A Daughter’s Redemption Pt. 02

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A special thanks to Gunter99, and my other two silent editors.

All characters are over 18+


Stephanie didn’t know when she had fallen asleep after her father left her naked and uncovered. However, it wasn’t the alarm clock that had awoken her. No. It was the sudden cold chill that swept across her body. Stephanie was frozen in fear as the translucent image of her mother stood over her.

“This cunt belongs to me!” the spectre said echoing her mother’s last words before her arm shot down grabbing her by her womanhood. Stephanie’s voice failed her as it felt as if her life was being sucked out of her body. A few seconds felt like eternity to her before she released a horrific wail.

“Stephanie! What’s wrong? What’s going on?” Michael said brushing through her bedroom door, his eyes darting around the room looking for an intruder.

“Something was just here!” Stephanie screamed holding her sheet to her chest. “It looked like mom I swear it!” she said tears streaming down her cheeks. She could still feel the icy touch of its grip on her mound. Michael was about to brush off her statement yet he saw her genuine fear.

“Steph there’s nothing here,” Michael said trying to calm down his daughter. “I’m sure it’s just the grief getting to you.”

“No! It’s not my grief dad! Look!” Stephanie shouted throwing off her sheet. Michael’s eyes widened with shock ignoring the fact that his daughter was nude before him. What had him captivated were the scratches that marred her skin; never two or four or five but three, always three which seemed odd to him. Then his eyes roamed lower seeing the red hand print that seemed seared onto his daughter’s womanhood.

“Steph what have you done to yourself?” Michael asked looking away as he lowered the sheet to the bed covering up his daughter’s body.

“Done Michael?” a cold alien voice emanated from his daughter’s mouth; a voice he knew all to well. How could he not, given the years he had been married to that voice. “I have done nothing to this child of ours. You however, will if you wish to save her,” tossing off the sheet and exposing her possessed body to him. “Look at this cunt Michael!” she hissed exposing her hymen to him. Laughing maniacal as Michael scurried off the bed his back pressed against the door.

His frantic breaths came out in clouds of fog as the room’s temperature plummeted. “Come here Michael and fuck this filthy, lying cunt,” cackling madly as it rolled Stephanie’s body onto its stomach and raising her ass so Michael could see all of her virgin cunt. “Take that cock out Michael it’s the only way to save your daughter. Fuck your daughter Michael!” it howled demonically as it spread his daughter’s ass.

As fast as it began the room suddenly returned to normal, his daughter collapsed onto her bed weeping as his hand sought for the doorknob to escape the madness.

“Daddy, don’t leave me!” Stephanie cried out as Michael’s body carried him away from the insanity that he had just witnessed.

Stephanie had curled herself into a ball in the far corner of the living room as she was left alone with whatever that was. Her frightened mind won’t allow her to rest, least not until the sun rose. Fearing if she did so, she would be taken over once again.

How long had this been going on with her? Was this the cause of all the odd occurrences that happened around her grandparent’s home? Was it the one that had bought all those clothes that greeted her when she had returned? Was it the cause of all those sexual thoughts and dreams she had about her father? If so then how was she to deal with it? Was it true that the only way for her to rid herself of this was to have her father fuck her? These questions plagued her frightened teenage mind.

Voices drifted down the hallway from her father’s room. Her eyes narrowed as Stephanie took note of the woman that walked in front of her father. Neither one of them took note of her cowering in the corner, leaving her alone with whatever haunted her.

“Go to his room Stephanie,” a disembodied voice whispered into her ear. “You’ll find something tasty,” it said to her as Michael slowly pulled out of the driveway. Shaking her head not wishing to listen yet the voice persisted. “Go now Stephanie before it gets cold. It is always good when it is still warm.”

Sighing knowing she was alone in the house her mind wondered what harm could come from it. Stephanie stared down at the pool of cum that sat soaking into his mattress. “Go on Stephanie taste your father’s seed! Isn’t that what you begged for him to do as you fucked yourself while he screwed that woman in the other room?” it asked taunting her.

A stout shove on her back sent her sprawling onto his bed. Her nose only inches away from his cooling sperm. Its pungent odor filled her nostrils; she had never been so close to actual cum before. “Lick it clean!” the presence growled before pushing her face first into her father’s cum causing her to gag on it as the thing forced his cum into her mouth. The saltiness güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of it made her nose wrinkle, her cheek twitching as her tongue ran along the sheet.

