A Bet’s A Bet

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A Bet’s A Bet
As I played squash with Helen my mind was distracted by the thought of fucking her arse in the shower. We had played several times since the, without either of us mentioning it. Her cute arse stretched her lycra shorts nicely, and as we played the sweat started to stain her groin. Her pert tits were clearly unfettered beneath the loose t-shirt, because, small as they were, they bounced enticingly as she ran about the court.

As usual, after the game, we went back to her halls of residence, but this time she didn’t go to change straight away. She plonked herself in a chair opposite me at the kitchen table and sat, legs spread, chatting and smiling. I could barely keep my eyes away from the tight crotch of her pale shorts. The sweat in the leg-pits was horny, but was that a little dampness starting in the tightly covered mound between her thighs? He pussy was pretty well displayed through the tight material.

I reached into my gym back, and pulled out a pack of condoms. “Brought some this time.” I grinned.

She smiled back. “Cheeky bastard.” she said, but with a big grin. She sat more upright, peering at the pack. “Twelve?” she giggled “Bit of an optimist, aren’t you?”

I shrugged, and chuckled.

She pushed her self up out of the chair and moved toward me. She stood very close. Her crotch was level with my face and only a couple of feet away. I could smell her sex, and see the clear outline of her pussy beyond the tight lycra. She ran a hand up her leg, under her t-shirt and massaged one of her tits. The nipples were poking through kaçak bahis the soft cotton top.

My shorts, which were pretty short, bulged almost immediately. The tip of my hardening cock peeped out from one leg. She looked at it, and put one finger to her mouth, licking it and nibbling it seductively. She had no need to seduce me, I was more than willing.

“Are we going to your room?” I asked, “Or the shower?”

She shook her head, then dropped to her knees in front of the chair. “Why?” she asked, pushing my knees apart, she moved between them, planting hit kisses on my face, lips and neck. Her hands rubbed up my body, under my top, stroking over my chest and abs. Then she moved down.

Her face brushed against my sweaty shorts, her hands now on my thighs. She rubbed back and forth with her hands; getting higher and higher. Just NOT touching my now fully erect cock. She shuffled back a little, and her long, blonde hair fell across my lap as she started to lightly kiss and nibble my thighs. Higher, and higher. Her tongue darted out, flicking across the purple head of my exposed cock.

With one hand she pulled at the waist band of my shorts, tugging them down to my knees then sat back; looking. She smiled and took my cock in her hand, running the foreskin back as far as it would go, then moving in to lick the purple helmet. She swirled her tongues around, and flicked the little strap of skin underneath. She jerked her hand up and down, gripping firmly, and watching the head get slick with pre-cum.

She touched the sticky fluid with her outstretched casino firmalari tongue, drawing a bead away as her hand still wanked my shaft.

She stopped.

She stood up quickly, and in a slightly awkward manner, pulled off the tight lycra shorts. She was naked underneath, and I stared at the vee of her pussy. The downy blonde hair untamed and bushy (well this WAS the early nighties). She d****d her shorts over my face, and I inhaled the scent of her moist pussy.

Reaching for the condom pack, she broke one off and tore open the packet. “Looks like we might be ready for one of these.” she grinned. She moved forward with the sheath of latex, pinched the bulb at the end and placed it over m the engorged head of my cock. With the other hand, she rolled it down the length. Then, she stood, moved back to the table and sat on it, legs spread wide.

I needed no further invitation. I moved between her thighs, pulled her to me and showered her face and neck with kisses. Our mouths locked together, tongues battling for access. I felt my hard cock rub against her hot, wet pussy. She grabbed it and pulled it to it’s destination. My cock sank into her dripping pussy and I started to thrust. My face was still entwined with hers, my hands roving under her t-shirt to massage those pert tits, and rock hard nipples.

I moved slowly at first; in and out. Almost all the way out before sinking back in full length. I stood upright between her legs, gripped her buttocks and started pounding hard. The kitchen was filled with the sounds of our pants güvenilir casino and grunts, and the slopping of my cock in and out of her sopping cunt.

She reached between her thighs, rubbing her clit round and round; fast.

She leaned back on the other hand, her head back, eyes closed. Sweat dripping from her face as it contorted in pleasure. I could feel the pressure mounting in my balls, and the convulsions of her hot fuck tube pulled me over the edge. I felt the surge of semen along my cock, safe in the knowledge that it was being caught by the latex sheath.

I spasmed, and went rigid as my cum poured into the condom, deep inside her hot pussy.

We stayed like that for what felt like an age, but was probably less than a minute. I breathed deeply to regain my breath, and slid my waning cock out of her wet pussy. The condom hung heavily, the reservoir at the end bulging with semen.

She smiled, but not at me. She was looking over her shoulder. “See I told you I would.” she said.

I turned, naked from the waist down barring the dangling, full condom. Helen’s flat mate, Haley, was stood there, eyes wide. She was wearing a tight vest top over her hot, big tits and her jeans were undone, her hand inside.

She smiled at Helen, then at me. Her eyes dropping to the wilting cock and full condom. She stepped over and reached out, grasping my cock and pulling the condom off. She held it up in front of her face, shaking it from side to side and giggled. She placed the open end of the condom in her mouth, upended it and squeezed the cum down into her mouth. She swallowed it all.

“A bet’s a bet.” She said, grinning at Helen.

Helen slapped me on the bottom, and said “You’d best shower.” She pulled up her shorts. “Still on for next week?”

I wonder if you can guess my answer to THAT.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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