A Halloween Dream

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Because girls can soak the sheets, too…

As I drifted off to sleep, my mind transported me to a huge, lavishly decorated warehouse. The walls, covered in metallic black and purple foil, were splattered with blood and had fake corpses and severed body parts hanging from them. A steady supply of glittering confetti rained down from the ceiling and came to rest upon the hundreds of costumed attendees of this Murderers’ Ball.

I looked down and realized I was dressed as a dominatrix who, by the looks of the black vinyl costume, had taken it a bit too far. Little drops of redness speckled my bustier dress and the ample amount of cleavage it caused. I had my weapon, a bullwhip, wrapped around my fist. My platform knee-high boots were the worst though; everything from the ankle down was smeared with blood, indicating that I probably stomped on my victim in addition to beating him to death.

Thinking I might run into some friends, I pushed my way through the sweaty dance floor crowd to the bar. All that was being served was a green glowing cocktail, made free spin of god knows what, so I took one and didn’t ask any questions. I was sipping the bittersweet concoction and searching the room for familiar faces when I saw her.

My mind started reeling. Was it really her? I moved in for a closer look. She was swaying sensually by herself in a corner to the song that was playing, her eyes closed in a trance. Despite the vampiress costume she was wearing, I could see that she was exactly who I thought: the first girl I had ever lusted after.

She was the one that got away five years ago. Two grades ahead of me in high school, she graduated and went off to college before I even knew what the feelings were that I was having for her, let alone what to do with them. As I watched her dance, I was amazed at how quickly that old lust came back and took over. This time, I wasn’t letting her sneak off without indulging me first.

I slithered closer until I stood unmoving in front of her, breaking her trance with a desire-filled stare. bonus veren siteler Her eyes lit up and a mischievous smile graced her lips as she recognized me and moved in for a hug. She pressed her breasts into mine as we embraced and I felt a warm jolt between my legs. I wanted to drown in her rich, oriental perfume.

I slowly slid my hand down the curve of her back and brushed my fingers against the thin fabric that covered her ass. She looked up at me with those dark, kohl-lined eyes and moved her face closer until her cherry mouth was mere centimeters away from mine. My breath caught in my throat as she took my bottom lip between her vampire teeth and bit it ever so gently.

Suddenly, instead of reuniting on a crowded dance floor, we were embracing on a satin bed in a secluded room lit with dozens of candles. She kissed me hard as she yanked the bullwhip from my hand and tossed it aside. I moaned into her mouth as we removed each other’s costumes and ran our fingers over the warm flesh that was no longer covered.

I deneme bonusu veren siteler pushed her down on her back and teased her nipples with my tongue. I let my hand glide down the golden skin of her stomach until it rested on her swollen vulva, glistening with her desire. A sigh escaped her mouth as I let two fingers slip inside to caress her hot spot. The sighs turned to screams as my thumb circled her clit and my tongue twirled around her nipples. She came hard and soaked my hand, biting and scratching whatever parts of me she could reach in her ecstatic fervor.

After catching her breath, she straddled me and grabbed my bullwhip. She let the tip run gently over my skin before cracking it in the air, scaring a gasp out of me. She pinched my nipple as she slid down to situate herself between my legs. My eyes widened when I realized what she was about to do.

The leather handle of the whip was smooth and warm from her hand when she eased it inside of me. As she worked it in and out, her tongue flicked over my clit in a firm and steady rhythm. I writhed and panted as she worked her magic. In no time at all, my little vampiress was sucking the orgasm right out of me.

I awoke from my dream in the height of this pleasure, experiencing it as though she had really been there touching me. It’s mystifying how Halloween can be so hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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