A Best Friend in Need

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I was having a restless dream about my encounter with Shauna in Las Vegas. Carl had left on a fishing trip for the weekend and I was alone. As I lay there in bed, my hand seemed to automatically slide down over my belly to my stirring crotch. I toyed with the waistband of my Coyote Ugly panties and slowly put my fingers inside, running them lower. As I reached the mound of my sex, I squeezed my lips together, rolling them back and forth, causing my clit to tingle. I brought my hand back out and ran it down to the crotch. Soaked! I began rolling my lips again, this time from outside my panties, causing the juices to make them even wetter. I slid one finger under the leg and between my swollen lips, feeling the lubrication coating my crotch. I buried my finger and slowly rotated it before bringing it out and up to my mouth. I slowly sucked it in and began licking my juice, remembering how Shauna had fed it to me, making me lick it clean each time before plunging it back inside. I could not stop thinking about this woman, and how she made me want her. I raised my hips and slid my panties off, bringing them to my mouth and sucking the crotch while ramming three fingers inside me to bring myself off. I came with my panties stuffed in my mouth and moaning her name.

I quickly hopped in the shower before I had to prepare breakfast for our guests. As I stood there letting the hot water cascade over me, I realized I was still aroused. I began lathering my body, paying close attention to my aching breasts. My nipples became hard as bullets as I continued soaping up. My hands slid down to my mound and I began to lather it up, probably in excess. The smoothness of my hairless pussy excited me even more. I pulled on my lips and slowly started to jack them off like a cock between my fingers. My clit swelled and began to poke out, so I turned my attention to it, squeezing it gently as I approached another cum. As I felt my orgasm beginning, I pinched harder and sent myself over the edge. I slumped against the wall for a minute and then rinsed off quickly. As I toweled off I thought to myself,” Two cums before breakfast. Not bad for a Saturday morning!”

I fixed breakfast and brought it to the guests and returned to our home. The phone was ringing as I entered. My best friend Robin was leaving a message that she was on her way over from Oklahoma City, and would be there around two. I picked up in mid recording and told her I would be waiting for her. She said she wanted to do some serious shopping and drinking. I sensed she was pissed at her husband because that’s what she usually wanted to do when she came over.

I cleaned the house up and made up the guest bedroom for her arrival. I then went out to mow. Two hours later I was finished just as Robin was pulling in the drive. She got out and said,” Let’s go to town for lunch.” That meant Bloody Mary’s and shopping)”. I told her I needed to get in the hot tub for a quick dip and suggested she join me. We went in the house and grabbed a couple of towels and went to the tub. Whenever she had been here before, Eddy was along and we always wore suits. Not this time. We stripped on the deck and got in quickly. As I was getting in she commented,” I didn’t know you shaved.”

“I don’t.”

She had that puzzle look on her face, but didn’t say anything else about it. I didn’t offer any further explanation.

We spent about ten minutes in the tub and then went in to go to town. While I was getting ready, Robin decided to play games on our computer. After finally deciding what to wear, I came back out and Robin was looking intently at the monitor, and there on the screen was my story about the Las Vegas trip. I must have turned six shades of red as I watched her read it.

When she finished it, she turned to me and, with a little choking in her voice said,”That really happened, didn’t it?”

I blurted out, “Oh yeah, Some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had.”

With that out of the way, she went to get dressed and quickly returned, ready to go to town. We stopped at our favorite watering hole before shopping and had a couple of their superb Bloody Mary’s. As we sat there on the balcony, Robin asked me if the sex with Shauna was really that good. I told her that it was some of the hottest I’d ever had, from the back seat of her car to her bedroom. I told her Carl was a great lover and would do anything I asked, but there was something about another woman that just really got me off. I told her I had never been with another woman to that point, but I would never rule it out again.

She looked at me and asked, “Would you consider having sex with me?”. I almost choked on my drink because it was the last thing I would have thought she would be interested in.

I managed to stammer,”If you think you could handle it, I’d love to. I’ve fantasized about it more than once!”

She told me that she often did, but was uncertain of how I would react to the idea. I guess best friends don’t always know everything about one another.

We finished our drinks and went down the street to a shop we had never been in together before, a lingerie boutique. As we looked over the frilly items, Robin picked güvenilir bahis out a very sexy bikini and bustier in pink.

