A Hot Night With Mom

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I hate summer. I hate the heat, the humidity, the dust and pollution, oh and did I mention I hate the heat. But one good thing. No, check that. One great thing did happened to me this summer. First a little background for some context might help.

My name is Robert, most people call me Rob, except for my mom who calls my Robby. Unless she’s upset with me, then she’ll call me Robert, but I’ve seldom given her any reason to these last 10 years. You see my father died of cancer 10 years ago so we’ve had to lean on each other to get through those first few years without dad. It was hard, still is hard, but we manage. My father fought a long hard battle, going through all the chemo and operations, which only extended his life a year, maybe. It was very difficult for mom and I to watch this strong viral man wither before our eyes. In the end everyone one told us it was for the best, that he was at peace and wasn’t suffering any more. But we weren’t at peace and we were now suffering a great loss.

The medical bills soon did a number on my mom’s bank account and, even though dad had life insurance, there were still more bills to pay then we had money for. So we sold the house, cars, and anything of value to cover those bills. We ended up renting a small two bedroom condo that mom could afford. You see dad was the main bread winner in our family but mom also worked at a part time job so we could go on nice vacations and put some money aside for my college fund. Well that fund disappeared quickly enough so here I am at 19, living with my mom. I go to school part time at a community college, work two part time jobs to help pay for school, and to help mom out as well. I don’t own a car but I do have an old mountain bike instead. Mom’s car is a 15 year old Honda that’s on its last legs.

Since money is tight she has us counting every penny, trying to save enough to get me in to a good school and to find a better place to live. I love my mom to death, but she can over do the, ‘We have to save where we can.’ bit. You see where we live it gets very hot in the summer. Also the governor has declared a state of emergency due to the drought and has asked that the public conserve water where ever they can. So to my mom that means very limited use of the AC and showering no more than 3 times a week for the each of us. Now I could live without one or the other, but both? That’s just cruel and unusual punishment.

So its one of those hot, humid, sweaty nights where there is no breeze and the air is heavy with dusty and pollution. I’m laying in bed on top of sweat covered sheets wishing for rain or a cool breeze or a winning lottery ticket so we will have enough money to turn on the damn AC. While trying to think of cool thoughts I hear my mother also tossing and turning in her bed. Finally, not being able to stand the heat any more, I get out of my bed and go knock on my mom’s bedroom door.

“Mom? You awake?”

I hear a muffled, “Yeah.”

“Will you please let me turn on the AC for an hour so we can at least get some sleep. This heat is melting my brain.” I plead thru the door.

“No. This heat wave will break soon so go back to bed.”

“Can I at least take a quick cool shower?”

“No. Go back to bed and stop bothering me.”

Frustrated I speak up, “Mom, I’m taking a quick shower and THEN I’ll go back to bed.”

As I head towards the bathroom I can hear her getting up to stop me. She opens her bedroom door just in time to see me close the bathroom door. She stomps over and bangs on the door.

“Robert, you come out of there right now. Robert? Don’t you do it young man.”

I start the water pull off my shorts and jump in under the cold spray. Oh God does it feel good. Suddenly the bathroom door flings open and my mother storms in.

“Robert, turn the water off right now and go back to bed this instant young man.” she’s almost yelling at me.

I peeked around the shower curtain to see my mother standing there with her hands on her hips, wearing a pair of her very short shorts and a sweat stained tank top with no bra on underneath. Let me just say here that my mother, although a very attractive woman, is not super model thin or freakishly tall. She stands at about 5’4″ and has what I would call a voluptuous body. Not fat by any means, but curves in all the right places. She has proportional breasts, 38Cs, which from the view I was getting, didn’t appear to sag very much. Her long güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri chocolate brown hair had that I-just-got-out-of-bed look. Wild and untamed. Even with out make-up my mother is beautiful with her full pouty lips and those large dark brown eyes, which were now drilling a hole through the curtain I was hiding behind.

“Mom please, just another few minutes. Its to hot to sleep and I really need my rest.” I begged.

I watched her walk over and reach for the faucet handles to shut off the water. Without thinking I grabbed her by the wrist to stop her. As she tried to pull away from me, all of a sudden I reached around her waist with my other arm, picked up about a foot off the floor, and pulled her into the shower with me. I was naked, she was not.

She started to scream, “Robert, stop this. No, this is wrong of you.” but her voice changed once she was under the shower.

The cool water must have cooled her temper, but I could still sense her displeasure with me. Her top and shorts were now thoroughly soaked. Standing behind her I was tall enough to look down and get a wonderful view of her magnificent breasts. The coolness of the water made her nipples hard and stick out. Her wet tan skin made her body glisten and shine. After a minute or two she was rubbing her arms and face trying to remove the sweat from her body. I started to help but she gave my a look that meant I was still in trouble. My manhood started to grow, but I didn’t care. I was in the shower with this gorgeous woman who’s clothing didn’t cover much.

“Don’t think for a moment that you’re off the hook mister. I know its hot tonight, but that doesn’t give you the right to waste all of this water.” she hissed.

