A Family Affair Ch. 04

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Rebecca walked into the living room and smiled at her family. It was family movie night. The one night of the week when the whole family got together and spent time together as a family. Rebecca sat on the loveseat next to her brother and smiled at him. When he held his arm out to her, she moved closer and rested her head against his chest while he stroked her shoulder. Her parents were sitting on the couch and smiled at the way their children were sitting together. “So are we ready for this?” Ron asked putting his arm around his wife’s shoulders. Michelle leaned against him as she smiled.

“Yup, turn it on honey.”

Ron hit play on the VCR and turned his attention to the screen. The screen was black for a minute the opened on a bedroom. The room seemed empty at first then a woman came from off screen and lay back on the bed. Rebecca gasped as she realized it was her mother. She was naked and laying back on the bed with her legs spread wide open. The camera zoomed in on her sucking on her fingers. “Mom?” Rebecca asked tearing her eyes from the screen and looking at her mother.

Michelle just smiled at her daughter then turned her attention back to the TV. “Just watch sweetheart, it gets better.”

Rebecca turned her attention back to the TV and gasped. There was a strange man standing just to the side of the bed. “Who the hell is that?” Rebecca gasped staring at the screen.

Michelle chuckled. “Your uncle Mike. Just watch.”

Rebecca’s eyes were glued to the screen as Mike climbed onto the bed and moved between Michelle’s spread legs. As he leaned his head forward all you could see was the back of his head and Michelle moaning. Then suddenly the camera angle shifted and you got a good view of Mike’s tongue flicking over Michelle’s clit while he slammed three fingers inside her. “Oh my,” Rebecca moaned watching the action going on. She felt Alex’s hand slip under her shirt and over her stomach. She looked over at him but all he did was smile so she went back to watching the TV. Mike had taken Michelle’s clit between his lips and was sucking greedily at it as he slammed three fingers deep inside her. Michelle was whimpering and humping her body tight against his face. “Oh god big brother, eat me.” She cried.

Rebecca started breathing a bit heavier as she watched her mom get eaten out by her uncle. It didn’t help that Alex had worked his hand over her bra and pulled the material down so his hand was playing with her breast under her shirt. She moaned softly as he tweaked her nipple with his fingers. Ron looked over at his children and smiled, he could see Alex’s hand working under his sisters shirt and thought that was a good idea. He let his hand slip under Michelle’s shirt and started playing with her breasts. Michelle looked over at her husband and smiled as she pushed her chest forward against his hand while she watched the TV.

On the video, Michelle was humping her pussy wildly against her brother’s face as he ate her out. “Ugh, fuck I’m cummminnnnnnnnggggg…” Michelle on the tv cried as she coated Mike’s fingers with her juices. Mike drove his tongue inside her and started licking all around while Michelle writhed on the bed. Rebecca’s breathing became more labored as she watched the video. When she felt her brother’s hands leave her tits and start working at her jeans, she looked at him. “Alex?” She panted.

He pulled her pants open and slipped his hand inside cupping her soaked pussy. “God your soaked sis.” He growled biting at her shoulder while his hand slipped between her pussy lips and caressed her clit.

“Ugh,” Rebecca moaned throwing her head back. She could hear her mother whimpering on the tv and wanted to watch more so she looked back at the screen. What she saw made her even hotter than she was already. Her mother was on her hands and knees with Mike behind her drilling her hard and deep with his 8 inch cock. She got a perfect view of Mike’s cock slicing in her mother’s pussy and couldn’t hold back the moan.

While Rebecca was watching the screen, Alex dropped to his knees on the floor and started pulling his canlı bahis sister’s pants down. When she realized what he was doing, she lifted her ass to give him an easier time. When he had them pulled down, he threw them to the side and pushed her legs open. He ran his finger up and down over her soaked pussy and heard her moan. “Watch mom get fucked by Uncle Mike sis, while I eat out this hot pussy.” He growled softly before he lowered his head and licked at her engorged clit.

“Ugh…” Rebecca moaned keeping her eyes on the TV. She watched as her mother got impaled by her uncles huge cock. She was trying to concentrate on the movie, but when Alex started flicking his tongue over her clit and slid three fingers inside her and started sawing them in and out it was hard. “Ugh, oh god Alex, eat me while I watch mom get fucked.” She purred lifting her pussy tighter to her brother’s face.

Over on the other couch, Ron had his hand slipped down Michelle’s panties and was fingering her furiously. Her pants were laying on the floor not far from Rebecca’s. “Oh god baby, finger my pussy.” Michelle purred feeling her husband’s fingers drilling hard and fast inside her.

Rebecca tore her eyes from the screen and looked over at her parents. She couldn’t see what her father was doing but she had a general idea from the way her mother was moaning. She thrust her pussy tighter against Alex’s face as he continued licking at her clit while his fingers flew inside her. “Oh ugh, oh god Alex, eat me.” She purred running her fingers through his hair and pulling him tighter against her.