“What do you think?” She asked.

“Dynamite”, I replied.

She went to try it on and it fit her like a glove, pushing out her breasts and covering just enough to hold interest. She looked at herself in the mirror, and I reached around and gave her tit’s a little squeeze.

“Just wait until we get home!”

With that, she quickly got dress again and paid for her new outfit. As we walked out of the store she said, “I’m done shopping if you are.” I just nodded and we walked back to the car. I could feel the dampness in my crotch already flowing with anticipation of a fun afternoon and evening. As she turned out of town, I reached over and touched her knee, slowly moving my hand under her skirt and up her thigh. I finally reached the warmth of her crotch, slowly rubbing her panties, and feeling them dampen to my touch. I slid a finger under the leg and touched her lips, slowly sliding it into her now very wet vagina. She moaned a little and pressed against my hand. I withdrew my hand and slid my finger into my mouth, sucking her juices from it and giving her a little smile.

“You really taste good!” I giggled and stuck two fingers in my own panties, swirling them around my throbbing pussy, then offering them to Robin. Not taking her eyes off the road, she licked and sucked them clean. I thought she was going to cum while she was driving, just from sucking my fingers.

We finally got home and bailed out of the car, barely getting the door open before clothes started coming off.

“Slow down girlfriend!” I said.

“We’ve got all day!”

She calmed down a bit, admitting she was as nervous as she was horney. I opened a bottle of wine and asked, “Ever seen some really good lesbian porno?” knowing she probably hadn’t. She just shook her head no as I was putting in a DVD. I told her to just sit back and relax and watch the movie for a while. As it began to get hot and heavy on the screen, she began fidgeting a little and I told her to do whatever felt good. She put her hand down her panties, the only thing either of us were wearing and began to slowly finger herself. As the one girl in the movie stuck three fingers in the other, she came, moaning loudly and shuddering in a profound orgasm.

I just laughed a little and said,”I guess you didn’t need any help with that one, did you?”

I couldn’t tell if the blush was from her cumming or embarrassment of being so turned on. She took a sip of wine and told me it was my turn to jill. I just started rubbing my panties into my now totally sopping vagina, forcing the fabric deep inside and causing the crotch to become ever darker blue as my lubrication soaked through the fabric. When nearly the whole crotch was wet, I pulled them off, and inserted three fingers into my again as I turned the panties inside out and began licking and sucking my juices from them. I could see Robin was watching me intently, her eyes moving from my mound to my mouth. As I slid a fourth finger in, I came, lubrication literally running from me as I moaned, no screamed with a mouthful of panty. I dropped my hand from my crotch and Robin picked it up, guiding it to her mouth as she cleaned it up. This woman was a natural. Seeing her licking and sucking my fingers go me started again and I decided it was time to see how turned on she was. I reached around her neck and slowly began to gently nudge her lower. She hesitated a moment and then got up from the couch and knelt on the floor in front of me. I spread my legs wide so she could get between them and she immediately stuck her tongue in my dripping hole. I grabbed the back of her head, pulling her to me and came in her mouth within thirty seconds. I could feel the walls of my vagina contracting against her tongue. I collapsed back on the couch and mumbled, “Next one is on me.” We both had recovered and decided to have another glass of wine and continue the movie. All during the movie we began to make comments about what we would do if it were us, and then realized we could.

We watched the entire movie and I decided that we should get in the hot tub. We ran naked out to the tub and climbed in, turning the jets on full, adding some jasmine scent and just relaxing. We had been in the tub about twenty minutes when Robin asked me if I would shave her when we got out. I said I would be happy to, and told her I would be back out with what we needed. I went in and got my personal razor that I used before the laser treatments, baby powder and a scissors. I had her get out of the tub and relax on a lounge chair in the sun. I dried off her lower region and asked , “How much do you want shaved?”

“All of it!” she replied.

I began trimming with the scissors until most of her hair was gone, then, taking the shaver and baby powder removed the rest until she was as bald as I was. She reached down and felt it.

“That thing works really well, doesn’t it?”

I said, “It really makes it smooth, but now you have to do it every day to keep it that way.”