Then she looked down and saw her tits were on full display and brought her arm up to cover them.

“No please don’t.” I said quietly, “They’re beautiful, just like you. Don’t hide them or be embarrassed. You have wonderful breasts and should show them off more.”

I don’t know why I had just said what I said. I meant what I said, its just, this was my mother I was talking to, about her beautiful breasts. It must be the heat. Yeah, that’s it. The heat and then suddenly cooling off under the shower. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

She turned slowly to face me, “You really think they’re beautiful? That I’m beautiful?” I looked deep in to her eyes and saw a longing, a desire to be desired.

I gently took her by the arm and lower it away from those gorges tits of hers, and without breaking eye contact said, “Mom, you are, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman in the world. I love you.” then gave her a small kiss on her lips and a hug.

I felt her body press against mine as I held her. Then I felt her shaking. At first I thought she was cold from the water so I broke our embrace and turned it off only to fine her crying.

“Mom, what’s wrong? Are you ok?” I was very concerned about her.

“No, no I’m fine. I’m just being a foolish middle aged woman.” she sniffled.

“Mom, the one thing you are not is foolish. And as for being middle aged, you look at least 10 years younger and have a rocking body to go with it. You’re one hot MILF.” Oops, there I go again. Speaking without thinking.

“MILF? What are you babbling about?” as she wiped away the tears.

“Well, umm, a MILF, ummm, means mother I’d like to…. Well, you know.” I looked at her with my I-didn’t-know-that-was-wrong look.

“Oh. OH. So you think I’m hot do you?” she asked in all seriousness.

“Yes I do. But why were you crying? What got you upset?” trying to change the subject.

“Well its silly really. You know I haven’t been, well… intimate with a man in quit some time now, and I, well I just miss having a man compliment me or even flirt a little with me. I guess I miss having men pay attention to me.” she was looking down.

I reach up under her chin and lifted her head so I was looking in her eyes, “Hey beautiful. What are you doing tonight and every night for the rest of your life?” I smile at her.

She smiled back, “You have to say I’m beautiful. I’m you’re mother. But thank you for trying, it really helped.” she started to get out of the shower but I stopped her.

I bent down and again gently kissed her on the lips wrapping my arms around her I held her close to me. She moaned with pleasure and she slowly moved her hands to my back güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pulling me closer. Before I knew it my tongue was in her mouth and she was not resisting. My hands started to move up and down her back and hers did the same. Standing in the shower I was making out with my hot MILF of a mother. She was wearing nothing more than a soaking wet tank top and shorts that were almost see thru at this point.

Breaking our kiss and embrace I pulled off her top and started to lightly caress her firm tits. Her nipples stood out hard, the areolas were a dark brown about an inch in diameter. I leaned in and took her right nipple into my mouth and let my tongue lick, swirl, and flick over it. She sighed with delight as I continued to play with her nipple. Reaching up I began to tenderly play with her other breast, letting my finger explore and fondle it, I could feel how hard her nipples were. I began to wonder if she was wet as well.

She moaned, “I haven’t had a man touch me in this way since….” she stopped. I knew she was thinking of dad.

I raised my head and looked into her eyes once again, “Mom, I know its been a long to since… well since you were intimate with someone. Since before dad had his cancer. I want you to know something. I really do love you. Not just as a son, but as a man. If you want to stop this, I’ll completely understand. But I can’t stop the way I feel about you. I need you in my life. We need each other. I want us to be more than just mother and son. If you feel this is wrong, please say so now. Once we start this, we can’t go back and un do it. If you want, we can just step back and think about…..” I never got a chance to finish what I wanted to say.

Her mouth was on mine and her tongue was exploring it. Our hands were back moving up and down each others bodies as if we were searching for something. We stopped again and she pulled down her short. To my surprise, and great pleasure, I saw she was clean shaven, with just a small a landing strip just above her sex. The eight inches of my cock was now at full attention and ready for the main event. But I didn’t want to rush things. So I grabbed a towel and began drying her off. As soon as I was done she grabbed a towel and returned the favor, quickly drying me off. Tossing the towels in the laundry basket and I reached over and she squealed with girlish delight as I picked her up into my arms carried her into the bedroom.

Placing her on the bed I laid down next to her and took a long slow look over her body from head to toe. Reaching out to her as she did the same and we began to lightly, slowly, touching and stroking each other. Staring into one another’s gaze I became lost in those beautiful big dark eyes of hers.

“Oh Robby.” she whispered, “My handsome baby boy. I’ve longed for a night like this.” her finger now barely touching my manhood.

I could feel it pulsate, getting harder by the moment. Her touch was like silk, but it was causing a fire deep within my loins. I never wanted a woman so much than I wanted her at this very moment. We had been on our sides facing each other. When I moved she laid back so I was on top. We never broke our gaze as my hand moved down her body, feeling her heat and desire as my finger traced her tits. Then moving down to her stomach and around her hips, and finally to between her legs. Barely touching her pubic hair, brushing it, teasing it, my fingers could feel the heat generating from her pussy.

