coffee.

Silently Jack edged his way into Lucy’s room, it had taken him five minutes already to open her door while trying not to drop the tray so he wouldn’t have been surprised if she had woken up already. Walking up to the bed, he placed the tray on the bedside table and sat down next to Lucy. As he sat there and looked at her face he felt the familiar feeling in his stomach. He reached over and gently stroke her hair, moving it out of her face, he smiled, for a minute he was mesmerized by the beauty before him. Slowly he lowered his head and gently kissed her on the lips, he didn’t move as he kept his lips against hers.

He felt movement and jumped.

“That was a nice wake up alarm.” Lucy said. Jack was mortified, he could have sworn that she was asleep.

“O-Oh, I-I’m sorry Lucy, I don’t know…” He trailed off, knowing there was no way he could talk his way out of this. Jack looked away as she opened her eyes, he felt her hand against his chin, turning him to face her once again. When he dared to raise his eyes he saw that she was smiling.

“I’m not sorry, I enjoyed it.” Jack wondered if the alcohol was still having an effect on her. “Last night I was quite sober when I ran my hand up your chest and when I kissed you in bed.” The colour of Jacks face seemed to flicker from white to red and back to white as if it didn’t know whether he should be more embarrassed than shocked or the other way around.

After a minute or so Lucy looked at the tray by her bed.

“That’s sweet of you. You didn’t have to do that.” Jack smiled, relaxing a bit.

“I wanted to, you seemed so upset and I wanted to cheer you up.” She smiled back at him, sitting up she took the mug of coffee and took a sip.

“Well, you’ve already cheered me up, that kiss was exactly what I wanted Jack.” Jack’s eyes looked away at the painting on the wall, at the carpet, anything but her face. “Jack, there’s no need to be embarrassed, I liked it, I wanted it…I needed it.” He looked up and saw her radiant face, he still was worried.

“But, we’re brother and sister Lucy!” He whispered, feeling like he was once again a young boy.

“Jack, don’t you understand? None of that matters, as long as we love each other.” She raised her hand to his cheek. Raising his hand he moved hers away.

“No Lucy, it isn’t right…It’s sick!” Standing up he made his way to the door. “I’m sorry Lucy.” He looked back and saw his sister with tears in her eyes. “Eat up and get ready, we’ve got a lot of stuff to sort out.”

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