A Change of Heart for Leander Ch. 04

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[All will be revealed about Noah and Nile sooooon!]

Jason was pushed back against the car in the driveway. Leander was pressed tightly against him, their lips together, fighting for dominance. Leander finally managed to get Jason in through the front door and started to strip him. By the time the were in his bedroom there was a trail of Jason’s clothes behind them. Jason removed Leander’s clothes quickly and let himself be pushed down onto the bed, Leander covered his body with his own and pressed more kisses onto his lips, his hands roaming the body he had once known so well. It hadn’t changed much, his chest and stomach was firmer, more toned to the touch. Jason stroked up Leander’s arms, his muscles were bigger, he felt stronger, older then the first time they had made love. It was like returning to a well loved place and finding it had just got better. Leander rocked his hips as he kissed Jason, grinding his swollen cock into his. He heard Jason’s moan as his shaft slid against his, warm and hard and aching. He reached over to his cabinet and routed for lube, when he found it he squirted it on to his hand, stroking his length with it and seeing drops of pre come drip from his slit. He then gently worked a finger into Jason’s awaiting hole. Jason grumbled happily at the invasion and Leander leant down to kiss his neck, his chest, his nipples he wanted it all. He had wanted this boy again for so long. Now he had him writhing under him and moaning at his actions. He added another finger slowly before adding a third and looking down at the beautiful boy. His big brown eyes were half shut, he wasn’t sure if it was pleasure or drink, but he was going to go with it.

“Ready?” Leander asked, his voice husky with lust. Jason nodded and lifted his hips slightly. He pressed the fat head of his cock against his entrance and pushed slowly. Jason gasped and tightened around him. “Okay Babe?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Jason reassured him and Leander pushed in more of his length. When he was fully inside him Leander stopped and looked down at the beautiful sight below him and started to thrust into him. Slowly at first, building up speed as Jason relaxed into it and began to get vocal. There was very little talking, the odd ‘oh god’ and ‘you feel amazing’ was uttered here and there but it was really nothing much more than blatant sex. Leander stopped and pulled out making Jason complain loudly. Leander felt so good in him he didn’t want him stopping now. He loved the feeling of the blond on him, around him, next to him. His warm skin on his own, his soft kisses gracing his lips, his hands wandering all over his body, finding his most intimate areas and making him feel amazing. God how he’d missed it, missed being full of cock and used to pleasure his lover.

“Get on your hands and knees.” Leander commanded. Jason scrabbled round and positioned himself, bracing as Leander slid himself back inside. He began to thrust powerfully into him, god it was good. He could fuck this bottom as hard as he wanted with no worry of it being too much. His moans and grunts made Jason push back as hard as he could.

“Doesn’t Trevor let you do this?” He said, half in a mocking tone.

“Shut the fuck up.” Leander growled and thrust sharply into him, making him yelp. “Sorry.”

“No worries.” Jason laughed to himself as the top hammered into him. Leander built up to a pretty frenzied pace and Jason was yowling like a cat on heat. “God I am so close…” Leander reached round and grabbed Jason’s cock, jerking it rapidly. Jason came calling Leander’s name and shot his load onto the bed, the blond boy felt Jason’s body contract around his cock and began to shoot into him with a groan. Leander pulled out of him and they lay down together, Jason narrowly avoiding the wet patch. A couple of minutes later they were both asleep.


Jason was the first to wake the next morning, he opened his eyes and his head throbbed instantly. He groaned and turned over, feeling another dull throb down below. It was then he saw Leander asleep next to him totally naked.

“Oh fuck.” Jason sat bolt upright, bad idea. His head screamed in pain but he fought through it. “Fuck fuck fuck.”

“Ugh what?” Leander pushed himself up on his elbow, opening one eye. “Oh…”

“Oh indeed.” Jason frowned. “God I was so drunk last night. Where are my clothes?”

“I think I stripped you coming up here.” Leander got out of bed and grabbed a pair of boxers before going to his door. He opened it and stopped suddenly. “Oh shit.”

“What’s up?” Jason asked. Leander bent and picked up Jason’s clothes from the floor, they had been folded nicely and left outside. “Who did that?”

“Mum must have got back this morning.” Leander shrugged. “Oh god I hope she wasn’t in last night. Was her car there?” Jason had a brief flash of a memory that was being pushed against a car and being groped.

“Yeah there was a car in the drive.” Jason took his clothes and quickly put them on. “What time is it?”

