A Crimson Domme Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Finger Snaps and Shoe Polishers

I took my time and enjoyed the rest of my wine on my deck before swaggering back to Randy’s little hiding spot, “He’s gone,” I laughed as I slid the door open, “how was the show?”

Randy stared up at me with his head covered by a DD cup from one of my a lace bras. His face was flushed and his lower lip was quivering as he squatted motionless in my hamper. He looked like a naughty little boy who had just been caught by Mommy.

“What’s wrong Randy,” I asked as I pulled my hair behind my shoulders and bent over him. “You look so scared. You’re fine. He’s gone.”

There was a tremor in his voice and he looked at the floor, “I had, had, had, an accident.”


Everything poured out all at once, “I’m really sorry Virginia, I couldn’t help it. I was watching and you were so hot and the way you handled him was such a turn on and suddenly, I just couldn’t stop and it’s everywhere. I’m so sorry, I couldn’t help it. I was just stuck in here and I couldn’t move and then it just happened.”

I stood straight up with my hands on my hips and glared down at him. I was not impressed at all. In fact, I was disgusted. At the same time, he stirred something inside me that I had never felt before. He was afraid of me and I was feeding off of his fear. “What kind of a piddlin’ lil’ man are you Randy? You should know better. Get’ outa there right now and clean everything in that hamper.”

The truth was, as annoyed as I was, I understood. He had squatted in her there for over 3 hours in complete silence watching me fuck Jimmy after I had already got this little man primed. I completely understood why it happened but there was no way I’d let this go either.

His knees creaked as he tried to stand up. My impatience got the better of me and I pulled his head forward to tip him and the hamper onto the floor, “Clean everything up now!” I chided and strutted out of the room with a grin from ear to ear. I shocked myself by how mean I could be. Never in my life could I ever have treated another person like that, particularly a man as small as Randy, but what shocked me more what how much I enjoyed it.

Of course, the other half was that I couldn’t believe he was putting up with it either. I certainly wouldn’t have. He had been beaten up, humiliated in the shower, dressed in a woman’s satin robe, sat quietly inside my hamper, endured watching me fuck my old boyfriend, came in my hamper, was ordered to clean his mess, and had just been shoved onto the floor naked. If that had been me, I would have walked out the door, wet clothes and all. But sure as shootin’, a few minutes later, Randy scurried out of bedroom still naked with my hamper in hand. “Can you please tell me where the laundry room is Virginia and I’ll take care of this mess.”

I slipped on a pair of 4″ mules that were sitting at the base of my couch and sauntered over to him, “I don’t know if I want your spew in my wash basin. Maybe I should send you to the building laundry room Randy, just like you are right now,” I glared down at him as I stood with my arms crossed beneath my breasts.

“Oh, I will but I’ll have to get dressed,” as he looked around the floor for his clothes.

“I don’t want you dressed Randy. I want you in the buck,” I whispered in his ear after my hips shoved the hamper and him backwards. It shocked me how easily I did it. After helplessly play fighting with Jimmy I was shocked how easily I could knock him backwards. It was then that I realized, I could beat this little man silly without even breaking a sweat.

His face was flushed as he stared up at me like a deer in headlights. “Oh, I don’t know if I can do that. People might see me.”

“I don’t care Randy. You spewed all over my clothes. I want to see you do this naked. People should know you’re a dirty little boy,” I raised an eyebrow.

I had no idea where this was coming from. Never in my life had I ever been such a bitch. I should have felt horrible for doing what I was but at that moment I was standing taller than ever and my slit was soaking wet with more than just Jimmy’s sex. I might as well have been 10 feet tall at that because Randy looked to me like a little bug I could crush with my shoe.

“Ok well, I guess if you want Virginia. I reckon I deserve that after what I went and did,” he capitulated.

I placed my hands on my hips, grinning at him as he focussed on the floor, “well I should say so Randy.” Then paused, “Lucky for you, the only laundry room is behind me, second door on your right. Detergent is on the top shelf.”

His lungs suddenly released, and his shoulders dropped, “Oh thank god,” he muttered as I smirked knowing I was in complete control.

“Go Randy, move your stuff to the drier, get’er done. I’m not finished with you yet. Oh, and anything that is silk, gets done by hand,” I smiled knowing he’d do it.

