A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 06-07

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The following chapter is part of a single novel length story relating a journey of awakenings, discovery, and growth involving a small group of people. This story should read fairly well all alone, but…

By clicking on a blue Wm_Sexspear, you’ll be taken to my Profile; at the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of all the currently available chapters. THIS SHOULD MAKE IT EASY TO READ THEM ALL, IN SEQUENCE, WHICH IS HEARTILY SUGGESTED so the reader can follow the story line, character development, and catch the inside jokes.

Many of these chapters could go into several different Literotica story categories. Many chapters could go into either First Time, Erotic Couplings, Lesbian, OR Incest, for example. This novel has chapters in 17 different story categories, yet it is a single, integrated tale.

Specific example: in Chapter 1 there’s a small amount of male-male sex. Yet the sex comes about in reaction to female induced arousal. A number of ladies have said it turns them on to picture two guys, just like the idea of girl-girl sex is arousing to many males. Yet Chapter 1’s purpose is to supply important background regarding the heterosexual development of 2 young men, so I’d hope a straight, bi, or gay reader could relate to and enjoy that chapter.

Chapters 2~4 features voyeurism by two inexperienced young males and exhibitionism by a female, but also includes experimental lesbianism between sister’s. If you enjoy sex, there should be something [actually a lot of somethings] in it for almost everyone. LOL

Final example, Chapter 50 will be under Mind Control. Unlike many entries in this category, it fits in there because circumstances allow a female to have her every sexual whim acted out by 4 other people in a hopefully credible way.

Thank you. W_S

This story is protected by (c) copyright and may not be duplicated, reprinted, copied or placed on any Internet Website without permission of the author. All rights reserved.

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Chapter 6 – Sisters Surprise Each Other

Over the years, Lynn and Beth had, for the most part, been able to discuss anything. After seeing Fred that afternoon, Lynn was dying to share with her sister every detail of what she’d seen. Unfortunately, he’d been jerking off while watching Beth working with her favorite mare, that fact made it awkward for Lynn to discuss the afternoon’s events with her sister. Harder still because of how she’d felt while seeing her first horny, naked male.

True, Lynn was positive she’d seen her Dad’s penis hanging out once when his robe briefly flashed open. But that glimpse had been so quick, plus he’d been flaccid. Today Lynn had gotten to watch Fred in action for a fairly long time, furthermore Fred had been sporting a bona fide boner. So Lynn had kept her news about Fred, and how she was feeling, completely to herself all evening.

Nonetheless Beth had noticed that Lynn seemed quieter than usual, but she gave up after asking several times if anything was wrong. Finally Beth mentally shrugged her shoulders, then headed off to bed. Stripping completely, Beth slipped under the light cover.

Entering her own bedroom just minutes behind her sister, Lynn was puzzled that she felt awkward undressing in front of Beth that night. Upon further reflection, Lynn realized she’d actually kept her back to Beth the whole time, even as she climbed into bed.

Yet as always, it felt soooo nice when Beth promptly snuggled her baby soft, lithe, and oooooh so warm body against Lynn’s back. But that very same human warmth also caused Lynn to quickly feel full blown horny again. Receiving trigger signals caused by the intimate contact, her brain released chemicals into her system, prodding Lynn with one simple message: have sex.

Despite the quiet of a night filled only with the normal sounds of a sultry county setting, Lynn managed to achieve only a light, fitful sleep. Little time had passed when she awoke to a room awash with moonlight. Miniscule messages tickled her sleepy brain; her areolas were puffy and sensitive, same for her vaginal area, she’d been secreting lubricating fluids. Breathing through her nose, she even detected a faint sexual aroma emanating from her groin. Concluding that she must’ve been dreaming, Lynn became acutely aware that her body was begging for sex.

Powerless, her hand crept into the Vee between her legs which formed when she’d pulled her right foot towards her while lifting her knee. When her hand reached it’s goal, Lynn softly moaned. Massaging her primed real estate, she tried making slow, careful circles around her clit, but the daylong sexual tension urged her to rub harder, faster.

Trying not to disturb her sister, Lynn slid slightly away from Beth. While she hated losing the body warmth, Lynn wanted to lie on her back so she could spread her legs more easily. Soon she was indeed able to manipulate her genitals much better. As Lynn resumed her masturbation, soft sighs issued from within her rising then falling chest. Finally she was bahis firmaları feeling the first small twinges of approaching relief. The rest of the world began to fade as bliss crowded out mundane thoughts.

