A Naturist Weekend Ch. 08

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The decision made, Ronnie and I started making our plans. I handed in my resignation at work and had to work a month’s notice period, which was fair enough. Ronnie had retired from the Civil Service last year so he didn’t have a problem.

Ronnie came with me when I met my ex wife. I tried to tell her as gently as I could, not that it was anything to do with her now. I obviously still had feelings for her but they were different to the feelings I had for Ronnie. We were still both feeling delightfully loved up with each other. I didn’t want to hurt her at all but she reacted badly. She had split with the guy she left me for and had thoughts that we might get back together one day. Ronnie held my hand, when I told her I was in love with him, I explained. We were in love with each other. She burst into tears and walked away. I felt dreadful but at least she knew where we stood.

My son, on the other hand, couldn’t believe it. Didn’t want to believe it. He was angry, again I felt dreadful but there was nothing I could do. Should I get back with my ex wife and try to live a ‘normal’ life? I know my son wanted that. He was in his twenties now, living his own life. He wasn’t homophobic or anything like that, as he told me, ‘it’s just disgusting at my age.’ In time, my son would come to terms with it and we could move on.

I put the house up for sale and was pleasantly surprised that it sold within the month and for more than I expected. I felt better knowing my ex wife was getting her share of the profit.

We looked at several properties and chose a property at the top of Leith Walk, just on the edge of the pink triangle in Edinburgh. A fantastic location for the gay community and plenty passing trade. We refurbished the coffee shop with plenty of colour and fabrics, it looked so homely. Ronnie had an eye for detail and it didn’t take long before the place was looking fantastic. We named it ‘The Edinburgh Retreat’ A simple name and we had drawings of colourful butterflies surrounding the words on our sign. The butterflies bringing a feeling of colour and shape.

Once I worked my notice period, I moved in with Ronnie. We were together now. This was coinciding nicely with the work going on in the coffee shop. Ronnie had been taking care of the tradesmen who were refurbishing the shop for us. To relax, we decided to go to the Retreat for a night, before we opened for business in a few days time. Mark was more than happy to see us and gave us such a warm welcome. Ronnie and I were bowled over when Mark introduced us to Alan, his new boyfriend. I was so pleased for him. It’s not easy for guys over fifty to meet a partner. They looked great together.

We went upstairs, following Alan as he led us to our room. This was a different room to where we had previously stayed. Gosh, what a surprise when Alan opened the door and stood back. There were candles burning all over the room and it looked so relaxing and inviting. Mark had placed two vases of flowers and Otis Redding was playing in the background. I put my arm around Ronnie as we gazed at the room. I hugged Alan, what a fantastic welcome to give us.

Mark came up and suggested that, as there were no other guests, we take our clothes off and relax downstairs. ‘Supper in an hour,’ he shouted as he dashed downstairs, undoing his shirt as he ran. Alan followed him and Ronnie and I started to undress.

About a month ago, Ronnie and I got tested at the GUM clinic and we were both clean. With all the serious action we had enjoyed at the retreat, we got tested to be sure. We also spoke to our family doctor who prescribed a small daily dose of Cialis and that was better than taking a larger dose when it was required and having a throbbing erection for hours, not that there was anything wrong with that at all. The daily dose gave us erections when we needed them, and that was nice. In fact, the daily dose was working just fine for us. It was like we were teenagers again.

We walked downstairs and into the lounge where Alan was looking through some Cd’s for something to listen to. Oh my God, he was really well endowed. Not as big as Colin, but still huge. No wonder Mark was looking so pleased. I looked at the carved wooden penis in front of the log burner and smiled. I went up and touched it, stroking the head, remembering every minute of the ‘celebration’ a few weeks ago. We sat down, chatting and getting to know Alan. Mark called us through for supper.

It was so nice to be among friends. We ate, making small talk and watching the candles slowly burn. Mark confirmed he and Alan would be at our opening day and I was hoping that Colin and Neil would be there too. We hadn’t seen them since the Edinburgh Festival.

After we finished, I helped Mark clean up while Alan and Ronnie enjoyed a brandy. I smiled at Mark as we both remembered the time he took me against the kitchen sink. God, I was feeling so happy and contented. We kissed and walked through to the lounge. Alan and Ronnie were canlı bahis sitting beside each other on the settee talking. We knelt down in front of our lovers.

