A Friend Stays the Night

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About two months ago my husband went out of town on business, for the weekend. I hate staying home by myself so I called one of my friend Lindsey to see if during the time that he was gone she would be able to stay over. Lindsey said that it wouldn’t be a problem, her roommates were driving her nuts and she needed to take a break for a couple of days.

Lindsey showed up about five o’clock on Friday, right after her shift ended at the cafe in town. We live in a small town, and there aren’t very many places to work. I lucked out, my dad had been a lawyer, and my mom had been a book writer. She wasn’t completely famous, just very well known around town. She has sold enough books to make some money. So I was able to go to school and get my PHD in Physcology.

Lindsey had brought some dinner with her. It was some Chicken Alfredo, and some garlic bread, and some red wine. We ate, and then decided that it was still early, so we went dancing. There is a small club that is in the next town over, it is only a twenty minute drive. I was wearing a sexy black dress canlı bahis that is knee length, and has a slit that goes to the top of my hip, if I move right you can see my thong, and my firm butt. The dress looks flattering on me, with my blonde hair, and blue eyes. Lindsey is wearing a very low cut red dress, that is about mid-thigh length. You could almost see her full perfect breasts.

As we got out of the car we noticed several people watching us. This turned me on, ever since I had gotten married I had for the most part quit going out, and I quit paying attention to those who were watching what I was doing. Lindsey noticed that my nipples were starting to poke out. She asked if I was going to be able to make it though night. I just smiled.

We walked into the club, and on to the floor together. As we started to dance I started to get turned on even more. Just the sight of Lindsey’s half naked body, made me want to try a women for the first time. Lindsey, was openly bi, she never pushed me, especially since I was married. We had spent many weekends together bahis siteleri when my husband was out of town. She knew that nature would bring me to her one day. Today was going to be the day.

As we danced I pushed closer to her. Our breast were almost touching. I decided to make the first move. I started to lightly kiss her, she kissed back. Soon we were kissing very passionately, our tongues intertwining. Our hands exploring our bodies. We were both so turned on that we decided to go into the bathroom. When we got into the stall, we both started to finger each other, and I moved one of the straps that were covering Lindsey’s breasts, and took one of her beautiful nipples into my mouth. I kept fingering her, and sucking and licking her nipple. Soon I was going at such as wild pace, that she came all over my fingers. When she calmed down, she said she was going to return the favor. She then started to finger me, first slowly, then she started going at a faster pace. Just when I thought I was in heaven, she got on the floor between my legs and started licking my clit, bahis şirketleri still keeping the fast pace of her fingers. As her tongue made love to my clit, I came.

At this point we decided it was time to go back home. During the ride home, Lindsey made sure that I was still willing to do this, she would rub her hands up and down my thigh, just about touching my pussy, but always moving away just before she did. She kept the tease show going the whole ride home. So as soon as we made it back to my house, we started to kiss passionately again. As we got in the door, we started to undress each other. Lindsey started to suck on my breasts, and I was in heaven. I was getting weak, so she had me lay on the floor, we then got in to a 69 position. Lindsey stuck her tongue on my clit again without hesitation, I looked at her beautiful pink pussy, it was gleaming with her juices. I stuck my tongue into her pussy, and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It was sweet, and I liked it. Soon I was going at her with my tongue like a mad women, she was moaning in pleasure, she started to come for the second time that night.

That weekend she taught me, what it was to make love to a women. Since that weekend we have met on a regular basis, a couple of time with my husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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