10 Licks for Christmas

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I ordered my Christmas presents to be delivered to my hotel around noon. I was alone. My family had decided to take a trip to Hawaii instead of staying in the snow of Vermont. I wanted to go but work kept me from going.

Days before, I was talking on webcam with a sexy blonde who told me about a friend of hers who spent her holiday getting licked and fingered by her lover. It was a nice story but, of course, I was single too.

The desire to have someone’s mouth on me instead of a stupid vibrator was growing needier and needier.

Then it hit me…ESCORTS! I found a website and signed up and picked out ten girls. This was going to cost me a fortune! But at least it’d be an amazing Christmas present.

I got a great hotel in the mountains that had a beautiful view of the snow and the forest behind it. It was a wonderful sight. When the doorbell rang it was even better.

?”I’m Vanessa,”? the tall blonde with bright green eyes said to me as she walked into the room.

She had a long trench coat on which she quickly removed. Once removed, it exposed the thin leotard that was black and outlined with lace. Her body looked amazing.

?”I’m Bella,”? I said as I walked forward and kissed her intensely.

Instead of pushing back, she kissed me too. Soon we were making out and exploring each other’s bodies with our hands. Her lips were so soft and she knew exactly how to kiss a women.

?”Over here please,” I said as? I broke the kiss and laid down onto the large king sized bed.

I opened my legs, exposing my panties, which were crotchless.

?”So, this is your Christmas present to yourself, hon?”? Vanessa asked as she crawled to me on the bed. As her finger pressed inside of my entrance I hummed a quick “yes.”

Her lips were just as good down there as they were on my mouth. She didn’t rush her tongue around my clit. She took her time digging her finger into my entrance, slowly pushing it in and out. I found myself extremely horny and began to cum within only a few licks of her skilled tongue.

Her face showed the shock of the short length of time it took for me to cum.

“?It’s been awhile,” I whispered, “I want to lick you now.”? I motioned to her tight outfit and she nodded and turned around. güvenilir bahis

I found the zipper and quickly pulled it down, exposing her amazing firm ass that was directly in my face. She bent over just enough for me to see her two holes. I began to play with them; my fingers in one and my tongue in the other. The moans she was giving me were proof that she was loving everything that my tongue was doing to her.

After some good rimming and a few soft spanks she was screaming and nearly falling on the floor as her orgasm hit her. She fell back towards me and I kissed her softly on the lips. ?

“I’ve never had an orgasm that way before,” she said.

?First time for everything, I thought to myself as I looked at the clock and realized our hour was up. ?

“Your money is in the envelope with your name on it,” I said, gesturing toward the small table by the door.

After dressing and walking to the door, I could see her counting the other envelopes. ?

“So, nine other girls??” she asked, seemingly surprised.

I nodded ?and she smiled as she said, “Have a happy holiday then.?” And she quickly left the warm hotel room.

Her flavor was still on my lips. I didn’t want to taste her when I was going to be with another women in just a few minutes. Within seconds of freshening up there was a ring at the door.

?”I’m Linda,” she said as she walked in.

She was shorter than myself but had a great figure and larger breasts than my own. ?

“They are real,” she said, smirking and removing her top to expose the D-cup breasts that were enclosed in a tight white lace bra. Linda was a feisty little thing.

?”I’m Bella,” I said, unable to get anymore words out before she dug her tongue into my mouth, sitting me down on a nearby chair to straddle me. Her small body felt nice over my legs. Our warm crotches touched perfectly and the feeling of an orgasm building again was growing in my body.

?”Do you like to sixty-nine, Bella?”? she whispered into my ear as she nibbled on it.

My hands were playing and toying with her breasts, which seemed to make her horny as well.

?”I love it,” ?I whispered back.

It was the only command she needed for her to lay down on the floor and for me to lay türkçe bahis on top of her. She smelled so nice and tasted like a candy cane.

She never used her finger in me, instead she worked her magic with her tongue. I was shaking from my orgasm within minutes of her starting. All the humping got me so turned on; I couldn’t help myself. She didn’t stop licking me after I came all over her face. Instead, she licked my entrance and waited for me to relax before trying to make me cum once more.

During my second orgasm with Linda she also came hard and long. Her hums of passion only made my orgasm that much more intense.

After some quick small talk and getting her money, Linda left. By then I was weak and tired and wondering how the hell could I deal with eight other women!

The doorbell rang and another women came in. Her name was Holly. She was slender with wide hips and dark eyes. Her skin was pale, which made her dark eyes stand out. She looked almost like a doll in front of me; I was worried I’d break her.

?”How about we take a nice shower?” I suggested.

She nodded but didn’t say much of anything. My goal was to make her cum before I did. I desperately wanted to hear what kind of sounds would come from such a sexy women.

First, I soaped her up while kissing her lips slowly. I took my time getting the lather on every inch of her amazing body. She hummed and kissed me deeper as I worked to clean her. I found that her nipples were growing hard with every touch and she was starting to drip down her leg as I rubbed her stomach with the soap.

I bent down and began to clean in between her legs. Our kiss was broken but it was worth it. She hummed as I slid my finger into her pussy.

“You can slide into my ass, too,” Holly said. She must have read my mind or something because my fingers were craving her ass.

I hummed in agreement and began to toy with her ass. I never poked my finger inside, instead I just toyed with it while my mouth kissed her thighs and her lower legs.

She was growing weaker in the knees by the time my tongue finally touched her clit. She whimpered as she came and her body shook slowly. She held onto my hair and pushed my face deeper into her clit. I followed her commands and began güvenilir bahis siteleri to lick her quickly with long strokes of my tongue. She moaned even more and her cum fell down her legs and onto the shower floor.

After drying off, Holly went to work on my pussy. She worked her tongue on every part of my body until I was nearly begging her to make me cum. She enjoyed teasing me and that was fine. I was loving every minute of it.

I came within minutes and was exhausted afterward. She kissed me tenderly before dressing and leaving with her money.

I was glad that I planned for the remaining girls to come all at once late in the evening. My fantasy had always been a line of sweet pussy, ready for me to eat. And my gift this holiday was just that.

I smoked a cigarette and took a quick cat nap before getting dressed and waiting for the remaining seven girls to get there.

One by one they arrived in skimpy outfits for the season. The sight of the seven women just waiting for my orders was truly amazing. I felt like a candy store owner. It was that good.

I told them to get into a circle with their legs bent and open to give me good access. I told them that while I’m licking one, another must be licking me at all times. But that person can’t be the only one licking me the whole time.

They understood their instructions and we got to work.

FUCK…it was amazing. The first few pussies I licked were so juicy that I felt like I was eating a fresh summer peach. One of the girls had a large clit that fit perfectly inside of my mouth. She was also the loudest of the girls that I made cum.

My hunger for pussy was 100% filled after eating all seven girls. During my licks, I must have cum at least three times. The orgasms only made me lick each girl harder and faster.

“Merry Christmas, Bella,” they each said as they walked out, leaving me there with dried cum all over my face, chest and hands.

“Thanks ladies,” I said to the six that walked out. One girl remained; the one with the large clit.

“If you ever want to have some private fun, I left my card on the table,” she said, bending down and kissing me softly on the lips.

I nodded and knew that most likely I’d be calling her as soon as my craving for pussy was back.

My Christmas was filled with so much sex. It was amazing I was still able to walk. Thank goodness holidays allow for long vacations so that I can recover and maybe call my favorites back for more fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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