A New Job Pt. 03

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It’s been a few weeks since I started serving Frank and Jim, and to be honest, things are going fantastic. I’ve been getting three meals a day, plenty of hot man sex, including bondage and leather, a solid roof, and a warm bed… or leather sleep sack some nights.

I arrive home on Thursday after work, and Frank is frantically running around the house, so much so that he doesn’t even notice I’ve walked in and am waiting for my collar.

Jim finally walks into the living room, “oh, hello boy. Have a good day? Here, let me get you straight.”

He places the collar around my neck, locks it, and kisses me.

“Thank you Sir, what’s, um, going on with Frank, he looks like he’s lost it?” I ask

“Oh, well, we just got asked to host a small leather get together, which normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but it was asked to be done tomorrow night, so he’s checking to see all that needs to be done. I hope you don’t mind being busy.”

I make a bold move, and go over to where Frank is pacing in the kitchen, I grab a hold of his arms, “Frank, stop. Take a deep breath, we will figure this out. How many people are coming?”

He stops, looks at my eyes, and begins to calm down, “oh hello boy, yeah, um, its 4 other people, but two are doms and two are their slaves, so we need 4 total chairs, their slaves, and you, are expected to sit on the floor.”

‘Okay, that’s fine, we have six chairs around the table. What about food? Are we serving dinner? Or are we just providing something snack-like for people to come and go to eat?” I ask, calmly, holding him still.

“Um, I think they want a real dinner, can you cook? I don’t know what you’re going to make for seven people.” He frantically looks around the kitchen.

“I will find something to make. You go sit down, let Jim love on you a little bit, are they expecting a fun time after dinner?” I ask.

Jim hears me and walks into the kitchen, he grabs Frank’s arm, pulling him towards the living room, “come on baby, let me get my mouth around that sexy cock. Thank you boy, and yes, we should have the basement and the play bedroom ready. I’ll help you with that later.”

Shortly after that, I’m thumbing through the cook books, which I haven’t had to look at recently, trying to find something good that I can make. I hear Frank’s quiet moans from the living room as Jim makes good on his request. Sex will usually distract Frank long enough to calm down and focus.

I think to myself, “here we go, I’ll make this, a nice roast with veggies.”

I open the freezer to see what’s in there, and we don’t have a roast, so I go to my bedroom, making a mental note of what I need to buy. I dress in my regular clothes, grabbing my wallet and keys.

I go into the living room, and see Frank leaning on the couch, arching his back, and Jim is working his balls in his mouth, slowly stroking on this cock.

“Sirs, I don’t mean to interrupt, but I need to go to the store and get stuff for tomorrow. Can one of you please remove my collar?”

“Come over here boy,” Frank motions for me.

I walk to him, and I sit on the couch, he grabs my collar, but pulls my head down, “Suck on my cock while Jim sucks my balls. Get me some double action boy.”

I take his cock in my mouth, suckling on the head, swirling my tongue around the head, gathering all the precum he leaks out.

“Oh fuck, that’s right, my sweet hubby on my balls, our sweet sexy houseboy on my bahis firmaları cock, and I’m loving life.” He growls and moans.

Frank reaches down, and unlocks my collar, they both have the key tucked on their body somewhere at all times, he pushes my head off his cock, and gently pulls his balls from Jim’s body.

Jim and I look up at him, he looks down at us, smiles, places a hand on each of our faces, “Let’s go to dinner, we can go to the grocery store after. I’m famished.”

“Um, okay,” I reply.

“That sounds great baby,” Jim says, standing up.

We all depart the house together, climb into my car, where Frank takes the front seat, and Jim in the back. I drive, since I’m the houseboy, it’s my responsibility to drive them around unless they choose to drive.

Frank leans over, wrapping the chain around my neck and locking it, and instead of tucking it in my shirt as he usually does, he just sets it down on my shirt, “I want people to know that you’re ours. We’ve been out for nearly 20 years, so we aren’t shy about it. Let’s go boy.”

I shift the car into drive and start down the street.

At dinner, I excuse myself to use the restroom, to which Frank nods at me giving permission. When I return, they’re sitting, staring at me, with smiles.