Randy paused for a moment waiting for me to step out of his way but there was no way I was going to move. I was discovering I was in charge and he would yield to me güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri no matter what. He was learning about as fast as I was that there would be a pecking order in our relationship as his eyes dropped to floor while he took a wide girth around me with the hamper in hand.

I returned to the couch and kicked my feet up on the table as I watched him separate my clothes then get a chair to reach the detergent. I had always loved being tall but at that moment, I felt godly. It never occurred to me that a grown man would be unable to reach the top shelf in a closet.

As the water rushed into the machine Randy returned to my couch as if he was walking on eggshells. His little prick was rock-hard and I could tell that, as embarrassed as he was, he was still horny as hell. “You like this don’t you Randy?”

“Like what?”

As if it wasn’t obvious.

The back of my hand held my chin as I smiled at him, “You like women to control you, don’t you. You want me to boss you around.” It was clear at the time I really knew nothing about it, but I knew he was into it and that, intrigued me.

He started rubbing the back of his head and fluttering the pads of his fingers just behind his ear as he looked around the room for a distraction.

“Answer my question Randall. Don’t keep me waiting.”

His shoulders kept heaving him around as if he was contemplating whether to just run way and his eyes started to well with tears. I started laughing as his body gave himself up while his mind argued with itself how to answer my question until finally, I had had enough, “Now Randall!”

“Yes, I do,” he confessed while falling to his knees. He looked so deflated from those three words, but I was quite enjoying myself. “All my life, I’ve fantasized about being with women who could crush me mentally or physically or in your case both. I love strong women. The stronger the better. More than that, I dream of finding a woman who knows I’m a weakling in her shadow and who can control me with a few choice words or a look that puts me in my place. I have wondered what it would be like to have a woman rape me or have such power over me she can make me do whatever she chooses with almost no effort.”

I stood up and pointed to the floor at my feet, “Come Randy.”

He crawled before me then sat on his feet looking up at my smiling face until I bent over and took a hold of his face, “And have you ever found a woman that fits your fantasy?”

Sheepishly he whispered, “Tonight I did at a house party.”

I smiled, “Well I can tell you I’ve never had those thoughts or dreams. I like my men to be men. Big, strong, powerful men who can’t be told anything. The bigger the biceps the better. The broader the shoulders the more I say yes. You do not fit any dream I’ve ever had baby. You’re the kind of boy I destroyed back in the high school gym just for fun. You’re one of those cute guys I used to pat on the head then shoo along.”

Randy’s eyes sunk lower as he listened to every reason I wasn’t interested in him.

My finger pulled his chin back up to, “And yet tonight, you awakened something inside me that I never knew I had. Well I had it. I like being in charge, I’ve always been bossy, but I never in my wildest dreams thought it would reach my bedroom. The thought that I might have a little man to service my very whims, well, I never even fathomed it. Yet here I am, and I love the fact that you just crawled to the very spot on the floor I pointed to. I could get very used to this Randy and I am absolutely sopping wet as I think about what a relationship like this is like. It is so very hot Randy.”

His eyes lit up, “Really?”

“Oh god yes,” I smiled, “but honestly I don’t know a thing about what I should do. I guess being a bitch and bossing you around is the key. Suppose, I make you do the chores around here too, but I really don’t know what to do. I’m good at talkin’ mean and all but I figure it’s more than that.”

“It is Virginia,” he beamed, “I can tell you a lot but then you’d just be doing what I fantasize about. The only thing is, I fantasize about just being a sub and doing as I’m told.”

“A sub?”

“Ya, a submissive person. There are Dominants and submissives. I’m a submissive for sure, and I’m pretty sure you’re a natural born Domme. Subs serve people like you; cleaning, cooking. I’m a good cook. And maybe like kiss and suck your toes or even between your legs? Maybe you could read up online or somethin’? But the one thing is for me is that you’re the boss and I’m, well, I’m not.”

I stared down at him thinking of everything I could do with him but I didn’t know where to start, “Ok well I reckon I will but you tell me for now what you like and we’ll go from there for now,” I said as I walked across the room to fix a drink for myself until I realized that the little man on his knees should be doing that for me. I walked back to my swivel chair, sat down and crossed my legs, “Randy, go get me a glass of orange juice then come back and tell me about your güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri little fantasies.” I reckoned if I was the boss, there were not pleases or thank yous.

