A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 20

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Only a couple moments later rushed in Kate who slammed the door and looked pissed.

“What did you do to me?” She asked angrily.

“What do you mean?” Gregory asked.

“I can’t…I can’t masturbate. I can’t cum on my own! It feels good but not as good as when you made me cum and now I can’t…please! Please! Make me cum.” Kate begged.

Gregory felt a little bit of his sadist crawl over himself whenever Kate asked him for sex. There wasn’t any good way to explain or reason to himself as to why he felt controlling around Kate, but he did.

“Have you ever had anal chocolate slut?” He asked.

Kate swallowed hard and nodded.

“Go into the employee bathroom and clean yourself out. I have another appointment in fifteen minutes. Once you are clean you will come out here and wait for me.”

“Yes master. Right away.” She said and paused as she realized just how easily he made her feel submissive. She hurried to the bathroom across the hall and shut the door.

Gregory’s next two appointments were a simple look at his cock and stare at it until they were sure it was real. By the time he had gotten through his appointments for the day and anyone else who showed up would have been a walk in, Kate had finished with her anal clean out. She hurried across the floor with only a towel wrapped around her milk chocolate colored skin.

She opened and closed Greg’s door and dropped the towel and turned to see Gregory was completely naked. She stared at his muscular body which rippled with well defined muscles. His cock was a massive pale and pink monster that stood up straight with a gentle curve.

“Holy shit Greg! You are huge.” She said.

“Get over here.” He commanded and pointed to the sawhorse furniture.

Kate crawled onto it and watched as he tied her limbs to the ends of the furniture and then her whole vision went dark as he tied a black silk blindfold over her. Before Kate could say another word, her mouth was filled with his cock. Gregory slid his cock straight into her mouth using just the first three inches to get her used to him.

He started off slow and quickly built up speed until he was fucking her mouth with the swollen mushroom head of his cock. He pulled out and let her breathe. Kate took a few breaths then opened her mouth up wide.

“That’s my good chocolate slut.” He said and this time he pressed his hands against the back of her head and pressed his cock all the way in. He pushed his cock straight down her throat and a moment later he felt her throat swell.

Greg pulled out just before she vomited. She gasped and opened her mouth wide.

“Again master.” She whined.

Greg pushed his cock straight back down her throat and started fucking her throat until her gag reflex caught again. Gregory raised his hand up high and brought it down with tremendous force upon her left ass cheek. Her beautiful brown rounded cheek rippled as he spanked her hard.

“Ah! Thank you master!” She shouted.

Gregory walked away from Kate and grabbed the vibrator and started vibrating her dripping, oozing wet pussy. He slowly slid the black smooth head of the vibrator up and down her pussy splitting her dark pink labia. He turned up the vibrations to level three and started doing circles around her clitoris.

With his free hand he slid his middle finger into her tight anus.

“Oh master!” She whined.

Greg turned up canlı bahis the vibrations another click and held it on her clitoris as he started finger fucking her anus. She started to squirm and moan as the pleasure built up inside.

“Yes…oh yes! Finger my slutty ass master! Oh fuck yes. Master! I’m…im gonna cum master. Oh god! I’m-“

Gregory pulled away and her climax dropped off leaving her in a painful state of denied orgasm.

“No! Please! Master! Pleas-pleas-pleas-pleas-pleas-please master! Make me cum master!” She begged. “I’ll do anything master! Please let me cum!”

Gregory smiled and leaned forward and whispered; “anything?”

Kate didn’t have any logic left in her orgasm denied brain to register his words.

“Anything master! Anything you want just let me cum please!”

Gregory turned on the vibrator and slapped it onto her clitoris and turned it up to level five. Kate let out a loud moan as her climax picked up where it had left off and she screamed as he started finger fucking her anus again.

“Yes master! Fuck my ass! Thank you! Thank you! Fuck I’m gonna cum!” Kate shouted and less than a second later her pussy tightened and she squirted in a massive stream of cum.

“Fuck me master! Yes!” She shouted.