I stroked Ronnie’s legs and ran my fingers over his chest, feeling his thick hair. He was soft. I fondled his balls and squeezed his shaft, slowly wanking him and squeezing, my tongue tracing the shape of his beautifully crafted head. I moaned as I felt him stiffen in my grip. I knew how to get my man hard. I reached up and kissed him, tenderly. I held his face as I kissed him. Slowly, my tongue worked its way down his body again. God, he was hard. I looked at Alan’s cock slipping in and out of Mark’s mouth. He looked so sexy with his huge cock on display. Mark had been teaching him on the techniques that Ronnie taught us. I took Ronnie to the edge and stopped. He relaxed as I kissed him, his tongue teasing my mouth and then I sucked him again, moaning as I felt him again stopping at the exact moment.

I stood up and took his hand. Mark and Alan were still enjoying themselves as we left them and walked up to our room. The candles were still burning and the room was cast with a romantic glow. ‘Take me, Ronnie, make love to me.’

I moaned as he kissed my neck. He went to his bag and took out the lube and laid me down on the bed. Slowly, I pushed my cock into his mouth. He gripped my ass and took me all the way, God, it felt so thrilling. We turned around and lay side by side, sucking each other’s cock. I felt Ronnie as he rubbed the lube into my ass, fucking me with his fingers. I was so experienced now that I relaxed almost immediately. I felt dizzy with excitement. I was ready for him. I turned onto my knees and held the end of the bed. He pulled my legs apart with his hands and nudged his cock against my asshole.

I groaned at the sensations flooding over me. He pushed a little and I relaxed more as I felt his head enter me. God, his cock was pulsating. I had relaxed immediately I felt his cock and he pushed all the way in to me in one long thrust. I pushed my ass back to meet him, moaning loudly as I took his full length. He stopped pushing, relaxed and remained perfectly still. I gripped the base of his cock with my asshole, feeling the delicious sensation of his cock in me. A few moments later, he pulled completely out and then slowly thrust all the way back into me. Long, slow strokes, one after the other and it felt fantastic. He started to increase the pace, faster and faster, still all the way out and back in again. Lovely firm strokes. Ohhh…it was divine.

On and on Ronnie rode me. I shivered with excitement. He moaned as his cock started to twitch. I cupped his balls, fondling them, feeling them move as he got closer to his moment. He fucked me faster and faster. I hugged the pillow tightly as I took every thrust Ronnie gave me. He stiffened inside me and then shuddered as the first spasm of spunk shot inside my ass. Time and again, he shuddered, shooting load after load inside me. God, I felt that warm, cosy feeling of love coursing through me. I shared every spurt with Ronnie, I could feel his orgasm, I could really feel it like it was mine. Spent, he lay on top of me, breathing heavily. I breathed in, tasting his scent and feeling the power of his orgasm.

He rolled me over and sat straddling my legs. He was slowly wanking my cock. He had a lovely movement with his hands. He built up a rhythm as he wanked me, alternating in speed and tightness. He was aware of when I was nearing the brink and controlled me until it subsided. Time and again, he pleasured me. I was writhing on the bed, staring at the candles, looking up at Ronnie as he wanked me. It was so beautiful.

He kept wanking me as he lowered his head and took me. God, he sent thrill after thrill down my back. His fingers kept up a steady rhythm as he wanked me, his mouth teasing my cock head. I felt a familiar sensation well up in me as he sucked. ‘I’m coming….Ronnie….I’m going to come….’

I shuddered as I exploded in his mouth. Time and time again, he controlled my cock as it erupted. Milking everything I had. I moaned, one long drawn out moan of pleasure as he swallowed my spunk. Once I had finished, he moved up and kissed me. My legs wrapped around his and I pulled him closer to me. I could taste the spunk in his mouth, my spunk. Later, now we were both satisfied, we went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves up. We fell asleep, the candles still burning and the music, still in our ears.

Again, like most nights, I felt Ronnie lube himself and rub my ass. I pretended to sleep. His arm went around me, the hair on his arm tickling my face. He pushed against me and I relaxed as he entered me. Just as he did most nights, he fucked me and he kept fucking me until eventually he came. I tried to stifle a moan as I felt his cock explode inside me. God, I could feel the hot spunk inside me. And then, he relaxed and appeared to go to sleep again. I hugged the pillow as I shut my eyes, going bahis siteleri to sleep with my lover’s spunk and cock deep inside me.