The moonlight was so bright it began to intrude upon Lynn’s reverie; she turned her head away, in Beth’s direction, to escape its intrusive mid-night glare. Blinking reflexively, Lynn found herself staring into Beth’s open eyes.

Lynn froze. Her legs were wide apart, her hand was on her pussy, both her nipples were at attention, her breathing was labored. Lynn was mortified; her sister had caught her masturbating! With hormones wracking her system, Lynn couldn’t think clearly, but she certainly felt embarrassed, vulnerable, but still in desperate need of release.

Certainly Beth was in shock, but more-so in awe. Even though Beth “jilled” herself off on a regular basis, but she’d never thought much about her older sister doing it also. It was amazing, even beautiful, seeing Lynn making love to herself. It struck Beth that they talked about boys together, but not much about their own bodies, or even feelings about sex, since puberty. Beth had an epiphany, a moment of clarity during which she realized she could destroy their relationship, or cement it for life over the next few heartbeats.

Enjoying an inspired moment, Beth smiled serenely at Lynn. Slowly she leaned forward to tenderly kissed Lynn on the mouth, then plant soft little kisses all over Lynn’s face. As she did, Beth slid her hand down Lynn’s arm until her hand was on top of her sister’s still immobile hand, then Beth manipulated Lynn’s hand the way she would have if she were fondling her own pussy.

As she realized her little sister was telling her “It’s OK, I love you. I do this myself. Don’t stop, I understand what you’re feeling.”, Lynn started crying from joy.

Lynn’s need was too great to stop stimulating her clitoris again, but her free hand moved behind Beth’s head, pulling her mouth to her own, giving Beth the first real soul kiss either girl had ever experienced. The kiss’s intensity wasn’t planned, it wasn’t even intended to be sexual. The kiss was a simple outpouring of love, an expression of joy at the realization that theirs was a special heart-to-heart mind-to-mind relationship. During their lengthy, deep kiss, tongues eventually chased each other from one mouth to the other.

A rapidly approaching orgasm was demanding more air reach Lynn’s hard working lungs; Beth became aware of Lynn’s labored breathing. At that moment, Beth loved Lynn deeply. Knowing this normally private event must be awkward for Lynn, Beth wanted to make it as guilt-free for Lynn as possible.

Beth gazed upon Lynn; her mouth was half open, eyes closed, her face showed the sweet tension within, even as her hand moved franticly between her own legs. Placing soft kisses around Lynn’s lips, Beth directed her finger tips to lightly graze Lynn’s breasts. As she observed Lynn’s body respond positively to her caresses, Beth shifted until she could kiss up and down her sister’s neck.

Warm lips on her neck was the straw that broke the camel’s back; Lynn came. She came like she never had before. Her body was flooded with warm, liquid pleasure. She felt a series of contractions, each producing bolts of electric joy.

Many quiet minutes passed before Lynn’s body stilled completely, before her breathing returned to normal. The intense orgasm had elevated her to a true euphoric state, she was floating on a cloud. Lynn was so relaxed that she couldn’t be sure whether or not she’d fallen asleep or remained awake. Night noises from outside and the bright moonlight gradually registered, becoming an extension of her bliss.

Time had certainly elapsed, but Lynn couldn’t say whether minutes or hours had passed by as she drifted down a stream of serenity. Life was good.

Dreamily, Lynn’s mind finally started reliving the sexual experiences of the day. Seeing Fred’s sperm erupting from his rigid penis, the feeling of Beth’s body sleeping against hers, being kissed while she’d stimulated her clit, the feathery touches across her breasts that seemed to trigger her release. Over and over her mind replayed dreamlike sequences as Lynn basked in a post-orgasmic glow.

Chapter 7 – After Last Night, What Must Beth Think?

Beth! Fear and uncertainty invaded her mind. Beth!

As she lay in bed, Lynn’s mind replayed the night’s events, but now it presented only the dark potential consequences of Beth seeing what should have been a private moment. Having been raised to feel that her body was something to be kept secret, something “a nice girl” never talked about, Lynn was in turmoil.

Finally it sunk in; she’d enjoyed that fact that Beth had been there. NO, she loved it that Beth had helped her masturbate! In fact Beth had helped her come better than she ever had before.

“Wow, I shared my passion with another person, Beth! Oh my God, Beth! What is she going to think about me? What do I say to her?”

Opening her eyes, Lynn’s kaçak iddaa first thought was a fear that Beth might have left for her own room out of embarrassment.

When Lynn finally grew brave enough to peek, there, in the dim silvery light of late night, was Beth, lying on her side, eyes wide open, gazing at her sister.

