A Massage from Stranger

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This is my first attempt to write a story in Lit, i thank Mr Todger65 for taking his time for helping me. This is a short one written based on a forum discussion on massage for females.


Story of a Massage

You’re lying on your tummy wearing a white robe with your head to one side on the massage table as I enter inside the room as planned and switch off the light.

You hear the sound of me walking to the closet. As you listen, you can hear me unbuckle my jeans and change my clothes; I keep the clothes on the hanger in the closet and open my kit to take the perfumed candles.

As you eagerly wait to see me, you can hear me moving to the corners of the room and light up the perfumed candles .As the fragrance spreads, you close your eyes, devouring it for a second and then look at me.

All I am wearing are translucent white cotton pants. As the light from candle gives you the rough outline of my butt and ripped thighs it makes you wonder whether I have any briefs on or not. As I move quickly to the other side, you keep on wondering about the briefs.

I turn on soft classical background music at a low volume and slowly come close to you with my massage Kit.

“Honey! Are you ready?”

I can hear a whimper full of anticipation from you.

I come closer to you from behind and slowly caress your head and hair. I move my hands over your hair, slowly parting it to each side and run my index finger softly over your cervical spine (neck).

Then I moved my attention to your ears; moving the hair strands away, rubbing them softly with my thumbs. Then I raise your head a bit and slip the blindfold over your eyes. I could hear a gasping sound and see a smile spread on your lips.

I keep my hands on your shoulders and slowly massage them relaxing you a bit. I slowly move you to your side and undo the knot of the robe and slide it down over your hands, revealing your bare shoulder and neck.

Taking the oil from the kit I slowly apply bahis firmaları it to my hands and rub my palms together to warm it up. I start with your shoulders and with gentle pressure slowly run down your back with long strokes which go under the robe. As I move the robe is pushed further down your back by my hands moving in rhythmic strokes along your spine.

Moving my hands back up to your shoulders, I slowly take your right hand and keeping it on my bent thigh, slowly massage along the length of your hands. I could see your hand slowly moving upwards but before you could move further I pushed it away and moved to other side to do the same with the left hand.

I climb up on the massage table and place my legs on either side of your body; my thighs resting on my calves and my bottom on your mid thighs over your robe.

I move my hands on your back and sensually massage your back all the way from neck to the small of your back and then slide your robe down feeling your lovely booty which I slowly knead with my fingers.

I move my hands up and start from your neck again, bending forward a bit and letting you feel my hard-on, on your back for a split second as I massage you down along the spine and into your ass crack.

Moving down to your inner thighs I slowly slide myself along your legs and my hands follow gradually moving the robe down and feeling your inner thighs as I stroke them with my fingers.

I can hear your breathing becoming more rapid as I smile and move down caressing your calf’s and in the process remove your robe completely. I caress your feet, rubbing them with my hands.

“Time to roll over dear!” I say as I move my hands from your feet, caressing your left leg from foot to the hip and slowly roll you over.

I gently massage your shoulders, working down your arms and move my hands on your shoulder bones, slowly tracing edges of your breasts. I skim over your breasts with my palms just stopping close to your nipples, and move in circles kaçak iddaa around your nipples, then move further away. I repeat this again moving my hands in circles around your breast and stopping before your nipples, which by now are fully erect.

I move my hands down to your tummy pouring plenty of oil on your belly button and massage around the belly and hips slipping my hands down and tracing the golden hairs down between your thighs.

I move my fingers close to your outer lips and stop just a fraction away from your now wet lips, and with my hands caress around your vagina further deepening your moaning.

I lift your left leg up and keep it on my shoulder as I move myself to the massage table and released the knot of my pants. As they fell down on to the floor I sit in the lion pose (Simha Vajrasana)and slowly start moving my hands from your thighs towards you feet and back, every time stroking your inner thighs further towards your vagina making you bite your lips.

Now I move your left leg from my shoulder and slowly slide it down my side until it rests on my bare thigh. .As soon as you feel the bare skin, you suddenly think ‘he could be naked’ and a loud gasp leaves your mouth.

I can see you attempt to move your hands to remove your blindfold, “Not yet” was all I said in my husky voice.

I move my attention to your right leg and lift it on my left shoulder and treat it with same routine as the left. This time you could feel my fingers wander further, feeling your wet lips. You feel me moving closer to you as your right leg stretches on my shoulder and left leg slides on my right thigh. I stop when my raging hard-on was an inch away from your wet pussy; you could feel the warmth of my body closer to you.

Slowly I bend forward moving both my hands along your hips, sliding upwards feeling your boobs and massaging them lightly and you could feel my face coming down. I keep my face between your boobs and kiss them, slowly lick your nipples one by one kaçak bahis first teasing it with tip of my tongue and then licking and taking it inside my mouth, gently chewing it with my lips.

As I move my hands further up feeling your shoulders and tracing along your hands, I move my face further up licking your upper boobs and then tracing along your neck. In the process of bending your could feel my bare chest on yours, as we feel the warmth of each other, skin to skin.

I lick your lips with my tongue and you open your mouth, parting your lips. As we have a passionate kiss with my tongue exploring your mouth, you could feel my tip of cock caressing your wet pussy, and as we kiss deeper, it slips along your lips on the verge of entering in your pussy. With my cock head parting your lips I can feel your juices on my cock and you breathe heavily.

I stop kissing you and move my attention down to your boobs with my hands feeling your breasts and slowly replacing the right hand with my mouth. I slide my right hand down to your inner thighs until I reach your wet pussy and slowly part your lips and slip my middle finger inside your wet pussy. I slowly move it in and out and I can see your climax building up in your face. I entered my second finger inside, feeling your G-spot and began moving my fingers in long strokes.

As I finger fucked you the candles burnt out making the room dark; your soft moans standing out above the background music.

As you cum with shudder, a loud moan escapes your mouth, and I moved my face again to your lips and give you a long passionate kiss, and then got up from bed.

In the dark I move to the washroom, as you lay there recapping the whole sequence. As I clean up and dry myself you could hear me dressing in background. Before you could react I move close to you, kiss you on your forehead and place a small roll of paper in your hand and leave the room with my Kit.

You take off the blindfold, get up and switch on the light and open the rolled paper to read “It’s your turn, 5.30 PM, May 2, Apartment 102, XXXX, Dubai” You look up to see the glowing reflection of yourself in the dressing table mirror and smile, mentally counting the number of days left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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