The candles had burnt out during the night and were extinguished when we woke up. It was seven in the morning. I kissed Ronnie as I felt him waking. I could hear the raindrops on the window. I got up and walked to the window, looking out. The rain was quite heavy and it was so gray and miserable. A typical Scottish summer’s day. Ronnie came up behind me and put his arms around me. ‘Let’s go outside, walk in the garden in the rain. I’ve never done that before,’ I suggested.

Ten minutes later, as we stood on the doorstep, we were beginning to have second thoughts. It was windy and wet and also quite cold. I shivered and wrapped up closer to Ronnie. Together, we held hands and almost ran down the path to the grassy banking beside the stream. It was cold but it was very exhilarating. We giggled together. I felt the wet grass under my feet. Heavy raindrops were hitting us like little darts. It was thrilling. My nipples were erect with the excitement and cold. I spread my arms out and shut my eyes, feeling every raindrop as it hit me. We were soaking and it felt great.

Behind us, I heard Mark shout as he and Alan came walking towards us. ‘This is great,’ Mark shouted. The rain seemed to get heavier and heavier. I started to skip across the grass, like a child. We all started to skip and dance, four mature guys, carefree and in love.

Mark had brought lube with him. Obviously he had something in mind. We were all friends, intimate friends and we were dancing in the rain. Mark came up and kissed me. I responded, feeling a stirring in my groin. Alan was kissing Ronnie, who was wanking Alan’s lovely big cock. God, I went weak at the knees looking at it.

I thought Ronnie and I had done really well, keeping ourselves to ourselves. Now with the four of us naked in the rain, I was weakening. I watched as Alan went down on his knees so he could take Ronnie in his mouth. I felt Mark fondling my balls. He teased my huge erect nipples with an expert tongue. God, I was weakening, this was just so horny. I knelt down beside Ronnie while Mark and Alan took up position behind us.

I thought of the huge cock that was going to slip into Ronnie. I felt Mark grip me as he pushed his cock head against my ass. He lay down on the soaking grass, on his back, shivering at the cold. I straddled him and took his cock in my mouth, quickly getting him stiff, hard enough for me to slide onto. God, it felt wonderful. Slowly, I rode that cock, watching Alan thrusting into Ronnie. Our friends, I thought as my head fell forwards and I kissed Mark. He thrust his hips to meet me as I rode him, getting more and more frantic. I felt him spasm as he spurted inside me. God, it felt so horny. Alan was just finishing coming in Ronnie, I watched as his hips thrust every drop into Ronnie. I let Mark slowly slip out of me, real slow and enjoying the sensation. I felt spunk on my legs as his head slipped out of me.

Mark and Alan then knelt down for us to take them. I held Ronnie’s hand, rubbing it over my nipples as I thrust into Mark. We lost all sense of time as we enjoyed what we were doing. God, the rain was still pelting down, it was so erotic. This felt so natural and wild. I found it difficult to put into words how sexy this was, like wild animals.

Much later, we walked hand in hand back up the garden. Each of us with our ass’s full of spunk and tingling. Mark had left towels in the doorway and we rubbed each other down, wiped our feet and rushed upstairs for a shower. Alan took my hand and led me to their room for a shower and Mark dragged Ronnie up stairs. Oh…. I shivered at the thought of Alan’s cock.

We dived into the shower and turned on the taps. Alan stood behind me, his cock nestling against my leg. Quickly, we rubbed shower gel over our shivering bodies. The hot water felt lovely and so did Alan’s cock. I knelt down, for my first close look at his cock. God, it looked amazing. The head was so big but I could still take it, slowly I wanked his long shaft. Squeezing precum out of the tip, savouring the taste. We quickly dried ourselves off and lay on the bed.

Alan went to work with his tongue and gentle fingers. God, he had me shivering with pleasure. He was a fantastic lover, well done to Mark finding him. He continued to stimulate me, turning round and pushing his cock against me. I moaned as I relaxed, ready to take him. God, it was so tight. Slowly he pushed as I tried to take his length. Gently, he continued pushing in me. I could feel his cock pulsating inside me, more and more of it. I was writhing with pain and pleasure as he finally pushed all the way in. And then he fucked me. God, I was ready for him. He pounded my ass, God, it was sore and, yes, I loved it. I closed my eyes as he took me, I was in a different place, miles away, in the clouds. He shook as he came inside me. I just love the feeling of bahis şirketleri a cock spurting, I get so turned on by it. He kept thrusting, squirting more and more hot spunk into me.