Michelle lifted her hips and slid her panties down her legs very carefully so she didn’t dislodge her husband’s fingers from her hot slit. She kicked her panties off then spread her legs wider giving Ron better access to her pussy. Ron slammed his fingers deep inside her and used his thumb to press against her clit. Michelle was whimpering and humping her pussy against her husband’s hand. “Oh yes baby, finger me.” She purred leaning her head back against the back of the couch.

Rebecca had her eyes closed and was humping her pussy furiously against her brothers face when she heard her mother’s moan. Opening her eyes she looked over at her parents and her mouth watered. She could see her father’s fingers sawing in and out of her mother’s hot slit and she whimpered as she licked her lips. She grasped her brothers head and pulled him tighter against her own burning pussy as she lifted her hips. “Ugh, eat me Alex, make me cum on that hot tongue of yours.”

Alex locked his lips around her clit and flicked it with his tongue as he drove his fingers hard and fast inside her. Pussy juice was spewing out of her hot hole and he knew she was close to getting off. Her breathing was labored and the way she was humping against his face he knew it wouldn’t be long before she coated his fingers in all her hot juices. “Cum for me sis.” He growled against her pussy as he worked his figners faster inside her.

The TV was forgotten as Rebecca watched her parents. She watched her father lean down and take Michellle’s nipple between his lips sucking greedily at it as he furiously fingered her hot cunt. Michelle was humping wildly against his hand and her eyes were closed as her breathing became labored. “Ugh, oh god, finger me I’m going to cum.” She panted humping harder against his thrusting fingers.

Rebecca’s eyes glazed as she watched the action going on in front of her. Between watching her parents and her brother feasting on her hot cunt, her body was on fire. She tangled her fingers in Alex’s hair as she humped violently against his mouth. “Ugh, oh fuck I’m cummminnnnngggg…” She squealed suddenly as she coated Alex’s thrusting fingers with her cum juice.

Alex pulled his fingers out of her and quickly replaced them with his tongue. He drove his tongue deep inside her and licked around trying to get all the delicious juice she had spilling out of her. “Ugh, oh god tongue fuck me.” She panted thrusting her hips wildly once again.

Michelle heard her daughter’s cries and opened her eyes. bahis siteleri She glanced over at her children and smiled. Alex was on his knees with his face buried between his sister’s legs and Rebecca was humping forcefully against his face. She felt Ron’s fingers dig deeper inside her and his thumb was flicking back and forth against her clit as he chewed on her nipple. She held his head tight against her as she lifted her hips. “Ugh, oh baby, I’m going to cum. Finger me, don’t stop.” She begged. She lifted her hips, humping wildly against his thrusting hand. Suddenly she cried out and stiffened as her body spasmed with release. “Fuck I’m cummminnnnngggg…” She screamed coating his fingers in her juices.

Ron fingered her through her orgasm then slowly pulled his fingers from her clenching hole. He put them in his mouth and sucked all the juice off of them. “God you taste good love.” He growled kissing her deeply.

Michelle returned the kiss and moaned as she tasted herself on his tongue. When he pulled away, she looked back over at her children. Alex was tonguing Rebecca furiously and Rebecca was humping against him like there was no tomorrow. Her hands were tangled in his hair as she thrust her pussy tight against his face. Her breathing was coming out in shallow pants as he pushed her quickly towards cumming. “Tongue me baby brother.” She panted holding him tight. “Make me cum on that hot tongue.”

Alex drilled his tongue deep inside her, drinking up all the juice she had spilling out of her soaked cunt. He worked his tongue quickly in and out as he reached up with his fingers and rolled her clit around. Rebecca whimpered when she felt his fingers on her clit and knew she was right on the edge. “Please make me cum Alex, I’m so close.” She begged holding tighter to his hair. When he dug his nail into her clit she suddenly cried out and coated his tongue as she came. “Yessssssssssssssssssssss…” She screamed humping harder against his face. “I’m cummmminnnnggggg…”

Alex drilled his tongue back inside her once more then slowly pulled away. Rebecca was breathing heavy as she looked down at her brother. “God you taste good sis.” He growled moving up on his knees until he could capture her lips with his. Rebecca tasted herself on his tongue and moaned into his mouth.

The children broke apart as they heard their parents moan. Glancing over Rebecca smiled. Michelle was on her hands and knees in front of the couch while Ron was behind her drilling his hard cock slowly in and out of her wet pussy. “Fuck me baby, oh god it feels so good.” Michelle moaned lowering her head to the floor.

Rebecca turned back to her brother and reaching down grasped his cock through his pants. “I want to suck on your hot cock.” She growled squeezing him through his pants.

Alex pulled out of her hand and stood up. “Take him out then sis.” He said softly.

