A Charmed Life

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Special thanks to my editor “larryinseattle” for once again turning my story into something far better than it started as.


Aaron’s life had been routine, some might even say boring. His father and mother had met in high school and married soon after graduating. Their ‘great adventure’ as they referred to it had been when they left town so his father could get his certification as an insurance salesman. When they returned to their hometown, she became his secretary in his newly opened office.

Two years later, his mother announced that she was pregnant after they had enjoyed ‘a little late night office work’ as they referred to it.

When Aaron was born there had been difficulties and his parents were told that they could never have more children so he became the center of their world, doting on him constantly. For his 13th birthday, they decided to make it a special celebration and take him to a well-known amusement park in Florida. That was when everything changed.

The rain storm had come on suddenly and his father never saw the curve in the road. Their car crashed through a guard rail and plunged into the water-filled ravine next to it. After that Aaron didn’t remember a thing until he awoke two weeks later in an Intensive Care Unit. The first thing he did was ask about his parents and when the nurse wouldn’t tell him anything, he knew they were gone.

He overheard some of the doctors say that he was lucky to be alive considering his injuries. While another doctor simply said he was ‘charmed’.

The following day he was moved to a rehab unit. There he met Ms. Scott, the social worker, who explained that his father had indeed been a very good insurance man and had arranged for everything in case of an accident including a sizable life insurance policy for Aaron.

That same week, his Aunt Donna showed up at the hospital to talk to him about possible living arrangements after he was discharged. One by one they went through the options and in each case he felt like he would be more of a burden than anyone could handle, but they decided that he’d move in with her and her family unless something else came up.

That ‘something else’ showed up in the form of his Uncle Nathan two days before he was to be discharged. Nathan was his mother’s youngest brother and the ‘black sheep’ of the family. He had left town just after he graduated and had never been back. Instead, he earned a degree in finances and was reported to be worth millions.

He and Aaron hit it off immediately, more than likely because there was only ten years difference in their ages. Aaron healed quickly and Nathan hired a private tutor to help him catch up on his schooling. They traveled everywhere together and the tutor was hired on full-time to accompany them.

Just before his 16th birthday, Nathan legally adopted him and the next five years seemed to fly by as Nathan taught Aaron about finance and business along with his second passion in life, survival. They had often joked that surviving in the wilderness was actually easier than surviving in business.

Then, as the anniversary of his parent’s death approached, they decided it was time to take a trip ‘back home’. The family was all there and made them feel welcome but it was obvious from the moment he saw Miranda, the younger sister of one of his school friends, that Nathan’s thoughts were far away.

The two quickly became inseparable and though he was a bit jealous, Aaron couldn’t have been happier for his uncle. Their short trip back home was extended over and over again until finally 4 months after they arrived, Miranda said “Yes” when Nathan asked her to marry him.

The wedding was lavish by hometown standards but ‘just a little get together’ in the business world. Either way didn’t matter as Aaron stood-up as ‘Best Man’ for the ceremony. At the reception, he heard people talking about the bride and groom and also about what ‘a charmed life’ he had ‘all things considered’.

The big surprise that Nathan had promised Miranda as a wedding present came later that night when he took her and Aaron to the local marina and walked them onto a brand-new 122-foot yacht. He quickly gave them a tour of the lounge, galley, two bedrooms AND a Master Suite, crew’s quarters for the captain, engineer, and female chef, observation deck, and two pilot houses (one top-side and open to the air while the second was located just forward of the lounge), Nathan then announced, “I QUIT!! I sold it all. This is our life now,” before whispering, “if you want it.”

Miranda threw herself into Nathan’s arms, hugging and kissing him, before the two of them disappeared into the Master Suite. Aaron sat on the stern observation desk and looked at the rest of the boats and ships in the marina thinking about what life might hold in the future before heading below deck to his new room.

The following morning Aaron awoke to the gentle sound of engines purring below him and waves splashing against the yacht. Slipping illegal bahis into a pair of jogging shorts he went up to the lounge where he found breakfast waiting.

At the same time, he caught site of Rachel, the cook, for the first time. Her hair was a shimmering red and her skin had a gentle, golden tan from working on similar ships.

She sensed his presence and turned around and smiled, saying “Go’d Mornin’” with a heavy Irish lilt.

“Morning,” he mumbled in response.