Frank starts, “So, we’ve been talking about it, and we want to make some changes that we hope you’re okay with. We want you to move out of the basement. We’re going to put our bed down there in that space. We’ve been looking at a bigger bed for the bedroom, and we’d really like you to make a spot in our closet for your clothes and for you to share our bed with us. We’d also like to change your title from Houseboy, to just our boy. We couldn’t have found a more perfect boy who caters to our needs so well. What do you think?”

“Um, I think about what was just said, “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely boy,” Jim says, “Your contract agreement is up next week, and we’d like to not renew it, but ask you to be part of our family, for good. We both have strong feelings for you and don’t want you to go anywhere.”

“Well, if that’s what pleases the both of you, then I’m in too. I have really felt like I have belonged to something these last few weeks. I’ve just been so happy.”

“Good, then it’s decided. Welcome boy, to the family.” Frank smiles, and so does Jim.

The bill arrives, to which Frank takes care of, and we exit the restaurant. We get into the car, and Frank leans over, plants his lips deep on my mouth, using his tongue to explore my mouth. I accidentally rev the engine hard.

Jim leans forward from the back seat, “I’ll get that sweet mouth later boy.”

Frank finally leaves my mouth, “let’s go to the store boy.”

We grab a bunch of groceries, things that I need, luckily I made an actual list on my phone, or else I would have forgotten nearly everything on it. Frank spends the entire drive with his hand on my crotch, massaging my erection. I was so stimulated that I had to wait in the car for an extra minute to get it to deflate.

We arrive home, and my collar is swiftly replaced. Jim is the one to replace the lock as Frank goes to check his work email. Jim leans into me with his whole body, kissing me as deeply as Frank did, his hands exploring my body. He grabs my cheeks and spreads them apart, growling in my mouth.

“Frank and I want to fuck this hole so badly right now. I know he wants it, and so do I. Let’s kaçak iddaa go boy.”

He pulls me into the bedroom, removes all my clothing so I’m stark naked. He’s kissing me, leading me to the bed. He departs from my mouth, and turns me around, “get on all fours on the bed.”

I do so, and I feel him rubbing against my ass, pushing fingers against my hole. He grabs the bottle of lube and gets me ready. He pushes a finger into my hole, I suck air in, and push out against him. He removes a finger, “damn, such a tight hole.”

“Yeah, we ought to put a butt plug in him most days.” Frank says, suddenly standing in the doorway.

“Maybe, but then again, I like working this boy hole, love when he wraps his hole around my cock.” Jim says, pushing another finger into me.

He then pulls his fingers from me, he smacks my ass, “don’t move boy,” he says.

Frank walks over, strips from his clothes as Jim does the same behind me. I’m ready, drooling, panting, waiting for both of these sexy men to use my holes.

They both get on the bed, position themselves accordingly, Frank’s hard cock staring me in the face, I open my mouth and he leans forward, pushing his head into my mouth. I feel Jim behind me, grabbing my hips, pushing his cock deep into my hole.

I groan hard onto Frank’s cock, as Jim moans behind me when his balls hit mine. Frank leans forward over me, and begins to kiss Jim. I hear their lips together, as both of them start to thrust forward at the same time.

They break away, “ready to really fuck this slutty boy?” Frank asks.

“Let’s do it, are you ready boy?” Jim replies.

I moan, push out a yes Sirs with a mouth full of cock. Jim reaches down, grabs my hips, Frank reaches down, grabs the sides of my head, and both of them begin their hard thrusting. My mouth drooling with spit, slightly gagging as Frank hits the back of my throat, the sound of Jim’s balls smacking against my body.

I’m grunting, moaning, loving this double stuff I’m getting. They’re both moaning, pushing their cocks into my holes hard and fast.

They continue this stamina for who knows how long. It feels like days, and I’m in such a heavenly mind with two cocks all to myself.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” shouts Jim!

“Yeah baby, load that bottom hole with your cum, yeah, give it to him. Breed him good baby,” Frank commands as he continues thrusting in my mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Jim shouts! His cum begins to flow from his cock, filling my hole. I can feel the warmness inside me as his thick streams of cum shoot out.