Rebecca smiled and pulled open his jeans. She grabbed them and his underwear and pulled them down until he was able to step out of them. Alex kicked them away then moved back in front of his sister. Rebecca reached out and grasped his hard cock in her hand. “Such a nice piece of meat.” She cooed stroking his slightly.

Alex tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her head forward. “Take him in your mouth sis.”

Rebecca opened her mouth and let his cock slide between her lips. She moaned as she took him into her mouth. “Mmmmm..” She moaned bobbing her head back and forth over him.

“Oh yeah sis, suck that cock.” Alex growled holding tight to her hair and slowly thrusting his hips back and forth, burying more of his cock in her willing mouth.

Rebecca whipped her tongue over him and heard his cry of pleasure as he sent precum onto her tongue. She licked it up then dug around looking for more.

Ron drilled slowly in and out of Michelle’s hot cunt as he watched his children. “Look at our babies love.” He growled softly leaning down over Michelle’s back and grasping her tits.

Michelle had her eyes closed, enjoying the slow stroking of her husband, but opened her eyes at his words. bahis şirketleri “They really have embraced the family fun havent’ they honey?” She asked breathlessly as she pushed back against him and rested her head against his chest.

Ron kissed the top of her head then started moving a bit faster inside her, digging his cock deep in her well as he watched his children. Alex was fucking Rebecca’s face hard and fast and she was whimpering as she whipped her tongue over him. “Ugh, oh god sis, suck that cock, it feels so good.” Alex growled holding tight to her hair.

Rebecca reached up and pulled his hands out of her hair. She held tight to his hands as she pulled her lips off his cock. “I want you in my pussy.” She growled rubbing her pussy against the couch.

Alex leaned down and kissed her hungrily, his tongue slicing into her mouth as he pushed her back on the couch. Rebecca moaned against his mouth as he lifted her leg and pushed it back. He leaned down a little bit and lined his cock up at her entrance. Still keeping his lips locked on hers, he pressed forward with his hips burying half of his cock into her wet pussy. “Mmmmmm… oh yeah.” Rebecca moaned pulling her lips away and closing her eyes. “Fuck me Alex, fuck me good.”

He started out fucking her with long, slow strokes, while he captured her lips once more kissing her deeply as he plowed deep into her body. Rebecca wrapped her arms up around his neck holding him close as she kissed him back. When his tongue slithered into her open mouth, she sucked greedily at it and heard him moan.

“Now that is a hot sight.” Michelle panted watching her son and daughter fucking each other so slowly.

Ron looked up from biting at her neck to watch the younger couple. “Yes that is. She has such a sweet fuckable pussy.” He growled in her ear as he fucked her harder and faster.

“Ugh, oh god, I’m cummminnnnnggggg.” Michelle cried suddenly as she coated his cock with her juices.

“That’s it baby, coat that cock.” Ron growled slamming harder into her and feeling the cum boiling in his balls. He thrust hard burying himself completely inside her as he let go. “Fuck, I’m cummminnnnngggg…” He cried filling her with his seed.

“Aggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssss…” Michelle cried watching the action in front of her as her body went into overdrive once again.

Ron pulled out of his wife and pulled her back onto the couch so they could watch their children in comfort. He lazily played with her breasts as he watched his son and daughter.

Alex fucked harder and deeper into Rebecca, making her squeal with desire as he brought her body to life. “Oh fuck Alex, fuck me it feels so good.” Rebecca panted as she felt her orgasm rising hard and fast over her.

“Oh god you have the sweetest pussy sis.” Alex panted leaning over her and capturing her mouth for the third time. His cock drilled hard and fast into her waiting pussy as he kissed her deeply. Rebecca returned the kiss with all the passion she felt in her body as she lifted her hips against his powerful thrusts. “Fuck me Alex, I’m cummmmminnnnnggggg….” Rebecca cried against his lips as she coated him with her juices.

“That’s it sis, coat me, I’m right there with you.” He cried tearing his lips from hers as he bottomed out in her hot well and let go. His cum splashing all over her insides.

Alex collapsed against Rebecca and kissed her softly. “God you are amazing.” He panted as he pulled out of her and collapsed beside her on the loveseat.

Rebecca leaned over and kissed his sweaty forehead. “You’re not to bad yourself.”

Alex just closed his eyes and tried to get his breathing under control. He opened his eyes when his mother spoke. “So who’s ready to change partners?” She asked with a grin.

Rebecca and Alex looked at each other then both stood up and moved over to where their parents were sitting. Alex dropped between his mothers legs and started tonguing her still wet pussy while Rebecca took her father’s cock into her mouth and sucked deeply at it.

Before long the room was full of the sounds of bodies slapping together and moans and cries of pleasure. As the pleasure escalated to a boiling point everybody knew that this family fun would continue through generations to cum.

THE END!!!!!

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