“Now don’t you want to be fucked in this bed,” it said demonically before taking hold of her legs. Stephanie fought against the thing as it pulled down her pajamas. A strong grasp took hold of the back of her neck forcing her face into the mattress and pushing her legs out making her teenage cunt accessible, Stephanie screamed out in terror as she felt something pressing against her hymen.

“No!” Stephanie screamed out as something hard was thrust into her.

“Isn’t this what you want Stephanie to be fucked by your father?” it asked mocking her in her father’s voice. “To have this slutty cunt fucked!” it growled taking hold of her hair snatching back her head. As its invisible tool plunged into her virgin twat.

“No, no, please stop!” Stephanie begged yet she couldn’t stop her canal from getting wet as she felt whatever it was deeper than anything she had tried before.

“Oh, why should I you horny bitch! This is what you claimed your father did to you four years ago, raping this filthy lying cunt of yours!”

Stephanie couldn’t stop herself as her orgasmic juices exploded from her womb, shooting out of her body with such force saturating his mattress and the wooden floor. Its laughter filled her with dread foretelling whatever it was, it wasn’t finished with her.

Five weeks had passed since that night that her body had been taken over; where her mother’s spirit had possessed her body making her finger fuck herself in front of her father. After the thing had held her down on her father’s bed she had rushed to her bathroom. A joyful sigh escaped her lips when her hymen was still intact.

However, that wasn’t the end of her ordeal, no, every time she was alone it came to greet her. What worried her was that she was growing to like being taken; to have that thing inside of her bringing her to her climax. Stephanie had noticed that her father too had caught on to the happenings around his home. Yet as she lay on the medical table waiting for the doctor to remove her cast. She wondered if her father was going to send her away, now that she didn’t need a caretaker.

What then was she going to do? She knew whatever was haunting her spoke the truth. It wouldn’t stop until her father stuck his cock into her wet twat. After the numerous encounters with the entity she pondered if her father would be so rough with her. Her eyes glanced over to him as Michael flipped through a magazine; watching as his biceps moved as he turned the page. Wondering if he knew the numerous times that thing had made her orgasm on his bed; her juices marking it as her own.

“Dad what’s going to happen now?” Stephanie asked innocently. However, after what she had done in his home there wasn’t anything innocent about her.

“Well, seeing how you’ll be able to take care of yourself soon,” Michael said setting the magazine aside. “Your grandparents will be picking you up soon,” he said, hoping that would get his daughters naked cunt out of his mind. Every time he had been hilt deep within a woman it wasn’t they that had brought him to his climax. It was his daughter bent over spreading her lips beckoning him to fill her honey pot. Just the thought of it make his cock start to grow. “Plus, it’s only for a month before you start college,” Michael said wondering what was taking the doctor so long.

“Why? I thought we were getting along fine?” Stephanie said her eyes fluttering hoping that she could get him to change his mind. “Now when this thing is off I can help out around the house,” she said her hair spilling out before her as she smiled warmly at her father. “Plus, you’re closer to my college than they are so wouldn’t it be better if I just stayed?” Stephanie asked leaning back on her arms allowing her shirt to outline her bra less breast. Scowling at the sound of footsteps that approached the door stilling anything her father was about to say.

“Well, Ms. Browning it looks like the break has healed nicely,” the doctor said over his shoulder as he studied her x-ray. “I do believe we can get that cast off of you today. I’m sure that thing has been driving you mad,” he said chuckling.

“You have no idea how much,” Stephanie said flashing him a smile while shyly looking over at her father. “However, it’s not the cast that has been driving me mad. I want a certain cock, and the man won’t fuck this hot teenager,” she said to herself.

“Now this isn’t standard procedure but we are short staffed today,” the doctor said opening up the cabinet. “Mr. Browning I am going to need your help keeping her leg still,” he said teasingly knowing the cast saw wouldn’t harm her. Yet it was always good practice to place his patient in a calm state. “Good,” the doctor said noted where his hands rested just above the knee and the upper thigh.

Stephanie leaned forward allowing his arm to rest between the valley of her breast. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri “Thanks Dad,” she whispered into his ear. “Such strong hands you have no wonder I hear so much moaning every night,” Stephanie said seductively as the saw roared to life.

