A Conversation with Jonathan Ch. 02

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Well Jonathan.

I have to admit that you are the only man who has ever made me so horny on line! As you know, I usually only have internet sex with other women, but your story about your aunty Trish really got me soaking wet! I felt I was in her shoes as you described the fucking. What about your mom? Does she ever figure in your fantasies? Or other women? Tell me about the other older woman – how did that start?


Hi Sarah.

As for other women, the only real relatives I have had experiences with is my aunt Trish and her daughter, my cousin Carol, with some kissing/groping. I have fantasies about many women, but not my mum Sarah. Here’s more of the story.


(Trisha takes up the story.)

My nephew’s spent cock slips from my used pussy, the warm sensation of his heavy ejaculation spilling out, the hot trickle running down my crack, pooling on the table, the sense of emptiness overwhelming. I stare at him as he leans back against the kitchen sink, the sunlight pouring in through the window behind him, giving him a angelic halo as we gulp in deep breaths, my face coated in a sheen of sweat. My clothes cling to my skin.

I still have my legs spread wide, the skirt bunched up around my hips. My large, white panties are pulled to the side, the elastic on them stretched to breaking point, exposing my juicy cunny obscenely to him, my thick folds coated in his milky creamy deposit. I don’t intend to close my thighs, as we stare silently at each other. I want to leave myself on full display for him, the air sexually charged.

It’s the first time I get a good look at my nephew’s cock. It hangs between his legs with my juice coating the length. It’s still semi-hard and I can see it’s well proportioned, the shaft thick with a large bell-end, a thick drop of cum dripping from the tip of his sensitive gland.

The hot sensation of lust builds again between my thighs, as I take in what I have done. I have let my own nephew fuck me. The cock I’m studying now has been hard and deep inside me, pleasuring me. It’s wrong, but that’s what’s sending my body into sexual overdrive. It is being so wrong that it makes it such a turn on.

I move my hand between my legs, already my sweet pussy is seeping juice again as I feel my fingers circle over the warm slick slippery cum-coated surface. Sticky fingers brush over the fleshy folds, feeling the tips, probing with ease into my hot entrance. My exposed heavy breast smeared with my nephew’s saliva, cools as a light breeze blows across it. The arousal from the obscene display I’m putting on, hardens the nipple, making it stand proud and erect.

His eyes are fixed on my heavenly hole between my thighs. Jonathan watches as I spread his cum with my fingers across my pussy. I can’t help but groan out loud. ‘Ahh … oh, Jonathan, look at your dirty aunty!’ I slip my long digit into my hot wet hole, slipping it in and out with long slow strokes, sliding with ease as I mix our two juices.

He starts to play with his cock, his thick length slowly swelling and rising in his pumping fist. I can’t take my eyes of it, its looks so sexy, so stiff, so large. A warm glow builds in my stomach, as I start plunging my finger faster in and out, working myself up to another climax. My feet lift off the table, bouncing up and down in time to my pounding finger as I feel the sprinkles of hot juice start to cascade from my entrance.

‘Oohhh, aunty’s cumming,’ I announce to my nephew as I plunge my finger in deep, rubbing it hard against the front wall of my cunt, teasing my g-spot whilst my palm rubs across my engorged swollen clit. ‘Arrrrrrr,’ I cry out, my eyes shut tight. I see stars, as an intense orgasm crashes over me like waves. I can’t control the volume of my cries as my dam breaks, my cunt gushing canlı bahis şirketleri hot streams of juice in hard blasts. The hot liquid splashes over my grinding hand, sending droplets spraying over my thighs. There is the sound of heavy splats of my ejaculation landing across the cheap kitchen lino.

‘Fuck! Come here and suck my cock, aunty Trish,’ my nephew growls. His voice seems distant, as I’m still riding my orgasm, but I slide off the table and squat in front of him. With my skirt bunched up around my hips, I keep working my finger into my dripping cunt, my finger teasing my g-spot as a pool of juice forms between my feet. Reaching up, I take my nephew’s thick length with my free hand, gasping as I feel the firm rigid member in the palm. I look up at him into his dark brown eyes. They are filled with lust as he watches his aunt’s hand close around his weapon. I can feel the heat radiate from it, as I draw closer, his warm, musky, manly smell filling my nose, my soft lips gliding over his swollen gland, slowly filling my mouth. Easing the length in, I grip the base in a tight hold, whilst I run my eager tongue over it, feeling the hot hard texture.

