A Failed Chaperone

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Kelly and I were watching TV when I heard the garage door opening. It had to be Marsha, who was the only person other than me to have a remote. Kelly tried to get up, but I held her tight, nibbling on the back of her neck.

“You are awful, let me go and help.”

She was right. Just because my parents had asked Marsha to stay at our house while they were in Europe on assignment for several months didn’t mean I needed to be an ass about it.

“Hi, I’m afraid your mom’s credit card took a hit with all these provisions.” The deal was that the card stayed in Marsha’s wallet, but I could use it if necessary. Marsha got to decide what necessary meant.

I was discouraged. Kelly and I were two months from graduation, had terrific grades, great records in field hockey and swimming, had received scholarships to the university we wanted…”

But a minder was needed at home anyway.

One thing I had to admit. Kelly would not have sleepover privileges if we were by ourselves. It had been a terrific reach, we were reminded frequently, when the two moms decided sleepovers were permitted at both houses, since we were eighteen and otherwise responsible, and were probably going to ignore parental warnings about premarital sex anyway.

As it happened, a lot of good studying did get done, our morning runs were more organized, and we kept the touchy-feely stuff down in front of others.

We were such model citizens, it was sickening, and we had decided it was time to goof off, but hadn’t settled on any goofs yet. In the meantime, there was a lot of cuddling and kissing and empty talk about going all the way.

I hustled out to the garage to get the rest of the bags, while Marsha and Kelly started in on dinner. When I got to the kitchen, Kelly was pushing Marsha up the stairs, saying, “Have a nice soak in the tub and we will bring refreshments.”

It wasn’t much of a secret, but one reason Marsha was back at her folks’ house was that her marriage had dissolved and left her an emotional basket case. She and the ex had been grad students in dual PhD programs. Stress had undone the relationship. Kelly told me that my mom had mentioned to her that Marsha and Jake had problems “in bed” as well.

Kelly pushed me against the counter and asked, “Does she get a ration of gin, or just white wine?”

I turned her around and wrapped my hands to squeezable boobs. She twisted her lips up to mine and said, “We are working on her sex issues, not ours.”

I explored further under the tee shirt and found two stiff nipples to pester. “We have sex issues? I thought our only problem was being chicken about doing the nasty.”

“I am going to nasty you right between your legs. Behave. I think we have to work her into our therapy program a little at a time. White wine tonight.”

I said, “This is someone who knows all about sex. What if we are sitting there on the bathroom floor, feeding her wine and cheese, and she says to strip and climb in?”

Kelly’s lips were warm and inviting. “I’ll do it if you will.”

After the hors d’ oeuvres tray was ready, Kelly led the way, barging into the bathroom just as Marsha was fully submerged in the steamy water.

“We are here with goodies. We thought maybe you would enjoy soaking and sipping and telling us about your day.”

Marsha looked startled, then angry, then smiling and laughing. “You two are going to be trouble, I can see. Give me a kiss and find a place to sit.”

We discovered the purpose of the kiss was to splash a generous amount of nice warm water down our fronts, so she could tell us to get out of the wet clothes and join her. This would have been impossible except that my dad had fallen in love with a giant soaking tub on one of his Japan trips and insisted on bringing one home and paying a small fortune to have it installed next to the upstairs bedroom.

Being a soaking tub, users were required to use the adjoining shower first, which Kelly and I did. I soaped her and she soaped me, not for the first time, but not for very many times. My girlfriend had a body to die for, which was the first thing Marsha said when Kelly slipped in next to her.

“Field Hockey did that to you? Incredible!” They hugged and kissed and looked at me as I climbed in, my male parts very prominent.

Marsha joked, free spin “No wonder you haven’t let him use that on you. Talk about a wrecking bar!”

I could feel myself blushing as I lowered safely below the water surface. “You are not authorized any teasing. Especially since you almost raised me when I was a small baby and made messes and threw my food.”

They each grabbed chunks of my long hair and pulled me between them. Marsha boldly grasped my cock, saying, “This is certainly improved from the days when it sprayed pee all over me.”

I closed my eyes and groaned. Kelly was giggling and had her hands on me too. I asked for some wine and cheese, but they were enjoying seeing how big and hard they could get me.

Marsha asked, “Have you used your mouth on him?”

Kelly blushed and mumbled, “We haven’t got that far yet.”

Marsha laughed and said, “Fine. You can just watch if you want.”

Not only had Kelly never had her mouth around my erection, but no one else had either. Suddenly, I was getting a class A blowjob from my sister. She got on her knees and made me sit on the side of the tub, so she could apply maximum suction. I tried to protest but the nerves shooting off were too much. I made a hopeless noise as my plumbing blasted into her mouth until she pulled me out and pointed him right at Kelly’s unsuspecting lips.

I collapsed into the water and pulled Marsha down with me. “That was bad, very bad!”

Kelly was laughing hysterically and pounding me. “A girl is supposed to get some warning!”

I dragged them to the shower, soaping everywhere with rough fingers, and periodic slaps to fine buttocks.