“It’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri half ten.” Leander told him. Jason swept his hair back into something presentable and pulled on his shoes. “Why?”

“I’m meeting Nick for lunch.” Jason told him. “I’ll have to shower first. Urgh my head hurts like a bastard.” He headed for the door. “Talk to you later.” And he was gone. Leander sighed and sat on his bed. That hadn’t gone exactly as he had planned. He wanted to wake up with Jason in his arms and for him to say they were back together but he’d fled as soon as he’d woken. Fuck. Now he had his Mother to face. Double fuck. He pulled on some clothes and checked his phone.

Trevor: Morning, good night last night? x x x

Trevor: Sorry I’ve been so bitchy recently, I’ve just been feeling really insecure and shit. I know its silly as I trust you 100%. Talk to you later. Love you. x x x

“Oh that’s just what I need.” Leander groaned and went downstairs. He looked out of the window and noticed his Mother’s car had gone so he went and made himself a coffee and sat at the table to await the inevitable. While he waited he decided to send Trevor a message.

Leander: Hey, might have to meet you later. Parental unit is back. Miss you. x

It wasn’t long before she came back, she had brought him a muffin which she placed in front of him after kissing him.

“Hello my love.” She smiled.

“Hey.” Leander grinned. “Didn’t know you were back.”

“I pretty much guessed that. Good night?” She poured herself a coffee and sat across from him.

“Err yeah.” Leander nodded, pulling the casing off his muffin. “I guess so.”

“I collected the clothes that were scattered.” She raised a knowing eyebrow.

“Oh god. If I knew you were here I wouldn’t have brought him back. I wouldn’t have gone out I’d have stayed in with you!” Leander rubbed his forehead with his hand.

“Was is Jason?” She asked. Leander nodded. “So what happened with Trevor?”

“Nothing.” Leander frowned. “I’m still with him.” He expected a telling off but his Mother was silent. “Well?”

“Well what?” She looked at her son, he was so handsome and confident. She had raised him right, but had not raised him to cheat. “You are nearly nineteen my son, you can have sex with whoever you want. It’s certainly never been a problem for you in the past. You are old enough to make your own choices and mistakes.” She fell silent again. “Now come on, I’ll take you out for lunch, you can eat the muffin in the car.”

It took a few hours for the guilt to really settle in for Jason. He had lunch with Nick and they went back to his for a few hours. Nick was resting against him as they watched Breaking Bad and it suddenly hit him. At first he thought he was going to be sick but he managed to calm himself down and clear his mind. What had gone on? He had got really drunk, he knew that because his head had throbbed for most of the day. He vaguely remembered dancing with Leander but from there it was sketchy, he was against a car, going upstairs then on all fours being pounded. He should’ve stayed and talked to Leander that morning but he was so ashamed and Leander hadn’t text him all day. He would call him when Nick went home on Sunday. Leander managed to spend most of the day with his Mother. After a quick shower he went round to see Trevor. He was thankful that he had the excuse that his mother was back from work as to why he couldn’t stay over – plus it wasn’t really an excuse he did really want to spend some time with her. She was pretty good, she didn’t press the issue with him though he did open up and explain what had been going on. They spent the night watching films on Netflix and eating popcorn. Before he went to bed he saw a message on his phone.

Jason: Talk 2mrw night? x

Leander: Yeah sure, ring me when you’re free. x x x

Jason picked Leander up at about six on Sunday night. He had wrap around shades on – he didn’t want to make eye contact with the hot blond today. Leander came out of the house, his mother waved at Jason from the step, Jason waved back he could feel his face blushing red. From what he remembered he hadn’t been quite as quiet as he could have been during their one night stand. Leander was dressed in a tight black top and cargo pants. It set Jason off almost immediately, the shirt clung to him in all the right places, showing off his arms and chest. He looked forward as he got into the car.

“Hey.” Leander got in and buckled up his seatbelt. “Where to?”

“Er dunno. Coffee?” Jason suggested. Leander agreed and they drove in silence into town. Once in the coffee shop they sat facing each other. Neither one knew how to start the conversation. “Um. Look, about the other night…” He rubbed the back of his neck. Leander looked at him, noticed how flustered and upset he was. Fuck, maybe he was wrong. Maybe Jason didn’t have the same feelings for him and he’d just got him drunk and fucked him. He felt güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri horrifically bad as he twirled his cup around on the table.