We lay there, not in any rush to do anything. He held me as I lay on my side, one arm around me and my head on his shoulder. God, I thought. That was so wild. We fucked outside in the rain, in the wild, back to nature. We’ve fucked each other several times, and it’s not even breakfast time. I wondered what Ronnie was doing, whether he had finished or was still going at it. Alan and I had another quick shower and cleaned up. I held him and kissed him, slowly and with tenderness. ‘Thank you,’ I whispered.

We had our breakfast, still naked and relaxed. A few days and our coffee shop will be open, I couldn’t wait. It was so exciting. Sadly, though, it was time to put clothes on again and go home. However, before we left, we wanted to show our appreciation……

As we drove back to Edinburgh, I could still taste Mark and Alan’s spunk in my mouth. We gave them a parting blowjob as a big thankyou and I was still dreaming about such a wild time. God, I just love cocks. I reached over and squeezed Ronnie’s cock, holding it as I drove.

I parked the car in the residents parking almost half a mile from our flat. That’s one of the problems of living near the Royal Mile, or indeed anywhere in the old part of the city, no parking close by at all. We had to walk and I loved walking with Ronnie. We held hands and grinned at the looks we were getting from people. Why, in a country which recognises gay marriages, should people be offended by two mature men holding hands in the street?

Before we left, we spoke about holding another workshop, and suggested ‘The Mature Man’s Orgasm.’ We would advertise it in our coffee shop and Mark would put it on his web page. Only condition being, it was for over fifties only. Ronnie was going to teach his meditation and breathing techniques and also, holding back just in time. Alan was going to teach sensual massage. Great, a one evening workshop to look forward to, and I was sure it was going to turn wild.

Back in Edinburgh, Ronnie and I were getting ready for the grand opening. I had asked my son to come but he never replied, in fact I hadn’t seen or heard from him since I told him I was gay. Never mind, maybe one day he’ll visit.

We supervised the delivery of our tables and chairs, laying them all out on the floor in an intimate design. The coffee machines were plumbed in, all the kitchen equipment was in place and the refrigerated units for our cakes. We had partnerships with local artisans for our cakes and other treats. We had to become experts on coffee pretty quickly. Finally, it was ready. I stood, my arm around Ronnie. It looked fantastic, we were really pleased with it all. We opened for business at eight in the morning and, tonight in just a few hours, all our guests would be arriving. I prepared the machines for the samples of coffee we were giving our guests. Small slices of cake and pastries were laid out on the tables and champagne was in the fridge chilling. Among the first to arrive were Colin and Neil. I hugged them tightly, it was so good to see them. Mark and Alan were late, having struggled through the traffic and not finding a parking space. We hugged warmly, I breathed in Marks scent, he was a lovely man.

The local reporter took our picture for the local newspaper. Ronnie and I had our arms around each other and we posed just under our sign in the doorway. The local politician popped in to wish us luck. Our neighbours, other gay businessmen and women also popped in to wish us luck. The cakes were proving very popular and so was the coffee. It smelled divine, the aroma of coffee and toasted muffins. We were so pleased to see everybody but also relieved the official opening was over. Tomorrow, our new business begins.

As our guests began to leave, I walked towards Colin, wondering if he was going back to Glasgow or whether he would like to stay the night. I had a wicked glint in my eye as he accepted the invitation to stay the night. Sadly, Mark and Alan had to go home. They had guests arriving in the morning.

As soon as we got home, the clothes came off. We spent a delightful evening and I had so much fun with three cocks. It was much later when I felt Ronnie put his arm around me and slowly fuck me. I still got so turned on with it but he never says anything. Just fucks me and goes back to sleep. I must ask him, I thought, find out more from him.

Colin and Neil left early, just as we were heading to open the coffee shop. I kissed both of them as we parted, reminding them of the ‘orgasm’ workshop and how much we looked forward to seeing them.

It was raining as we walked briskly to Leith Walk. I was so excited, so was Ronnie. I held his hand tightly as we walked. This was my new life now, I thought to myself. Our coffee shop, Ronnie and our new friends here in the magnificent city of Edinburgh. Who would ever have thought it? I just wouldn’t have believed if if someone were to have told me I would fall in love with an older man. And here I was, holding my man’s hand as we walked to our new business.

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