“Beth, I…” Lynn began, but was clearly struggling over what to say.

Smiling a warm, gentle smile, Beth propped herself up on an elbow, leaned forward, then planted a petal soft kiss squarely on Lynn’s lips. Beth held the kiss until the warmth of each other’s lips was quite noticeable. As she finally removed her lips, Beth placed her index finger in their place, mouthing an almost silent “shhhhhh.”

Beth whispered, “You were so beautiful.” After a pause, adding “Now please don’t say anything more tonight. I have something important I need to do, and I don’t want to be disturbed.”

Smiling again, Beth took away her finger, then gave Lynn one more short closed mouth kiss.

In addition to feeling tremendous relief, Lynn felt a newfound tenderness towards Beth as well; she was deeply moved by her sister’s seeming understanding of Lynn’s “moment of weakness”. Fact was, Lynn was still a bit troubled that Beth had seen her lose “control”, had seen her masturbating. Despite knowing better deep down, Lynn still worried about how her display might effect their relationship.

While Lynn drifted along, luxuriating in her post-release dream state, Beth had had time to think. Upon witnessing her sister give in to an unsuspected sensual side, a myriad of thoughts had flooded her mind, some earthy, some profound. For sure, it was purely incredible to have watched Lynn masturbate, especially seeing her come. For a time she’d felt overwhelmed.

Yet gradually Beth was able to sort out much of her mental chaos. Thoughts swirled in Beth’s brain like leaves on a windy Autumn day.

“That must be how I look when I play with myself.”

“It was awesome being there with her. Hot damn, sex shared is better than sex alone.”

“Lord, I love Lynn; I always want us to feel this close.”

“I got super excited watching her; she got me so horny I could scream.”

“Lynn’s body is so sexy; now I truly understand why boys want girls so much.”

“Why haven’t Lynn and I talked about sex and stuff? We talk about boys, but we’ve never seriously discussed sex and stuff. Why?”

Finally her thoughts meandered around to how Lynn must have felt when she realized Beth was watching her. Initially Beth was going to tease her big sister, luckily something had stopped her. Fortunately Beth got a sense that Lynn was doing something…important.

Abruptly Beth had recalled how she’d felt those times when Lynn had almost caught her with a hand in her panties, so to speak. In a moment of clarity she understood that an emotional wall could either go up, or come down forever, all depending upon how Beth handled this situation.

Having gotten a taste of true intimacy, Beth had spent her time watching by dwelling on how not to lose this special link with her sister. Having arrived at a solution, Beth lay back on Lynn’s bed. Closing her eyes, she smiled ever so slightly. At last she hoped knew now how to forge the bond with Lynn she sought.

Groping briefly, Beth found one of Lynn’s hands. Gently Beth ran her fingers across her sister’s palm, then held that hand following a gentle squeeze. With her right hand, Beth began rubbing Lynn’s stomach. After tracing a series of lazy figure 8’s, her fingers drifted down Lynn’s right leg, then up, across her lower stomach, finally down her left leg. Eventually her hand returned to graze the top of Lynn’s pubic hair, before heading upwards…between Lynn’s soft breasts…eventually massaging her sister’s upper chest for a full minute.

During this time, Beth’s breathing gradually changed; Lynn noticed. Studying her sister, Lynn realized that Beth looked as sexy as a cat stretching before a fireplace. When Beth’s hand eventually moved from Lynn’s upper chest onto her breasts, Lynn’s inhale sounded identical to Beth’s deep intake of air.

For several minutes, Beth fondled her own breasts, mimicking her caressing of Lynn’s tender flesh. Eventually Beth’s hands worked back and forth, tweaking one nipple, then the other.

Even though the sisters occasionally showered together to insure they’d both have enough hot water, Lynn had never seen Beth’s nipples so fully aroused. They were long, thick, seductive, she began to fully experience Beth’s earlier perspective. “My God, Beth is so, so gorgeous. Damn, Beth is…sexy. My sister is incredibly sexy!”

Like a cobra following the flute, Lynn’s eyes followed Beth’s hand; it left her breasts, slowly slid across her stomach, then continued heading South. As the fingers brushed though the top of her sparse bush, Beth’s knees slid up and outward, opening herself for all the world to see. The moment Beth reached her own pussy, Lynn felt Beth’s other hand momentarily tighten around her kaçak bahis fingers. Air hissed into Beth’s body, her back arched. Suddenly the tension on Beth’s face was replace by a serene expression as she began strumming herself.