Jim slows down, enjoying every thrust of his orgasm. He finally pulls out of me, as does Frank. They trade places, I look up at Jim as he is now standing in front of me, “thank you Sir. I love when you breed me Sir.”

He reaches his hand down to my chin, “yeah, and I love when that slutty mouth cleans my cock after I fuck your ass, get to it boy.”

I take his semi soft cock in my mouth, sucking all the cum and lube off of it. Frank shoves his cock deep into my hole, not taking it slowly, but grabbing my hips and pushing his cock harder and faster than he did in my mouth.

“Yeah boy, this sloppy hole loves our cocks deep inside.” He says.

“That’s right baby, fuck his hole. I loosened him up for you. He loves being bred, dump that load into him.”

Frank doesn’t take long as I’ve prepped him with my mouth, “oh shit, here it comes boy.”

He soon starts kaçak bahis his orgasm, thrusting deeply inside me, his cum also pushing into me. I feel his warmer cum shoot deep inside me.

Once he’s done, Frank comes to my mouth again, “clean me off boy.”

Jim walks behind me, and shoves a plug into my hole, “there, now your Sirs’ cum won’t leak all over the place, hold those loads in there boy.”

Once Frank is satisfied, he tells me to lie down. They lie on either side of me, each of them putting their arm around me, over my body, and I’ve never felt safer, or happier. Jim reaches down, and starts to stroke my throbbing cock.

“Oh look baby, he’s excited, he obviously loves getting fucked by us.” Jim says.

Frank reaches down, grabs my balls in his bear hand, pulling them slightly, “cum for us boy. We want to see you shoot your load.”

Jim picks up his speed, stroking me hard, my own precum making for gentle lube.

I’m close, and I soon begin to shoot my cum, pushing it out of me, shooting all across my stomach and chest.

“Hot damn boy, shoot that fucking load.” Frank says.

I finally finish what feels like the world’s longest orgasm with these two sexy bears fondling my junk, Jim continues stroking my head after I finish, causing that feeling of extreme pleasure and discomfort, me bucking my hips, Frank moves his hand from by balls and places his arm over my body so I can’t move my arms.

Frank laughs, “what do you think baby, can we milk another load from him? I see he’s still hard.”

“I don’t know, what do you think boy, can you give us another one?” Jim asks.

I can’t even answer, I’m writhing around, still hard, getting close as he continues, and Frank leans in, kisses my mouth, using his tongue to explore, although I’m sure at this point, my breath tastes of pure sex.

“Mmmm, his tongue is wet and sticky from our cum, yeah, I think you should keep going until he shoots again.” Frank says, then dives his head to my nipple, which sends me over the edge.

I’m so close, bucking my chest into Frank’s mouth, it feels so good.

“Here baby, let’s switch,” Jim declares as he drops my cock, I was almost there, fuck.

Frank lets go of my nipple, and reaches down and begins stroking my cock, slowly, rolling his hand over the head, which is extremely sensitive. Jim leans down and begins biting and sucking my other nipple. He also moves his free hand over my mouth, holding it there so all I can do is breathe through my nose.

“Yeah boy, come on, give us that second load, come on, just focus on that plug in your ass, pushing on that prostate, the sensations as Jim sucks that nip, these long strokes on your rock hard cock.” Frank whispers in my ear.

Suddenly, here it is, I buck my hips so hard that my entire body jolts, and I begin shooting, further than last time, I’m grunting into Jim’s hand, and Frank’s just growling in my ear.

I’m finally done, limp and soft, and I’m covered in my own cum and sweat.

Frank sits up, and wipes the shot of cum off his face, and drips it into my mouth. Jim does the same with the cum on the side of his head.

They take turns scooping up all the cum on my body, and theirs. They’re feeding it to me, and I’m eating my two loads. Once finished, they both kiss me, licking the cum off my lips and my tongue.

“Fuck boy, that was amazing,” Jim says.

“Yeah, so fucking good boy. Never seen a second load shoot further than the first.” Frank says.

We settle in, under the covers, and I’m cuddled by both of them, and as I drift off to sleep, I can’t help but smile from ear to ear, hoping that this never has to end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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