I told her she could have it as a souvenir of our weekend. I washed türkçe bahis all the baby powder from the area and told her to just relax in the sun. She lay back down and I slid down the chair and began to slowly lick my way to her pussy. Upon reaching it, I snaked my tongue between her lips, seeing, feeling and tasting the moisture already there. I began to work my tongue in and out, running it from her clit to her ass. She began to gently raise her hips to meet my thrusts, and was soon holding the back of my head, forcing my tongue deeper inside her. I began to trace circles around her swollen clit, rubbing it back and forth between my thumb and index finger. I could hear her breathing become a deep pant and knew she was about to cum. I removed my tongue from her now expanding vagina and inserted two fingers in it’s place, shoving them deeper with each stroke. She bucked against my hand and I felt her walls start contracting against my fingers. She bucked harder, and as I stuck my tongue deep in her puckered ass she screamed, “Oh gawddd, I’m cumming!”

As she held my head tightly against her pussy, I could feel her contractions strongly with both my fingers and tongue as she had one of those cums you dream about. She finally released my head and collapsed back in the chair, still shaking from her orgasm. She began laughing nervously, you know the kind I mean, as she was finally able to take a deep breath.

She squeezed my head between her thighs and said, “That was the most fantastic orgasm I’ve ever had!”

I had no doubt.

We lay there in the sun discussing what had happened and Robin made the comment, “Wish we’d have done that sooner, we sure have a lot of catching up to do.”

I agreed and suggested we go back in the house and have some dinner.

She said, “I know what I want!”

I laughed and said, “Food, Robin, food!”

We went back in and I began fixing some steaks for the grill and she began getting a salad ready. We had only been inside about ten minutes when the doorbell rang. Our gests were back and wanted some movies for the evening. I told Robin it was a good thing they had not returned earlier or it could have been embarrassing. I got them the movies they wanted and they went down to their cabin. They were going to grill out also and I knew they would be tucked in for the night. I fired up the grill, opened a bottle of champagne, pouring us each a glass, and went out on the deck, waiting for the fire to get hot.

Robin joined me, putting her arm around me and whispered, “I’m glad were still best friends.”

I corrected her saying,”We’re even better friends now.”

After cooking the steaks, we decided to eat out on the deck, just enjoying the sunset and each other’s company. We finished eating and went inside to clean up. She washed and I dried the dishes and we went to the living room to watch some TV. After about five minutes of nothing on, she suggested we watch another movie. I went and got another DVD called “Slumber Party”, which of course was another no men allowed video. No real plot, just nasty girl sex. I sat in the recliner and she joined me, sitting between my legs and leaning back against me. I suggested that we get into something more comfortable for the evening and she jumped up and got the outfit she had purchased that afternoon. I went to my closet and put on my red vinyl teddy that has an attachment to put a cock on. Carl likes me to wear it and do him. He said he’s never been with a man, doesn’t want to, but he sure knows how to suck my cock and loves it up the ass. Shauna sure seemed to sense that in Vegas. Anyway, when I returned to the living room, Robin was sitting on the couch, watching the girls play. I just walked over to her and gently slapped the side of her face with the rubber cock and demanded, “Suck me Bitch!”

She turned around with a big grin on her face and swallowed it. I began to slowly fuck her face as she drooled all over my cock. I could see her free hand sliding down her panties and could tell she was creating a mess in her panties. I made her get down on the floor on her hands and knees and continue sucking me while I jacked the cock off in her mouth. My other hand pinched my nipples and squeezed my breasts, causing my areola to puff to the extreme. They were so tingly and hard, I thought they would burst. When I could take it no longer, I pulled the cock from her mouth. Instinctively she turned around and offered herself from behind. I got on my knees behind her and slipped the rubber cock in her juicy hole. It slid in with no problem and I began to slowly stoke in and out, nearly withdrawing completely before sliding it back. Each time I pulled out I could see her glistening juices coating my cock, co much so, that her goo was running down onto the balls turning them slick and creamy. She told me to fuck her harder. I began to piston into her as hard as I could, burying to the hilt on each stroke.

It wasn’t longer before she began wailing,”I’m cummmmmming, fuck me.”