Gregory slathered on some lubricant and got up onto the sawhorse legs and pulled her cheeks apart further and pushed the swollen head of his cock in.

Kate gasped and her whole body went rigid. Gregory placed the vibrator in a specially designed hole that angled it up to the clitoris. He turned it up to level six and started moving the first few inches of his cock inside her ass. Kate wasn’t sure whether to scream in pain or moan in pleasure as she felt like her anus was being shredded and her clitoris was being tortured.

All she knew was that this was what she needed. For hours she had tried to get herself to orgasm but it had never worked. Now she knew why.

Kate felt the vibrator surge against her clitoris and without any way to move out of its way she was forced to endure its pleasure. Kate screamed as she felt his cock push deeper into her anus stretching her barely used hole wider.

“Oh my god! It’s huge! It hurts! Fuck!” She screamed. Between the stimulation of the vibrator and his cock she didn’t last any longer than three minutes.

“Fuck me im cumming!” She screamed.

Greg buried his cock another inch and groaned as her anus tightened around him as she orgasmed. Kate’s anus held a death grip around his cock for a long moment as she orgasmed and then relaxed.

Gregory however had no intention of letting Kate relax, not even for a single moment. He pulled out and turned the vibrator up another two levels and Kate began to squirm.

“Too sensitive master! Please! Too much!”

Gregory didn’t bother responding, he slid his cock straight into her pussy and began pounding her pussy. Kate screamed with the sudden sensation of having her pussy filled with his immense cock. Her screamed turned to a shout as his cock hit the one place she had never felt before.

Her high and tight cervix felt the steady and hard pounding of his cock.

“Oh my god master! Oh fuck me! Fuck me!” She screamed. “Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! Master! I’m cumming all over your cock!” She screamed and Gregory pulled out as she spasmed into another squirting orgasm that left a dark wet puddle on the carpet. Greg turned off bahis siteleri the vibrator and got back on the sawhorse and pushed his cock straight into her anus and then her pussy.

He switched off pounding her two holes. Kate had never felt so much pleasure in her life as both her holes were filled with his massive cock. Gregory felt a burning in his ball and he started slowing down to avoid cumming. Kate though wanted to feel it.

“Please master! Don’t stop master! Fuck me!” She pleaded. Gregory started pounding her two holes and with each switch off of a hole his testicles got tighter and his cock expanded.

“Shit!” He groaned as his limit was quickly reaching its peak.

“God yes master! Fuck my slutty holes! They are your holes master! Fuck me please!” She shouted and Gregory started pounding her as hard as he could. He moved from her tight ass to her tight pussy. Gregory’s cock bulged and he tore off his condom and plunged his cock straight into Kate’s very sore and very tight anus and let loose a loud groan.

Kate felt the massive rush of heat as his thick hot cum shot straight into her anal canal. She could feel his cock pulse as it released a gushing wave after gushing wave of cum.

“It’s amazing master. Empty yourself inside of me master.” She moaned as he continued fucking and pumping himself inside of her.

“You are my chocolate slutty cum dump.” He groaned as he thrusted forward and shot another load of thick cum.

Gregory could feel his own cum swarm around his cock. He had filled her anus to the point it wouldn’t hold any longer. Gregory made quick work to pull out slowly and he rushed over, grabbed a medium sized anal plug and popped it into her ass.

“You are going to keep all of my cum inside of you until I tell you otherwise.” Greg commanded and as he walked over to her front he placed the tip of his cock against her lips and she opened wide.

Kate didn’t complain as she sucked and licked and cleaned his cock of her anal juices and his cum. Kate couldn’t believe how much she loved being a slut…his slut. Gregory’s cum dump slut. Just the thought of that made her heart race and her pussy tingle. Gregory stroked his cock using her lips and mouth until it was completely clean and then he untied her.

Linda sat at her desk answering calls as they came through. She directed and transferred and assisted people one after another. Even as she did though, her mind lingered on two things. The first was that she wished she had not told her son that they needed to take a break. Linda reached up to touch her collar but it wasn’t there. She almost felt naked without.