She knew this was the perfect chance knowing he couldn’t run away. “My, Dad you do have a nice firm ass,” she said as her hand slipped into his back pocket. “Why don’t you move your thumb just a little higher and feel the heat from my young pussy,” Stephanie said her tongue flickered out teasing Michael’s earlobe. Pouting as her father pulled away once the cast was off and leaving the room all together as the doctor examined her leg.

“Can you wiggle your toes for me?” the doctor asked ensuring there was no nerve damage from the accident. “Good, good, now I want you to put some weight on it. Your leg might be a little weak at first, but it will get stronger the more you work your muscles after the six weeks they been trapped in that cast,” he said watching her take her first tentative steps.

Nodding as she meandered around the room, his eyes dipping low, watching her ass as she passed him as Stephanie made another trip around the table. “Now bend over and touch your toes, this is to ensure your leg can keep you balanced,” he lied licking his lips as her jeans became taut around her tight ass, huffing in irritation as he heard movement outside the door. He had hoped to put that mouth of hers to work around his cock. “Perfect Ms. Browning you can stop now,” the doctor said getting one last look at her breast as the door inched open.

“Ah excellent timing, she is going to need some physical therapy. It’s nothing that will cost you; however, it is going to take some time to show her how to properly do it. Why don’t you go and get you and your daughter something to drink. We should be done by the time you return Mr. Browning,” he said steering Michael towards the door and locking it as the latch slid across the strike plate.

“Now Ms. Browning, hop back onto the table,” the doctor said setting the cart on the desk. “While your leg is recovering you might have some trouble with cramps,” he said as his fingers skimmed along her skin. Softly massaging her calf showing her the way to get out the cramps; slowly working his way up her legs his eyes fixated on his prize. Catching her by surprise his hand rubbed roughly on her womanhood. “You like an older man touching you here,” the doctor growled. “Take it out,” he ordered, placing her hand on his crotch.

“No!” Stephanie yelled hoping someone would hear her. Michael knew something was wrong when the doctor pushed him out the door. It wasn’t until he was halfway down the hall that his fatherly instincts kicked in. Then he heard her yell. As much as he wanted to walk away she was still his daughter.

Grunting as his shoulder slammed into the door. “You touch her I’ll kill you,” Michael hissed through the door.

“Hurry up bitch and pull out my cock,” the doctor said backslapping Stephanie across the face; his anger flaring for drawing attention to them. He knew the door would hold long enough to have his fun with the teenager. Grunting irritably as she failed to heed his command. “Here bitch fucking suck it,” he said roughly snatching Stephanie by the hair pulling her towards the tip of his cock. “Open your fucking mouth!”

The doctor’s eyes flew wide as Michael burst through the door. Michael winced in pain yet that didn’t stop his fist from flying. His fist connected squarely on the doctor’s jaw causing him to stumble and fall. Michael reached down, and ignoring the pain in his shoulder and fist he picked he doctor up and tossed him out of the room. It took four people to pull Michael of the perverted doctor.

“Daddy!” Stephanie shouted tears streaming down her cheeks as she crashed into his chest. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she cried profusely as she buried her face into his chest.

Michael thought he would be led out of the doctor’s office in handcuffs, yet the police hauled the doctor out of the building. Michael wondered just how many women the man had abused when they were in his care. He smirked at the nurses and doctors bustled around him checking his shoulder. Doing everything in their power to ensure that he wouldn’t bring a law suit against the practice; going as far as not bothering to charge him for his treatment along with his daughters.

He scowled at the sling that his left arm rested in due to the sprained ligament in his shoulder caused by using his shoulder as a battering ram. While he wasn’t one to use pain killers, however, he would gladly take the pills if it dulled the pain. He was warned that they would put him to sleep. Stephanie hid her smile wondering if she could get a peek at him while under the drugs influence.

“You stay here, I’ll run in and get your prescription,” Stephanie said as she killed the engine. Plus, she wanted to pick up something extra to ensure that her father would truly be asleep, and of course she güvenilir bahis şirketleri needed to exercise her leg. What better way then to walk the aisles of the drug store while she waited for the pharmacist filling the prescription.