Back in the kitchen, fixing dinner, they laughed and hip butted each other. Horny girl behavior, I said to myself as I fixed drinks and sat at the counter.

Afterwards, I thought that the best part of my first blowjob was watching Marsha laugh her head off and be the life of the party all through dinner and into bed. Kelly and I lay on either side, on top of the covers, singing lullabies to Marsha until she slipped away.

In my bedroom, even though it was early, Kelly dropped everything and slipped under the covers, saying, “Get in here, you devil. We have to talk.”

“Are you sure this is about talk? I can think of another four letter word…”

That got me a knee in my crotch and a sharp nip at my ear. “Listen, Romeo, your chances with me are zero until we get your sister straightened out. I think we made progress tonight. She laughed a lot, which we haven’t seen since she arrived. How do we keep her laughing?”

Hugging tightly, I whispered, “I know the hardest problem, which is getting her past hangups over sex.”

The tough body relaxed. “You’re right. I was thinking during dinner maybe you have to use this big thing on her instead of me.” Kelly’s hand was busy helping him grow again.

“I thought you were saving this for yourself?” My hand was doing its own exploring.

Her pelvis bucked against me. “Yes, but I’m feeling generous. If you do her, I can watch.”

The heat between us was rising. I was licking her boob and thrusting into her hand. We were about to have sex regardless of how generous she felt.

“Kevin!” she whispered loudly, “not now. We have to wait and make it special.”

My cock demonstrated its lack of agreement by splashing a lot of come into Kelly’s palm.

“Bad! Go get something to clean up with.”

When I entered the bathroom, Marsha was there, peeing. She gave me a look and asked, “Do I need to come and supervise?”

I said in my huskiest voice, “Yes! Please come and deal with a terrible problem.”

Kelly was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking guiltily at her wet hand. “Um…”

Marsha seized the hand and took a big lick. As she bent over, I ran my hands up under her pajama top and fondled the plump tits. “Hey, you are supposed to do that to her!”

Kelly wiped her hand on the towel I brought and in the process raised Marsha’s top up and over her head so she could fasten her sharp teeth on the nearest nipple.

“Oh, you guys are so bad…” We rolled around, losing clothes. Three bodies in constant motion. It didn’t take long before my cock was accidently up against Marsha’s mound, and an instant later was lodged firmly in bonus veren siteler her sex. Before we had a conscious thought to stop, instinct had us coupled.

“Kevin, you shouldn’t be in me!” Her voice lacked conviction, especially when Kelly leaned over to lick and suck.

“Stop, stop, stop.” Each cry was fainter, and each thrust was answered more strongly. I was eager, and she was responding to being skewered by a big cock that insistently banged at her innermost depths.

Having come so recently, he was feeling just fine going back and forth, raising the temperature in the deprived body. Your first fuck, I told myself, is incestuous therapy for your sister.

I hissed in her ear, “Marsha, you are going to come! Repeat after me, ‘Kevin’s incredible cock is taking me! I am going to come!’ “

It worked. Everything froze and then shuddered from top to bottom. The moans trailed off and she lay smiling, her eyes closed.

Kelly had said we had to wait. Waiting was over for me. I was hard and wanting her. Wanting to crush us together in the ultimate embrace. I raised her legs and gave them to Marsha. “Hold these.”

Positioned inches from her pink and ready pussy, I kissed Kelly and asked, “No more waiting?”

She reached for him and guided the missile home with a loud groan. “No more waiting!”

Two or three careful lunges and the virgin cunt was mine. The sensation in my cock was unbelievable. Earthquake tremors went through me. I tried to hold back but it wasn’t working. We were out of control with lust. Dimly, I heard clapping, and an incredible surge poured me into my lover.

Her hands pulled tight and were not letting go. I reached under and flipped us. She opened her eyes and tongued me. “That was very bad.”

Marsha echoed, “That was very very bad.”

They held hands and giggled. Kelly was bouncing, which kept him nice and hard. I heaved her off and put Marsha in her place, the hard shaft sliding home as though it belonged there.

I could tell by the trembling and urgent kisses that this was a seriously deprived woman and pushed forward until she was on her back and could be given a proper missionary fuck.

“Oh Kevin, yes!” She froze under me, but I worked her through it and into another. Down deep, I could feel my own climax building and let it all rush forward with a roar.

Marsha screamed and and tried to swat me. Kelly screamed with her, and did swat me before falling into a threeway clinch.

Long moments later, Marsha said, “You have a real stud there, Kelly. Are we going to share?”

They kept giving me dark looks. Marsha said, “I suppose he will want more privileges. How can I apply discipline when he has been so rude?”

I pinched her bottom. “Sis, that was only the first lesson in your therapy prescription. Has nothing to do with privileges. You are under medical care!”

She draped herself on me with arms around my neck. “For a guy who got his cherry taken today, you are pretty damn studly. I guess that was the first installment of my special cock cure?”

She pulled Kelly into a threeway hug. “Thank you,” she whispered, “I haven’t felt this good in ages.”