The second thing was that she wished she was wearing panties soaked with his cum. Linda loved her son in more ways than most mothers could understand. During her short vacation from work she had not only come to love her son in a brand new light but she had fallen in love with him. She had fallen in love with how he made her feel.

Linda felt her clitoris tingle and deep inside her she felt a bubbly feeling. She knew what she wanted. Linda got up from her desk and just as she was about to walk away, Marsha hurried up.

“Come here.” Marsha whispered and Linda followed her to the ladies restroom. Marsha checked the rows of stalls quickly before she unzipped her pants and pulled them out and showed Linda her pink panties.

Pink panties that were smeared with still bahis şirketleri damp sperm.

“You were right Linda.” Marsha said. “Both my sons are quite dominant. One more than the other. In fact they both took their turns with me last night. I don’t know how many times I got my holes fucked but it’s all because of you.” Marsha pulled Linda into a hug. “Thanks Linda.”

Linda couldn’t be away from him. She needed her master.

Gregory walked into Valarie’s office just as she got off the phone with her personal real-estate agent. She hung up the phone and swiveled to see Greg at the door.

“Perfect timing. Get your stuff we are going to go look at that house.” Valarie said.

“Right now?” Greg asked.

“Yep, right now.”

Gregory grabbed his bag and shoes and hurried out with Valarie. Once in the car she handed him a folder containing the detailed pictures, layout and the confirmed deal of sale that Valarie had managed to get for Gregory. The house had three floors excluding the basement and attic. It had four rooms, two and a half bathrooms, an open kitchen on both bottom floor and basement.

The yard was nearly an acre with a half an acre in back and another quarter in front. Gregory looked at the price and his jaw dropped. The house had a selling value of two hundred and eighty thousand. However, Valarie had made her real-estate friend an offer they couldn’t refuse and the price dropped. From two-eighty to two hundred even.

“How did you get this?” Gregory asked.

Valarie just smirked and winked.

Kate stumbled out of the room feeling dazed and overwhelmed with so much orgasmic ecstasy she couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey Kate. Are you doing alright?” Lisa asked as she went down the aisles and restocked and faced the products.

“Hm? Oh yes. Definitely.” She giggled.

“Oh, did my master assist you?” Lisa chuckled.

“Oh yes.” Kate smiled. “For the last day and a half I’ve been trying to masturbate but I wasn’t able to.”

“Why not?” Lisa asked.

“Because after Greg used me the day before I think he forced me to have an orgasm that I’ve never experienced before.” Kate sighed happily.

Lisa blushed and smiled; “I know what you mean. I used to masturbate all the time but now it doesn’t feel worth it unless-“

“He’s doing right?” Kate cut her off.

“Exactly.” Lisa replied.

Both girls giggled.

“You know Kate, have you thought about seeing if he would take you as his submissive?” Lisa asked.

Kate looked at Lisa with a surprised expression.

“Not really no.” Kate replied.

“Why not?”

“Because you are his submissive. I don’t want to intrude on the relationship. I think you and him look really cute together.” Kate admitted.

“Thanks” Lisa blushed and felt a warm feeling in her chest and stomach. “I don’t mind though.” Lisa said and even as she said it she didn’t feel a tightening in her chest from jealousy.

“Seriously?” Kate asked dumbfounded. “You would let me be his other submissive?”

“I don’t see why not. I understand how it feels. Once he uses you and makes you cum it’s like…it’s like-“

“Nothing else, no other forms of sex seem worth it.” Kate finished where Lisa ended.

“Exactly.” Lisa chuckled.

“I just…don’t know if I’m ready for it though. Last time…” Kate’s words fell away as the memory slid in.

“Kate? Gregory isn’t like that. He is kind and caring. He won’t abuse you.” Lisa said.

Kate nodded in reply.

“Speaking of Greg, where did he go?”

“My master said he had to go run an errand with Valarie. They’ll be back soon.” Lisa said.

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