Her eyes lingered on the sleep aid package, and peeking over shoulder to make sure that her father couldn’t see her. She asked the woman behind the counter if the two pills would have any negative side effects as they interacted in his body. Paying for the items after the pharmacist relieved her fears and keeping her excitement hidden as she slid into the driver’s seat.

Shushing her father when he grumbled that he could take care of himself and smirking when he had trouble undoing the child proof lid. “Here you go daddy,” Stephanie said placing three pills into his hand.

“What’s this?” Michael asked eyeing the lone pill.

“The doctor sent over a prescription for antibiotics while the pharmacist filled your order,” Stephanie lied. “I think they just want to cover their bases for what happened,” she said breathing out a sigh as he popped all three into his mouth.

“So I take it you now realize what real rape feels like?” Michael asked looking out the widow as Stephanie pulled out of the drug store parking lot.

“Yes,” Stephanie said softly. “I know you’ll probably never forgive me and I understand Dad. However, I just want you to know how truly sorry I am for putting you through that,” she said placing her hand on his shoulder. “You were, and still are a good father,” Stephanie said smiling sweetly at him.

“Then why did you do it?” Michael asked hating that he couldn’t distance himself from her.

“Well, there was this boy that I liked and the only way he would go out with me was if I went to this party,” Stephanie said knowing how foolish she had been. However, she was glad her father had denied her from going, after learning that it was nothing more than a sex party where the girlfriends were passed around. He only told her he’d date her to get into the party.

“So you did all that because I wouldn’t let you go to a stupid party?!” Michael asked raising an eyebrow starting to feel the affects of the medication kicking in.

“I know I’m such a horrible daughter,” Stephanie sighed heavily as she pulled into the driveway. “Would you like to punish me for being so bad to you,” she cooed, her hand resting on Michael’s upper thigh. Seeing the drugs starting to take hold on his body, Stephanie decided to push her luck. “I know how that woman won’t take that seed that comes out of this cock,” Stephanie purred as her hand moved over to his groin. “You know daddy if you want, you can pump that cum deep into me anytime you like,” she said rubbing her hand along his growing bulge. “You can even cover my face in that hot sticky seed,” Stephanie smiled coyly as she inched closer to her father.

“You really want me to fuck you?” Michael asked in a groggy state.

“Yes, daddy,” Stephanie whispered seductively into his ear. “I want you to use me like a teenage slut. I want you to pound my virgin cunt, and make it serve only you,” she said slowly opening his zipper. “See daddy, this cock doesn’t lie,” Stephanie said breathlessly as her heart raced, her hand grasping his growing rod and feeling the heat on the palm of her hand. She didn’t think she would ever feel the real thing.

“Wouldn’t you like for my lips to be wrapped around this cock daddy? Sucking you off which that woman won’t do for you?” Stephanie asked her tongue flickered out teasing his ear. “Having my hot, wet pussy wrapped around this hard rod, riding it, caressing it, milking it in a way that woman can’t do for you,” she said her hand stroking Michael’s cock as her lips kissed down his neck.

“Fine,” Michael said not aware of what he was about to do. Walking unbalanced toward his front door, his fogged mind hiding the fact he had just agreed to fuck his daughter. Stephanie’s skin heated knowing she had gotten him to say yes.

Her father sat in his chair waiting for her to enter his house. “Strip Stephanie I want to see what I’m about to fuck!” Michael growled slurring his words. Her heart fluttered as her t-shirt fell to the floor. Stephanie watched as he kicked his shoes off, licking his lips as he stared at her bare chest. Her fingers trembled as they hovered over the button of her jeans.

“Now Stephanie!” Michael ordered getting unsteadily to his feet, his hard cock protruding out before him. He wanted to take off his shirt which only would cause his pain to flare back; and at the moment Michael was feeling to damn good for that.

“Well, if you want to make up for what you have done, get over here and suck your father’s cock,” Michael commanded as his daughter stood nude before him. Stephanie walked nervously over to him taking a dry swallow as she sank to her knees. Her eyes focused on the second cock she had ever seen in real life. Yet as the novelty wore off, her hand reached up taking hold of his shaft as his hand forced her forward.

Looking up at her father as his cock glided through her lips. Trying not to gag as his steel rod poked the back of her throat. “You need practice and I’ll make sure you’d get it,” Michael grunted as he watched as his manhood disappeared into his daughter’s mouth. “Well, how does your father’s cock taste?”

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