“Put it down to being drunk and we’ll not speak about it?” Leander offered with a slight smile, it covered up the raging pain that seared through his heart. He wanted to tell him that he loved him, that he was his world but he couldn’t risk it.

“Oh, yeah.” Jason nodded. “That’d be good.” Leander smiled again but couldn’t meet his eyes. It was going to be hell between them from now on. Plus there’d be lots of ribbing from the guys at the club. Leander sighed again and drunk his coffee, maybe he shouldn’t have listened to drunk Nile after all.

Jasmine was turning nineteen. They had a club hired out and her parents had gone all out to make their little girls day special. Jason and Leander were in two minds about going, they didn’t want to upset Nile who had flat out refused to go. He was still feeling bitter about his relationship ending and didn’t want to see her and her new boyfriend being all lovey. He’d had countless conversations with them telling them that he was more than fine with them going. He’d go out for some drinks with Noah. They didn’t know what was going on with Nile and Noah. Leander had spoken with Noah a few times and gathered that he’d given Nile a blow job but it hadn’t gone further than that, though not for lack of Noah trying.

The party at the club was okay. Casey got drunk and danced while Josh sat and watched, knowing he’d have to deal with him later. Trevor and Nick danced for a bit then sat with Josh to relieve some of the monitoring-Casey tension. Jason excused himself and went down the corridor to the bathroom. He sighed as he got into the quieter room. Before he knew it he was pushed into a cubicle. He gasped as he was spun round, lips on his own, hands roaming over his chest. He furiously kissed Leander back and pulled him closer to him, desperate for him, then he pushed him away.

“Leander, we can’t!” He groaned.

“I know, and it’s killing me.” Leander frowned and left the room. Jason let himself out of the cubicle and took a piss. He then washed his hands and face. The sexual tension was getting too much for him. He cursed himself for not telling Leander that he felt the same but he was just afraid. They had been in a relationship before and he’d fucked it up. So what would happen if it happened again? Jason walked out of the door and into Jasmine who hugged him enthusiastically.

“Jason!” She grinned. “Are you having fun?” He nodded and tried to look like he wasn’t dying inside. He walked with her back into the music and the lights and danced with her, all the time he looked over at Leander and felt his heart break every time he placed a hand on Trevor. He had to snap out of it. He was still being intimate with Nick, in fact Nick had said he’d been better than ever. All because he couldn’t get Leander out of his head.

Over the next week it just became too much. Jason and Leander were almost caught out kissing in the drama studio by Nile who scolded them fiercely and told them they needed to sort themselves out. They also spent an evening with Noah who told them that they could cuddle on the sofa if they wanted as every one knew they were fucking. It was bound to get back to their partners at one point. Something had to be done.

Leander walked into Jason’s house. Casey was in the kitchen chopping vegetables, he turned and smiled at him.

“Hello handsome. Nice to see you!” Casey put the knife down.

“Hey.” Leander hugged him. “You doing okay?”

“I am I am. How are you? Looking after Trevor?” Casey asked. He saw a flicker on the blond’s face but then he nodded with another smile. “Good good. What are you guys up to tonight?”

“Just going to play games until the early hours I think!” Leander grinned.

“You two and your games. You’re as bad as Josh.” Casey resumed cutting.

“I heard that!” Josh called from the living room. Leander walked up the stairs and let himself into Jason’s room.

“Hi…er…” Leander stopped. Jason was on the bed in a pair of tight boxers reading a book, they were so snug over that hot little ass of his, for a second he just stood and stared thinking about peeling them off, spreading them open and eating him out there and then.

“Oh Leander! Hi! Sorry I lost track of time!” Jason rolled over. His hair was still damp from his shower and he had it swept to one side. He looked over at his friend, he knew he was aroused he could recognize it in him a mile away. He honestly hadn’t meant to be lying on his bed in his underwear when the blond came over. He’d been meaning to dress after his shower but he got distracted by the new book he wanted to read. “You okay?” Leander went to sit on the sofa in Jason’s room, he slouched low.

“Yeah just a bit stressed. I’ve got a shit load of course work that I haven’t even started that’s bugging me and this güvenilir bahis şirketleri whole thing with Trevor’s just…” He waved a hand, not meeting Jason’s eyes, he was still trying to will away his erection. Jason saw the bulge in his pants that he tried to hide by rearranging himself. He felt his own cock twitch at the sight of Leander rearranging his junk and before he knew it he had walked over and straddled Leander.