Hearing him gasp at the sensation of my mouth caressing his member, I can’t help but let out a mumbled ‘mmmmm’. I can taste his salty cum and my cunny juice on my tongue, moving my mouth back and forth. I slip his cock in and out, letting my lips gently tease his sensitive bell-end before sliding them tightly back down his length, my tongue flicking back and forth across the base. He grasps hold of a clump of my hair, starting to work my head violently up and down, my mouth getting fucked hard by his angry member. I get such a sexual thrill, I’m letting my nephew use my mouth like a cheap whore. I feel so perverse, I want to cry out and beg for more, but his cock is assaulting my mouth and all I can do is groan around his thrusting prick. Trails of saliva drip of my chin. The base of his cock is marked with a ring of my lipstick.

I start working my finger up and down over my drenched slit as my nephew’s cock starts to send me over the edge again. Rubbing my swollen clit with two fingers, I can feel the hard nub rolling between them, as he pushes his cock deep into my throat. My fingers become a blur as I work them fast, starting to sprinkle warm juice across the floor, making my cunt cum again. The entrance to my heavenly hole gushes my lust. Pouring forth, I try to scream out but it’s stifled by my nephews stabbing cock.

Suddenly he pulls me off his mighty prick. I gasp for breath, sucking in lungfuls of air as threads of saliva hang off my chin. My body shudders as I try to control my climax, my nephew’s cock swinging inches from my face, the thick length shining as drops of my spit hang of the tip.

‘I’m gonna take you and fuck you!’ he says, more of a order than a question!


‘There you are Sarah, another part to the story, should he fuck her now?’

‘Without any doubt. Trish needs to be shagged violently for a long time. You are mesmerized by her wet hairy vulva, as I would be in your place. She may be a plump lady, with a heavy boob hanging from her bra, with its large stiff nipple, covered with pimples. She may have meaty thighs, but between them is that glorious, beautiful part of her. Perfect pussy lips, stiff clit, and a wonderful dilated cunt, still dripping with your joint juices. It is begging to be fucked hard. That’s all it lives for – constant fucking.’

‘Of course! As does yours!’

‘Trish is staring at your monster cock. You can see the excitement in her eyes. She reaches out to hold your balls in the palm of her hand, gently urging you towards her. Your cock pauses at the entrance to her secret beautiful paradise, before sliding inside to the very depths.’

‘She’s desperate canlı kaçak iddaa for cock!’

‘Now, Jonathan, give her what she craves – a hard violent shag.’


‘But beware! Your other aunt, wondering what all the grunting was about, is in the doorway. She’s amazed at what she sees. Her nephew shagging her sister on the table. The sight is so erotic, her hand searches in her knickers for her own seat of pleasure.’

(The story continues from Trisha’s point of view.)

Without ceremony, my nephew bends down, pulling his jeans up loosely around his hips, his other hand gripping my arm tightly. He drags me up from the floor, pushing me forward, out of the door. I get shoved into the sitting room, my legs unsteady. I walk uneasy, my torn blouse hanging open, my heavy exposed breast jiggling, free from its constraints, but my nephew seems to have a purpose as he pushes me on through my childhood living room and into the hallway. This shy, innocent lad whom I have teased and flirted with over the last few years for my own perverse pleasure, has turned it around on me!

Reaching the foot of the stairs, I expect him to get me upstairs to his bedroom, but a firm hand on my shoulder pushes me, making me fall forward, my hands grabbing hold of the third step stopping me landing on my face, with my round full bum sticking in the air. When I feel my skirt getting roughly tugged up over my hips, I now know that he intends taking me there and then. The cool air caresses my backside as he pulls my large now loose fitting panties down my legs, I feel the soaked garment slip down my legs, stopping at my knees, as already I’m spreading my thighs in anticipation for his meaty member to enjoy the delights of my puffy drenched honey pot.

His fingers dig into my large rolling bum-cheeks, parting them wide leaving my tight bum-hole on display as my waiting dripping pussy is exposed further, my warm entrance inviting my nephew’s cock inside. With his hands on my backside, he lets his free swinging cock guide itself to it. I can feel his burning hot tip brush against my wet folds.

‘You want my cock, aunty?’ he asks, teasing my entrance with his swollen bell-end.

‘Oh god yes! Fuck your aunty Trish with your big cock, my dirty nephew!’ I plead, never feeling so turned on as I do now. The folds of my aroused furry pussy slowly part, as he pushes his helmet into my hot wet depths, juice dripping from my hole, as the slit opens wide to take the thick diameter of his hot stiff shaft. I’m so wet. I take inch and slow inch of his cock with ease.