“Oh Robby, please don’t tease me. Its been far to long. Take me baby. Do what you want, but don’t make me wait any longer.” she breathlessly pleaded with me.

Smiling down at her I said, “I love you.” then gave her a gentle kiss.

That kiss slowly turned more passionate as my hand was now covering her mound and my fingers were massaging and rubbing her slit. God was she wet. As my fingers moved in a slow circular motion she was raising her hips, wordlessly begging me to finger her pussy. I slid one finger in, allowing it to be coated with her juices then withdrew it and started to rub her clit. She moaned loudly as my finger moved faster and faster. I then slid two fingers inside of her. She again raised her hips trying to get them to go deeper, but I had other plans. Pulling my now wet fingers out, I continued my massage on her hard clit, again starting slowly, rubbing in small circles over it, then increasing the speed. All the while we were güvenilir bahis şirketleri franticly kissing, with our tongues in constant battle. She would moan into my mouth as the speed and pressure of my fingers grew as I worked her clit.

Her hips were raising and falling as if she were being fuck, so I slid my two fingers into her pussy, going as deep as I could. She broke or kiss and let out a loud, satisfying moan of pleasure.

“Oh yessss Robby, that’s it baby.”

As I began to move my fingers in and out, I hooking them slightly to rub that soft fleshy button known as the g-spot. I must have hit it just right because after only a few thrusts of my hand she was withering on the bed, lifting her ass up, and squeezing her thighs tight together as wave after wave of orgasms washed over her.

“Oooooohhhhh Robby. Yessssss baby yessssss. Make mommy cum for you.”

I continued using my fingers on her for another ten minutes or so and she achieved several more orgasms.

As all of this was happening, my cock was so hard that it hurt. But I played thru the pain knowing my time would come soon enough. Removing my fingers I lifted them to my mouth and was about to lick them clean, but mom surprised me by grabbing my wrist and guiding my hand to her mouth. She slowly licked and sucked them clean of her own juices.

Looking me dead in the eyes she said, “Did you ever your suspect mother was a nasty little slut?” as she raised one eye brow.

I almost most blew my load right there, but some how held back. Leaning in I kissed her cheek, then moved down her jaw, neck, shoulders, until I reached her right breast. Trying to take in as mush of her breast into to my mouth as possible, but it was just to big. So I concentrated on her areola and nipple instead, sucking, nibbling, and gently biting. She was running her fingers thru my hair, wordlessly encouraging me as I assaulted her breast with my mouth and tongue. At that same time she reached for my manhood, using only her finger tips, and with a feathery light touch, traced the head and shaft of my cock. Seeing the pre-cum seeping out, she used one finger to spread it over the head then brought her hand up to her mouth and sucked and licked that one finger clean.

“Mmmmmm, you taste wonderful. I can’t wait to take a whole load in my mouth.” I damn near passed out as she said that.

Looking up at her I said. “Mom, that will have to wait. If I don’t fuck you right now, my dick will explode, and not in a good way.”

Suddenly I found my self with my face over hers and the head of my cock pressed at the entrance of her velvet cave. Looking deep into each others eyes I slowly started to push forward as my manhood parted her lips and allowed me to enter heaven itself. When I was almost half way in I just made one quick thrust and buried my rod as deep as it go would feeling the head of it press up against her cervix. She cried out with pleasure. God her pussy formed perfectly around my cock, I could feel her heat as her muscles contracted as it tried to pull me in deeper.

“Oh God mom, you’re so tight and wet. I may not last long.” I grunted as I moved in and out.

“Oh baby my sweet baby. Just do me. Fuck me hard baby. I want to feel your hot cum fill me up.” hearing my own mother swear just about sent me over the edge.

With those words I began to pound my mother as hard and as fast as I could, as if I was trying to drive her thru the bed itself. I was going at it with such force, her ass was bouncing off the bed, and our hips made a loud slapping sound when the came together. All I heard was the bed squeaking and my mother’s moans of pleasure.

“Oh uh oh uh, yesssss baby, harder, deeper, I’m almost there, Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssss, I love you baby I love you soooooo much. Fuck me, fuck me like the slutty whore that I am. OHHHHHH SHIIIITTTTT YESSSSS.” I never heard such fowl language from her. It was enough to push me over the top.

“Oooohhhh God mom, here I cum. Here I cum. Uuuuuhhhhggggg. I love you so much. Ooooohhhh yesssss.” I exploded my white hot seed deep into her wet hole.

As I shot rope after rope of my seed deep in to my own mother, I swear I almost passed out. Collapsing on top of her we were both breathing heavily and our sweat covered bodies were pressed together. Her head was next to mine as my face was almost buried in to the pillow.

She was breathing into my ear, “Thank you so much baby. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard in my life. God did I need that.”

I whispered into her ear, “I love you.”

I rolled off her and laid there not knowing what to do next. So I got up to go clean my self. She rolled on to her side, “If you’re going to take another shower, wait for me…..”

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