“Wha’ would ya like fo’ breakfas’?” she asked as she turned towards him.

Her eyes were an emerald green and one look at her body instantly made his cock begin to harden as he vaguely remembered an old saying about a woman looking so good that the man’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

Rachel pretended not to notice the growing bulge as she filled his plate with eggs, bacon, toast, a large glass of orange juice and tea. “This shou’ git ya started. Thar’s olways a lo’ ta do the firs’ day at sea.”

Sitting down as much to eat as to hide his growing member, he was treated to the sight of Rachel’s cleavage when she bent over to set the plate on the table. Embarrassed, he turned away to try and hide the red-blush that was covering his cheeks. Surprisingly, at 21 years old he had never felt comfortable around women, especially attractive ones, and still found himself reacting like a young school boy around them.

Instantly understanding what was going on, Rachel stood next to the table with her hands on hips deciding what to do next. Then suddenly she said, “Look at me boy-o. Don’ be hidin’ ya’r face.”

Reluctantly Aaron looked up at her.

“This is no the firs’ time this ‘as ‘appened and I’m sure it won’ be the las’. So let’s git it o’er with. My name is Rachel Brennan. I’m 26 years old. My fater was English and my muter was Irish. I’m five-foot, five-inches tal’. My measurements are 36, 24, 34 and these darlin’s,” she whispered as she cupped her breasts, “are double-D’s. I’ve had several lovers in my life and been married once. I’m devorced no’.” Then in a joking voice she continued, “My ex-husband cal’ed me many t’ings, one of t’em being Vixen which is no’ my nickname, but if ya’d like ya c’n cal’ me Vix.” At which point she turned and walked into the galley.

Aaron sat there speechless, unsure of what to say or do, until he saw Nathan and Miranda coming up from the Master Suite. The smile on Nathan’s face told him that he had definitely enjoyed his first night as a married man and the look on Miranda’s face was only slightly over-shadowed by the afterglow of the nights events.

Aaron’s mind instantly filled with lurid images of them making love and his cock hardened once again. Standing before they joined him, he mumbled his apologies saying he was still a bit hung over from the night before and went to his bedroom. Immediately, pulling down his shorts he stroked his cock for the next 45 minutes cumming three separate times before his cock dwindled in size.

When he came back on deck, he noticed Nathan and Miranda sitting on the fore-deck while Rachel cleared the mornings dishes.

Moving quietly she came up beside him and whispered, “Were ya no hungry this mornin’? Ya did no eat a t’ing.”

“I ummmm, I just …”

Moving closer, her breasts brushing against his arm she whispered, “I understan’. Those t’ings happen but I thin’ ya need to kno that s’und carries very easily on a bo’t. So nex’ time ya have a problem with this,” she purred as she slid her hand around and let it settle on the front of his pants, ‘jus’ let Vix know and I’ll be ‘appy to take care o’ it for ya.”

Aaron’s mind swirled at the thought of what she’d just offered while his cock gave a small twitch at her touch.

“Now get along with ya,” she joked as she slapped his ass, “I tol’ yo’ there was a lo’ to be d’ne the firs’ day.”

The rest of the day did, in fact, speed by as they checked where all the gear was stowed and ran through a small emergency drill. By dinner time, everyone was famished and Rachel lived up to her name as chef. She served blackened Cod, Kelp salad with a wine-vinegar dressing, and hot biscuits made, according to her, just like her mother in Ireland had made them. Dessert was fresh strawberries, thick cream, and a chocolate, butter-scotch topping. All was accompanied by various bottles of wine.

When the meal was over, everyone helped clear the table and then sat around on the observation deck. The topic quickly turned to learning about each other. Nathan, as owner of the ship, went first followed by Miranda and then Aaron.

When it came time for the captain he said that his name was Gavin. He was in his mid-fifties and had been at sea for most of his adult life. He had sailed on almost every type of ship from freighters and ferries to luxury yachts. Before he was finished he joked that he was married to the sea so there was no need for any of the women on board to worry.

Dennis explained that he had also been illegal bahis siteleri on various ships but usually as the assistant engineer and how grateful he was to have the chance to be the chief engineer on the yacht. Maybe because of the amount of wine that had been served at dinner he also boasted that there wasn’t an engine he couldn’t fix or a woman he couldn’t satisfy with his ‘personal tool’.