As it sunk in that Beth had planned this erotic exhibition to relieve Lynn’s guilt, she leaned toward Beth to whisper in her ear the only words spoken the rest of that night. “I love you Beth. Thank you.”

Recalling the little things Beth had earlier done for her, things that had felt so special, Lynn trailed tender kisses all over Beth’s face, mouth, neck, and upper chest. So she could slide close against her sister, Lynn released Beth’s hand. Then Lynn was able to use her fingertips to run light, tingling trails over both breasts.

With both of her hands free at that point, Beth began using them both on herself. Having ten fingers to work with, Beth slid her left index and middle finger inside her own vagina while the right hand trapped her clit between her puffy lips. Beth shook her swollen clit back and forth like a dog with a favorite rag toy.

An aroma of sex soon filled the air. The rapid breathing and tempo made it clear Beth was building to her release. A hundred wondrous thoughts swirled in Lynn’s brain. She wanted Beth to have the best come ever. She adored the freedom and discovery this night had produced.

Shifting slightly, Lynn suckled on Beth’s breasts. The “OOOHHhhhhhh” that escaped Beth was Lynn’s reward, clearly she was adding greatly to Beth’s mounting pleasure.

Inspired by Beth reacting to her, Lynn used her mouth and tongue lavishly as she sucked, tasted, and teased her sister’s sensitive flesh. Lynn soon fully realized just how much she too was being thrilled by this experience. Beth was so amazingly soft and warm in her mouth.

Beth’s hand found the back of Lynn’s head; the slight pressure she exerted was another affirmation that Beth was deriving great pleasure from Lynn nursing on her breasts. Exploring each soft, turgid nipple with her tongue was making Lynn’s head spin…she found the hot swollen tips almost magical, a sheer delight.

A short series of escalating “ooohh’s” forewarned of Beth’s imminent orgasm, she was obviously building to a major climax. At the absolutely perfect moment, Lynn was inspired to throw hers arms around Beth then drive her tongue deep into Beth’s mouth. Unconsciously Lynn wanted to penetrate her sister as part of their shared, virginal, sexual awaking.

The sensations from Lynn’s kiss were powerfully felt. Already teetering on the brink of orgasm, Beth’s brain instantly responded to the warm penis-like object invading her body. The trigger was pulled. Beth came, and came, and came. The hand on her clit moved to behind Lynn’s head to insure the pleasure from that kiss continued. Beth’s hips bucked against her inserted fingers, she banged her clit into the heel of her palm. Her overly tender nipples dueled with Lynn’s as she wriggled beneath her sister.

Discovering a new realm of pleasure, Beth’s body rewarded her with a level of bliss she’d never felt before. Truth be known, Beth had initially doubted she’d even be able to a climax with Lynn watching. She’d only felt sure that by intentionally masturbating with Lynn beside her, as Lynn had unintentionally done, that she’d put her sister’s mind at ease. In actuality, all the “firsts” of this experience had unexpectedly combined to give Beth a cosmic come.

Oddly enough, at the peak of her orgasm, Beth’s mind had flashed vivid mental images as though she’d been a spectator to the event. She’d envisioned herself spread out before Lynn’s eyes, stroking her own pussy, fingers working frantically in and out. Then, most erotic of all, there came visions of Lynn sucking Beth’s nipples into her moist, warm mouth; all those visions, and more, evolved into an intense mental slide show. Over and over Beth relived the incredible feeling of Lynn’s tongue playing with hers.

The powerful orgasm Beth experienced left her head spinning, her body went so limp she that she had no real control over it for several minutes. Words didn’t form in her mind; instead a protracted mental sigh wended its way through her thoughts.

As her orgasm gradually subsided, the long, deep kiss initiated by Lynn had turned into occasional soft baby kisses. Finally Beth shifted so she and Lynn were fully front-to-front. They hugged each other tightly for a minute.

Beth enjoyed several late spasms, reflexively she slid a hand down to the middle of Lynn’s ass to press their vaginal areas together while her hips insisted upon a few more slight hunches. The abrupt awareness that her pussy was so close to her sister’s, set off still more short, sweet contractions.

In unison the sisters sighed, responding to the pleasure derived from their first naked front-to-front contact. Each girl felt the warmth from the other’s breasts and pelvic area. Both girls, having enjoyed such intense orgasms, were sexually satisfied. While the moon sped across the late night sky, they sleepily basked in the warmth of their newly found intimacy and trust. They’d always been sisters, they’d always been friends, but now they were emotionally wedded somehow. They were…they were…

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