A Model Cousin Pt. 03

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3 days later I arrived in the middle of the afternoon. By this point she’d been here about a month a week. I now began to realize she was going to be leaving soon.

She helped me bring my suitcase out of my car. She was wearing pajama pants (at 4 PM) and a red tank top. While I was away on a leisure fest with my buddies, she’d been busy.

“So what did you while I was gone?” I asked when we got inside.

“While I was here in the apartment, nothing except drink all your beer. But I did two shoots downtown!” she replied.

“That’s great! What kind were they?”

“One was actually for a women’s work-out gear ad. It was fun and paid decent but I’m beginning to like that kind of corporate modeling work less and less.”

“And the other?”

“Other one was a nude shoot in a studio. Just yesterday.”

“Um, nude?”

“You’ll see what I mean – I’ll show it you later.”

I wanted to see it right now.

“I’ve been getting a lot of views on my Tumblr.”she said.

“Really? That’s terrific!” I said in my reply.

“Yeah, actually one of the photo sets you took got reblogged onto some blog like ‘Gorgeous Women of Tumblr’ or something like that and got a lot of reposts.”

“Really?! Which one?”

“Uhhh, let me see.”

She pulled out her phone and scrolled through for a minute before she found it.

“This one!” she said as she showed me. It was shoot we did in the bed –Between The Sheets. 766 notes!!

“Wow, that’s fantastic. Both your work and mine is getting out there!” I said happily.

“I’m so proud of us. I knew it would eventually amount to something.”

As she said this she suddenly gave me a big hug. It was weird, but I welcomed it. The feel of our bodies pressing against one another was wonderful. I could feel she wasn’t wearing a bra under her spaghetti strap shirt.

A few moments later I took my stuff back into my room. “Hey, I’m gonna take a quick shower. When I get out I wanna see those photos from this weekend!”

To prevent myself from possibly getting an erection while sitting near her I pleasured myself in the shower. I thought about the moment the other day when she volunteered to take off her underwear for me so my photo can look better. When it came to her modeling, she was a totally free spirit, and at the same time, so professional about everything.

I came out of the shower in my towel. I liked to let my hair – which is about shoulder-length – air dry or else it gets all weirdly shaped. I noticed when I made my way into the living room that she had now changed into what appeared to me to just be women’s boxer shorts. They certainly weren’t regular short, but they kind of looked like underwear. The bottoms of her buttcheeks stuck out just a tiny bit.

“So those photos from yesterday…they came out good? Who was the photographer?” I asked as I got a soda from the fridge (no more beer left).

“Photographer was a guy who runs a studio downtown. Mostly shoots professional headshots and thing. Long story short, I ran into him at the jewelry store in the mall we started casually chatting, he asked me if I was a model, and I said yes. We shot these a couple hours later. Here, come look. He does amazing things with blank and white.”

She got out her computer from it’s space next to the couch where it always is and pulled up SD card files again.

The first photo was not a nude at all. It was my cousin standing in a black silk robe in front of a grey backdrop, her hair all wet. Next photo she was standing more the side, the next the same, except her hands were more towards the robe tie. Then more, then more, then more.

“Oh, so it was kind of a de-robing thing.” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, it was a really neat idea.”

Every photo she showed more and more skin. Just forearm, then just shoulder, then a view from behind of her bare back with the robe at her waist, then she drops it so half her ass and her leg is showing. I was starting to get the picture.

Then she turns around, and in this photo, the robe is completely off the left top of her body, left tit completely out.

“Woah, boob out for this one, huh?” I said in genuine surprise.

“Yeah, I figured why not, honestly. He made me very comfortable and truth be told, if this is the genre of modeling I wanna get into, it was likely gonna happen eventually. And I think there was one from out set in the shower the other day where you could see one of my nipples anyway. It’s no big deal.”

She kept scrolling and she kept stripping. Eventually, she was completely topless in the photos, holding the rope at her sides, her wet hair dripping tiny bits of water onto her chest. I couldn’t wait for her to post these.

“Wow, these are really good.” I said.

The stripping continued. She dropped the robe even more to show one leg and some groin. I started wonder if she went there. Ya know…there.