Rachel told of her parents and her desire to become a chef. She talked about her education at various cooking schools in Europe and then the US and how she’d worked on several other yachts before taking this position. She also promised not to poison anyone which filled the ship with laughter.

Afterwards everything became quiet. Each sat there taking in the sights and sounds of the open sky and ocean around them. Shortly, Nathan silently took Miranda’s hand and the two left, followed by Gavin and Dennis. Rachel sat with Aaron for a while before also slipping away.

When Aaron got to his room, he regretted not having left much sooner so he could be asleep as he heard the sound of Nathan and Miranda in the Master Suite. Instinctively, his hand slid beneath the covers and wrapped around his hardening cock only to be interrupted when his door quickly opened and closed. He felt, more than saw, the presence of someone in the room with him and the delicate scent of perfume.


“Shhhhhh. We nee’ ta be quiet.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I tol’ you earlier tha’ from no’ on I’d tak’ care of th’s,” she whispered as she replaced his hand with hers. “As soon as I wen’ to my quarters I knew you’d be ‘avin’ a problem. I could ‘ear them even down belo’.”

“What about …?”

“Shhhhh, I’ll tak’ car’ o’ everythin’.”

Aaron felt her soft, velvety hand begin to move up and down the length of his hardening cock.

“I’ve been thinkin’ abou’ this all day,” she purred. “When I grabbed your cock th’s mornin’ I thought it would be a su’prise for ya but ac’ually I was the one su’prised when I fel’ how big you are even after cummin’ so often.”

“How do you know …?”

“Ya’ forget abou’ wha’ I tol’ ya abou’ noise carryin’ on the bo’t? And when I wen’ to your cabin later to clean up, I could still smell the aroma of sex an’ then I foun’ all the tissue ya used in the garbage can.”

A moan escaped his lips but whether in agreement with her comment or just from the thrill he was feeling in his groin, neither could tell. All too soon his hips began to rise and fall to match the rhythm of her hand. His scrotum tightened and he felt the beginning of an orgasm but so did she as she quickly encircled his cock at the base with her thumb and forefinger and squeezed, stopping the sensations.

“No’ yet, darlin’. There are t’ings I nee’ too,” she purred as she moved away.

In the darkness of his cabin she heard the rustle of clothing being removed and dropped to the floor. Then he felt the warmth of flesh as it wrapped around his cock in a sheath.

“How do’s tha’ feel, lover? Do ya like the feel of my tits wrapped around your co’k? I kno’ I do. I foun’ ou’ a long time ago that I really enjoy a good tit-fu’k. I lo’e the feel of my man’s co’k sliding up and down between them. I lo’e the feel of his hands on my tits, pullin’ on them and pinchin’ the nipples but mos’ of all I lo’e the feel of his warm cum coverin’ them and drippin’ fro’ them. Do ya think ya ca’ be tha’ man? Do you think ya can satisfy a vixen like me or do I nee’ to see wha’ Dennis is doing?”

Taking the challenge, Aaron reached down and grabbed her tits, pressing them tighter around his cock as she raised and lowered herself on it. Grabbing her tits like a pair of ripe melons he found her hard, elongated nipples and gently pinched them between his thumb and forefinger.

“Ohhhhh, yessssssss,” she hissed as her pace increased. “Tha’s it, lover. Pinch my nipples. Squeeze my tits and fu’k ’em. Pump your cock into ’em and cum all o’er ’em.”

Aaron’s mind whirled as he thought of what she was asking for. His tutor had taught him all about making love to a woman but this was the first time he’d ever actually ‘been’ with a woman and he hoped it would never stop. Unfortunately, his body had other ideas as he felt his balls tightening once again and the rumbling deep in his groin that signaled his impending orgasm. “Soon, Vix. Gonna cum soon. Gonna cover your tits with my cum just like you want. Gonna cum so hard and so much it covers you face and tits.”

“Yessss, lover. Do it. Cum for me. Cover me with ya’r warm, boy-cream.”

The word ‘boy’ seemed to trigger anger deep inside of him. Releasing her tits he grabbed her shoulders and snarled, “I’ll show you who’s a boy.” Using the added leverage from his hands, he pulled her down to meet each upward thrust until he felt the tip of his cock smack against the underside of her chin. The added sensation was more than he could handle and he felt his cum rocketing up the length of his cock. “Cccuuummmiiinnnggg,” canlı bahis siteleri he growled as it shot from the tip covering her tits and chin.