‘Ohhhh, fuck!’ I call out, my cry echoing in the hallway, as I take in his entire length, heavy balls resting on the back of my thighs, his big cock filling me. ‘ARRRR,’ I gasp, my fingers digging into the carpet as my nephew starts pumping his fat truncheon roughly into my wanton hole. ‘Ahhh … Ahhh, FUCK … YES… Ahhh … Ahhh … Ahh! FUCK AUNTY … FUCK AUNTY!’ I urge, crying out as I feel his wide length sliding in and out of my hot wet heavenly hole, in long fast strokes like a piston. His fingers dig in hard, as he uses my pussy roughly, his heavy spunk-filled balls slapping against me, making me feel even more sexy and smutty. Our skins, soaked in a sheen of sweat, cling to each other on every contact, the sound of groans and slapping bodies fill the hallway.

My heavy breast swings free in time to his thrusts, I lift a hand and pull at my torn blouse, tearing it more to expose my other breast. Tugging at my bra, I free it. I look down between my arms, my sexy heavy tits swinging like pendulums in time to his fucking, my nipples standing out long and erect. ‘Aww … fuck me, you dirty bastard!’ I hiss, as I watch his wide length pump in and out of my stretched hole. My puffy folds and his stiff shaft glisten in juice, his large sack swinging.

Putting canlı kaçak bahis my hand between my thighs, I let my fingers rub over my stiff aroused nub, sending shockwaves over me. I feel his stiff length run up and down the walls of my pussy as my slit grips tight. ‘Oh Jonathan, Jonathan, fuck your aunty Trish’ I groan, sweat dripping from my forehead as I let my eighteen year old nephew fuck his aunty’s wet cunt like a shameless slut.

(Aunty Kate takes up the story.)

Where was my sister Trish? She only went in the house to get a drink of water, and that was ages ago! Probably teasing my poor young nephew no doubt! She really is shameless, I think, as I stretch out in the deck chair, crossing my legs and letting the short summer dress ride up, exposing my long slender legs. The sun warms my pale milky, flawless skin. I sigh as I feel the suns rays penetrate the thin material. Basking in the sun with my family, I smugly think how content I am. As a woman just past fifty, I still have a body most women would kill for, long slender legs, meeting slight curvaceous hips and a narrow waist. My tits are not the largest, but still pert with small perfect red nipples.

I also have retained my classical Liz Taylor looks, with dark sensual eyes which could turn most mens gaze my way! I suppose my dark hair is showing signs of grey, but – hey – no one’s perfect, I smile to myself. One person who wasn’t perfect is my sister Trish! The youngest of the clan, but she never inherited the good looks my brother and I had … not that she never had any admirers – always demanding to be the center of attention, flirting all the time. No wonder she’s divorced, always getting into man trouble. I suppose that’s how she got the attention, using her sexuality, unlike me, always the quite one like my nephew! Where the hell is she anyway? I look up, shielding my eyes from the sun, looking at the kitchen door and decide to go on a search for her, maybe give my nephew some peace from her cruel attention!


‘I think she should look for Trish don’t you think Sarah?’

‘Wow Jonathan.’ Trish is certainly getting well and truly shagged, and loving every thrust, lucky lady. Getting me all horny as well. I think it’s time you came and fucked me, Jonathan! I’m ready! And yes, I think, Aunty Kate should look for her sister – and maybe join in the fun?’

‘I’m writing it now! I’m playing with a very hard cock at this very moment. I don’t know if I should send what I’ve got down to you now or wait until I finish it?’

‘Let me play with your cock while you write and finish it. I want to feel you cum in my fingers! I’m here waiting!’

‘I don’t want to cum. I have held off for two days, just leaking pre-cum! I want to be as horny as hell, whilst writing!’

‘Okay. I’ll just hang on – but an orgasm won’t wait at this end. Thinking of Trish being fucked! Mmmmm lovely! Tasting my own juices. Yeeeeeeeeeeessssssss!!’

‘You turn me on so much Sarah! I’m pounding my cock, just to the edge of release. I have to log off soon but will send you the first part in a couple of minutes to help you over the edge, but will be doing a second part soon. My tip is seeping drops of pre-cum thinking of you tasting it.’

‘I’m turned on as well! You must have a strong will power to stop masturbating at the point of no return! I can see the drops oozing from the eye of your cock. Mmmm – I shall kiss them off – savor their taste before sliding my mouth over the shaft, my lips pressing against the stiffness, down to the base. Deep throat! Glorious cock in mouth! I do so love cock sucking! I can taste your sperm … mmmm delicious!’

‘Sorry Sarah, I’m afraid I’m not a very fast typist, so can’t respond fast as you would like, I imagine?’

‘Don’t worry about that darling. Leave the imagination to me!’

‘I will add though, that I find writing down these stories about my aunts, and confiding them to you, knowing that when you read them I’m turning you on, to be a very erotic experience for me, leaving me in a state of randiness all the time!’

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