Then she dropped the robe even more, to where it was just hanging in the middle, basically, covering up her bahis firmaları vagina. Even worse, in the shot where she finally drops her robe to the floor and she is totally nude, it’s from behind and at quite a far distance. She is right, though. These are very nice photographs. Beautiful, even.

“And then this where we started to get a little experimental. Just for fun.” my cousin said.

The next photos were close-ups. One of her chest as she used her arms to cover herself, one of her curled up in a ball position with boobs pressed against her knee, and one of just her legs and they were crossed, her using her thigh to shield the camera from seeing the part of her I wanted to see the most badly.

There was a couple more that were mostly of her face, back and parts of her legs. Then the final photo was an extreme close-up of one of her breasts while her long wet hair dripped water down it. It was so in-depth I could see the bumps on her areola.

“Well that’s an interesting one.” I said.

“Yeah, haha.” she replied. “Was my idea. It was kind of cold and my nipples were hard so I was like ‘here, take one of this just to be weird’ but I actually love it.”

A brief silence.

“You’re not weirded out seeing these, are you?” she asked, even though she kind of already knew the answer.

“No, why would I be? I’ve become extremely accustomed to seeing your body. You’re very beautiful, cousin.”

She blushed for a moment.

“Aw, thank you.” she replied. “Well if you have any ideas for any more shoots you wanna do, let me know. I’m gonna upload these and then head out for the night. I’ll be home late.”

“Okey dokey!”

I started into my room then, all of sudden, it dawned on me – how was it possible that she could get into an Ed Hardy ad and a Victoria’s Secret spread as a no-name model with no profile? I quickly turned around.

“Hey,” I said as I walked back toward her. “I want to ask you before you head out? And this hand been bugging me – how did you manage to get into Victoria’s Secret and Ed Hardy ads without any kind of modeling clout? Those companies don’t hire nobodies.”

She stared at me for a couple seconds like a deer in headlights. Clearly, she had hoped I wouldn’t ask this.

“Well…” she started. “…the Ed Hardy one was actually a while ago. And they will hire nobodies. It’s just a t-shirt. They don’t care. They put up a ‘models wanted’ ad on a casting website and I responded and they emailed me. Victoria’s Secret was a fluke. One of my friends from high school works in their advertising department and we were talking one day and he told me that one of the models for one of their ads dropped out. Long story short, he basically told the higher-ups ‘Hey, I know this girl. She doesn’t have a portfolio but she’s really good looking and she’s got no problem being in her underwear.’ Couple days later I got a call and that was that. They were both one-time gigs. Haven’t heard back from either company since and probably never will.”

Her answer and initial hesitation was a bit suspicious to me, but it could be true. I don’t really have a way of knowing for sure. At least she wasn’t foggy on details.

We didn’t see each other for a couple days after that except for a few minutes in the mornings and evenings. We were both always out busy with errands. She apparently did one shoot and one day with a female photographer were she was basically just topless wearing black short in the woods, but she told me she wasn’t happy with it, and I never saw these alleged photos.

One Thursday evening, a new chapter of intimacy in out arrangement began. I was sitting in my room on my computer – browsing her blog and website evidently (she had uploaded only what she thought was the best of every shoot, which meant only 2 or 3 from each) – when she knocked on the door from inside the bathroom.

“Yes?” I said loudly.

She had just finished up a shower and was wearing a towel. “You down for a shoot tonight? I have an idea but I wanna run it by you first.” she replied.

“Sure, what is it?”

“I’ll tell you about it later. Just as long as you’re down for a shoot.”

“Yeah, of course, always. Just let me know when.”

She closed the door and went back into the bathroom. I had no idea why was so cautious about this one, but it was getting me excited.

4 HOURS LATER. I’m sitting on the couch in the living watching some TV. My cousin comes out her room, wearing those same women’s boxers from the other day and a tiny pink t-shirt that caused a lot of cleavage.

“Hey, you ready to shoot?” she said as she approached.

“Yeah, whenever. You said you wanted to talk to me about it first?” I replied before muting the TV.

“Yeah, so, here’s the thing. I really wanna take my modeling, just like, all of it in general, to the next level.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well all those underwear shoots, waterfall stuff, bikinis, that’s all well and good. But it’s not thrilling for me anymore. I wanna take it to the next level.” kaçak iddaa


“Meaning more…adult-oriented.”