The feel of him taking charge had also triggered something deep inside Rachel. She knew, without a doubt, that he was a ‘man’ in every respect and that she was now his to do with as he pleased, at least for the rest of this trip. As if to finalize the thought, she lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip before probing into the slit to get every bit of his cum.

Aaron lay there. His body was exhausted and yet excited at the same time. The feel of her tongue both enjoyable and yet irritating on the hyper-sensitive flesh.

Suddenly, she pulled away and whispered, “Move over,” as she pushed him further onto the bunk.

Instinctively, he moved and wasn’t overly surprised when she crawled in next to him. He felt her head on his shoulder, her hair draping over it onto his pillow as her upper leg slid over his thigh and her tits pressed against the side of his chest.

“I never expected it to be that good,” she murmured.

An unseen smile formed on his face as he continued to lay there. Then suddenly a thought struck him. “Can I ask your something?”

“Sure, anything you want lover.”

“What happened to your accent?”

Giggling, she replied, “Oh that! Remember, I told everyone that I had lived in Europe and the US? Well, I was told by one of my instructors that he couldn’t understand what I was asking because of my accent. So I worked really hard to get rid of it. Now I only use it when it suits me and when …”

“Ya? When …?”

“When I’m really turned on and fucking someone I really care about. Then it just seems to come natural … along with a VERY loud voice.”

“What do you mean by loud?”

Shifting so she was looking down at him with her head resting in the palm of her hand, she answered, “When I get really turned on I’m a screamer. I just can’t seem to help myself. The more turned on I get, the louder I scream and the nastier I get telling my lover what I want.”

Aaron continued to lay there thinking about what she had just said until she leaned down and whispered in his ear.

“Do you know what a Vixen is?”

“I think so,” he mumbled.

“Well let me clarify what is means for me. In my case it means I’m a horny, Irish slut, who loves nothing more than the feel of a hard cock pounding deep in my pussy. As of this moment it also means that for as long as you want me I’m your Vixen.”

“Really?” he replied overwhelmed by what she had just said.

“Yes,” she murmured as she kissed his ear, “and I’ll prove it to you right now,” she continued as she lifted herself up and over him so she was straddling his body.

For the first time he felt the warm, moist, puffy furrow of a woman’s aroused pussy and his cock began to harden again.

“That’s it, darlin’. That’s what I need. A nice, hard cock. I want to see it grow and then I want it deep inside me. I want to feel it stretching me and filling me. Then I want you to fuck me hard and deep with it. I want to feel it slamming against the back of my pussy and then … if you want … I want to feel it filling my pussy with a load of ‘man-cream’,” stressing the word ‘man’.

Without thinking about what he was saying, he replied, “I’ve always wondered what this was going to feel like and tonight I’ll find out with the most beautiful woman I know.”

Leaning forward so her tits were dangling directly in front of his face, Rachel reached between her legs and wrapped her hand around his now fully recovered cock. It was only then that his words sunk in and she stopped. “You mean you’ve never …?”

“Nope. First time,” he answered as he felt her hesitate. Grabbing her hips he held her in place as her face seemed to show the battle going on in her mind. “I don’t think …,” was all he let her say before thrusting his hips upwards, driving his cock between her pussy lips and into her velvety tunnel.

A hissing sound escaped from between her lips as she tried to pull away to no avail until he stopped.

“Too late,” was all he said as he held her there impaled on his rod.

Almost imperceptibly at first, he felt her lowering herself onto his cock, spreading and stretching herself. He felt her tunnel quivering and seeming to draw him in deeper and deeper until he felt her pussy hair and his intertwine just as he pressed against the depths of her pussy.

Totally impaled on him, she leaned forward, resting her tits on his chest and her head on his shoulder. “Either my pussy has shrunk a lot since the last time I was with a man or your cock is a lot bigger than I had thought.” Then almost as an afterthought she added, “Not that I’m complaining. It feels fan-fucking-tastic, it’s just going to take a little time to get used to it.”

Aaron lightly caressed her back sending little tremors throughout her body as he waited. What was probably no more than a few moments seemed like hours until he felt Rachel slowly sit up. He was surprised to see that their pubic hairs were saturated with moisture as the heady aroma of her arousal surged up between their bodies.

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