Her vaginal walls tightened up so much that the cock was held captive, unable to move in any direction as she went over the edge. After nearly thirty seconds, she released güvenilir bahis siteleri her grip and collapsed to the floor. My cock popped out of her and her cream began leaking from her now widely gaping hole. She turned around and began to lick her cum from the cock and balls, so I flipped over her and got into a sixty-nine, positioning myself over her face, sliding the cock into her mouth as she cleaned it up. I then put my lips over her entire vagina and began to gently swab the cum from her reddened tunnel. I was careful not to get her to another heightened state as I didn’t think she could handle another orgasm right then, but merely performed clean up duty. When She was totally calm and just laying on her back, I switched back around and kissed her passionately, our tongues swirling together, tasting the fruits of our labor. We lay there together on the floor, basking in the warmth of our sex, just holding one another and savoring the moment. It was an eternity before either of us spoke.

Robin looked at me and asked, “How do you think Eddy would react if he knew this happened?”

I just sort of smiled and said, “If he could watch, he would be happy. He is a man!”

We both laughed and agreed that neither husband would care if it were just the two of us having a little “girl time” together. We got out of our little outfits and went back out to the hot tub to relax, as the evening twilight was beginning to fade into the dark. We had still not had our fill of each other as it seemed we had years of friendship to catch up on and were still lusting like teenagers with hormones running wild, so we cut our trip to the tub short and returned to the living room to settle in watching another nasty movie. I figured we had covered almost anything that could happen between two women, but found a really nasty one called ” Squirt Woman.” It involved a girl who supposedly ejaculates when she come, but to me it looks like she’s peeing, not that there is anything wrong with that, but let’s face it. Not even a horse ejaculates that much fluid.

We started watching the movie and the first time the girl came, Robin said, “She peed, didn’t she?”

“I think so. Does that groos you out?”

She said it actually turned her on a little, but didn’t think she could pee and cum at the same time.

“You’d be surprised what you can do, I’ve done it to Carl several times and he really gets off on it. The secret to squirting is to drink a lot of champagne and try to hold it until you’re ready to cum.”

With that in mind, I poured us each another glass of champagne as Robin continued to watch the movie. Before bringing it out I stopped to watch her slowly rubbing herself , occasionally slipping a finger inside and then tasting it. I smiled to myself and thought,”She’s hooked on it now, and I’m glad she’s my best friend.”

I walked in and handed her the glass of champagne and we toasted and returned to “Squirt Woman”. I know we were both thinking about the same thing and that was how to get this part of her initiation started. After another glass of champagne and three or four more squirt scenes, I could sense that Robin was ready for an orgasm. She was constantly fingering herself as she stared at the screen. I felt I should make the first move even though in our games, Carl had never been the giver in this area, only the receiver, so this would also be a first for me. I replaced Robin’s hand with mine and circled her breasts with my other. I whispered to her to kneel down on the floor for me. She got down and I slid off the couch and under her . I could see her wet vagina just above my face, all swollen and red.

“Jill off for me Robin. Cum on my face!” I kept saying over and over.

Her hand moved rapidly over her clit and lips, creating a blur so near my face.

Faster and faster she went until I growled,”Cum in my mouth. Squirt in my mouth, baby!” Over and over until I saw her muscles tighten in her hips.

I clamped my mouth over her mound as she began peeing in my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed, allowing her pee to slide down my throat, not spilling any. She must have unloaded two glasses in me before she stopped peeing. The whole time I could hear her screaming she was cumming. When she finally pulled back from me she just laughed uncontrollably in the final stages of her cum.

“You should have been there. It was awsome!”

I just let out a small belch and laughed saying,”I believe it was, and now it’s your turn.”

I was so horney again, and with the anticipation of squirting in Robin’s mouth, I knew I wouldn’t last long. Robin assumed a position on the floor flat on her back and I knelt over her face, keeping my pussy just inches from her outstretched tongue as I began to rub my clit and pull on my lips. She tried to pull me down onto her face, but I held fast, hovering just out of reach, teasing her. I began to stroke myself faster, and I could feel my juices coating my fingers as they passed over my open hole. I began pulling at my clit like a small cock, jacking it off as Robin watched from below. Moisture was now leaking from me at a steady pace, and I knew I could not hold out much longer. Robin begged me to sit on her face and as I began the first spasm of my cum, I ground down onto her open mouth, as her tongue snaked deep inside me. With the next spasm, I let go of a short squirt, peeing into her mouth. She moaned ,” More!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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