“Oh.” I said calmly as my eyes widened.

“Yeah. I’ve decided that’s the road I wanna go down with my career. It’s where I feel the most confident. And since you’re my primary photographer, I just wanted to make sure you’re comfortable with that.”

I sat there for a second to ponder. Of course I was comfortable with that, but I needed to hide my enthusiasm.

After a while I said, “Hmm, I guess that’s not that big of a problem. I’m still down.”

“Yeah, you sure?”

“Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything you can at this point to make me uncomfortable.”

“Okay, that’s good. But I need to re-establish that this is art. This is professional work. You’re my cousin and I love you but you’re gonna be seeing me in all kinds of ways you probably never planned on.”

“Of course, cousin, of course. This is all professional. Come on, we both know this. Now, what’s this next shoot?”

She let out a big sigh. “Okay so…”

She went into her room and came back with a pink bottle, tall and thin.

“… I got this oil.” she continued. “It basically just makes you all shiny. Bodybuilders use it. Basically, I’m gonna strip and cover myself in it.”

“That’s it? I thought you were gonna come at with something hardcore.”

“Well…I wanna be completely nude. Like, bottomless nude. Is that okay?”


“Yeah, I don’t see why that’s a problem.” I said.

A brief pause.

“So when do you wanna get started?” she asked.

“I’m not busy right now. Now is good. We can use the wall again.”

“Okay, back in 5 minutes.”

I got my stuff out and moved the couch out of the way of the wall again.

A few minutes later she came out wearing the really revealing black bikini from out very first shoot, and she was cover head to toe in oil. Every light in the house reflected off of her skin, and even her hair looked wet like she had just came out of the pool.

“Okay, ready?” she said as she put the bottle down on the floor.”

“Yeah. How we startin’ this?”

She got into position at the wall.

“I’m just gonna…ya know, strip and do a variety of different poses and you can snap away however many you want at any moment.” she said.

“Sounds good.”

She started with a pose leaning to one side and slowly taking her bikini top off by letting slide down her shoulder. A couple poses later and she took it off completely.

“Kay, top off.” she said quietly to herself.

Her tits were covered in oil too. Even the underboob had light reflecting off it.”

She rubbed her tits for the camera, squeezed them, pinched her nipples. It was all so…sensual. She was right, I had never seen her like this before.

“Damn, that’s really shiny.” I said.

No response – just more posing. Your standard poses – chest out, back arched, arms crossed.

“Okay, I’m gonna take my bottoms off now. I want you to take a rapid succession of pictures as I’m untying them.” she said.

“Can do.”

She leaned on one leg and started untying her bikini straps. She let it fall to one side, then untied the other, and then at last let it drop.

Her pussy was completely clean shaven except for one little strip of hair right above the top – a little landing strip. It looked excactly how I imagined it. I said nothing, but I wanted to jump right in there and rub my face in it. My cousin was so fucking hot.

Now completely full frontal before me, she did a number of poses again before stopping.

“Okay, so this is where I need your help.” she said. “I wanna do some poses so with my backside to the camera, but I couldn’t reach back there except for my legs and shoulders. I need you to rub oil on my back and ass.”


I was awestruck. Is this real?

“…alright.” I sputtered out.

She handed me the oil and squeezed it onto my hands for me.

“Where should I start?” I asked, positioning myself behind her with an erection so pointy in my short I could puncture steel.

“Just start and my shoulders and work your way down. Stop at the upper legs.”

I started rubbing oil on her shoulder blades in a downward motion, which I continued down her back. When I got to her waist, I ran my hands around it like I was molding clay.

Then I got down on my knees to touch her ass.

I placed my oil-covered hands on my naked cousin’s beautiful ass with extremely delicacy. I rubbed her glorious globes in circles, caressing my hands over smoothly, with my fingertips grazing into her crack every once a while. If this wasn’t heaven, nothing was.

“Make sure you get the underneath.”

In an instant, she spread her legs a little bit wider and bent over all the way, supporting herself with her hands on the floor. My cousin’s oily pussy was just a few inches away from my face. Maybe heaven is bigger than I thought.