“Of course, Virginia,” he said jumping up, “I’d love to,” then rushed into the kitchen. A moment later he came back with a glass of OJ in his hand and some ice cubes in it. Seriously, if it doesn’t have vodka in it, who puts ice cubes in OJ?

Now, I didn’t know much about this whole femdom thing back then, but I was starting to figure a few things out. Number one, I was the boss and he was to do as he was told. Number two, we were not equals and he needed to acknowledge this little fact. I reckoned pretty quick that there was no level playing field in female domination, so I thought it was time to make him do things my way.

“Randy, why did you put ice cubes in my juice?”

“I – I thought you would like to keep it cold,” he replied with a slight quiver.

I grinned from ear to ear knowing just what I wanted to say, “Sweetie you’re not here to think, you’re here to do. I want a glass of OJ fresh from the jug alright”

He stared back at me in disbelief and I noticed his little prick was standing as tall as it could, “Oh sure, I can do that,” and turned heel to fix a new drink for me.

“Just a minute little man,” I smiled wanting to push the envelope further. Randy turned back to look at me. “You inconvenienced me. I shouldn’t have to correct you like this. If you don’t know. You need to ask. Now you’ve wasted my OJ and I’m still thirsty. What do you need to say?”

Randy nodded his head up and down, “I’m sorry about getting the OJ with ice. Won’t happen again,” he replied then turned again.

“Oh no, no, no, Randy,” I lifted my hand well above my head, “You see sweetheart, I’m here and you, well you’re somewhere near the floor. Let’s see some respect.”

Again, he gave me an exaggerated nod, “Yes Ma’am. I’m sorry, Ma’am I should not have assumed you wanted ice cubes. I’m an idiot Ma’am.”

This was getting fun, “Well yes you are lil’ piddle. I’m glad you recognize that,” now this time do it right and use a service tray,” I grinned as he looked nervously at me.

“Yes Ma’am, and I am sorry about that too. I’m trying Ma’am,” he replied as I raised an eyebrow. “Just where’s a tray?”

My jaw dropped open as my face went blank, “That’s really not a concern of mine now is it lil’ piddle?”

“No Ma’am,” he replied then headed out of the room as his little prick pointed the way.

Just then I decided I should redirect his attention and see how he fared, “Oh Randy, get me my cell phone first,” I ordered and pointed it on the coffee table just barely out of my reach.

He rushed back to me while replying, “Oh sure,” and quickly placed it in my hand.

“Oh, sure is something you say when you have a choice in the matter piddle boy,” I pouted, “your choices don’t amount to a hill of beans.”

Again, he nodded with conviction, “Yes Ma’am. I’ll remember that. I’m so sorry Ma’am.”

I smiled then opened my phone, “Well alright then,” and typed in ‘Domme’ on Google. That’s when I realized there was a whole wide world out there just waitin’ for me to conquer.

Randy came back a few minutes later with my glass of OJ on a dinner plate. I looked up at him then back to my phone as he stood motionless beside me. Truth is, I was a student. Even a Southern Belle like me doesn’t have a serving tray as a student but I reckoned I should look unimpressed. I kept flipping through websites wondering how I could have missed this in life. It was so hot. All these women making men grovel at their feet. I definitely had some research to do but after seeing a woman read a book as she was being serviced, I knew what this little man was going to do first.

I picked up my glass and threw half of it back before setting it down on the table beside me as I spread my legs, “You’ve got some work to do little one,” I announced as I shifted my hips to the edge of the chair.

Randy stared at me in horror. He knew precisely what was in there and I was fixin’ to make him clean me out.

“Baby you’re having trouble with this,” I canted my head with a smile knowing he just needed some encouragement, “that doesn’t make sense. Do as your told Randy. Just like you said baby.”

“Yes… yes … yes Ma’am,” he answered as his fingers strummed his hips, “It’s just his, I mean his, well Ma’am, he’s in there.”

“Well that’s right baby and I suggest you get your face where it belongs before I get cross,” I remarked with a tone that sounded like this was something I demanded from all little men hiding in my closet. Now that I think about it, I guess I do! I had no idea where it was coming from but it was making me hotter than ever.

“Yes Ma’am,” he replied and gently set the plate on my coffee table before sliding in with little kisses on both my thighs.

My fingers pushed his face into my tweeny, “Gently now baby, I want to read for a bit.”