“Maybe I can help de-stress you?” His lips found Leander’s and he ran his tongue over them. Leander groaned into the kiss and ran his hands down Jason’s naked back. Jason shivered from the contact and ran his hands down Leander’s chest stopping at the waistband of his jeans and deftly undoing the belt and the zip. He reached inside and pulled the thick shaft free. He began to stroke it in long fluid strokes loving the satin feel of it. Leander didn’t protest he just kissed him more and let his hands roam his chest, pinching the others nipples. Jason slid down his body to his knees and ran his tongue over the head of the cock. Leander looked down at him, eyes wide and focussed on that talented tongue. Jason slid his lips around the mushroomy head and sucked gently. Leander groaned and leant back, never breaking his stare. Jason kissed up and down his shaft, rolling his balls in his hand and occasionally kissing them. He took him into his mouth, sucking slowly then moving rapidly, taking more and more of his cock into his mouth. Leander felt a mix of pre cum and spit run down his shaft from the blow job. Jason was so good, he couldn’t think of anything else bar this beautiful boy. Suddenly that talented mouth wasn’t enough, he wanted more. Jason pulled his mouth off his member, a strand of spit connected it to his lips and Leander let out another desperate groan. “You okay?” Jason asked with a sly smile, he ran his tongue over his lips and that was all it took for Leander to stand and pick him up by the thighs carrying him to the bed and throwing him down. He peeled off the tight purple boxers and threw them to the ground. Jason wriggled back on the bed and watched as Leander took off his clothes and discarded them. He climbed on the bed and began to kiss him fiercely hand wrapped around his cock. Jason gasped against his lips and arched his back at the touch.

“Mmm can I fuck you?” Leander breathed into his ear.

“Have you ever had to ask?” Jason smiled against his cheek. Leander got off the bed and grabbed the lube from Jason’s drawer. Jason watched as he stood and lubed up his cock in long slow strokes, Leander watched as his eyes followed the movements of his hand. “I’ve missed you.” Jason mumbled.

“Are you talking to me or my cock?” Leander stopped stroking himself and looked over at him.

“Um both of you.” Jason smiled and held his arms out for Leander to come to him. Leander went over and quickly flicked the tip of his tongue over the end of his cock. “Oooh Leander.” Jason squirmed. The blond smiled and settled next to him. They kissed lazily for a while as Leander prepared him. He slowly moved on top of him and slid himself inside. This was different to the frenzied fuck they’d had the other night, it was tender and gentle. They kissed throughout and Leander kept telling him how beautiful he was, how good he felt, how he’d missed being inside him. “I’ve missed your body.” Jason admitted. “I miss having your strong arms around me.” Leander thrust slowly into him, listening to him talk, the sex was bringing out the truth. “I should never have broken up with you.”

“You look so good Jason, I’ve missed waking up next to you. Feeling myself sliding into you. Feeling myself coming with you wrapped tightly around me. I want you forever.” Leander moaned as he thrust. Jason made him stop and made him lie on his back so he could ride him. Leander lay with his hands behind his head and watched the black haired boy bobbing on him. He seemed much more confident this time around, knew what to do to make both himself and his lover feel good. “Who’s topped you Babe?”

“Just you.” Jason panted as he rode him faster. “Only you.” Leander sucked air in between his teeth at the revelation. No one else had been inside him, that was a huge turn on, no wonder he’d been a bit apprehensive when they fucked after the club. “Oh god, Leander…” Jason reached for his cock but found Leander’s hand had beaten him to it. He squeezed and stroked him using Jason’s pre cum to get a good rhythm going. Jason rode him faster bringing himself closer and closer to the edge. He leant down and kissed Leander as he was about to come. “Oh Leander I love you!” He shot ropes of hot white come over Leander’s hand and chest, some even splattered his chin. Leander thrust a few times more before he came into Jason. Jason felt his cock pulse as he emptied his load and moan appreciatively. They lay together for a while, Leander running his finger up and down his back lightly. When they got out of bed and started to get dressed Leander said he should probably get going. “What’s the rush?” Jason walked over to him pulling a shirt over his head.

“Because if I stay I’m going to want to do that to you again.” Leander told him.

“Would that be such a bad thing?” Jason walked his fingers up Leander’s chest. Leander’s eyes went wide and he pulled Jason towards him by the shirt.

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