I rubbed some more oil kaçak bahis in the little space between my cousin’s vagina the bottom of her buttcrack, as well as the undersides of her buttcheeks. I made an effort not to touch her vagina at all when doing this, even though that was literally the only thing I wanted to do.

“Okay, cuz, all shiny everywhere.”


She stood back up and started posing before I had a chance to even wipe my hands off and get back behind the camera. She was turned with her ass to the camera, giving some sideboob and looking over her shoulder back at the camera. The light reflected of her shiny ass like a newly polished bowling ball, and when I put the camera to my eye I could still smell her scent on my fingers.

She did a pose where she leaned up against the wall and stuck her butt out towards the camera. A little bit of her pussy stuck out between her legs. I didn’t mention it.

After a number of other poses, she did one last one that really me by surprise.

“Okay, last pose.” she said.

She stood up completely straight and looked directly at the camera. She stuck three fingers of one hand in her wide open mouth and stuck two tips of the fingers on her other hand a little bit in her vagina, as if she was pleasuring herself. I had to pinch myself to convince myself I wasn’t dreaming.

No, I was really witnessing this.

“Great, got it!” I yelled out as I snapped away 4 photos of the last pose.

“Great!” she yelled in reply as she went back to normal. “I’m gonna go wipe all this oil off then we can sit down and have a look.”

I went over to the kitchen counter and set the computer with the photos. My mind was still reeling from what I just experienced. In hindsight, the nostalgia I have from cousin’s young booty was now child’s play. I just saw her basically finger herself…and she let me take photos of it.

A few minutes went buy and she back out of her bedroom, now dry, but to my surprise, she was still completely nude. She didn’t make any effort to even put underwear on. I suppose it didn’t matter to her, but it wasn’t helping the situation in my shorts.

“How are they lookin?” she asked as she walked over and sat all the stool next to me.

I couldn’t believe she sat down next me to. Like, really close to me. When she initially positioned herself onto the stool her jiggling breasts brushed up against my bare upper arm. Then there she was, completely naked not even a foot away from her cousin.

We looked over the photos and she chose her favorites as usual. She seemed to have an affection towards any that showed her ass and of course, the last one. As usual, I edited them and gave them to her to post where she pleases.

I have to admit that that night, I masturbated to some of the full frontal shots we took together. Knowing she was just a few rooms away while I pleasured myself to her nude photographs made all the more special for me. This was the greatest visitor I’ve ever had.

Over the next couple days we took a number of other photo sets, all of them where she exposed everything. In one set, she wore a dominatrix outfit that she bought with a whip and ball and chain, another shower shoot, but obviously no bikini bottoms this time, and we did one in a forest where she covered herself with leaves and dirt. During this photoshoot, she did a pose where she laid down on her back and used both hands to open up her pussy all the way, then stuck another fingertip inside just a little bit. It didn’t even look that good for the photo, but I wasn’t gonna complain.

A couple days past after with no more shooting. Our schedules just didn’t align. Even then, she was completely casual about walking from the bathroom into the living room or the kitchen topless or bottomless after a shower. Seeing my cousin naked in some form had become almost a daily occurrence, which reminded me all the more that she would be leaving soon.

She told me after our shoot in the woods that she’d probably only be staying a couple more weeks. The renovations on her family’s house were almost finished. I didn’t want this arrangement to ever end and this was very depressing to hear.

One following Monday, I was sitting on my bed in my room eating my breakfast when Elena knocked on the door. All I was wearing was my boxers, but I told her come in anyway.

“Come in.” I said as I put my cereal down on the table next to my bed.

For once, she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

“Will you be home tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah, why what’s up? Wanna shoot?” I asked in reply.

“Yeah. I have the great idea for a set I wanna do, but, well, it’s a little on the edgier side.”

“I’m sure I can handle it. What’d you come up with?”

She paused with hesitation for a moment. She clasped her hands together nervously.

“Well I need…” she said. “…I need a male participant for some of the photos.”

I was taken aback. Is she implying what I think she is?

“A male participant?” I replied. “To do what?”

“Well, I wanna do a photo set exploring my more erotic side, so most of them will be pictures of me as usual, but for a few of them I will need a male model who can let me use his…well, his, ya know penis.”

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