Randy kissed my lips for a couple güvenilir bahis şirketleri minutes and I patiently smiled as I read up on Dommes while he got the courage to dig in. Finally, I grabbed the back of his hair and shoved his nose into the cum leaking from my slit, “Now Randy!”

He gagged almost wanting to vomit that first night as I coached him to service me. It didn’t take long before he started sucking every ounce of Jimmy from me before simply pleasuring me for the next 30 minutes as I learned about dominants and submissives, bondage and discipline, sissy’s and house boys, trampling and beatings. I was getting a full education. Of course, I really liked the idea of not lifting another finger again to do household chores. The whole thing appealed to me that first night and it was all there for me to start learning about. It was my coronation as Queen.

I had already learned one thing from the few minutes of research I’d done; I knew that the last thing I should do was let him drive how I Dommed him. So, I decided right there and then as his mouth massaged my womanhood, I made the rules.

I dropped my phone and drained my OJ as my hand shoved his face in deeper, “Now work that tongue boy.” I grabbed the back of his head and ground his face between my legs as I bucked every time his nose caught my clit. Harder and harder I shoved his face into me until I didn’t have an ounce more strength, “Make me cum Randy,” I ordered as my legs locked his head in place so I could lower him to the floor and keep his face in place as he licked and sucked my slit while my body sat square on top of his face. “Now Randy, make me cum,” I panted.

He was struggling to find air with his nose and mouth sealed firmly beneath within my crack and I smiled as I watched his arms grapple helplessly beneath my legs to squirm out from under me. I rocked back and forth fast enough to give him little spurts of air while his nose was being continuously mashed beneath my pelvis. “Keep going little man, almost there,” I cheered him on as I snapped my hips across his face over and over. I was loving this and the rush of power that came from holding his little body down just intensified everything. I reached back, took a firm hold of his balls and squeezed. I could hear him groaning beneath me as I told him he was running out of time when suddenly another ripple of heaven shot through me as tremors of ecstasy filled me with pleasure and a tidal wave of juice covered his face.

He had done a magnificent job and I realized that squeezing his balls had been a great motivator.

The weight of my body sealed his nose and mouth between my crack while I rested firmly in place on top of his face. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when Randy tried wiggling even more beneath me to catch a gasp of air. Little by little he squirmed hoping to break loose.

His feet started to kick the floor and I braced my ass on his face as his hands fruitlessly tried to lift me off. My hand snapped tighter around his balls, “Enough!” I barked and laughed as he suddenly laid quietly beneath me. “I’m in charge Randy. Is that clear?”

His head nodded.

“Would you like to breath piddle boy?”

He nodded his head sending little shivers of electricity through me. I knew he couldn’t take much more as it had been close to a minute. I lifted my ass off his near purple face and sat back in my chair watching with amusement as he panted for air.

I wiped the smile from my face, “On your knees Randall.”

Slowly the colour returned to his face as he rose to his knees still heaving for air.

“So if you think I’m going to let you inside me tonight, think again. But I will let you cum. Right there on the floor,” I laughed. “Would you like to show me how you can make yourself cum?”

Randy couldn’t stop panting, “Yes, yes Ma’am.”

“I’m sorry that’s not being very polite,” furrowing my brow, “little boys need to mind their manners.”

He nodded, “Yes, yes Ma’am, please Ma’am.”

I crossed my leg and put the bottom of my shoe over his mouth, “You’re going to stroke that little prick of yours and as you do, tell me about your biggest fantasies when you’re with a woman who owns your puny little ass,” then tapped his mouth firmly, “and don’t you dare cum until I say you …”

“Yes Ma’am,” he interrupted and wrapped his hand around his little cock as I laughed outright at his enthusiasm.

Randy stroked his penis slowly, “I want to be with a woman who can control every inch of me. I want her to make me do whatever she wants. I want to do whatever pleases her. I would serve her at all times, complete the mundane tasks of her everyday life, and service her sexually whenever she demanded it. I do what she wants without question and accept that her decisions are final and unquestionable. I would kneel in her presence, accept her discipline in any fashion even if she chose to hurt me, and I know that humiliating me is her prerogative. She might use me as a foot stool, make me scrub her floors with my toothbrush, polish her shoes with my tongue, whatever she decides is appropriate. She would always be right and I would never correct her. I’d relinquish everything to her accepting that she controls whatever she wants in my life. Her comfort is my priority, her pleasure my goal,” he explained as I watched his body shiver, “May I cum Ma’am.”

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