My sister and I are separated by six years, and had little to do with each other growing up. She was brainy and athletic and got a lot of family attention. I wasn’t so shabby myself, but she had set the gold standard, and still occupied a special platform in my parents’ estimation.

Right now, she was cuddled into me under the duvet, making small noises that I couldn’t figure out.

I kissed the top of her head and whispered, “Hey, everything is going to work out.”

She dissolved in tears and I felt bad, hugging tight and kissing some more.

Kelly had decided it wasn’t too late for dessert and arrived with a tray of strawberries and ice cream, sprinkled with Grand Marnier.

Marsha sighed, “Fine chaperone I am. One young person is feeding me fancy dessert, and the other one is feeding me fancy cock!”

That almost sent dessert everywhere, but we leaned in for Marsha kisses and said there was more therapy to come. I collected the dishes and did cleanup. When I returned, Kelly was backing out of the bedroom, closing the door quietly on a sleeping Marsha.

In my narrow bed, she deneme bonusu veren siteler bounced on me, “That was very nice. I like your bedside manner. When I have my breakdown, you better be there for me.”

I wrestled her into submission and growled, “No breakdowns.”

“Are we allowed to go to sleep early, like she is?”

“What if Mom calls?”

“I’ll get the phone and we can put it here by the pillow.”

I was barely awake and Kelly was pushing the phone into my hand. “Hi, Mom.”

“You sound sleepy.”

“Coach beat us up today, there is a big meet next Saturday. Would you like to talk to Kelly?”

I handed the phone over and heard one end of a conversation which seemed to be about whether I was behaving myself. Our door opened and a smiling, naked Marsha climbed on me and grabbed the phone.

“They are incredibly well behaved. I was just served dessert in your bedroom looking out at the rising moon. They’ve cooked up a therapy program and say I will be cured of the divorce blues by the time you get home.”

I pulled up the bed cover and fastened my teeth to a Marsha nipple. There was a sharp intake of breath, which caused Mom to ask if everything was ok.

“Yes, I almost sneezed, but it went away. I am glad you and Dad are having a good time. The three of us are going to sit down in the morning and get organized.”

Kelly and I could hear our mother’s voice, “That sounds entirely too adult, but I will shut up and let you go. Let’s talk in two days. I will call.”

The phone went dead and Kelly and I attacked the naked chaperone. “What are you doing in here like that? You are corrupting the young people in your care.”

Ten minutes later, we were exhausted and the chaperone was wearing a big smile. The pile in my twin bed was very tight. “Damn, I haven’t had this much fun since I don’t know when. Maybe I should deep six my PhD.”

My best tough voice said, “No life decisions after dinner. Are we going to your big bed?”

“Cuddle with me while I think about that.”

In addition to the PhD brain, Marsha had a very nice body. Not a hard jock body, but a trim muscled version that said it got out for exercise most days. I wondered what happened to a guy who got Marsha seriously angry. I positioned her head on Kelly’s belly and worked on her legs. Ten fingers massaging all the little bones in her foot was producing low moans which rose in pitch when my tongue and lips acquired toes.

“God, Kevin, this isn’t fair. You already have a girlfriend.”

“Yes,” said Kelly, “a girlfriend who believes in sharing. With the right person, of course.” Her lips caressed the chaperone’s face and neck, drawing a new level of appreciative noise.

Both of them could see that my cock had hardened up and was pointing straight in their direction.

“Kelly, he is coming after us again.” Marsha’s eyes were laughing. My hand wormed its way up her thigh and found wetness.

“You need more cock. Your gorgeous pussy is wet. My cock is going crazy wanting you.”

Kelly, still tingling from her first fuck and all pink down her chest, was laughing a storm. “Look at the two of you! I’m calling your Mom and squealing!”

This was fun. I lay Marsha on top of Kelly and dialed the parental cell phone. Just as it was answered, my cock slid into Marsha. “Hi, what do you need? Is anything wrong?”

Drawing a quick deep breath, Marsha got out, “Oh hi, we were lying here and missing you and decided to call back.”

I was in an easy rhythm, one that Marsha’s body picked up and returned. Under her, Kelly made a low noise herself and twitched.

“Why how nice. It sounds like the young adults are not too much of a burden?”

“Mom, you wouldn’t believe how well behaved and loving they are to the obnoxious older sister. I’m completely seduced.”

“Good. I’d love to talk more, but your father has some bad ideas he wants to pursue. A formerly married woman like you understands that?”

“I do. I really do. Have fun. Bye.”

My next thrust was hard. “Kelly, Marsha said she understands what men want. Can we believe that?”

My sister’s body bucked and twisted and fell to one side. I was quickly coupled to Kelly and rolling her on top. “Well, Sis, you have admitted seduction, so now we are three instead of two. When school starts, your responsibility will be to host the weekend parties with a lot of you know what.”

Marsha grabbed Kelly away from me and cried on her chest, a pink tongue reaching out to find a nipple now and then. I curled up in the small bed with three bodies and went to sleep.

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